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Out of all the milestone birthdays, a person’s 21st is one of the most anticipated. People of this age have been waiting all of their lives to finally be legally allowed to do whatever their heart desires, and this is their big moment. This makes finding the perfect birthday wish even more important because your favorite birthday boy or girl is likely to remember this celebration for years to come. The best part is that they sky is the limit when you know that a person is eagerly awaiting their birthday. A person turning 21 is likely to be receptive to a wide range of birthday wishes that range from sentimental to silly. Since your options are wide open for finding the perfect sentiment for the occasion, here are a few tips to help narrow it down.

Defining Events of Turning 21

After being an official adult for three years, a person is finally able to legally indulge in every aspect of being an adult. They are also usually in a place where they have the time, money and freedom to engage in a little revelry for their 21st birthday. For this reason, birthday wishes often have an upbeat and humorous tone that may poke fun at a birthday boy or girl’s ability to buy liquor, gamble or rent a car for a random road trip. At 21 a person may also be finishing up school or purchasing their first home. Many 21-year-olds are also finally beginning to gain ground in the career of their dreams or reach new heights in their favorite sport or hobby. More serious-minded birthday boys and girls are likely to enjoy a birthday wish that touches upon their finally reaching cherished goals such as graduation or earning an internship at a rising corporation.

Mixing Milestones with the Appropriate Tone

One of the best rules to follow when you select a birthday wish for this age group is to keep it lighthearted and make it personal. With so many milestones coming up this year, this should be an easy goal to accomplish. For a truly personalized birthday wish, consider which of these milestones will be most important for your loved one. Are they likely to be engaging in some birthday debauchery? If so, then a birthday wish that humorously jokes about their newfound adult freedoms could be well-received. Grandparents and others may find this the perfect time to offer a heartfelt sentiment that describes how proud they are of the accomplishments their loved one has made at the tender young age of 21. Colleagues may choose an inspirational quote that relates to a 21-year-old’s career goals, or they can join in on the birthday silliness by choosing a wish with subtle humor.

Fun Ways to Share Your Birthday Wishes

A 21st birthday celebration is usually large and loud, which means your birthday wish presentation will need to stand out. If you will be joining in on the main celebration, then consider using your birthday wish as a part of the toast for the person-of-honor. To commemorate the occasion, you could include your birthday wish in a card that can be turned into a keepsake. Birthday wishes for a 21-year-old can be printed on a t-shirt or turned into lyrics that are set to music. Parents and grandparents may wish to include their sentiments on an engraved piece of jewelry or other type of memorabilia so that their loved one will always be able to remember their milestone birthday. By making sure your birthday wishes stand out, you will match your favorite 21-year-old’s exuberance about their milestone day.

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21th Birthday Wishes for Friend
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21th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Of all the birthdays that come during a lifetime, the 21st birthday is one of the most important and special. This is because at the age of 21, a person has full rights as an adult. The 21st birthday is normally celebrated with a party or at an establishment where alcohol can be purchased because a person is finally at the age where they can do so. Many bars do not allow full admittance to those less than 21 years of age. For this reason, this type of birthday celebration can be a new and exciting experience for the birthday boy or girl.

When a friend reaches this milestone, it is a fun occasion. This celebration should be accompanied by funny birthday wishes for a friend. Often, people who are giving wishes at this age, will incorporate references to indulgence in drinking and staying out all night. This is a tradition for many people when they turn 21 years old. Funny birthday wishes can be used in several ways including on cards, decorations and even a festive birthday cake.

It is definitely time to party hardy when a friend turns 21 years of age. Pull out all the stops and show the friend how special they are to you by giving great 21st birthday wishes, and plan for a designated driver so that it can be safe as well as enjoyable.

It is time to have grown up fun, now that you have reached 21.

All these years you have waited for this day, now you’re 21 and its time to play.

Happy birthday on your 21st year, now its time for you to buy the beer.

Its time to go hopping from bar to bar…and then we will carry your drunk ass to the car.

At 21, it is the legal age to party hard, you just need to bring your state issued ID card

We knew this day would finally come, bring on the vodka, the gin and the rum!

It is time to be an adult and take flight, but first let’s go out and drink tonight.

Happy birthday! Paint the town red, you only turn 21 once. You might as well enjoy it.

Happy 21st birthday! And remember, its all downhill from here.

With age comes wisdom, sophistication and responsibility…and wrinkles, happy 21st birthday.

Happy birthday! Its time to live it up, party hard, and be responsible! You are now officially an old woman.

Happy birthday to you, its time to get drunk, happy birthday to you, and dance with a hunk!

Congratulations, you can now legally do what you have been doing for years.

I hope your birthday is full of excitement and fun, after all, you are 21.

Wishing you a happy 21st birthday, my best friend. You deserve all good things in life, that’s why you got me!

Life is too short to live one day unhappy.
It makes you feel all sad and sappy,
Instead, perk up, you are 21
It is definitely time to have some fun.
Happy birthday to you, my friend
I’ll stick with you til the end!

One day, we will look back on tonight and laugh, tomorrow we are going to look back and think “why did we drink so much?”

For your birthday, I will take you to lunch,
After that, we will drink some spiked punch,
When the evening arrives, it is time for the club,
where we will enjoy some dancing and a bottle of bub
You are 21 years old and today is your day,
We won’t even make you pay.

I hope you have the time of your life on this 21st birthday, if you remember tonight, you did not have enough fun.

Happy birthday my friend, I have been your playmate I have been your classmate, I have been your confidant, I have been your shoulder to cry on, and now, I am your designated driver.

If you are ever in despair, remember that I will always be there. Even to hold you hair after a long night, and to take pictures of the sight. Happy 21st birthday, my friend.

It is time for a night out with your peers
where we will enjoy lots of birthday beers
we will party all night long
and even sing you a birthday song!

21st Birthday Wishes for Girl

Even though she’s already an adult, turning 21 is a big milestone in terms of responsibility. Many girls are getting close to finishing college, and the age marks the legal drinking age in the United States. At this time in a girl’s life, she may be thinking about internships, travel, college, sorority life and relationships as well as getting the most out of relationships with close friends.

Most birthday quotes for a twenty-one year old girl will revolve around partying and drinking because it is the legal drinking age. Incorporating the idea of sorority sisters, female aspirations and girl power will make for a more personal quote for a girl turning 21.

Birthday cards with fun 21st birthday quotes are abundant, while party favors and balloons announcing a 21st birthday are also popular. Shot glasses and drink tumblers denoting the birthday girl’s 21st birthday make great gifts, while matching t-shirts for a girls’ night out make for a fun way to wish a girl happy 21st birthday.

Your relationship to the girl as well as how close you are will help you determine the type of 21st birthday wish you send. If she is your close friend, sister or roommate, a funny and personal wish will be ideal. If you are an older family member like a parent or grandparent, something more serious will be appropriate. A more generic wish would work for someone who isn’t very close with the birthday girl but still wants to wish her a happy birthday.

You’re one step closer to womanhood,
So improve the world by doing good.
I know you’ll make it a better place
With your kindness and beauty and grace.

You’re a woman now, you’re twenty one
And it must feel like there’s so much left to be done
But for now let’s enjoy your birthday together
And save the wanderlust for tomorrow’s forever.

Happy birthday to my best girlfriend
Who’s been by my side through thick and thin.
I know our friendship will last through the ages
And earn it’s own place in history’s pages.

I wanted to get you the best birthday gift
So the bar for awesomeness I could lift
But the I realized no present you’d see
Could ever describe how much you mean to me.

You’re beauty and wit and you’ve got a spark
That lights up even the darkest dark.
I love how lucky I am that you’re in my life -
It calms my soul in times of strife.

There has never been a birthday girl
With more heart and soul to offer the world
So go and spread your wonderful love
And change people’s lives with the grace of a dove.

You’re turning twenty one today
And I hope the world will turn your way.
There’s still so much to learn and see
But you’ll excel at whatever you decide to be.

Here on the cusp of womanhood
I want to say something memorable and good
But the only thing I can think to say
Is I love you girl, and happy birthday!

It’s your birthday today so please remember
That life’s an adventure January to December
And may this bright year as you enter your May
Be the best so far for your brief, brief stay.

Time is passing for you, dear girl,
And it’s time for you to take on the world.
I know you’ll conquer whatever you decide
To set your ambitions on and change its tide.

Happy birthday, and have some fun
Today when you turn twenty one!
Soon childish things must be put on the shelf
But for today, just enjoy yourself!

Twenty one years you’ve had on this earth
To decide what’s what and where lies your worth
So now it’s time to put that worldview to use;
Stand up for your beliefs and let yourself loose!

Happy birthday, my sparkling girl,
It’s finally your turn to change the world
So stand up for yourself and don’t give in
To all the detractors who don’t want you to win!

You’ve grown into a woman strong and smart
With lots of bravery and just as much heart.
I can’t wait to see what path you choose
To take on the world because girl, you can’t lose!

You’re a brilliant girl and you’re destined to win
With a pure heart, a straight back, and a high held chin
So take on the world with all your fight
And I know you’ll be able to make it right.

Funny 21th Birthday Wishes

A 21st birthday celebrates another level of adulthood, marked primarily by the fact that it is the legal drinking age in the United States. It is also a time when many young adults are attending college and nearing their graduation date, meaning they are close to entering the job market and the real world. It’s also an age when, for most, life revolves around friends, parties, college and a new-found independence.

It’s easy to make light or make fun for a 21st birthday since most young people have few serious concerns at this age. Jokes about the consequences of drinking too much (hangovers, bad choices and awkward hookups) can make for funny birthday wishes. Outside of drinking, partying and sex jokes, 21st birthdays are also a good time to make fun of the lifestyle and habits of college-aged kids: eating pizza every day, never doing dishes, eating off of paper plates and struggling to live on your own.

There’s a huge market for 21st birthday wishes that extends from greeting cards and party favors to all types of gifts. Shot glasses and drink tumblers with quotes about hangovers and drinking too much are popular informal gifts. Anything from t-shirts to hats, party games and magnets can also be stamped with quotes and wishes for a happy 21st birthday.

Use a more generic, humorous birthday wish for someone with whom you are not very close. Funny drinking birthday quotes are appropriate for anyone this age unless they specifically don’t drink. More raunchy birthday humor (sex jokes or anything more personal) is best saved for close friends.

Twenty is gonna be a crazy year
So keep your head up and watch your rear
Because if you keep a steady eye
You won’t let experiences pass you by.

Twenty years to the day you’ve been on earth –
Twenty long years since your day of birth.
When they think of how you’ve grown
Your dad will beam, but your mom will moan.

You’re getting old, I’m afraid to say.
Your rosy youth has gone away.
But don’t mourn now, dry your tears
Even if you’ve been around for twenty whole years!

You’ve always been a little goofy
With your eyes so bright and your smile so toothy
But that sense of humor gives you a special touch
And it’s why we love this birthday kid so much!

Happy birthday, you’re now a man!
So try to do the best you can
Now let’s make a toast and raise a cup
And pray that you don’t screw this up!

Happy birthday to our favorite young lady!
You’re ready to take the world on now, baby
So hitch up your pants and tighten your laces
And get ready to teach those haters their places!

I wanted to write a special poem for you
To thank you on your birthday for all you do
But it’s hard to come up with words that rhyme
So maybe I can make it work another time?

I want you to have a good birthday
Since you’re turning twenty I’ll go out of my way
To show you how much your special day is worth –
I just… have a dental appointment first.

Twenty is a birthday full of meaning
It’s a time when the rest of your future is leaning
On your ability to make the right choice.
(Just be careful not to use your Donald Duck voice.)

Happy twentieth birthday to the funniest girl
I’ve ever encountered in this dreary world.
You fill the world with laughs and hope
With your witty repartee and occasional fart jokes.

Happy twentieth birthday to a funny, funny boy
Who fills the world with laughter and joy!
Just be careful where you aim your jokes
So you don’t turn the wrong people into foes.

I hope you enjoy your special day
And everyone lets you get your way
But don’t let the special treatment go to your head
Because folks will remember the things that you said.

Humor’s a great way to lift someone’s spirit
And if you’ve got a joke they’ll be glad to hear it
But be careful when you have your fun –
Even on your birthday no one wants to hear a pun.

I hope on your birthday someone lifts your heart
Because on specials days, humor should play a part.
What better way than a cheer and a laugh
As you celebrate your progress on life’s path?

Today is the day that you turn twenty
So young and strong, like a shiny penny
So keep your nose clean and watch yourself
And don’t leave your heart somewhere on a shelf.

21th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

A daughter shares the special bond between parent and child, but often as a girl, there is an added sense of protection from parent to child. As a child, this person brings new meaning to her parents’ lives (along with any other siblings,) and parents feel responsible for their daughters. Mothers and daughters often have a close friend-like bond if they have similar personalities while fathers often view daughters as their “little girl.” At 21, a daughter is nearing a new chapter of her life: likely graduating college and entering the workforce. Twenty-one is also the legal age of drinking in the United States, which may or may not be concerning for parents.

Birthday wishes from parents to their daughter might describe the bond parents share with their children or mention the pride parents feel as their daughter grows into an independent young woman. Quotes about these types of things are best for more sincere quotes; quotes about protecting and caring for the daughter might also be appropriate since 21st birthdays focus on drinking and partying. Funny cards about a daughter being able to legally drink or being cut off could be appropriate for the right families.

Birthday cards and balloons with birthday wishes might be good for a birthday party. An inscribed piece of jewelry or a watch might be a thoughtful gift for this big birthday. Shot glasses and tumblers with 21st birthday quotes may be appropriate for the right family.

Funny birthday wishes would be most appropriate for a daughter who knows her parents are aware of her partying; if the parent is uncomfortable with this, a sincere wish for happiness and independence might be best.

The delightful young woman you’ve become
Lovely, charming, strong and wholesome
Stirs the hearts of all who say
Have a very special 21st birthday.
Thank you for being my loving daughter.

The awkward growing-up years have gone
Today you face a brand new dawn
With a future bright before you now
May blessings and joy be all around.
Happy 21st birthday to my daughter.

As a little girl you dreamed of unicorns and butterflies
As a young woman you wish for happiness and bright skies.
Daughter, may your 21st birthday be all that you deserve!

A daughter like you is a rare treasure, a gem of great worth
A young lady always bringing pleasure since the day of your birth.
Though plans and pursuits may soon carry you far away
Together we celebrate your 21st birthday.

Happy birthday to a girl who has waited a very long time
For the privilege of adulthood and the freedom it affords
Like a long, tall glass of tonic just before mealtime
Or admittance into a club you’ve never entered before.
Happy 21st birthday! Drink responsibly!

Soft and sweet, subdued and meek
Confident but smart and chic
From baby days through childish play
And teenage antics on parade
To womanhood with charm and grace
Twenty-one years and keeping pace.
Happy birthday to my girl!

Your twenty-first birthday is cause to celebrate
With food and wine and parties elaborate
But when the fun ends and the hour is late
Know that my love for you is ultimate.
Happy birthday to my loving daughter.

For twenty-one years your light has shined
Through your warm, gentle smile so refined.
My heart swells with pride on this day of delight
As you spread your wings and prepare for your flight.
Happy birthday to a wonderful daughter.

A toast to a woman who is one-of-a-kind
A girl of genuinely unique design
No longer a child but a blossoming flower
Bold and radiant in her budding hour.
Happy 21st birthday to my daughter.

Little girls bring sunshine to the cloudiest of days
They make purples and yellows out of browns and greys
They grow up too quickly and leave us amazed
By their poise and elegance, presence and grace.
As you turn 21, you’ve a lifetime to spend
Following your heart around every bend
But I will admire you and always defend
Your efforts and achievements, my daughter, my friend.

Perhaps you’d prefer a pudding or pie
Instead of a cake with its tiers piled high.
Betcha you’d rather be out with a gent
Than blowing out candles at a boring event.
But your 21st birthday is something to laud
Before you chase your dreams abroad
So sit and relax while we say aloud
That a daughter like you makes us all proud.

Happy twenty-first birthday to a daughter who knows
How to love, respect, and inspire all those
Whose lives she’s touched in her own special way
Through kindness, compassion, and friendship each day.

Only a daughter with style and assurance
Deserves a twenty-first birthday observance!
You’ve earned a fantastic birthday celebration!

May your future bring nothing but pleasure and blessings
Appropriate only for a daughter so loving.
Happy 21st birthday to a thoughtful young lady.

My little miss, my sweet princess
Has grown into a lady’s likeness
May her 21st birthday be full of bliss.

21st Birthday Wishes Brother

It’s not a secret, a brother turning 21 is entering a bold new world. He’s been an adult for a few years now, but leaving the 18-21 age group is a big step. By now he’s been given the right to vote, ability to join the service, possibly attended college and maybe even has his own place to live. But this birthday is special, because no longer will he be withheld from participating in activities, he is now a fully-recognized adult. A regular birthday wish or slogan may not consider these aspects.

What makes 21 so important is a simple fact of recognition. A person turning 21 no longer has any rights withheld, he is considered a full-fledged adult. No longer prohibited by law to consume alcohol, many young men will begin to experiment with bars and clubs. Dating takes on a new focus, as a person’s options become broadened. As well, 21 is the minimum age of many casinos (Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and others!). When a brother finally reaches 21, he might choose to explore these or other venues. It is considered a turning point in one’s life.

As well, society puts a large significance on the age. Although the legal age of adulthood is 18 in the United States, 21 is the age many people consider to be true adulthood and no longer dependent on one’s parents. So whether writing a simple note in a card, or composing a letter, there’s a lot to congratulate a brother for!

My little brother has a birthday today,
He’s turning twenty one and I want to say
That as much as you grow and learn and see
You’ll always be the baby to me.

Happy birthday to my favorite brother
(Even though I don’t have another)!
Today you’re turning twenty one
So let’s go out and have some fun!

Brother, you’re all grown up today
And I remember how we used to play
Although we’re too big for toy cars now
We’ll always be connected someway, somehow.

Today’s the day you become a man
So keep up the facade while you can
Because you know whenever I come around
We’ll be just like kids again, coming unwound.

Happy birthday, older brother,
From me and father and mother.
I’ve looked up to you since my first memory
And now even more, you mean so much to me.

Brother, you’re turning twenty one,
But before the celebrations are done
I just want to make sure that you know
I believe you’ll get to where you want to go.

My little brother’s becoming a man
But let me know if you ever need a hand
Because no matter how much you’ve grown
You’re never gonna be in it alone.

Happy birthday to my baby bro
I’ve taught you everything I know
So now I’ll send you out into the world
To save the day and win the girl.

It’s my big brother’s birthday today
So I’ll show him my love in my favorite way
Since you’re turning twenty one I’ve baked
You twenty one separate birthday cupcakes.

Happy birthday, brother of mine,
You’re finally old enough for a glass of wine
But be careful as you enter the sparkling adult world
Because everything isn’t all soup and pearls.

Bro, I have a lot to say
Since you’re turning twenty one today
But I’ll keep it short and sweet:
To make it in life you’ve gotta keep on the heat.

I wanted to get you a birthday gift
That would give your aging spirits a lift
But you’re turning twenty one so I didn’t want to slip
You something TOO fantastic – you might break a hip.

Happy twenty first to the best brother ever;
You’re as cool as you are kind, and kind as you are clever
So here’s to a guy with so much to give -
May you always enjoy the life you live.

This birthday is your twenty first
And I hope that it’s far from the worst
Of birthdays that you’ve ever had
In fact I hope it’s nothing less than rad.

I want to send good birthday wishes
To the brother I used to help do the dishes
So I hope on your big day you take some care
To have some extra fun for the sibling who can’t be there!

Happy birthday to the best of friends
Who I know will be around until the end
Because you’re more than just a friend; you’re a brother
Who’ll always mean more to me than any other.

21st Birthday Wishes for Sister

Your sister is a person who can fill the role of friend, family member and roommate all in one. You two may have squabbled as children, but you know more about each other than most because you’ve known each other your whole lives. She is a person you can lean on, and if you are close in age, she may be a close friend as well as someone you have fun with. In the United States, 21 is the legal drinking age, so much of the birthday celebrations revolve around drinking and partying. It’s a time when young people are in college, have fulfilling social lives and are looking forward to a bright future in the real world.

If you are an older sibling, greetings that highlight your bond as well as mention your protective role in her life can make for a sweet and sincere birthday card, considering she has more responsibility now than ever before. If you two are friends, particularly if you are close in age, you may choose birthday wishes that describe your close friendship and her ability to finally drink and party, especially if you are older. If she is not a drinker, quotes for this birthday might revolve around her bright future.

Twenty-first birthday party favors are a big hit, including silly hats, sexy clothing items, matching t-shirts and more. Shot glasses and drink tumblers marking her 21st birthday are popular gift ideas. Greeting cards and balloons wishing a happy birthday are staples for your sister.

Humorous birthday cards are a big hit for 21, most of them being about hangovers, partying and sex jokes. If your sister isn’t a drinker, a more sincere card highlighting her future or your close relationship will be more appropriate.

Happy twenty-first birthday to the girl who’s always there for me,
May the rest of your years bless you as much as you’ve blessed me.

The twenty-first year is just a stepping-stone to the many years you have to come,
Enjoy this year to the fullest and never look back

You’ve always been there through thick and thin,
A sister who could always make me grin,
I hope this twenty-first birthday brings you as much love and joy as you bring me.

This twenty-first year is just a stepping-stone; to the many years we will share together.
You’re my sister by blood and best friend by choice, no matter the weather.

To an amazing sister who’s already accomplished so many things,
On your twenty-first birthday, it’s now time to spread your wings.

Happy twenty-first birthday to the most amazing sister anyone could ask for,
May your life continue to bring you happiness and joy galore.

Sister, the twenty-first year is full of fun and laughter,
I pray that this year and all the ones after,
Will continue to bless you, as you have blessed me.

To an outstanding sister who’s always stood by my side,
I hope your twenty-first birthday is one that will forever be in your mind.

Friends come and go but a sister is forever,
Let this twenty-first birthday remind you I’ll be here through every endeavor.

Cheers to you sister, on your twenty-first birthday;
May your sweet love and grace always stay.

You have blessed and continue to bless so many people everyday,
Sweet sister, I can’t believe you’re twenty-one years old today,
May your joy and laughter never sway.

Sister, you bring happiness to all in sight,
May you never forget your future is bright,
Happy twenty-first birthday to the girl full of light

Happy twenty-first birthday to a girl, who’s got style,
I hope all of your years leave you with a smile.

You’ve always been an inspiration to me through-out the years,
May you continue to live without any fears,
Cheers to my sister on her twenty-first year.

Twenty-one years of having you by my side,
Having you as a sister brings me so much pride.
Happy twenty-first birthday and may you have fun on life’s ride.

Happy twenty-first birthday to the best sister anyone could ask for,
I wish you love, joy and happiness for many years more.

Congratulations, sister, on hitting the big twenty-one,
I hope this day has been so much fun,
I wish you so much more happiness for years to come.

Your twenty-first birthday is just another stepping-stone,
I hope you change the world and make it your own.

None of us can believe just how fast you’ve grown,
Happy twenty-first birthday to the best sister I’ve ever known.

Happy twenty-first birthday to my sister, the girl on fire.
I hope all your wishes come true, to your heart’s desire.