Are you having trouble finding a card that expresses exactly the right sentiment that you are looking for in a birthday greeting? Have you ever considered skipping the card aisle altogether and crafting your very own personalized birthday wishes for the special people in your life? By following these simple steps you can write a heart-felt birthday message for each of the important people you care about.

The first step in writing a birthday greeting is to consider if this is a milestone birthday. Also consider, is the person to whom you are directing the birthday wishes comfortable with the idea that they are turning this age on their birthday? If this person is sensitive about their age minimize your reference to the number. If, however, this person is comfortable with their age you may want to include a little teasing along with your sentiments and good wishes. No matter what, however, it is advisable to end on a positive note. Even people who do not seem to mind their age can secretly feel a bit discouraged when that day actually arrives. If you do decide to mention the age, make sure to have enough encouraging words in there to offset any old age jokes that you may include. If you are not sure how the person feels about aging jokes it is probably best to leave them out.

After considering whether or not this is a milestone birthday, your next step is to focus on the positive qualities of this special person. What draws you and other people to this individual? Does he have a contagious sense of humor? Does she constantly give of her time for others? Does he have the courage to face adversity? In crafting a personalized birthday message it can be helpful to list what you admire most about that individual. Nothing makes a person feel better on their birthday than knowing that others appreciate them.

Next, explain how those admirable qualities have had a positive impact on your own life. For example, if this person shows genuine concern, you can talk about how you know you can always count on them to listen. If this person is someone with a great sense of humor you can let them know that they make you laugh when you are feeling down. When a person is getting older it is common for them to wonder if they are making a difference in the world. You can assure them that you are one life who has been positively impacted by their influence.

Lastly, include some of your very favorite memories of this person. Did you grow up together? Maybe you can share some humorous childhood memories. Did this person help you after a tragedy? Let them know that you will never forget the kindness that they showed during that difficult time. When this friend realizes that you have special memories of the times you have shared together they will realize just how important a role they have played in your life.

So next time your friend or loved one has a birthday, why not write your very own personalized birthday message instead of getting a generic card? An original birthday wish that comes from your heart will be a treasure that special person can cherish for a lifetime!

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