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Is someone that you care about getting ready to turn the big 3-0? Perhaps you have been browsing through the card aisles and you just can’t seem to find anything that expresses what you want to say to this special friend or relative on their milestone birthday. Have you ever considered writing your own, personalized 30th birthday message?

First, determine whether or not this is the kind of person who enjoys being teased and can take a joke, or if this is the kind of person who is sensitive in general or specifically discouraged about growing older. If your friend or loved one falls into the first category, you can get as hilariously creative as you want about their age. There are scores of jokes about aging that you could include in your message. Sometimes even when you do choose to go the route of ribbing your loved one about aging it helps them enjoy the sentiment more if you include something encouraging too. If your friend or loved one is particularly sensitive about age, you may not want to emphasize age at all. If you decide to mention it, let them know that 30 is still relatively young and they are actually in the prime of life.

Once you have considered how to incorporate the person’s age into your greeting you can focus on why this person is important to you. Think about what it is about this person that makes them unique. Is this person the life of the party? Are they the quiet type who is always working behind the scenes to make life interesting? Are they someone who selflessly looks out for others? Are they someone who has the strength and courage to go after their dreams? What is it that draws you and other people to this special person? Go out of your way to accentuate the positive. Those who are depressed about aging will be encouraged to see someone focus on the many positive qualities in their lives.

Next, you will want to shift from writing about this person’s positive qualities to writing about how those qualities have impacted your life. You can write about how they always cheer you up when you are feeling down. You can write about how they always know just what to say when you ask for advice. You can expound on how much it means to you when they seem to truly care about the struggles you are going through. This is a time of life when many people start to wonder if they are making a positive difference in the world. You can let them know without a doubt how much their example and influence has meant to you.

Lastly, you can share with this special friend who is turning 30 some of the memories that you cherish in your relationship. Was this person there for you during a crisis? Do you share childhood or adolescent memories that would be funny or endearing? As this person looks back over their 30 years of life, let them know that those years have been filled with rich experiences of joy and friendship.

By following these simple steps, you can help to lessen some of the negative impact that your friend or loved one may feel upon turning 30. Let them know that they are not 30 years old, but 30 years young! Let them know that the 30 years they have spent on earth have been ones they can look back on with pride and satisfaction, and that you can’t wait to share many more years together.

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30th Birthday Wishes for Friend
30th Birthday Wishes for Brother
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Funny 30th Birthday Wishes

Turning 30 is often considered a precursor to “old age”. Humorously, women will stop admitting their age — claiming to have a 29th birthday for the second time. Men will frequently claim they’re “getting old”, as they say goodbye to what is normally considered youth in society.

When people say goodbye to their 20′s, they’re saying goodbye to what’s known as the beginning of life. They’re saying goodbye to college, goodbye to entry-level positions, and goodbye to dating. The world of 30 brings on new responsibilities, and a new view on what someone “should” be. Established, married, and raising children with a mid-level position and successful career are just some of the expectations of someone who was in their 20′s just yesterday.

When trying to deliver messages of goodwill to someone turning 30, gender can become an important issue. Women generally like to hear that no matter how old they might get, they still appear young. Men, on the other hand, expect more of a practical message. They usually appreciate words recognizing accomplishment, something that highlights their achievements both personally and professionally.

In either case, humor is often used to express feelings of care and happiness. All to often, a husband or father may sign a “Happy 29th… Again!” card to a woman who might not be ecstatic about having another birthday. As well, men may find themselves receiving a card depicting the stresses of life (in a funny way) to bring on a smile. Of course, older relatives (like parents) might send a letter stating how proud they are of the celebrant.

Congrats, you’ve survived your twenties, a pivotal time of ups and downs
Congratulations on making it through all the lessons learned, the dating and rebounds
As you enter your third decade on earth, things will become clearer
Be proud of the person you have become thus far, when you look in the mirror

I know that you’ve spent 29 years learning lessons and facing strife
Enjoy today, a day that marks the beginning of the rest of your life
Things won’t be perfect, but they definitely get easier
Your outlook becomes more focused and your tone becomes breezier

I remember when we’d laugh and cry on the same night
Wondering if everything would turn out alright
We changed major, jobs and could barely afford rent
But today we have all our bills paid, on this happy event

At 30 you’re still young, but so much wiser
You’ve learned how to budget, and have become one of my greatest advisors
Turning 30 may seem scary, but I think that you will see
It’s nowhere nearly as scary as the day that you turned 20

You may feel like 30 is almost like entering a midlife crisis
But it’s not, and for any anxiety you’re feeling, just remember that you got this
Yes, your thirties won’t be devoid of challenge, stress or sorrow
And there may even be a time where you’ll find yourself dreading tomorrow

For every challenge, stress and anxiety you may face
Remember all you’ve already accomplished, and the dreams you can still chase
From the day I met you, you’ve been sweet, smart funny and strong
As you turn thirty, have confidence, and you’ll never go wrong

Friends are getting married, and someone may ask you “when is it your turn?”
Don’t let that get you down, yours is a valuable love that these suitors need to earn
With every bad date you’ve been on and breakup that has been had
You’ve learned your worth and that life is too short to spend feeling sad

At 30, you’ve traded wild nights at parties and clubs
For something more mature, like wine tastings and more refined grub
No longer do you need to live off a pantry full of ramen or own a fake ID
Now you eat real food, can go to a bar, but don’t feel the need to stay until three

Turning 30 is a great milestone that needs to be celebrated
Say good by to all the worries and stresses from the 20s, and those guys you dated
You’re older, wiser and have learned the hard lessons that make 20s so trying
Now you carry yourself confidently, walk lighter and only on yourself are you relying

To quote 13 Going On 30, you are now “Thirty, flirty and thriving”
Ambitions are at the forefront and you’re done with any gimmicks or conniving
Today starts the rest of your life, a decade that’s more relaxed without being a bore
Happy 30th birthday to someone that deserves all the best that the world has in store

30th Birthday Wishes for Husband

Is your husband turning 30 soon? If he is like many men, he may not be thrilled by this milestone. Now is the perfect time for you to let him know that he is still the same strong, sweet, and sexy man that walked you down the aisle. Why not tell him so in a personalized birthday message?

Don’t let the thought of writing a personalized message intimidate you. If you follow these simple steps, it will be easy to let the number one man in your life know how much you care!

First, tell him what you love most about him. Is he hardworking? Is he handsome? Does he have a great sense of humor? Remember to accentuate the positive. Your husband can use all the encouragement you can possibly give him.

Second, explain how these positive character qualities have impacted your life for the better. As he looks back on his 30 years your husband may wonder if his life is really making a difference. By your positive words you can let him know that the answer to that question is a resounding yes!

Lastly, talk about some of the great memories the two of you have shared together. Then, close your message with some sincere expressions of love, thanks, and wishes for a wonderful birthday, hoping for many more to share together in the future. On his 30th birthday, give your husband the gift of an original, heart-felt birthday message that he can cherish for a lifetime!

From the moment that we met, I knew you’d be around for a while
From the way you held the door, laughed at my bad jokes and kept making me smile
I remember our first kiss and the way you held my hand
And the words “soul mate” were two I could finally understand

As time went on, I felt the walls around me break and fall
I didn’t spend any time worrying and having to wait days for your call
All my friends could see the twinkle in my eye, the smile across my face
I knew the love blooming between us was one I could never replace

The day you took me to dinner and ended the night on bended knee
Became one of the happiest of my life, the best being when you married me
Fairytales and weddings seemed like something reserved for someone luckier than I
Then one year later I stood vowing to keep this love strong until the day I die

I’ve known you for years, and waited for you my entire life
The happiest day I’ve ever experienced was having the honor to become your wife
Since saying “I do” every day has gotten better than the one before
I thank God everyday to be lucky enough to spend each day with the man I adore

Not every day is going to be the quintessence of marital bliss
Not every argument is going to end with an embrace and a kiss
We’ve had our ups and downs, moments of sadness and moments of pain and sorrow
But we always work through it together and come out stronger tomorrow

I used to dream of the perfect man and how I’d be cast under his spell
Now that I’ve found you, I see your love is better than any I could foretell
Movies and books tell of romances that surpass all the tests of time
But now that I’m with you I don’t think a single love story could be better than mine

Throughout the years, I’ve seen you pursue your dreams and achieve your goals
As time passed, I also saw the world challenge you and take its tolls
Through it all, I’ve been so inspired by your ambition, kindness, strength and heart
You fight for what you believe in, and always finish the things you start

When I was down and out, you never let me wallow in my pain for too long
You showed me that I could do anything I wanted, and nothing worth fighting for is wrong
I used to think I would be alone in every event, challenge and dream
Now I know that all of life’s moments are better when you’re part of a team

Here’s to you, husband, as you turn 30 today and enter a new decade
I feel so lucky to be a part of all the memories we have made
Happy birthday to a man who has taught me how to love, how to feel and more
I am blessed to be your wife and can’t wait to see what else life has in store

30th Birthday Wishes for Wife

A 30th birthday can represent a wide range of emotions for your wife, which means you will want to make sure to pick the right sentiment for her special day. While some women relish the thought of stepping into a new decade, others may be feeling that turning 30 is the end of their carefree youth. As her husband, you are in a unique place that allows you to help her usher in this milestone birthday with a combination of grace and style. Now all you need is the right set of words to make her birthday dreams come true.

When it comes to finding the right words to say, keep in mind that your wife loves to hear how beautiful she is to you. Romantic sentiments, comments upon her beauty and acknowledgement of her recent accomplishments will all give a boost to her confidence while making it clear she will always be your number one.

In addition to making sure that your birthday wish spells out your adoration, you will also want to make sure it has the right tone to fit the occasion. If your wife is still getting used to turning 30, then keep your birthday wish heartfelt and sentimental. However, wives who are embracing their new decade will also appreciate a humorous card or printed sentiment that captures the unique emotions of the day. By taking the time to find the right words, you can look forward to watching your wife’s face light up with emotion as you create a beautiful memory.

Dear wife, I wish you God’s good gifts
For all the coming year.
Dear wife, I pray that you’ll be blessed
With peace, and love, and cheer.
On your 30th birthday,
May you find
The happiness
That you’ve made mine
Each day that we have lived
In wedded bliss.

For 30 years, the world has known
Your sweet, tender ways
As you’ve blossomed and grown.
A flower well-tended
In your parents’ kind home,
You grew bright and glorious
Till I made you my own.
And now, dear, I promise
For the rest of our years
To be kind and gentle
And not cause you any tears.

Happy Birthday!
You’re thirty!
I baked you a cake!
I admit that, in the process,
I made a few mistakes.
Somehow, while in the oven,
The middle sank down.
So I filled the dip with frosting,
And painted on it a clown.
On the top, I lit 30 candles,
And the wax began to flood.
I’m sorry I’m not a baker,
But I did the best I could.

Every day that I am with you
Is a moment that I cherish.
And, as I think of you on your birthday,
I recall that quaint, little parish.
As you turn 30, dear, I want to assure you
That you are still my beloved bride.
From today till death shall part us,
I will stay here by your side.

You told me once that 30,
In your childhood years, seemed old.
But now, I hear, it’s 40
That’s the crest of old-age hill,
And, at 40, “old” moves to 50
Or further onward still.
My dear, have a happy birthday,
For you’re 30 years now young.
Don’t worry about the future-
You’re life has just begun.

Have a joyful 30th birthday, sweet heart,
And don’t forget to have some fun.
I have 30 “gifts” to give you.
On your lips I’ll lay each one.

For 23 years, you lived all alone,
Till you finally gained enough sense
To let me take you home.
It’s been seven short years,
And I feel no itch.
There’s no one else on the planet
Whom for you I would switch.
Happy Birthday!

Exactly 30 years ago,
You, my wife, were born.
The historians took no notice,
But, without you, I’d be forlorn.

On this 30th anniversary
Of the day that you were born,
I’d like to take the podium
And can a little “corn.”
Good humor, on your birthday,
Will fill us all with glee.
Don’t go for that comedy movie!
Get back here, and laugh at me!

Sweetest birthday wishes
To your, dear.
Don’t touch those dirty dishes!
They’re mine, dear.
Don’t move that broom or mop!
I’m here, dear.
Don’t clean my dirty workshop!
That’s mine, dear.

At 30, my wife, you’re as beautiful
As ever you were before.
That radiant smile and those glistening eyes,
Make it seem that you’re even more.

A wonderful wife
To me you have been-
A friend and a lover
Till our life here shall end.
Happy 30th birthday,
O sweetheart, to you.
There is no one else like you,
And I still say “I do.”

A Proverbs-31 wife you’ve become
A year ahead of time.
At 30, my heart safely trusts in you,
And I rejoice that you are mine.

I’ve brought you 30 flowers today,
A flower for each year,
And I give you 30 hugs today,
To show you that I care.

Happy 30th, my sweet, little wife,
And thank you for all your devotion.
I’d like to shower you with gifts,
But I could only afford emotion.

30th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Your sister is a person who is both family and roommate, and she often becomes a friend as the two of you grow older. Many female sisters share best friend bonds, while many brothers have a protective sense of responsibility for their sister, especially if she is younger. At 30, you and your sister have probably grown past family squabbles and developed a solid relationship. You both have a lot going on in your lives, from working in a meaningful career to possibly starting a family.

Birthday wishes that describe the bond between siblings are a personalized way to wish your sister a happy birthday. Quotes that discuss the way you grew up together and how your opinion of her has changed for the better through the years can be used as either a sincere wish or a humorous one. Making mention of the responsibility that comes with this age and leaving behind her twenties can also be made funny or sincere, depending on your wording.

You’ll find plenty of birthday cards to wish your sister a happy 30th birthday. Balloons and napkins bearing humorous quotes about turning 30 will make for a fun family get-together. If you two are very close, gifts of jewelry inscribed with birthday wishes are incredibly thoughtful, but something as simple as birthday quote coffee mug for a coffee drinker can show you care.

You know your sister better than most, so you’ll know whether she would prefer a humorous card or a serious one. Err on the side of sincerity if she is having a rough patch or is fearing growing older. Humorous or raunchy cards will bring a smile to a sister with whom you are close.

I remember growing up, we would skip hand and hand down the street
Singing about how we were the “best buddies anyone could ever, ever meet”
We played with dolls, rode our bikes around the neighborhood
And when one day I fell off, no one made the scrape and tears go away like you could

No one has ever made me laugh and smile the way that you do
Through the best times and the worst that you and I have been through
Sometimes we wouldn’t be friendly, and we’d get upset and fight
But we’d always go back to being best friends by the end of the night

I remember you moving out to go to college across the country
You were so excited, I wondered how much you would actually miss me
Even though you had left, we always stayed in touch
I never realized that I would be missing you so much

When I went on a date or got a new job, you were the first one I’d call
I knew you were busy, but you’d always tell me “it’s not trouble at all”
I went to school too, and we started to only see each other on holidays
Dropping you off at the airport, it never got easy to part ways

We both graduated, got jobs and could finally afford rent
Through our twenties we learned to actually keep track of all the money we spent
Even as we grew and changed, you always stayed protective of me
When I had a bad breakup, you made sure to remind me my happiness was key

We’re both adults now, but as close as could be
Out of everyone in the world, you’re the one person who truly understands me
I may not always agree with the things you say or advise
But I still appreciate your looking out, through all the lows and the highs

As your birthday comes, I know entering a new decade is exciting, scary and unclear
But you’ve always been the best at facing obstacles, even those teeming with fear
You’ve learned so much and accomplished every task in your twenties with vigor
As you turn 30, I know your accomplishments and dreams will only get bigger

I want to say happy birthday to a sister who’s taught me so much
Who always has given me a shoulder to cry on and a hand to clutch
For my whole life, you are someone I’ve known
I’ve seen your ups and downs and the way that you’ve grown

Here’s to you on a day that should be full of celebration and fun
For every “best” sister out there, I’ll always say you are number one
Thank you for being there for me and teaching me to follow my heart
I could never ask for better lessons from a person so kind, thoughtful and smart

Happy birthday to a sister that is truly the best that there could be
Happy birthday to a sister who has always been a best friend to me

30th Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

A best friend is more than someone you share your time and feelings with; a best friend is a partner in crime who knows you inside and out. Best friends are the family you choose, making them one of the most important people in our lives. You love them, trust them and grow with them. On a 30th birthday, you are coming into your own, discovering who you are and setting up a life for yourself. It’s a time to celebrate independence, working towards a family and/or career and possibly even a bit of financial freedom.

For your best friend turning thirty, birthday wishes should reinforce the sentiment of closeness shared between you two. Because 30 is a transitional time in many people’s lives, birthday quotes that incorporate seeing the future through with this person are appropriate. Humorous wishes can incorporate the fact that you have probably seen this person at his or her worst and you are still there for whatever the future brings – particularly age-appropriate events like babies and new houses.

Birthday cards and balloons for a fun celebration with your best friend are great places for birthday wishes and quotes. If your friend is also celebrating a life event (a new baby or new career,) quotes and wishes inscribed on gifts relevant to those events (baby items, stationary, office supplies) would make great gifts.

Thirty is sometimes seen as a departure from youth, so make sure your best friend is comfortable with that before using birthday quotes that negatively portray getting older. Conversely, as the best friend, you are apt to know whether a humorous card or something more serious is appropriate for this person’s birthday.

Your thirtieth birthday has finally come
Perhaps a source of angst for some
But you see things in a brighter way
And I’m proud to be your friend today

Thirty is an interesting age
You’re not a novice and not a sage
To be your friend fills me with pride
I hope we get to continue the ride

Cheers to my friend who is slightly older
Few people are kinder or smarter or bolder
Being thirty is an exciting time
To continue to grow and reach and climb

To be your friend is such a blast
We’ve shared a lot – a truly fun past
And now your thirtieth year is here
Let’s celebrate and bring some cheer!

Happy Birthday, friend of mine
Thirty years old? There is no sign
Those who know you love you so
But not as much as I, Oh no!

Thirty years is quite a feat
Your friendship no one can ever beat
Our trust as friends continues to grow
More decades ahead and friendships to sow

Today you are three decades old
It’s not as bad as you’ve been told
Especially with friends like me
Who make you happy as can be

Happy Birthday to the friend I love the most
About your nature I will always boast
And to your thirty years I now toast
I’ll stop before this becomes a roast!

Thirty years since your fortuitous birth
Have shown you both trials and mirth
Your life is a constantly blooming story
Just like the petals of the morning glory

Here’s to a friend who’s been by my side
We’ve been through so much – what a wild ride
Now that you’re thirty, it will get even better
Live your dreams down to the last letter

Here’s to a friend who truly loves life
You’ve overcome loss and struggle and strife
But now at thirty you’re better than ever
You’re cute and funny and very clever

My friend at thirty is someone to admire
To your high standards I can only aspire
Now wisdom and truth have taken root
Your good character no one can dispute

Happy twenty-ninth birthday, WINK,WINK
The years have flown by in a blink
Your secret is always safe with me
As more 29s are shared with glee

You didn’t teach me how to cook
Ride a bike, or read a book
You taught me how to be a friend
Which is why we’re together till the end

Happy Birthday to my friend of many years
We’ve been through trials, joy, and tears
Through teeming rain and clouds so gray
Your friendship has truly lit the way

When we were young, thirty was so old
Now you’re thirty and don’t see it that way
Thirty is young and strong and candidly bold
I wish you only happiness on this very special day!

Ten more years and forty you’ll be
But you’ll feel just as young, wait and see
Thank you for being a true friend of mine
To me, you will always be twenty nine

30th Birthday Wishes for Friend

A 30th birthday can be both exciting and frightening. Thirty marks an age when people feel like they should be getting their life together, settling down and working for the future. While that can be intimidating, it’s also an exciting prospect because getting it together typically means having more money to spend on yourself and checking off some of the things on your bucket list that you couldn’t as a broke college kid. And because a friend is someone who is thoughtful, supportive and there to have fun with you, a thirtieth birthday for a friend is all the more special.

Depending on how close the friend is, you can poke fun of the looming responsibilities ahead or offer earnest support for the future years. You’ve likely known the person for a while, so you can reflect on the good times of your past as friends while incorporating hopes for the future in your birthday wishes.

A greeting card for your friend turning 30 is a great place to start. Your friendship and understanding of the person will determine what items would make good personalized gifts: if your friend still loves a night out on the town, a 30th birthday shot glass would be ideal. But if your friend loves a good book, why not personalize a bookmark with your 30th birthday greetings on it?

You can use funny greetings or more thoughtful greetings for your soon-to-be 30 year old friend, but it’s best to take a note from your friendship and the friend’s personality. If he or she has never appreciated toilet humor, a 30th birthday card is not the place to start. Be appropriate to the person celebrating and sensitive to any life events that could change how he or she might perceive their 30th birthday greeting.

I’ve seen you laugh and I’ve seen you cry
Through the ups and the downs, we always get by
So happy birthday to a super special friend
I know you’ll stick with me until the very end!

Your birthday is here and I want you to know
Through all these years I’ve watched you grow
Into the special person that you’ve become
You’re turning 30, but to me you’re number one!

From all the love and friendship you’ve shown
Over these years our bond has grown
You’ve been there every step of the way
And now I’ve got just one thing to say
Happy 30th; it’s your special day!

They say we’re like two peas in a pod
Some people think we’re just plain odd
But the way we laugh together makes me so sure
This friendship we have will always endure.
Happy birthday!

You’ve earned a celebration, we both know it’s true
So you can have your cake and eat it too
Open all your presents and get something sweet
Because turning 30 is quite a feat!

There is one thing I know without a doubt:
You’re a beautiful person, inside and out
I can’t help but smile when you’re around
And I’m so very thankful for this friendship we’ve found.
Happy 30th birthday.

Your 20s are over, your 30s have begun
But everyone knows you’re second to none
You’ll never slow down, you take life at a run
And being around you makes my days more fun!

Every friend is special, but you really stand out
From the first day I met you, I never had a doubt
That you would be the friend who I truly adore
So here’s to 30 great years, and 30 years more!

How do I say thank you for so many years?
You’ve been there for me through laughter and tears
Through struggle and success, through triumphs and strife
Happy birthday to the friend who brightens up my life.

You’re funny and kind and really neat
You’re courageous and smart and just plain sweet
We’ve known each other for quite a while
So I hope your birthday comes with a smile!

I’m thankful for your support and love
You show me what a friendship is made of
And let me say that, at 30 years old,
Your friends know you’re worth your weight in gold!

Another year passed and another birthday spent
Reading your card and opening your present
But this year is special and we both know it’s true
You’re turning 30; You’re an adult through and through!

You inspire me to live every single day
Being the best I can in every way
Through life’s ups and downs, you’ve always been there
To remind me that a true friend will always care.
Happy 30th birthday.

Thank you for supporting me when I’m down
For sticking by my side when no one’s around
I’ll never forget how you make me feel
Happy 30th birthday to a friend that’s real.

If I could explain all that that you mean to me
It would take more years than just 30
So instead I’m sending you this note to say I’m blessed
Happy birthday, dear friend, you’re simply the best!

30th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Do you have a brother who is about to turn 30? What better way to show your brother how important he is to you than to write him a personalized birthday message? If your brother is like many of us, he may not be too thrilled to be turning 30. This is an age when a lot of people start to feel like their youth is fading away a bit. Let him know that he is still as youthful, alive, and special as ever by writing a birthday wish to tell him how much he means to you!

It is not that really that difficult to craft a birthday greeting for your brother if you follow these simple steps. First, write the qualities you love most about your brother. Does he have a hilarious sense of humor? Is he courageous and adventurous? Is he caring and compassionate? Next, write how those character qualities have made a positive impact on your life. Can he always make you smile when you are feeling down? Does he challenge you to try new things and reach your potential? Does he always take the time to listen to you when you need someone to encourage you in adversity? Then share some of the special memories that you have of your brother. Last, tell him how grateful you are to have a brother like him and then wish him a happy birthday. Your brother will be so encouraged by your heartfelt message of love and appreciation.

30 years I’ve seen you grow
and what a man I’ve come to know
You make me so proud every day
I’m glad to join along the way

Here soon you’re turning the big 3-0
Now, please don’t think I’m a liar
Days pass so fast, and before you know
Just blink and you’ll be retired

Just because you’re 30
It doesn’t mean you’re stuck
You can still have a party
Have fun and live it up

This new phase of life may come with surprise
Your perspective can change right in front of your eyes
No matter what may become your aim
I hope you always stay the same

Your birthday has come once again
I hope you enjoy it, dear brother
and even if you don’t, well hey…
Next year you’ll still have another

We’ve made tons of memories in life
and so many stories to tell
Do you remember all the trouble we caused?
Just remember the good times as well

You’ve made it another joyous year
More joy is soon to come near
It’s best to be aware early
That things only get better at thirty.

I almost gave you the perfect gift
But then I gave it away, see?
Because my thoughts had a quick shift
I didn’t like the one you gave me

We’ll hang banners and blow balloons
It’s time to celebrate
You turn 30 just once in life
May your birthday bash be great

You’ve come a long way in this time
It’s been nothing short of sublime
Excited for what you may have in store
I hope to see the next 30 plus 30 more

Here comes your 30th birthday celebration
It won’t come without much thought
I hope you remember my invitation
because the last one you forgot

You’ve finally reached 30
After many things you’ve done
I want to wish you a happy birthday
and many more to come

I’m so happy to see you another year older
Thirty years is a long time to grow
I hope in time I can return
All the love and support you show

I’ve watched you evolve from a boy
that was unlike any other
As a man you’ve become even greater
I’m proud to call you my brother

Thirty long years you’ve had this life
I hope you’ve enjoyed it in whole
Now it’s time to settle down
because you’re now officially old

Getting older can be so exciting
By this age you’re no longer scared
but in just a few short years
you may find you’re losing your hair

There’s one bad part of your birthday
Though I haven’t told you before
Now that you’re all grown up
I can’t boss you around anymore

Birthdays will always come and go
I know aging is something you hate
There’s just one thing I have to know
This year are you again 28?

If there’s one thing I know to hold true
There is no other brother like you
No matter what happens in time and space
Our bond could never be replaced
On your special day, may you stand proud and strong
May the rest of your life be successful and long

30th Birthday Wishes for Son

When a son reaches the age of 30, it’s more than just another birthday. Unlike milestones of the past, this anniversary doesn’t come with new rights or privileges. No expensive cars to be given, no need to help with moving expenses, this date comes with a unique significance inherent to the age. Thirty is the turning point from a young man into a mature adult.

People in their 30′s haven’t quite seen it all yet, but they’re beginning to use their experience in everyday life. Having finished school for a number of years, this age group has now equaled their education with experience. Generally, the age marks the point of settling down in a long-term situation such as being married and having children. It may be just the beginning of a life-long commitment, but at this point a 30-year-old is ready to finish what he’s begun.

When trying to find a heartfelt wish to convey, it may seem hard to find. Sayings like “Have Fun” and “Make it a Good One” no longer convey a relevant message. Rather, it seems suitable to reflect on the accomplishments the celebrant has achieved in their 20′s and how they can use it wisely in their 30′s. Usually by now, advice on life is more appreciated than ever.

Whether giving a card, letter, or even phone call, a birthday message conveys more than just “Happy Birthday”. You’re recognizing someone’s past, and hopefully advising his future, in order to give a special person the best gift of all — love. And that is, by far, the best gift of all.

Happy 30th birthday wishes to a son so dear
Time has flown by in your 29th year
Remembering your first days is much harder now
But I think it’s time that you should take a bow

Your amazing growth is to celebrate
For there is no way we could ever duplicate
Your generosity and sweet gentleness
You’re talented and you’re so chivalrous

You have been such a joy to raise from the start
We had such mixed feelings when you chose to depart
From a young boy to a gentleman you did arrive
Your parents well wishes you did never deprive

Here’s to your 30th birthday I hope it’s a blast
The next decade will be unlike any in the past
You’ll live and you’ll learn and become quite the adult
You’ll leave boyhood for 20′s and enjoy the result

The challenges you’ve always accepted with poise
And persevered despite any outside noise
You’ve overcome each battle without stubborn pride
As a proud parent it’s been such a sweet ride

You’ve locked down your future yet you can adapt
While your ceiling is so high and so quite untapped
The next 10 years will be frightful at first
But your need to gain knowledge should quench your thirst

Many remember their 30′s as their absolute best
You will make the most of it as you have done the rest
Because you’re a champion at any level or age
It’ll just be another turn of another amazing page

Happy 30th birthday to one fantastic son
We can only hope that you will remember to have fun
Even though boyhood has slipped through the cracks
You must always remember to retrace your tracks

Stay young at heart but with the grace of a man
You’re the kind of person who certainly understands
That as we grow we mature and eventually get old
But that just means our story is about to be told

You have many great years left in your tank
Fill those up with memories you can store in your bank
Live a life that is good and always well spent
But remember to be calm and always patient

Your first three decades have provided a thrill
We’ve been captivated with all your good will
As a parent you can only teach a young son so much
But you’ve been greater than a student as such

If we could do it all over we’d never change who you’ve become
Control of your life you have so easily under your thumb
It’s apparent the next decade will be significant
Filled with returns on your investments and great achievement

You’ve earned what’s to come and you simply deserve
The best from what life has with plenty in reserve
You champion human rights and love all kinds, too
We’ve raised you so well but you’ve added much new

So happy 30th birthday to one amazing son
Some fun has certainly ended but another round begun
Our anticipation for you is of great things to come
May you grow and prosper and share your wisdom.