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So you’re approaching (or have already arrived at) the big 4-0. Believe it or not, this is a very special age, and definitely not one to despair over. Consider 40 to be the new 20–the only difference is you have more knowledge and wisdom and less of a desire to party (maybe). So why is 40 such a special age? Well, for one thing, forty is the ONLY numerical word that is in alphabetical order. So next time someone asks you how old you are, you can smile and say, “I’m in alphabetical order.” The confused look on their face will be well worth it. Another thing that’s special and unique about being forty is that now you’re considered to be of middle age. If you take that phrase literally, it means that half of your life is over. Since that’s rather depressing, try to think of the pluses of being forty–chances are your kids are grown and possibly at college. Perhaps you’re even lucky enough to be a grandparent. You and your significant other have spent several years together and know each other’s little quirks and idiosyncrasies. You have established a life, a name, and a reputable credit record for yourself. You’re respected on your job. If all of those aren’t enough to give you a reason to smile, then I don’t know what is.

Of course, you’re likely to get a lot of good-natured teasing about your big day. Everything from cards about being “Over the Hill” to a cake that’s loaded down with forty birthday candles (likely trick candles at that), to that one special, memorable gift that your significant other picked out just for you. By now your friends and family know how your tastes and your sense of humor run, but there’s probably always going to be that one person who marches to the beat of their own drummer. This person will be the one to give you the wackiest gift or the zaniest card. Try not to hold it against them–they’re just trying to express themselves by expressing to you how much they care about and appreciate you.

Since everyone is different, that means that everyone’s 40th birthday experience is going to be different. If you want to make your wishes known regarding gifts and/or a birthday celebration, then by all means, let your desires be known. Whether you’re the serious type or the friend that everyone lovingly considers to be “crazy,” there is always a card/gift that will be just perfect for you. From Hallmark to Shoebox Greetings, be prepared for an onslaught of birthday wishes from the silly to the serious. At the end of the day, be grateful that you have so many thoughtful friends that obviously care about you very deeply. After all, no birthday is complete without friends, cards, gifts, cake, and a happy, fun celebration of how far you’ve come in life. And don’t despair over turning forty–you always have your fiftieth to look forward to!

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40th Birthday Wishes for Brother
40th Birthday Wishes for Husband
40th Birthday Wishes for Sister
Funny 40th Birthday Wishes
40th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
40th Birthday Wishes for Son
40th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Among the most dreaded birthdays is the 40th. By age 40, it is no longer possible to refer to yourself as a young adult. This is middle age without a doubt. Depending on personal habits, the 40-year old man may start feeling aches and stiffness. Depending on responsibilities, he may get stressed more easily and grow fatigued more quickly. Nevertheless, his 40th birthday may be a time he reflects on as among the best times of his life. By the dawn of his fifth decade, he has acquired wisdom and experience, while still maintaining by and large the energy of youth. True, he needs to exercise regularly and pay greater attention to his diet. If he is able and diligent to do so, he can still best his juniors in the vitality department.

His siblings can be his best encouragers in this regard for they have a lifelong bond with him. Unless there is a huge age difference, they have grown up with him, and know what makes him tick. They can remind him of the kid he used to be; of the victories won; and defeats learned from. Marriage, children and work have matured him but his brothers and sisters have a knack for keeping him humble through recollection. Memories remind him that the strains of raising a family are common to everyone, and that even dear old Dad grew frustrated with the boss at times. This kind of reassurance helps to give the newly-minted 40-year old needed perspective.

O brother, on your 40th birthday,
I wish you to have a great time,
But I think that your own birthday wish is
That you were still age 39.

I was snooping around an antique shop,
And my brother, I though of you there.
So I decided to buy you a present,
And I settled on an old rocking chair.
When you’re 40, you need relaxation.
You need peace and quiet, I guess.
Stay away from all riot and commotion.
When you’re 40, you got to get rest.
Happy birthday!

I’ve marked on my calendar, brother,
The date of your next birthday time.
And I see that this year will be special,
For again you will turn 39!

Through 40 years, we’ve been twin brothers,
And thus, I’m 40 too.
Since twins can read each others’ thoughts,
That’s something you already knew.
So happy birthday to us, old pal,
Both for this year and many more.
May brotherhood mean more to us
Than it ever did before!

Birthday blessings I shower on you,
Though I notice, brother,
You look real blue.
Don’t worry about 40-
It’s only a number.
A large number, true,
But still,
Just a number.

Big brother, you have always been
An incredible over-achiever.
You’ve toiled, built, and worked
At an astonishing pace
That reminds me of a busy old beaver.
You’ve racked up the years,
Out-performing your peers,
So I’d now like to give you
Forty long cheers!
Happy birthday big brother!

Four decades are now safely under your belt.
‘Tis a marvel they fit there, my brother.
You’ve always led the way,
Through the blue and the gray,
From the day that you came out of mother.
I’ve always looked up to you-
Such a brother you are!
But, my friend, I’m amazed to be
Looking up so far!
Happy birthday older brother!

So you finally made it to the top of the hill.
My brother, I’m not far behind.
I congratulate you on your 40th year,
But I’m sure glad that is not yet mine.

Those candles on your birthday cake
Make up a mighty crowd.
That pitch-black frosting
Looks so bleak,
Like some kind of haunted shroud.
You’re only 40, brother.
There is no need to pout.
What’s that? You cannot hear me?
O.k., then, I will shout.
“Happy birthday!”

You’ve been a brother
True and kind
Who’s been there for me,
Thick and thin.
I’d like to wish you
A happy time
As your 40th year
You begin.

Moses wandered for 40 years
In a wilderness barren and dry
Before, from Mt. Pisgah’s exalted heights
The promised land he spied.
For 40 years, my brother,
You’ve wandered through time and space.
So tell me- What is heaven like?
And when do we eat the cake?

Knowing you through many years,
O brother, I have found
That you’re a friend to count on
In all life’s ups and downs.
If 40 is the number of testing,
Then you’ve surely passed the test.
I wish you a joy-filled birthday,
For with joy all your family you’ve blessed.

Forty is a number quite daunting
That instills in us all kinds of fears,
But, my brother, you’re facing it boldly,
Not regarding the loss of your hair.

40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

When we’re young, we thought 40 would never come
We wished for eighteen and the American dream
Now that we’re 40, we look back at faded glory
And hope for 40 more years of our great life story

You’re approaching middle age with finesse
Awing your peers and impressing guests
You’ve come 40 years to be here today
I’m grateful that I could share this wonderful day

Like a fine wine that gets better with time
You glow in moonlight hoping your gray doesn’t show
The fine lines around your eyes betray the lives you’ve left behind
You’re at a milestone birthday so enjoy the day and take it slow

A child, a brother, a son, a father, a grandfather and it’s done
You’ve claimed every title with vigor and candor
Showing the way to those who falter
Celebrate this 40th year with gratitude and cheer

Smile and be gay, today is your 40th birthday
It’s hard to believe the decades we’ve seen
Look back with fondness at the times you’ve had
Press forward with anticipation to what lies ahead

Lordy, lordy can you believe you’re 40
How time has flown past so swift and so fast
You laugh and you smile, gliding through the river Nile
Congratulations on reaching the notorious birthday mile

The pride in your family’s eyes is heartwarming
They watch you shine, even when it’s storming
To be surrounded by love at the age of 40
Makes this birthday, a story of glory

Shine bright, shine long, shine high, shine on
A birthday is just a day that acknowledges you in a special way
May the following year bring you the utmost joy and cheer

Guess who is turning 40 today
It’s someone that makes everything ok
You deserve a big fat cake to share with all
Being alive and moving forward, never slowing to a crawl

I thought I’d get you some bi-focals to read this card
Letting you know that I am here for you if this birthday gets too hard
Don’t feel like you’re getting old, view it as wisdom and experience is gold

Pop open the bubbly, blow up the balloons
Pile the presents high, keep the candle count low
In a vain attempt to not let your age show

The kids are singing at the tops of their lungs
Your friends are cheering as if they’d just won
We’re all here to toast you, to let you know
You’re turning 40 today, and you’re the star of the show

Turning 18 was freedom that you relished
The year you hit 30 you knew you were still hellish
Now that you’re 40, you step back and ponder
The fact that you’re a mom and a grandmother

The table is filled with presents and cards
Poking harmless fun at the age that you are
You smile with just the slightest hint of strain
Wondering if birthdays will ever feel the same

Surprise, surprise it’s a milestone birthday this year
Everyone will be happy and wishing you good cheer
The past is gone, the future is bright
Take it all in and enjoy your birthday night

You hear the whispers as you’re walking in
You can see moving shadows despite the din
The light flips on and your loved ones shout with glee
They’re here to celebrate, to put you on a stand
To wish you a happy birthday and give you a hand

Despite all the troubles, despite all the close calls
You’ve made it to 40 and got the world by the balls
I wish you happy birthday and many returns
You’re a year older with much still to learn

Well now that you’re going to be 40
Middle age is coming shortly
Buck up and grin, stiff upper lip and all that
You’ve got at least 9 lives, just like a cat

Your life is half over when you turn 40
The rest is downhill; even coasting it’s coming shortly
Handle it the best you can, enjoy it, make it grand
Rest assured your golden years will be coming to take a stand

It’s your birthday, sing and dance
Eat lots of cake when you get the chance
Enjoy your special day; take pride in how you’ve made your way
Tomorrow it will be long gone, a thing of the past, just like a song

40th Birthday Wishes for Husband

Men turning the age of 40 have reached what is commonly referred to as the middle of life. They’ve generally held a career (sometimes 2), a marriage, and usually have children that are almost full-grown. Perceptions of what life is about, coupled with feelings of already having achieved all that can be, leads many to humorously refer to what’s known as the “mid life crisis” on this special day.

There is something special about a man turning 40. He’s experienced enough, yet young enough, to outwork his peers and work out solutions that younger people can’t. He knows the value of dedication and commitment, and doesn’t waver in his decisions. But he can still have as good a time as anyone in their 20′s, only knowing a little more about consequences and responsibilities. This is what makes a person in their 40′s extremely likeable, they have an innate ability to be responsible and have fun at the same time.

Depending on the person, a myriad of quotes or wishes can be used to send warm feelings. Often a wife will write a paragraph or two on the inside of a card, detailing her love and affection. Another option might be a letter expressing her deepest appreciation of his love and support throughout the years. And, on the flip side, a cake just might be decorated with “WARNING: Mid Life Crisis Ahead!” on the top. Whether inviting family, friends, or both to a surprise party can also convey a message. No matter what message is sent, or how, you can rest assured that a man in his 40′s will understand and appreciate it.

You are an amazing husband, unique and very rare-
So on a special day as this, my love to you I’ll share.
Thank you for your caring heart and all that you have done-
I knew from the first day we met, that you would be the one.
Happy 40th Birthday!

I’ve been with you through many birthdays, but this year is the start-
Of another decade we will share our love, marriage and hearts.
Happy 40th Birthday to my Wonderful Husband

They say a wife is happy when her husband treats her right-
They say a wife is happy when her man is home at night.
But I am happy because you do all of this and more-
I can’t wait to see what the next forty has in store.
Happy 40th Birthday to my Loving Husband

You are the perfect husband, or at least to me it seems-
You are the man I wished for, and the man of all my dreams.
Happy 40th Birthday to my perfect Husband

Today you’re turning 40, and I just want you to know-
I’ve enjoyed you in my life and watching our marriage grow.
You’re a blessing sent down to me, from Heaven up above-
Thank you for your kindness and your amazing love.

When you became my husband, I promised I would be-
The best wife to you now and forever faithfully.
And now it is your birthday, 40 years have passed-
I’ll be with you today and more; because our love will last.

I have always cherished you, but this day especially-
Because you’ve reached another year; today you are forty!

Thank you for your faithfulness, and unconditional love-
Thank you for the joy you bring – your kindness and your trust.
You are a man of loyalty, of wisdom so divine-
Happy 40th Birthday, my love, I’m so glad you’re mine!

You protect and love our family, through good times and in strife-
You’re an amazing husband and I’m proud to be your wife.
Happy 40th Birthday to the Love of my Life

They say that turning 40 marks an accomplishment in life-
So was the day we said “I do”, and I became your wife.
We’ve had a lot of laughs through all these special years-
Happy Birthday to my husband that I love so dear.

To my husband on your 40th Birthday:
It doesn’t matter that you are a year older today-
You’re still as handsome as always, I’d also like to say-
You deserve a day where you can do just as you please-
So take some time and just have fun and celebrate with me!

Cards and gifts and birthday cake is what you have in store-
A special dinner, some kind thoughts, but wait; there is more-
You’ll also hear how much I love you each and every day-
You are the greatest husband – now let’s go celebrate!

Your handsome face, your exquisite charm, the love that’s in your eyes-
Your wisdom and your caring heart are traits you can’t disguise.
There are so many more great things that I would like to say-
But for now, my husband, I’ll just end it with Happy 40th Birthday!

You’ve been more than just a husband to me. You’re my best friend, my hero, my everything. I’m so honored to be able to celebrate your 40th birthday with you, and I look forward to celebrating many more years to come.

When two people are married and as happy as you and I,
You don’t seem to pay attention to the time that will go by.
Instead, you tend to dwell on our love and memories-
The time we’ve grown together, through difficult and ease.
And then all of a sudden, another year moves in-
Today, my love, you’re 40; let a new decade begin!

40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

A sister can fill many roles in a person’s life, including friend and roommate, making them a very important part of most people’s lives. As family members, they also know you at your best and at your worst but will stick with you through thick and thin. At 40, your sister likely has a career and/or family and feels established in her various roles in life. This age, sometimes noted as being “over the hill,” marks a great time in life pairing youth and life experience.

A relationship with your sister is special because you have known each other nearly all your lives. Turn those sentimental thoughts into thoughtful greetings expressing your gratitude for her place in your life and your shared commitment to each other at such a busy time in your lives. If your sister has a good sense of humor, poke fun at 40 and all the responsibility that comes with it, particularly if you’re younger.

If you and your sister are close, be on the lookout for items that can be personalized with 40th birthday wishes: shirts, mugs, or even inscribed jewelry. Of course a greeting card with birthday wishes will go with any type of gift as well.

If your sister fears turning 40 – perhaps because she is unmarried, lost her job, or she is experiencing any other life events that can make someone feel down about their age – thoughtful, serious wishes expressing gratitude for your relationship are best. Humorous birthday wishes are great for a sister with a good sense of humor, while a thoughtful greeting will typically be appreciated by anyone.

We’ve been through so much together
We stick it out in any kind of weather
And sister, today it is true
Happy Fortieth – it’s all about you!

You’re an inspiration to me
And I know anyone can see
On this birthday and all the rest
Have a great one – you are the best!

When we were young, there were times
I pulled your hair or accused you of crimes
But on your fortieth birthday today
Know that I love you, sister, each day!

Forty years is a good time to know
A sister like you are – although
What else are birthdays for
Than to wish for a whole forty more?

To a sister who’s funny and sweet
I hope your fortieth birthday’s a treat
Have some cake, dance around if you like
And now over the hill you can hike!

My sister is somebody who
Has always been honest and true
So from the truth I won’t stray
When I remind you: you’re forty today!

You’re beautiful, confident, kind,
A better sister no one could find
So I hope that your birthday is grand
The best sister in all the land.

In forty years you’ve come a long way
So I hope you stop to celebrate today
We’ve grown up together and I really know
You’re the best sister around, head to toe!

If sisters grew on fruit trees
I know I would pick you with ease
You’re beautiful, good and so sweet
Hope your fortieth birthday’s a treat!

You might not believe that it’s true
All my life I have looked up to you
Dear sister, we’ve come a long way
So enjoy your fortieth birthday.

You’re the butter to my bread, the mac to my cheese,
The anchor to my boat, the kite to my breeze,
We’re sisters, but I hope you know today
That I love you – Happy Birthday!

We’ve been through thick and thin
Deep and shallow, lose and win,
On your fortieth birthday and forever
Know I love you and won’t stop ever.

Happy fortieth birthday, sister dear
It makes me want to give you a cheer!
Bake you a cake, go on a shopping spree
To show how much you mean to me!

You’re the best sister anyone could ask for
And now you’re turning ten times four
So on your birthday, give in and smile
We’re in this together for quite a while!

My sister is always there for me
She’s as loving as anyone can be
I hope for her fortieth birthday
She knows she’s beautiful in every way!

Sometimes we argue and don’t see eye to eye
And other times we don’t even know why
But sister, on your birthday know that it’s true
That I always have and will always love you!

Every day you inspire me to go far
I’m so blessed to know who you are
On your birthday, I hope you know of
My admiration, sister, and all of my love!

40th Birthday Wishes for Friend

A friend is someone with whom you share your time, lean on in tough times and celebrate with in good times. They are a support system and a partner in crime, so any birthday is a reason for celebrating the special bond between the two of you. A 40th birthday is particularly special because you have probably been friends for a while and with all that is going on in life at 40 (careers, families, children, etc,) the two of you have made a conscious effort to maintain a friendship.

A birthday wish for your friend turning 40 should celebrate both the bond you two have as well as this age of maturity and knowing who you are. Birthday quotes can incorporate the fact that the two of you are there for each other through the many challenges your 40s can bring, from family to health to loss of loved ones. It can also incorporate the funny aspects of growing old and being there for each other to navigate your way through life because by now, you two are likely in it for the long run as friends.

Greeting cards are an obvious choice for any friend’s birthday, and the 40th birthday milestone makes it especially important to recognize the day with a greeting card. If you’re throwing a party, napkins with quotes about being 40 can provide a laugh or simply announce the importance of turning 40. Personalized gifts about being over the hill are also fun as an inside joke between friends.

Gauging how your friend feels about turning 40 can help you determine whether to go with a funny greeting or a more thoughtful one. If your friend isn’t ready to face the music, a thoughtful or serious greeting about your friendship at this age is an encouraging way to say happy birthday.

Time, it seems, passes way too fast
These days it passes faster still
But friends like you are made to last

Is it true you’re not still thirty-nine?
Maybe it’s true about aging like wine
To me you’ll be forever young
And we’ll always have our share of fun

Forty’s a big day, on any timeline
Just be glad you’re not fifty
And you’ll be just fine!

Friends will come and friends will go
But some stay around for awhile
A friend like you should stick around
Down the road for many a mile

Sometimes you really drive me mad
But then you make my heart so glad
Sometimes you drive me up the wall
And then you save me from a fall
Sometimes I wonder who you are
But a friend like you is best by far

They say that as time slips away
Trouble sometimes comes our way
It’s good to have a friend like you
Who always knows just what to do

Sometimes life is kind of sad
When some things go from good to bad
But friends like you will pull us through
That’s why I’m glad
I’ve got a friend like you

Just because you’ve reached forty
Doesn’t mean you’re not sporty
Heck, I know some folks
Who stayed nifty at fifty!

It seems like yesterday you were just twenty-one
And all you thought about was laughter and fun
Now, before you start in wagging your tongue
Remember that youth is only wasted when young

Remember when your bones and your head and your feet didn’t ache?
I remember how you were, in those days of yore
Just ask me, I’ll tell you
What are friends for?

Now, forty really isn’t all that bad
And there’s really no good reason to be so darn sad
Sure, you’ll never see thirty again
But you’ve always got me, when you need a real friend

Life can get rough
That’s just how it goes
When we need a lift
A friend always knows

It’s all too easy to forget
The things in life that really count
That’s why friends like you
I can’t do without

This birthday shouldn’t be such a bummer
You know, they say age is just a number
But if you fall for all that
You’re just dumber than dumber

I just can’t believe you’ve reached forty
In fact, I can’t help think it quite corny
I picture you as a person so young
That most of your praises have yet to be sung

I remember when you were just twenty, in the bloom of your youth
Back then you were hot, and that’s just the truth
Now your double that age, where things can decline
But take it from me, you’re still on the rise!

Remember the days when we had not a care
And our biggest decisions concerned our hair
Yes, they were fun, but I say adieu
Cause I’ve still got a friend
And that friend is you!

Just between me
And just between you
When you turn forty
It’s like you’re brand new!

There’s no way that forty can be middle-age
To me, it’s just like turning a page
You’ll still have time to get all your kicks
Just plan on living to one fifty six!

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes

Oh lordy, someone has turned 40! This milestone birthday happens to all of us. It can be a time to reflect on life, because the 40th birthday symbolizes a move to a different decade, even era, of a lifetime. This is the perfect birth year to inundate the birthday boy or girl with funny birthday wishes and make light of this special occasion.

The 40th birthday is reached with maturity and wisdom from the years that have passed. Many people who are turning 40 will be entering to new roles in the near future. Some of these roles include grandparent, professional or a son or daughter’s friend, along with the traditional parental role. When a person turns 40, they may reflect on their relationships with their own parents or siblings as he or she assesses his or her life. They may also take this opportunity to make life changing decisions when this milestone helps them realize what they truly want out of their lives.

Funny birthday wishes are perfect for this occasion, because it should be a celebration and not a funeral. Getting older does not always have to be bad and by helping the person who is celebrating their 40th birthday realize that, it will make he or she look forward to the occasion. Funny birthday wishes are great for cards, or even on a birthday cake, because we are never to old for cake.

40th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

When a boyfriend turns 40, it might be a little bit difficult to know how to express a sincere “Happy Birthday”. There’s a myriad of quotes, slogans and sayings available — but it’s always difficult to say exactly how you feel. Something notable, something straight from the heart.

Forty can be a trying time for some men. It’s the half-way point between birth and death. Most have already been married, had children, and are now mid- to senior-level in their career. They know what commitment is, and how to finish what they start. They know how to handle adverse situations, and are able to make complicated decisions easily. As a bonus, they still knows how to have fun!

Turning 40 comes with a new level of maturity and accomplishment. Generally, men in their 40′s might feel like they’re getting older, but can still keep up with (and in most cases, outperform) people in their 20′s and 30′s. Experience is beginning to pay off, and a boyfriend in their 40′s knows how to appreciate heartfelt wishes that point out their natural skills and abilities.

But just because a man is reaching mid-life doesn’t mean he no longer cares for romance and affection. With society living longer lifespans, they say 40 is the new 30, and there’s no reason to treat the celebrant any different. Whether it’s a romantic note tucked inside an envelope, or even just a short statement jotted down inside a card, you can always count on it being welcomed by someone who knows how to appreciate it.

On your fortieth birthday, my dear,
I hope you can see that it’s clear
Without you I’d just fall apart
And I love you with all of my heart.

To a man who has stolen my heart
Whom I’ve admired right from the start
Who stands out from all of the rest
I hope your birthday is full of the best!

You’re a sweet and considerate man
Since before our relationship began
So on your birthday take a short while
To let me remind you to smile.

I’m so glad that we are together
We’ve been through all kinds of weather
Your fortieth birthday should be a treat
For a man who is always so sweet.

You hold me, kiss me, make me smile
You listen and take the time for a while
I hope you know on every day it is true
Happy Birthday – I’ll always love you!

We’ve been through all the ups and downs
Through sunshine and smiles and frowns
On your fortieth birthday, my love
May you be showered with good things from above!

Of all the world’s places and charms
My favorite one is to be in your arms
You’re my joy and my heart’s great delight
And I hope that your birthday’s just right!

Your smile lights up my day
I miss you when you’re far away
I want to make your day grand
The best boyfriend in all the land!

For your birthday, I’d give you a lift
A great dinner or a fantastic gift,
But more than anything I’d find in the mall,
Know you’re the best boyfriend of all.

Your birthday’s here, you can achieve it!
And you’re forty now, who would believe it?
So today I just want you to know
I’ll stay with you no matter how old you grow!

My love for you could reach up to the sky
Because you’re terrific, a uniquely great guy
So go crazy, be enthusiastic
I want to make this birthday fantastic!

Of all the men on the earth
You surpass all of their worth
You’re the best boyfriend, it’s true,
Happy Fortieth – I sure love you!

I’m so happy that we’ve found each other
And today I feel like I could just smother
You with kisses and hugs and nice treats
Happy birthday, my sweetest of sweets.

Your embrace feels like coming home
All my cares are left far off to roam
I hope today you feel this way too
Happy birthday, my love, to you!

I don’t quite know how to say it
Should I whisper to you to convey it?
You’re the best thing that’s happened to me
Happy birthday, to my heart you’re the key!

I love the way you say my name
Your voice makes my heart all aflame
Sweetheart, hope you’re birthday’s top rate
Let’s get together tonight and celebrate!

Baby, you’re finer than silk pie
Without you I don’t know how I’d get by
Your birthday is here, so I thought
I know that you like it hot.

40th Birthday Wishes for Son

Most sons deserve a very happy 40th birthday. This page can help you craft a wish that will make your son smile.

Why Is 40 a Big Birthday?

Many folks find 40 to be a monumental age. A person’s 40s are a new chapter. Every son needs his 40th birthday commemorated, and a meaningful wish is a great way to make this special day memorable!

What Do You Love about Your Son?

As you use our provided messages to help you realize what you want to wish your son, think about what you truly love about him. Does he have great character? Do you love his unique qualities? Is he selfless? Does he help people through tough times?

Will a Funny Wish Work?

A person’s 40th birthday is a great occasion for a joke. Does your son like to laugh? Can you make him laugh?

Some people’s sons are simply serious people. If humor is not your son’s “thing”, pick a “normal” quote that has meaning for you.

Deliver Your Wish in a Special Way!

You want your son to have good memories about his 40th birthday. Wishes delivered by unusual methods can create lasting, happy memories. Greeting cards may be the traditional way of giving birthday wishes, but we suggest something original.

If your son plays cards, give him a poker table, and neatly write your wish upon its felt. This is just one idea. Be creative! Deliver your personal wish in a unique way your son will adore.

I’ve known you since the day you were born
Seen you rise above obstacles and scorn
You’ve grown into a wonderful man
Have the greatest birthday you can.

I couldn’t ask for a better son
If I searched, I wouldn’t find one
For the man you’ve become: you’re first-rate
Hope your fortieth birthday is great!

My son, you make my heart proud
You stand so far above the crowd
So today is your day to shine
Happy Fortieth, dear son of mine.

For the past forty years I’ve been blessed
With a son who surpasses the rest
You inspire me in your own special way
Have the most wonderful birthday.

Dear son, I hope you know that it’s true
You’re the reason I do what I do
You’re my sunshine, a bright morning ray,
I’m so happy to celebrate your birthday!

Happy Fortieth Birthday, my son,
We’ve weathered the years one by one
From the humble start where you began
You’ve become a remarkable man.

I know that sometimes I might nag
But you really make me want to brag
Such an upstanding and handsome son
You’ve become – Happy Birthday, hon!

Each day I am grateful to know
A son, handsome and talented so
On your fortieth birthday I say
Hope you have a most wonderful day.

You mean so much to my heart
That I feel we are never apart
Son, on your birthday, please know
I love you no matter where you go.

It fills me with such great elation
To see how you’ve surpassed all expectation,
On your birthday I hope you decide
To celebrate all your strengths with pride.

Of every man under the sun
I couldn’t ask for a better son
I know you’re not perfect, it’s true,
But I love everything about you.

Every day I have watched you grow
Into the inspirational man that I know
On your fortieth birthday, reach higher
You’re the son I just love to admire.

It’s not every day that you meet
A son so strong and so neat
I’ve laughed and shared in your tears
Happy birthday – here’s to forty years!

When you were young, I never understood
That watching you grow to adulthood
Would bring such tender joys and deep pride
Happy Birthday to the son by my side.

You’ve changed so much this year
We’ve laughed and shed many a tear
On your birthday, my son, take some freedom
To celebrate the great man you’ve become.

With pride you can make my heart swell
Everything you do is done so well
Son, I love who you’ve turned out to be
Happy birthday and here’s to forty!

Happy fortieth birthday, it’s clear
To me you have always been dear
A son like you is hard to find
With love you have my heart entwined.

You’ve climbed mountains and hiked valleys low
It’s been my joy to watch as you go
To heights that I never knew
So my son, Happy Birthday to you!

40th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Father-daughter relationships are very special because a daughter often sees her father as her first protector. Daughters bring a special, female perspective to the lives of their fathers, and they will always be the little girl that the father loved, raised and protected. A 40th birthday is more than adulthood; it signifies another stage in life for many people. It is a time when a woman has her own family and/or career, and she is seeing the challenges and happiness these things can bring and she may finally understand the way her father views her because of it.

The uniqueness of a father-daughter bond is a great starting point for creating birthday wishes and quotes for any age. Describing the relationship as one in which the father has seen his little girl blossom from child to a woman he is proud of can create a special birthday wish; for a 40th birthday, a greeting should not only describe the special relationship, but the time-tested bond that comes with 40 years of being family as well as celebrate the achievements a woman of 40 has accomplished. A birthday wish poking fun at the unique perspective a father has of a daughter throughout life can also be fun for the right pair.

A father will almost assuredly want to get his daughter a 40th birthday card with a special greeting or quote, but there are lots of other gifts that could have birthday greetings on them. A personalized Christmas ornament, coffee mug, or stationary are all useful gifts that will get be used frequently. For something special, a bracelet with a birthday inscription would be ideal.

Determining whether to use a funny or serious birthday greeting is dependent on the relationship a father and daughter have, and few people should know a woman like a father knows his daughter.

You are the woman I taught everything I know
I watched you grow, and had to let go
But, thankfully, you still come around anyway
My dear daughter, happy fortieth birthday

To my daughter, my closest buddy
I remember the day you were born; the way you looked at me
You sure have grown into a beauty
Happy birthday number forty

Happy fortieth birthday to my youngest child
Growing up, you were kind of wild
You really put me to work as a parent
But I wouldn’t change even one moment

It has been my pleasure to love you for all these years
I’ve watched you reach your goals and conquer your fears
You are a wonderful daughter in every way
Happy fortieth birthday

Here’s to the other woman who has my heart
I miss you whenever we are apart
And I cherish our talks and laughter
May your fortieth birthday be unforgettable, and all the ones after

To a graceful lady who turned out even better than we raised her to be
Who acts like her father, and looks more like me
We are now celebrating your fortieth birthday
And I hope every minute is joyful enough to take your breath away

To my daughter, an amazing wife and mother
We have spent your entire life looking out for each other
You have always been wise beyond your years
And seeing you on your fortieth birthday, I am shedding grateful tears

My daughter, you are now forty years old
But even as a child, you never did what you were told
So I don’t really expect you to listen to me now
But I will tell you to enjoy your special day anyhow

Thank you for being the considerate, loving, and devoted daughter you are
You may not have wanted fame, but to me you’re a star
Don’t fret; forty is a wonderful age to be
Because if you consider yourself old, what does that make me?

Today someone extraordinary turns forty years old
I am convinced that with you, your mother and I broke the mold
You are beautiful, kind, honest and smart
Happy birthday to you, my daughter and my heart

Today is the fortieth anniversary of your birth
I know that you cannot even imagine your worth
To me, you truly mean the world
At any age, you’ll always be my little girl

My hope is that your birthday is tremendous and fun
And that you get a chance to spend time with everyone
This day should be unforgettable; absolutely major
I hope you party with the spontaneity of a teenager

To someone who has learned a thing or two about life
A wonderful daughter, mother and wife
Your father and I are so very proud of you
We hope age forty is lovely through and through

You are exactly what a lady should be
Brilliant, devoted, bold and funny
And of course you are incredibly stunning, too
My dear daughter, happy fortieth birthday to you

To my daughter, one of the greatest women on earth
What a perfect day to celebrate your birth
You spread happiness, travel the world, and become more accomplished each year
I am so glad that on your fortieth birthday you chose to be here