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A person’s 18th birthday represents a major milestone as they step into adulthood. This means that it is essential to choose the right birthday wishes to offer a heartfelt sentiment that will always be remembered. Yet, knowing exactly what makes turning 18 so special can be hard for those of us who have seen a few years since our 18th birthday. It is also important to make sure that birthday sentiments match the occasion as well as the recipient’s personality. If you are searching for a way to make your favorite birthday person’s day special, then consider these important aspects of turning 18 so that you can be sure to commemorate their birthday with the right words that will leave a lasting impression.

Defining Moments of Turning 18

Turning 18 is marked by numerous social and cultural milestones that allow a person to enjoy greater independence as they embark upon their journey into adulthood. Students may find that they are graduating high school this year or preparing to leave for college. At 18, a person gains the right to vote, own property and enter into legal agreements. On a more exciting note, 18-year-olds are able to purchase R-rated movie tickets, enter 18-and-up nightclubs and get legally married. This is also the year when many people move into their first apartment, join the military or enjoy relaxed rules at home while living with their parents and going to school.

Incorporating Milestones into a Birthday Wish

When choosing birthday wishes for an 18th birthday, the rule to remember is to keep it focused on fun and independence. This age group still relishes many of their favorite interests from their teen years such as music, attending outdoor events and spending time with their friends. If you are close to the birthday boy or girl, think about some of the milestones they may have hit just prior to their birthday. For example, if they just bought their first car or got engaged, then these events could offer a starting point for inspiration. Quotes from a favorite historical figure or celebrity are also favorites of this age group who search for words of wisdom regarding their expanding world.

When to be Humorous vs. Serious

With this age group, it is important to find the right balance between silly and serious when coming up with birthday wishes. Parents of the birthday boy or girl may opt for a serious note that shares sentimental memories as their child moves into adulthood. Friends and other family members may choose to humorous wishes that can lighten the mood and emphasize the more enjoyable aspects of becoming an adult. Large celebrations where the birthday sentiments may be read out loud will also require slightly more lighthearted words so as not to disrupt the celebratory mood. Yet, if it is a formal gathering, a serious tone can be taken with birthday wishes that may be read in a smaller group. If you decide to use humor, please keep it in line with the recipient’s sense of humor so that the message has the greatest impact.

Ways to Display Heartfelt Birthday Wishes

When you find the perfect words, you will be ready to decide how to give them to your favorite birthday celebrant. Cards are always a thoughtful touch as they can be read, shared and saved as a keepsake. Quotes and birthday wishes can also be inscribed on the inside of a book or engraved in a treasured piece of jewelry. Banners and posters can also be used to place birthday wishes in an area to be viewed during the party. The sky is the limit when it comes to sharing sweet birthday sentiments for an 18th birthday. So go ahead and start finding inspiration for sending your loved one into adulthood with a heartfelt wish.

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18th Birthday Wishes for Sister
Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

18th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Eighteen is the age of adulthood, and it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood; however, most people know that many young people still have a lot of youthfulness left in them at this age. It’s an interesting transitional age where young people can live on their own, vote, get a hotel room and smoke if they choose – basically, they have the ability to make decisions for themselves. Since a friend is someone close with whom you share time and life events, an 18th birthday marks a big life event to share.

Funny greetings can express the future prospects of adulthood; even though the person isn’t actually old per se, it can be funny to express birthday wishes that hint at all the humorous signs of growing older. Birthday greetings and quotes can also center around the decision making process and how the birthday boy or girl is now an independent adult – with adult consequences. More serious, friendship-centered quotes can discuss the prospects of gaining new responsibilities together and continuing friendship from childhood to adulthood.

Start with a greeting card expressing 18th birthday wishes and look for other unique items that can be display birthday wishes appropriate to this age. If there is a party, look for birthday balloons with quotes specific to an 18th birthday. Outside of the US where it is legal to drink at 18, shot glasses and drink tumblers with 18th birthday quotes are also fun.

Use a funny greeting for a friend who takes themselves lightly and would appreciate a joke about growing older. If something about the birthday marks a special time in the friendship (10 years of friendship? Moving away from each other for college?) a more thoughtful birthday wish might be more appropriate.

Through life we’ve watched each other grow,
Through rain and shine, through sun and snow,
And now we head towards adulthood together -
To your 18th birthday, and hopefully forever.

You’re heading out into the world
With stomach tight and fingers curled
But don’t waste your birthday on fear, my friend,
I’ll be by your side until the end.

You’re a woman now, blossomed and full,
Feeling the world’s tempting pull.
I know you’ll conquer some small part
With your restless soul and loving heart.

You’re a grown man, no longer a boy,
No longer amused by children’s toys.
I know you’ll change the world someday
So enjoy your youth while you may.

Adulthood waits for you today
So tell the world what you have to say.
Though you may suffer from doubt and fear,
Believe in yourself – keep your voice loud and clear.

Happy birthday, to my oldest friend -
Our paths have crossed again and again
But no matter how far in future they stray
I’ll still be your friend at the end of the day.

Today, my friend, you turn eighteen,
With so much of the world yet to be seen
May this next year take you through every season
On the journey to find your soul’s true reason.

For eighteen years you’ve been my friend,
We’ve stuck it out through thick and thin
And I have no fear of growing apart
When we’re lodged so tightly in each other’s hearts.

You, my friend, are the cream of the crop,
And like that cream you will rise to the top.
I know that with your intellect and grace
The rest of the world will have to sprint to keep pace.

You’re smart, you’re kind, you’re beautiful too,
The rest of the world’s got nothing on you!
You’re dearer to my heart than my own mother
So happy birthday to a friend like no other.

I’ve always thought myself pretty lucky
To have a friend that’s so brave and plucky.
I’ve always admired your gumption and spirit
And when you call me “friend” I’m glad to hear it.

Happy birthday, you crazy thing.
I can count on you to keep it interesting.
So here’s to celebrating many more
Because being with you is never a bore.

My friend, you’ll turn eighteen tonight
And I hope it’s a never ending delight.
Surround yourself with friends and love
And slide into adulthood like a well worn glove.

You’re eighteenth birthday really widens your view
So that all the world will be open to you
But before life takes that and makes it sour
Let’s take tonight and make it ours!

Your friendship has meant so much to me
These last eighteen years we’ve shared between
So as your future becomes your now
Rest assured we will always be together somehow.

Happy birthday from me to you!
I hope you can make all your dreams come true,
But after all I’ve seen you go through
I have no doubt that’s something you can do.

18th Birthday Wishes for Son

When a person reaches their 18th year, it is a special time. The 18th birthday symbolizes a shift from childhood to adulthood. As a parent of a son who has reached this age, it can mean a lot of changes for the whole family. Many children move from the home at this age or some go away from home to attend college. Many boys join the military to serve their country or enter the workforce at this time as well. This milestone should be celebrated to the fullest extent, because special birthdays like this do not come every year.

When constructing special and sentimental birthday wishes for your son, take into account his age. Teenagers love humor and slang and if you want your wishes to make a lasting impact, including these two components will do the trick. Birthday cards, banners and even the birthday cake can be accented with personalized birthday wishes for your son on his 18th birthday. Serious birthday wishes with heartfelt messages may also be appropriate for this birth year, because of the importance of the number 18.

Although this seems like a difficult time as the parent of a son, because his needs for the parent change from that of nurturing to more of a friendship, parents should embrace this time. It means that they can enjoy their child in a new capacity and bask in the glory of their son’s success as an adult.

There was a time you needed us to go from place to place.
Then you crawled and then you walked, and ran your youthful race.
You now stand ready, mature and strong, as manhood makes its claim.
We’re proud of all you have achieved, and that you bear our name.

How is it that in your 18th year I see a child’s face?
Though work and college beckon, you remind me of that place
in time when toys and T-ball were the center of your thoughts.
I let you go to live your life, but will always love you lots.

The infant boy we once brought home is now to be a man.
From here on out we watch you face the world as best you can.
We know you’ll work to make a life, and live to find great joy.
For now we’ll give eternal thanks for that precious infant boy.

You ran and fell and hit your head, bore cat scratches and dog bites.
Sports broke your bones, girls broke your heart and homework kept you up nights.
Through the trials of growing up your spirit never tired.
After 18 years of life on earth, you remain our most admired.

Though rambunctious when excited, and oftentimes a handful,
you gave us 18 years of love and joy.
You always think of others, with their feelings you are careful.
We hope this is a birthday you’ll enjoy.

Time is slow when you are young, a year can take a lifetime.
18 of them, no less, might seem forever.
For me, my boy, time flies like wind; your years at home, sublime.
I’m glad that on your birthday we’re together.

Your 18th birthday is a day for looking back and forward.
You’ve had some losses and some wins, been graceful and been awkward.
The future holds bright promises for you, beloved son,
because you’ve grown up knowing both hard work and joyous fun.

You stand at a great threshold between youth and young adulthood,
mature yet full of energy and bounce.
For 18 years you’ve demonstrated love, hard work and honesty,
knowing it’s your character that counts.

You’re 18 now, and so grown up I hardly recognize you,
not just because you’re tall, robust and strong.
The way in which you lived your life and learned its profound lessons
proves that your success will not take long.

We love you, son, and not just for the fact that you are ours,
though that alone would surely be sufficient.
We love you for the 18 years of joy that you have brought us.
In devotion you have proved yourself proficient.

There was a time when simple toys would occupy your time
but 18 years of growing changed your outlook.
Now, girls and cars and colleges have hold upon your mind.
Through all of it, you’re still OK in my book.

We brought you home wrapped up in cloths, with food and change of diapers.
Your proper care and feeding we’d discuss.
Your 18th birthday proves to us that you have grown quite capable
of one day soon feeding and changing us!

Enjoy your 18th birthday, dear,
and know it’s all downhill from here!

We call you “man” at 18, son,
but drinking waits ‘til 21!

18th Birthday Wishes for Niece

A niece is a younger female family member with whom you may be very close with or perhaps not as close, depending on the relationship you have with your sibling. You may have played the cool aunt or uncle or the person they could confide in when they didn’t want to talk to their parents. You have some responsibility to this girl, and so when she turns 18 – an age that signifies adulthood and the ability to make decisions on your own – you become a role model to a brand new adult with new challenges for the future.

An aunt or uncle wishing a niece a happy 18th birthday might want to reinforce their relationship with that young girl to let them know that they can still be both a relative and confidant for the next chapter of his or her life. Incorporating that relationship into well-wishes for the future challenges they will face can make for both thoughtful and humorous birthday wishes.

A thoughtful card marking the occasion is a good place to start, but if your niece is having a family get-together, balloons, napkins and other party favors personalized with 18th birthday wishes can be great – just don’t embarrass them if they are easily embarrassed by family members.

Whether you choose a funny or serious birthday wish will depend on how you want your niece to view your relationship as she ventures off into adulthood. A funny card can let her know you’re still the cool aunt or uncle, while a more thoughtful card reinforces that you are always there for her.

My niece, I am so proud of you.
I love the person you are.
Happy 18th birthday!
I know you will go far!

Niece, we love you!
You are a great person!
May you love turning 18,
and may this year be the best that you have seen!

You are the niece we most adore!
May you have a happy 18th birthday,
and may you be blessed with many more!

Beautiful niece, we love you.
We hold no other person above you.
On your 18th birthday, we wish you happiness.
May this special day best the rest until the next!

When we see you smile, we hope it lasts a while.
Niece, you are a special young woman.
Enjoy your 18th birthday!
May your happy years keep coming.

We love the life you live.
We love the way you give.
You love all others.
You treat strangers like sisters and brothers.
Niece, you deserve a special year.
Happy 18th birthday! You are such a dear!

When we think of you, we think of a niece who deserves happiness.
May your 18th birthday kick off an amazing year and set a great example for the next!

Niece, you make everyone smile.
We hope your 18th birthday’s happiness lasts quite a while.

We love you, dear niece.
May your 18th birthday launch a year of happiness, love and peace!

Niece, you are a wonderful woman.
We see a bright future for you.
Today, you are 18. Happy birthday!
May you know success in everything you do!

This day, you turn 18.
Niece, we have seen
many great things in you.
We wish you big success in everything you do!

Niece, 18 is a wondrous age.
May this happy day set the stage
for you to know an incredible life!
Happy birthday! As a niece, you are nice!

Happy birthday! Now, you are 18.
Tomorrow, you’ll be a day older.
You have always been a special niece.
We know no person bolder!

Today, you are 18, and as a niece, you are quite neat.
Happy birthday to a spirit no force can defeat!

Niece, we have watched you grow, and now you are 18.
Happy birthday! You are the most special young woman we have ever seen!

You are a special person whom we were pleased to nurture.
On your 18th birthday, we wish for you, our niece, a very happy future.

Niece, we know you are gracious and kind.
Now that you are 18, we wish you all the happiness a person could ever find!

Niece, we have watched you grow.
Today, you turn 18,
and we are proud to say,
“Happy birthday! You are the coolest person we know!”

Niece, every time we think of you,
we think of a person we adore.
May your 18th birthday be extraordinary,
and may you know many more!

Niece, we wish you peace on this happy day.
May this day on which you turn 18 be special in every way!

Niece, you are the light in our lives.
As you turn 18, we say, “Happy birthday!”
We wish you only amazing times!

18th Birthday Wishes for Boy

Turning 18 is an important milestone, often celebrated as the entrance into the world of adulthood. Boys at this age are approaching key life changes and facing the options of entering university, technical school, or the work force. An 18th birthday is a symbol of this great change and of the many new-found responsibilities that face a person on the cusp of adulthood. While these new responsibilities can be overwhelming at times, they are also a sign of growing independence, and many boys will appreciate receiving a gift that represents this important aspect of their 18th birthday. 18-year-olds would enjoy receiving an uplifting card, monetary gift, or symbol or memento from childhood to inspire them as they begin this new journey. On an 18th birthday, a boy would like the opportunity to be surrounded by friends and family before the physical move that often takes place at this age. Most boys, particularly those with a lot of confidence and a strong sense of humor, will appreciate receiving a humorous card or gift. Humorous cards and gifts can also remind boys at this age not to take themselves too seriously and that the somewhat-intimidating challenges they may soon encounter can easily be overcome with a positive outlook and motivation. Similarly, on their 18th birthday, many boys also like to receive acknowledgement for their current accomplishments and encouragement that they will see success in their new responsibilities.

Today’s the first day of the rest of your life
And though you may feel on the edge of a knife
Don’t let that stop you from making bold choices
And leading your life in your truest of voices.

Today’s the day you turn eighteen.
You’re waking up from that childhood dream
So it’s time to make your own way now
And change the world, you choose how.

This year is the year you become a man.
So long as you earn it by your own hand,
So become kind and brave and true
And we’ll all be here rooting for you.

Happy eighteenth birthday, man,
Enjoy your youth while you can.
Take some advice from this old fart:
Keep your nose clean and follow your heart.

You’re eighteen now, legally a man,
But true manhood must be earned by hand
So don’t get cocky, but be gentle and kind
Because a true man’s worth comes from an open mind.

I’ve watched you grow these eighteen years
Through innocent laughter and heartbroken tears
But now it’s time for you to blaze your own trail.
We gave you the pen, now write your own tale.

You’re embarking on adulthood today.
Will you follow the path or make your own way?
Whichever path in life you choose,
I’ll be right there, because I know you can’t lose.

You’re finally turning eighteen, my boy,
And though this next year may bring grief or joy
Keep you head up and dont stop believing
In yourself and the life you’re weaving.

Happy birthday to a special guy
Though you may not yet know where your talents lie
I know that soon you’ll find your way
And discover what it is you have to say.

Your birthday’s coming up this week
And I know you’d like to take a peak
At your fabulous gift, but I must confess
I haven’t actually got it yet.

For eighteen years you’ve grown and learned
And through all your experiences you’ve earned
The right to call yourself a man
With your peerless confidence when taking a stand.

I know that you’ve got questions to ask
As you look upon the monumental task
Of presenting yourself to the world as complete,
But I know that you’ll stand on your own two feet.

Your birthday should be a special occasion
Of the “all about you” persuasion
So spend your big day as you wish
Full of fun and friends and your favorite dish.

I hope this birthday is the best of all
If you were a prince I would throw you a ball
But as it is you’re still a pretty great guy
So maybe just some fun snacks like a cake or a pie.

Happy birthday to you, you dashing fellow
With your smile so bright and your humor so mellow.
Enjoy your special day down to its core.
Here’s to tonight, and many more!

Happy birthday, and many more,
Let’s celebrate your time with a whoop and a roar
Let’s make this day a day to remember
While our bodies are young and lithe and limber.

18th Birthday Wishes Daughter

Writing birthday wishes for a daughter is something that is pretty close to a parent’s heart. There is something special about an 18th birthday wish or quote because their daughter has made it to the point in her life where she can take responsibility for herself. She can live on her own, make all of her own decisions independently, and could soon be leaving home. Parents have been able to watch their daughter grow from birth through eighteen years of age, seen her through heart break, seen her succeed in school, and been there with her in sports victories. From these special events in life parents are able to make quotes or wishes because they have seen their daughter grow, really know who she is and know what they hope their daughter will achieve or become. These wishes or quotes parents have can be use on cards, at graduation, at their daughter’s 18th birthday party, or in their own letter to their daughter. They could also use it in a unique way like having this letter framed, giving it to their daughter with a keepsake on her 18th birthday, or even keeping a collection of these wishes from birth to eighteen years old and giving them as a sentimental gift on the eighteenth birthday. These wishes could be used in a funny way to make an eighteen birthday party lighten up a little bit, or be serious if it is the last birthday before the daughter goes off to college.

My beautiful girl, you’re a woman now,
So storm the stage and take a bow
Because I know that the person you form
Will have no problem taking the world by storm.

You’ve blossomed to a woman from a girl
Ready to glow and shine like a pearl
And take on challenges you’ve never seen
Because today you turn eighteen.

The world can be a scary place
But take things at your own special pace
And you’ll take the world by storm someday
As an adult who makes her own way.

Today’s the day you turn eighteen
So put to use everything you’ve seen
To claw your way up to the top -
Just be yourself and don’t ever stop.

I believe you’ll make the world your own
With the sensibilities and skills you’ve honed
In your eighteen years on this earth
Because I know your massive worth.

I can’t believe how I’ve been blessed
To have a daughter who’s clearly the best
When it comes to quality and quantity of heart
That I got to watch grow from the very start.

My baby girl is a woman today
But not because you reached eighteen years of age.
It’s because you’ve grown in heart and mind
With an intellect keen and a spirit kind.

Never before was there a luckier father
Because no man before had you as a daughter
To guide and teach with so much pride
And crack my heart open with a smile so wide.

As your mother, it fills my heart with joy
That I had a daughter instead of a boy
Because more than your father and me in a blend
You’ve grown up now and become a friend.

Happy birthday to my favorite child
Who’s grown from a girl so free and wild
Into a woman of wisdom and charm
Who protects herself while doing others no harm.

It’s a special day for a special girl
Who’s about to go out and make her mark on the world
Armed to the teeth with courage and smarts,
An empathetic soul and a caring heart.

You’re a woman today, so it’s time to start
Learning to combine the thoughts of brain and heart
Because that’s the trick to making the world
The place you’ll someday want to raise your own girl.

It was a miracle eighteen years ago
When this beautiful baby girl entered the show
And stole our hearts with her vivacious spirit
But she’s a lady now, and we’re glad to hear it.

You’ve changed so much since you entered my life
As the baby who was part me, and part my wife.
Now you’re your own person motives and feelings
And when you come into your own, you’ll send the world reeling.

Happy birthday to the amazing girl
Who entered our lives and changed our world
Eighteen years ago on this day
And stole out hearts along the way.

18th Birthday Wishes for Girl

An 18th birthday is an important milestone; it is commonly known as the official entrance into the adult world. With an 18th birthday comes changes and new responsibilities. Many girls at this age are completing high school and entering a university or technical school; many others are navigating the work force post-graduation. For many people, turning 18 represents independence, and gifts that represent their new-found responsibility will be appreciated. An encouraging card, a memento or token of childhood, or a monetary gift would all be positively received by most girls at this birthday celebration. Often this age marks a physical move in a person’s life, and the birthday girl will appreciate being surrounded by family and friends before making this change. Humorous cards and gifts will be appreciated by many 18-year-olds as it will be a comforting reminder that, despite all of the confusing and potentially overwhelming changes taking place, life does not have to be taken too seriously. Girls with a strong personality and sense of humor, as well as those who feel confident in themselves, will especially appreciate humorous well wishes. Girls who are more prone to emotional displays or who appear more nervous and reserved about the future will be more receptive to serious and sentimental cards and gifts.

I’ve witnessed your growth into the woman you’ve become
So pleasant, beautiful, intelligent, and wholesome
I know that you’ll never stray too far from the great values instilled in you
So happy eighteenth birthday, to the grownup version of that lovely little girl I knew

To a young lady who’s always shown such grace and class
And a little bit of that memorable sass
I’m wishing you the best in all that you do
Happy big number eighteen to you

Eighteen is here, but the best parts of childhood are not gone
Always make sure that your playfulness, optimism, and compassion carry on
You are a shining example of someone doing everything right
I am very proud of you, and your future looks bright

To a girl who is always making major accomplishments look easy
Each day, you make everyone so proud
Always continue to laugh in the face of adversity
And welcome to venues where only ages eighteen and older are allowed

Here’s to a young lady whose smile lights up an entire room
Someone who continues to surpass any limits assumed
Always be that firecracker everyone is grateful they knew
I bet age eighteen isn’t even ready for you

You have aged eighteen years,
But remember the lessons learned in your youth
You can be anything; never give in to fears
And always live in your truth

You have a way with words
And a way with hugs, compassion, and even tolerating situations that are absurd
Actually, you have your own way with absolutely everything
Don’t change, and enjoy all that your eighteenth year brings

So there’s a rumor floating around town
Everyone who’s anyone is talking about it, all around
I’m beating around the bush, so I’ll just go ahead and say
That I heard there’s good reason to tell you happy eighteenth birthday

I have to say that it is true;
Growing up is something we must all to do
But my wish is that you will be blessed with health, love, and everything good
As you go forth into adulthood

From the day you were born, I knew that you were special
You are so many great things to so many people
Today we celebrate you and and the joy that you’ve brought to all of our lives
On your eighteenth birthday, may you be spoiled like you’re five

Here’s to an outspoken critic of the world
Who sometimes doubles as one of most reserved girls
It’s always your choice, and that’s what we all adore
I wish you a happy eighteenth birthday and so many more

Happy eighteenth birthday to a wonderful soul
I hope you’ve put on your favorite outfit and gone for a stroll
Because these are the days to make the greatest memories
To paint the town until you’ve exhausted all of your energy

We’ve known each other for a while
I appreciate your intellect, honesty, and style
I know that we’ll continue to grow in this friendship together
May you have the happiest eighteenth birthday ever

You’ll learn that things aren’t just black and white; there are many shades of gray
Many things will change for you, but you’ll always remember today
Today is the day that you first see what adulthood means
The day you’ve been waiting for; when you turn eighteen

I hope that on this, your eighteenth birthday
You’ll take a bit of time away
From reading all the birthday Instagram comments and messages on your Facebook wall
To simply smile and be thankful for it all

18th Birthday Wishes for Sister

An 18th birthday signifies a person’s transition from childhood to adulthood; eighteen is the age at which people are given more responsibility, independence and the ability to make their own decisions. Because a sister can play the role of friend, roommate, relative and potentially more, celebrating the 18th birthday of a sister marks an important milestone in the relationship. The older brother or sister can also pass on life experience and identify their sister as a friend and not just the annoying younger sibling.

Birthday wishes that mention the bond between siblings and the fact that the two of you have seen each other grow up into adulthood are good for more thoughtful birthday greetings. Humorous birthday wishes might include jokes about new responsibilities or how “scary” it is for this person to have all of these new-found privileges as an adult.

An 18th birthday card for a sister is a good place to start, but there are many other options for birthday greetings. Balloons, party favors and possibly drink glasses with 18th birthday quotes are great for celebrating the occasion, especially if the older sibling has always been the “fun” sibling that takes the little sister to parties or keeps her out late.

A serious wish might be good for a sibling who has, up to this point, viewed his or her sister as a bit of a pest – something thoughtful about growing up will express that you look forward to becoming friends instead of just relatives. Humorous birthday wishes are good if you have a fun, light hearted relationship with your sister, or if it is a younger sibling giving birthday wishes to the new 18 year old.

Eighteen, eighteen, hip hooray!
To the sweetest sister on her special day!
May all your dreams dare to come true,
For there will never be a sister like you.

I have watched you grown over the years;
I have even laughed at some of your fears.
Now, look at you on your eighteenth birthday;
Looking all grown up and joyous to stay.

Sisters are a special breed,
Regardless of where their feet may lead.
And, so to you, my dearest sister,
May your eighteenth birthday be long to remember.

To the dearest sister in the world,
None can compare; you’re an awesome girl.
And, so, on this your eighteenth birthday,
Don’t hold back as you celebrate.

Once you were young, as in not so grown;
Who’d ever thought you’ll soon be on your own?
But, I’ve watched you mature over the years,
Until, now, you’re eighteen, so to you I say, “Cheers!”

Hooray, hooray, for daring eighteen!
My sister, my friend to love ’til the end!
For all you have ever given, and wasn’t mean,
I wish you well, so this greeting I send.
May you always have peace, love and success;
May you always encounter joy and nothing less.

Some say a good friend is hard to find,
But not when you have sister like mine.
So warm, so gentle, so comforting!
You are more than just a sister; you mean something.
You are my best friend, so “Happy eighteenth!”

To a sister who is there through thick and thin,
No matter what predicament I’m in;
To a sister who loves me unconditionally,
May this eighteenth celebration be nothing but glee.

You live, you learn, and then you turn
One year older, and then you learn
That eighteen years is a happy age,
For you get to do, and not told to behave.
So embrace this blessing with all your might;
My wonderful sister, you are outta sight.

A sister is someone who is always there
To stand by your side with love and care;
To see that you are well protected
And never alone, but, instead, connected.
You are that sister, I am proud to say,
So, happy eighteenth, with a hip, hip, hooray!

To me you are an angel so dear,
The sister who always loves to share;
So, now it gives me the greatest of pleasure,
With lots of smile that will brave any weather,
On this your happy eighteenth celebrate
To wish you a special Happy Birthday!

A birthday comes but once a year,
And for this reason it is marked with great cheer.
Today, dear sister, as turn eighteen
Enjoy the new pleasures this age brings.

Although every year is a very special take,
The eighteenth one just takes the cake.
Happy Birthday, Sister, on your grownup day!

I still remember the time you were only a tot,
But, excited to see that now you’re not;
You are eighteen, Sister, so strut your strut!

Sister, sister, now a cool eighteen!
Who would believe it? It feels like a dream!
Just look at you, standing proud and tall!
My wish for you is that you never fall,
But always walk with your head held high,
And make certain for you the limit is the sky.

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

Turning 18 years of age is an important milestone for just about every teenager. High school is either finished or close to it, and the world of adulthood is beckoning. A new, uncharted life with no set path is laid out. For many, this age can either be frightening or exciting. Either way, it’s a milestone. It’s a time in life to say goodbye to childhood, and a new hello to adulthood and self-responsibility.

This “coming of age” occasion marks a date that saying “Happy Birthday” just doesn’t convene. The age brings on new rights and responsibilities, like the right to vote. The ability to leave home and go anywhere. Go to college. Possibly even joining the military or moving abroad. With all of these new privileges, it’s common for people to express wishes of good luck, advice, or even humor to mark the event.

Friends and family usually want to add suggestions or sayings that convey appreciation and friendship. Quotations, funny statements and personal experience are all excellent means of promoting ideas of love and good intentions. Often, people will buy cards and add an inside message. This is a great idea for simple quotes or “good luck” messages. Other times, someone may write a short letter or essay to convey a more complicated message. Verbal messages are also a means to carry warm or funny feelings. For instance a father telling his now-adult daughter, “You may be 18, but you can’t marry until you’re 30!”

It really doesn’t matter which method you choose to convey a wish. Whether it’s a card, letter, or simple off-hand remark as the birthday person blows out candles, you can be sure it will be met with a warm welcome.

Happy 18th to a special companion
You’ve made it through the toughest part
Learned to talk and walk
Now you have to start supporting yourself

Here’s to someone who’s made it this far
Over 5,800 days
You probably now are so self-assured
That you think you could make it to Mars

Be glad that you’re 18
And not the inverse
Not that 81 is a bad age

I’ve known you since your inception
You bloomed like a flower
Your growth has been deceptive
You’re now 18
But one thing has stayed consistent
Your smile

9+9, 2+16.
8X2, 4X4.
20-2, 45-27.
42/2, 63/3.
All these add up to your new age
The age of 18.

Have a great 18th birthday!
Here’s to wishing for another 18 great years
And another 18 after that…
And another 18 after that…

You’ve been a great friend since I’ve known you
Have a great birthday dude!

You can now gamble, smoke, and vote
Serve in the military
But you gotta wait another three years to drink alcohol
Happy 18th birthday!

These candles are really starting to add up!
Have a happy 18th birthday!

What do you want for your 18th birthday?
Something expensive like a car?
Or something simple like a hug?
Well, for now
Let’s start with a poem
This poem

Hey bro
Have a bro-tastic 18th birthday

Roses are red, violets are blue
I am so excited
To spend time with you
On this special day
Your 18th birthday

You may be young
But I am so indebted to you
Your talents are unsung
And your potential in this life
Is huge too

Yppah Ht18 Yadhtrib
No that isn’t some foreign language
It’s what I am wishing you
Spelled backwards

It’s been years since I could count your age on my fingers
Eight years, to be exact
I don’t know what you’re into anymore
But I think you’d appreciate something heartfelt
I wish you nothing but a happy 18th birthday!

You’re turning 18
Time to move out of your parents’ house and start paying for everything
That includes college
Just kidding
Becoming an adult is a gradual process

I remember being there when you were born
Such a cute kid
I know you don’t like being called cute anymore
But you still mean a lot to me
Here’s to many more great birthdays!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
Do you even want those parties with cakes. pizza, and candy anymore?
Or are you past that?
Either way, have a great time!

I’d buy you a pack of cigarettes for your 18th birthday
But I have a feeling your mom would get mad
Happy birthday!

Man, I always forget your birthday
But I didn’t this year because I knew how much it meant to you
Happy 18th to a special person!

You deserve a birthday
That would make the leaders of the world proud
Happy 18th!

I have two words for ya
Happy birthday, dude
Okay, technically three