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A person’s 20th birthday is a moment of great celebration because it represents the end of their teenage years. Although they may still not be old enough to legally purchase a drink, those who are celebrating their 20th year are still likely to hit the town for a party with their family and friends. Movies, concerts and outdoor adventures are all fair game for a 20th birthday party, and gifts and well wishes can range from fun and childish to seriously sentimental. Here are a few things you can expect to be happening in the life of a 20-year-old-to-be along with some tips for crafting meaningful birthday wishes that will come straight from the heart.

Milestone Events for the 20th Year

As they enter their first year of a new decade, 20-year-olds are excited about their future. At this age, most are still in college or just starting their career. A few may be married and starting families of their own. Wherever they may be in life, most people agree that this decade is a time of fun, freedom and open possibilities. Yet, a 20-year-old will also be working hard on their goals for the future such as a career and owning a home. Friends and colleagues take on new importance, yet many people this age still crave the closeness of their family even after they have moved out of their childhood home.

Add a Personal Touch to Birthday Wishes

During their 20th year, a person will be developing their adult identity while still enjoying many of their favorite pastimes from childhood such as sports and music. These interests can be blended with your understanding of their life stage to add a personal touch to birthday wishes. For example, a college football player may appreciate a quote from their favorite athlete. Alternatively, an aspiring musician may prefer a lyrical birthday wish that defines their personality. Consider your loved one’s college major, career and current pastimes to really give your birthday wishes some flair.

Hit the Right Blend of Sentiment

Although they are leaving their teen years behind them, a person turning 20 will likely embrace the opportunity to embark upon a new decade. This makes it a joyous occasion for everyone, and you can expect this birthday to be full of fun and excitement. Mothers and fathers may still go for a serious sentiment that describes their love for their child. However, the majority of other friends, family members and colleagues will want to go with a fun and inspiring tone that can even be humorous. For a coworker, consider using an inspirational quote from a leader in your chosen field. Friends might choose to poke a little fun at the birthday boy or girl with a carefully crafted birthday wish that hints at a silly moment from the past. A boyfriend or girlfriend may consider adding a touch of romance to their wishes that will make the recipient feel loved.

Creative Ways to Use Your Wishes

Birthday wishes are meant to be shared, and 20-year-olds have multiple ways in which they like to receive special sentiments. Technology reigns high in their world, so you can create a virtual card to be shared along their social media networks. Alternatively, you could sneak a birthday wish on their screensaver so they are surprised first thing in the morning at work. Cards are always a wonderful way to present your well wishes since many people this age keep scrapbooks or create displays of keepsakes in their home. A sweet set of lines can also be incorporated into a song that you record for your loved one to play again and again. Be creative with your presentation, and your well wishes will help to usher in your loved one’s 20th year in style.

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20th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Do you have a special friend who is getting ready to turn 20? This is an exciting age as your friend enters a new decade and a brand new phase of life. Finally out of their teen years, this friend is getting ready to reach a heightened level of independence. This is a time in life when your friend’s life seems open to endless possibilities. Why not express your congratulations at reaching this milestone by writing your friend a heartfelt, personalized birthday wish?

It is not that difficult to write personalized birthday messages for a friend. Just follow these easy steps. First, write some of your favorite characteristics that your see in your friend’s life. Is he spontaneous and bold? Is she kind and compassionate? Next, apply those particular character traits to the relationship that you and your friend share. Is this friend always leading you into new adventures? Is this friend someone you know you can count on to encourage you in a time of adversity? Then share some of the memorable times that you and your friend have shared together. Have you participated in sports or other activities together? Do you have great memories of your school years? Lastly, write a personalized expression of gratitude that you have this amazing friend in your life, along with wishes for a happy 20th birthday. Rather than settling for a generic card this year, show that awesome 20 year old how much you care by sending a personalized, meaningful birthday wish!

Turning twenty, can’t believe you’re so old
They say you can’t have a drink, but don’t do as your told
Pour a nice tall one, the night will be gone
Call me next year, and I’ll buy your first beer.

Twenty years old, you’re not a teen now
Leaving mom and dad, I thought you’d never learn how
But enough with the jokes, you’re my bright light of hope
Happy birthday my friend, all the way till the end

Hey there buddy, wanna hear something funny?
For your twentieth birthday, I got you a big pot of honey
It’s sweeter than sun shine, and brighter than summer time
But for a friend like you, I’ll get stung all of the time

Tick tock, goes the clock
Life’s flashing right by, it simply won’t stop
So run to the party, don’t act like a smarty
Dance with your crush, hitch on the back of a bus
You’re still young as can be, not old like me
But here’s a magical key, to unlock the city
Don’t tell your mother, I got you a fake ID

Been friends forever, always together
You’re finally twenty, and I’ve still got love aplenty
Everyday’s like a birthday with, a best friend like you
Screw getting married, I wanna just hang out with you!

As you get older you learn
The years pass like molasses, and algebra classes
The time flies when it’s fun, as we circle the sun
And the older you get, the more you forget
But in my fiftieth year, I’ll still feel like you’re near
Happy twentieth birthday, it’s all downhill from here

You’re not longer a teen, no more being a drama queen
Twenty’s the time, for your true colors to shine
Because you’re too young to know that you’re too old to whine
And you’re not even of age, I can’t pour you a glass
But over virgin martini’s we’ll make a toast
Have the best twentieth birthday, you silly old goat

I can’t say what I mean, is what I mean to say
I didn’t forget your birthday, because I know it’s today
So I bought this card, it wasn’t that hard
But regarding your present, there’s a bit of a catch
It seems to have gone right down the hatch
So here’s an IOU, on your most special of days
Because you have to wait, I get paid next Friday

When you were ten, you still ate crayons in bed
And now that you’re twenty, you switched to hot sauce caliente
There’s no one like you, I swear it’s true
You put hot sauce on crackers, in your milk and cereal too!
It’s things like this that make me cackle and laugh
Happy birthday my friend, I’ll be there to the end

20th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I’m glad that you’re my special guy
And there’s a million reasons why
20 years old today
And just so great in every way

Happy Birthday to a man
Of whom I am a big fan
The truth is you’re pretty hot
Ugly is one thing your not

I remember when you asked me out
I knew right then without a doubt
That you were the man for me
You make me weak at the knees
Happy birthday, handsome man
You’re the best guy in the land

Other girls might stare at you
But to me you’re always true
So take me into your arms
So I can feel your special charm
20 years is not that old
You make my blood run hot, not cold

I want you to enjoy this day
I’m here for you in every way
I want us to be together
In sunshine, rain and every weather

A boyfriend like is such a treat
You make everything feel neat
So let’s have some birthday cheer
And hold each other close and near

20 years old you have turned
If there’s one thing bout’ you I’ve learned
You’re always nice, you’re always kind
I’m so thankful you are mine

Your 20 now… hard to believe
And now that you are here with me
Blow out your candles right away
Because today is just your day

A boyfriend is a special thing
Who makes my heart just want to sing
That’s how I feel with I’m with you
Just so excited and not blue
So let’s have a birthday toast
To this guy I love the most

Seasons they will come and go
But I want you to know
I’ll always be here by your side
So you can just enjoy the ride
Today’s a day that we can share
And feel excitement in the air
So happy birthday, my boyfriend
Keep me with you ’til the end

There’s no boyfriend who can compare
Who’s always sweet and always shares
And I want you to know
I hope you’ll never let me go
So let’s cheer and raise a glass
To the birthday boy with class

20 years old, you’re now all grown
And if there’s one thing that you’ve shown
It’s that you’re a special guy
And there are many reasons why

I made you cake, I brought you flowers
To share with you these happy birthday hours
Because you always bring me joy
And I’m glad that you’re my boy

Every day with you’s a gift
You’re on the top of my favorites list
But today is all about just you
And there’s lots and lots for us to do

You’re a guy who’s not just fun
You’re a guy who’s number one
Today’s a day unlike the rest
When I’m with you I feel so blessed

Birthday presents, ribbons and bows
Are not enough to really show
How you are in my heart
So let’s have this party start

20th Birthday Wishes for Son

Now that your son is turning 20, you have two decades of birthdays behind you, which may have you feeling a little sentimental. Although it can invoke a few tears to think about your baby boy finally reaching adulthood, this is a time that he has likely been eagerly anticipating.

Although he’s not quite old enough to enjoy some of the full freedoms of adulthood, he is likely making new achievements every day. From buying a first car to moving out on his own, your son is making some of his first steps toward a new life as an adult. These milestones can serve as a great source of inspiration as you begin to search for a meaningful birthday wish.

You can also consider incorporating a few of his favorite things such as a song lyric or joke that hints at a special moment you shared. If you plan to give a sentimental birthday wish, then you may try to give it to him in private because young men this age tend to still get embarrassed a bit in front of their friends. However, a humorous message can fit right in with any crowd, and it may just earn you points as the coolest mom.

You watched his first steps, and now you are ready to watch him make his first venture into adulthood. Make sure your 20-year-old’s son is a memorable occasion that is made extra special by a set of heartfelt words. Then, choose the perfect presentation, such as a card or recorded message, so that your favorite boy embarks on his 20th decade with the full support of his mom.

For 20 years, I’ve watched you grow,
Mature, and get much smarter.
But, son, don’t ask for the keys to the car,
For that would be a real “non-starter.”

Son, I baked that cake last night
And frosted it today.
Don’t mind the taste.
We must not waste.
We can’t throw it away.
One cake in 20
Being a little sub par
Isn’t all that bad.
Next year, you’d better beg your mom
To bake instead of your dad.

You’re 20, son, so we need to go
On our father-son hunting excursion.
We’ll sit there and chat,
And we’ll ambush a deer.
Now, how’s that for fun and diversion?

Two decades back, when you were born,
I said I would raise you right.
You turned out o.k.,
So I guess I can say
That the process was worth all the fight.

Two years ago, you moved away
To begin your college career.
We bake a cake
And wrap a present,
And like lightening, you come back here.
Happy birthday, son,
And don’t be such a stranger!

Remember the days when I taught you to drive?
I trembled like a leaf
And just hoped to survive.
Today, you turned 20,
And you’ve come really far.
Take these keys, son,
And go for a spin
In your new car!
It’s the one out back
With the red ribbon on it.
Happy birthday!

When the tire went flat,
You were there to hold the socket.
When the pipes all exploded,
You kept the washer in your pocket.
For 20 years, son, you’ve helped me many times,
And you’ve always put up with
My jokes and my rhymes.
Happy birthday, son!

At two, son, ’twas I who taught you to walk.
At three, son, ’twas I who taught you to talk.
At 18, I taught you to study hard at college.
You’re 20 now, so you thank me
For all that free knowledge.

You’re 20, son,
And your teen years are done.
You’ve reached a real milestone today.
We knew you would make it.
We knew you’d survive.
That old rabbit’s foot
We’ll finally throw away.

Twenty years back, you were born in a shack,
And you grew up in poverty and squalor.
But you fought your way out, learned what life’s all about,
So we’ll give you this proud birthday holler-
“Happy 20th birthday, son!”

No, we didn’t forget your birthday.
That’s not the sort of thing we’d do.
Your mother and I didn’t tell you
Because we though you already knew.

For 20 years, we’ve loved you, son,
And grown prouder of you every day.
Your mother and I never cease to give thanks
To God for you, son, when we pray.

Your 20th year is a sunrise year,
And your whole life’s before you, my son.
You’re studying hard to get that degree,
But don’t forget to have a little fun.

We wish you God’s best
On your 20th year.
We’re your father and mother.
Don’t forget that we’re here.
We’ll always be here for you, son,
If you need us.
And we hope, when we get really old,
that you’ll feed us.

You’re 20 now, son,
And to show we’re not cheap,
We won’t party just one day-
No, we’ll party all week!

Funny 20th Birthday Wishes

Everybody loves a great joke on their birthday. If you have a friend or relative turning twenty, you have a perfect excuse for sending some funny birthday wishes that will put a smile on their face. Consider sending the new twenty year old in your life a funny verse to keep things light.

Why Send Funny Birthday Wishes?

Everyone looks forward to their 18th birthday and their 21st for important legal milestones, but a 20th birthday tends to fade into the background. It can be exciting in some ways because the 20th is the point at which one is no longer a teenager, but it isn’t quite the big adult birthday that the 21st is yet. Funny birthday wishes use this to help someone hit the start of their next decade with a good laugh.

Send funny wishes to celebrate a big year like someone’s 20th in style. A good funny verse or card will frequently get shared around more than a standard card, especially if the joke is really good. Funny verses are also a bit more memorable than something serious and allow you to tell someone you care in a lighthearted way.

Enjoy A Funny 20th Birthday

A funny verse about someone’s 20th birthday can spruce up a gift, add a smile to a note, and generally make a birthday just a little bit happier. Tell someone how much you care with a great funny verse for their 20th birthday.

20th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

At the time of their 20th birthday, many young women are attending college or entering the workforce. Most have an active social life, may be completing internships or part of sororities, but they are still too young to legally drink alcohol in the United States. They are anticipating further independence upon their next birthday. A girlfriend is special because you share a close bond with her like a friend but also have feelings of attraction for this woman. They are often a confidante to you and someone who listens to your problems with a sympathetic ear.

Expressing your appreciation for her being in your life is a good place to start when wishing a girlfriend a happy 20th birthday. Women enjoy hearing they are special to their significant other. If you’ve been together a long time, you may want to incorporate dreams of the future in your birthday wish. Because she’s turning 20 and still too young to drink, a humorous jab about the legal drinking age or preparing for the real world might be appropriate.

Birthday cards are appropriate for a girlfriend turning 20, regardless of how long you two have been together. A piece of jewelry engraved with a special birthday wish is a special gift for someone you’ve been with for a long time and can see a future with. If you are having a party, balloons and party favors may be a fun way to send birthday wishes.

Humorous birthday quotes and wishes are appropriate for most relationships, but the most serious, heartfelt birthday wishes are best left for those in long-term, serious relationships.

To my sweetheart on her 20th,
May your special day be just right -
Or at least half as precious as you,
To me, when you hold me tight.

When you flash those pearly whites,
My heart skips a beat.
You’re the prettiest 20-year-old today
That anyone will meet.

Every day with you, My Love,
Is worth the world to me,
And so to you I’ll try to make
Your 20th birthday also be.

Deeper than the deepest sea
Is my love for you,
And so on this, your twentieth,
Let me make your dreams come true.

May your 20th birthday be filled
With love, happiness, laughter, and fun,
Because you’re my best friend, my lover,
My soul mate, my only one.

Oh, 20th Birthday Girl,
You’re a treasure to my soul.
You complete me in every way,
And without you I’m not whole.

Right beside you is where I belong.
As today, your 20th, we celebrate
The wonder and beauty of who you are,
My angel, my soul mate.

I couldn’t have wished for a better woman.
You’re perfect in every way.
And so I’ll try to be your perfect guy,
Especially on this, your 20th birthday.

No birthday cake could be sweeter
Nor 20th birthday gift more desired
Than you are to me, My Beauty.
You set my heart on fire.

Two decades you have been here
On this planet swinging through space.
Of all the billions of people on earth,
I only long to see your beautiful face.
Happy birthday, My One in Seven Billion!

No feeling could ever be stronger
Than the love I feel for you.
Happy birthday to you, My Angel.
May all your 20th birthday wishes come true.

Starting today, 20 wishes I’ll fulfill,
One for each year you’ve blessed this earth
With the pleasure of your very existence, My Love,
Since the day of your birth.

Not only are you my lover and the one I tell everything to,
You’re also an inspiration in everything you do.
For a young lady of only 20, you never cease to impress,
So happy birthday, Baby. May all you try be a success.

Happy birthday, Lover, it’s your day to take center stage,
Your time to shine as you today turn 20 years of age.
You’re the star of the show, the prettiest on set.
You’re my leading lady, my Cleopatra, my Juliet.

Officially a lady,
And no longer a teen,
You’re now a 20-year-old woman
And the most beautiful I’ve seen.

Look at you! You’re now a 20-year-old hottie.
Those peepers, those lips, that super bangin’ body!
How did I ever get you? I thank my lucky star.
Happy birthday, Beautiful. I love everything you are.

Thank you for spending your 20th with me
And loving me like you do.
I truly wish you a happy birthday
And want you to know, I love you, too!

I’m thankful for your love.
God blessed the day we met.
Happy 20th birthday, Love of my Life.
Let’s make it one you’ll never forget!

20th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Do you have a special, one-of-a-kind daughter who is getting ready to turn 20? It may be difficult to believe that your little girl is now all grown up. Where did the years go? At this exciting time of transition, you may be wondering how you can let her know just how very proud you are of the fine young woman that she has become. Why not write her your own personalized birthday wishes straight from your heart to hers? It will be so much more meaningful then another generic birthday card from the store.

You may be unsure of exactly how to go about writing an original birthday message. Just follow these simple steps to write a heartfelt message that your daughter will absolutely love. First, write the things that you love most about your daughter. Does she have that charm that lights up a room? Does she have a strong and courageous spirit? Next, apply those character qualities to your daughter’s relationship with you. Has she always been an inspiration to you by the way she works hard to follow her dreams? Do you love seeing all of her talented accomplishments? Then you can share some of the special memories you have of her going back to her childhood, such as holidays, vacations, and activities you have enjoyed together. Last, express your gratitude for her and wish her a very happy birthday. Your daughter will always cherish your personal expression of your undying love and devotion to her.

Beautiful daughter
You’re twenty years old
You are so special
So intelligent and bold
Beautiful daughter
With dreams so great
Today is your birthday
Let’s celebrate

From frills and bows to big girl toys
From princess glitter to make up and on to dating boys
We promise to guide you in all that you do
Happy 20th birthday, sweetheart
Happy birthday to you

Darling girl, daughter of mine
I want you to know that you are one of a kind
Happy birthday, my daughter
You’re twenty today
My daughter, my gift, for whom I’m thankful every single day

I watched you sleep when you were small
And wished the world for you
I couldn’t wait to see
All the things that you could do
Now you’re twenty
And you amaze me everyday
Happy birthday, my sweetheart
Enjoy your special day

You’re twenty years old today
It came in the blink of an eye
You’re twenty years old today
Promise in life that you will always try

On your 20th birthday
We want to thank you for being you
You’ve enriched our lives
Each day has been like new
In twenty years, you’ve sprouted
In twenty years, you grew
Twenty years our daughter
Always and forever
We love you

Remember that you are wonderful and beautiful
And you never cease to amaze
Whether two years old or twenty
You’re our baby always

You were a child whose eyes were full of wonder and light
You learned to keep on dreaming and to always do what is right
Now you’re twenty, and the possibilities are plenty
The future seems wonderful and bright

On your 20th birthday
We hope we have shown you the way
To have the future you deserve
This is our wish for you, dear daughter
On this, your special day

Be strong; be kind
Be patient and wise
Have a wonderful 20th birthday
Spread your wings and take flight

Precious girl
You are twenty today
Breathe deep, smile
And enjoy your special day

On your 20th birthday
We hope we have shown you the way
To have the future you deserve
Come whatever may

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl
Darling daughter; our whole wide world
We wish you health and happiness as you embark on your own
Remember that we love you are we’re always your home

Words can’t express
Just how proud of you we are
You are a strong young woman
And we know that in life you’ll go far
Follow your dreams
Stay confident and strong
Stay true to yourself
And you’ll never go wrong

Remember to smile
Each morning when you wake
Remember, now that you’re 20
That you’re never too old for cake

Twenty years ago
She arrived on this day
The sweetest little baby
Twenty years ago today
She grew into a lovely girl
Who liked to dance and play
And then into this beautiful young woman
Who is reading these words
Today on her birthday

20th Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

A boyfriend is like a best friend for whom you also feel romantic feelings. A new boyfriend is fun, exciting and gives you the rush of young love. If you’ve been with your boyfriend for longer, he probably inspires feelings of deeper love and hopes of a future. A 20th birthday marks the end of his teens, but it also means he is too young to legally drink. Many young men at this age are in college and have active social lives.

Declarations of an appreciation for being with that man are appropriate for birthday wishes, regardless of the length of the relationship. Birthday wishes that humorously mention that your boyfriend still isn’t legally able to drink could be funny, or remarks on the fact that he is no longer a teenager. More serious wishes about the special bond between partners are appropriate for couples who have been together longer.

A birthday card could express your birthday wishes at any stage of the relationship. A shot glass with birthday wishes might be a humorous gift since he isn’t legally able to drink in the US.

The length of your relationship with your boyfriend will help you determine what type of wish you want to send. For a new relationship, something lighthearted and funny is appropriate. If you’ve been together longer, a heartfelt wish expressing love and devotion are valid, but a humorous card catering to your boyfriend’s style of humor or habits is equally appropriate. Something sincere and sweet is always appreciated.