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Free 50th Birthday Quotes and Messages

An individual’s 50th birthday is one of the most significant. It is a milestone birthday that carries its own unique characteristics. There are many ways to express praise on this special day for a friend or loved one, and they can be funny or serious. Birthday wishes made with the recipient’s personality in mind are especially thoughtful.

The Special Qualities of Turning 50

There are several unique factors to mention for celebrating a 50th birthday as this is the “over-the-hill” birthday that gets so much recognition. A funny birthday message could discuss the troubles of getting older and adjusting to this new phase of life.

Some people still consider themselves happily young at this age, so taking this route could be even funnier. Those that feel young may think of it more as middle age versus older age. A playful birthday message could focus on their efforts to live in between youth and maturity and trying to balance the two aspects.

Some people may prefer to give or receive more serious birthday wishes. The giver could focus on the wisdom people gain by this age or congratulate the recipient on having lived a long life so far. The giver could also mention how the recipient has been inspirational over the years.

Sending Messages for the 50th Birthday

There are special aspects of turning 50 that can be used in birthday quotes. One can focus on the many humorous aspects of aging. Many people playfully joke about bodily changes and adjustments that aging creates for one’s lifestyle. There are numerous ways to joke about turning this age, but there are still several aspects that are more touching or serious. With age comes wisdom, and many people praise 50-year-old friends for this fact in birthday messages. Individuals have the ability to inspire others and have spent time learning and growing as people. For those that don’t want to focus on age-related messages, general birthday wishes always work.

Where to Use Birthday Messages

Birthday wishes can be presented in a variety of ways. The most common way people send birthday messages is through traditional cards. These allow for a personal feel that the recipient can keep private or share with others as they choose. Birthday messages can also be written as speeches to recite at parties or provided on banners or programs at ceremonies.

Matching Birthday Wishes to Moods

When providing birthday wishes, it is important to properly match the tone of the message to the desired mood. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of relationship between the sender and the recipient. If the relationship is between business associates or mere acquaintances, it may be best to keep the tone more serious.

Birthday wishes can be humorous, but it is safer to save these types of wishes for family members, spouses and close long-time friends. It is also important to consider the current or recent events in the recipient’s life. If the person has endured trying times or recent obstacles, be mindful of their situation.

Birthday messages can also be tailored to fit the individual’s personality. Some people are happy to receive either funny or serious messages. Others have very strong personalities that are almost always serious or always lighthearted.

Birthday wishes can be made for public or private use, and they can be long, short, funny or touching. If the birthday messages are not the most creative, the recipient is still likely to appreciate the effort if the message is heartfelt and sincere.

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50th Birthday Wishes for Sister
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50th Birthday Wishes for Dad
50th Birthday Wishes for Son
50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes can be approached a few different ways. One theme that has become popular lately is to roast the person on their birthday. A high number of mean things are said. For example, a good one would be “Best Wishes for your 50th birthday, by now you don’t have any hair left on your head.” This usually will result in a quick laugh from many people.

The best quotes are the memorable ones that stay in your mind and are remembered later. Maybe it is a birthday wish about someone that is similar and a person opens a birthday card or email and can relate because they follow a similar lifestyle to the people being mocked in the card. For example, “I hope you have a happy birthday and be sure not to get behind the wheel and do anything stupid.” This can be much funnier for a person who has had a DUI before.

Funny wishes are great for friends and people whom you are not doing professional business with. Funny Birthday cards and emails can mean a great deal to people. With internet social media it is now easier than ever to send a friend a quick funny message such as “Happy B Day! You Broke Bastard!”

Now that you’ve turned 50,
I see you’ve grown quite thrifty.
To emulate your thriftiness,
I am working very hard.
That’s why I put a Lincoln,
Not a Grant, inside your card.
Happy Birthday!

For 50 years you’ve walked the earth,
Beheld the changing times.
And how it’s changed since you were born!
Too much to recognize!

Half a century has passed you by,
And it moved at break-neck speed.
When it comes to years, my friend,
It seems you’ve shown a bit of greed.

“Fifty isn’t old.”
That statement seems so odd.
It’s like saying,
“The sky’s not big” or
“My yard has grass, not sod.”
I don’t want to be dishonest,
But to keep you from feeling hurt,
I certainly won’t mention
That you’re almost as old as dirt.

At 50, they say,
You begin to be wise.
The same people who say that
Cover gray hairs with dyes.
So, we grant you have wisdom
But recommend a disguise.

The 50-cent piece is no more,
And to give you 50 dollars,
I’m afraid I am too poor.
So, I’m giving you five dollars-
That’s the compromise I’ve reached.
A dollar for a decade!
My, my, you work so cheap!

I know you like to rush through life
And play for the highest stakes,
But now that you’ve reached 50,
You’d better put on the brakes!
Happy Birthday!

You’re celebrating your 50th year,
And friends you are among.
And we all think you look as good
As you did when you were young!

Five decades long you’ve lived on earth
And laughed, and loved, and cried.
You’ve walked half way across a century,
And now you’ve reached the other side.
So tell me of when you met Elvis
And where you were when Kennedy died,
Of life before t.v. and cell phones,
And of when you first learned of Wi-Fi.
Even though you’re old, we still love you,
So don’t take these words the wrong way.
On this, your bi-centennial,
We’d like to wish a happy birthday!

Son, you’re not old- you’re just 50.
I’m now 80, and that’s the true old.
Why, you’re still just a young “whipper-snapper,”
A “spring chicken” who’s made in my mold.
So don’t let those 50-jokes disturb you.
Don’t let them pin on you old age.
You’re as young as the sun in a sunrise-
You can take it from your old Dad, the sage.

You still have a mouthful of teeth
After 50 birthday cakes.
That’s got to be a record, Dad,
And “the cake” it surely takes.

Mom, you’ve now reached 50,
And your golden years have begun.
“Have a blessed, joyful birthday,”
Says your hungry, cake-loving son.

For five decades, the world has known you,
And you have turned it upside down.
When the world stood up and opposed you,
You turned the tables on those clowns.
You’ve achieved and succeeded and conquered,
Like a lion that has no fear,
But I see you forget it’s your birthday
And are wondering why we’re all here.

Down the dusty road of life,
For 50 long years you’ve traveled.
So don’t let old age cause you strife
And make you come unraveled.

50th Birthday Wishes to a Friend

A person’s 50th birthday is a major milestone that can often involve a wide range of emotions. Your friend may be eager to celebrate having lived half a century, or they may be lamenting the prospect of growing older. Since you know your friend best, you can use your insider knowledge to find the right type of birthday wish that will make them smile.

At 50, many people are reaching new heights in their career. They may have children leaving home and starting families of their own. A few may even be grandparents. People of this age are also heavily involved in pursuing hobbies and traveling to destinations that bring them joy. Fitness, health and social activities also figure prominently in a fifty-year-old’s life. When you begin to search for a birthday wish, any of these life events and personal interests can be used as inspiration.

It is also important to select the right tone for the birthday wish. Consider your friend’s sense of humor and reaction to turning 50. If they seem to have a lighthearted view of aging, then birthday jokes about getting old are classic. If you are especially close to your friend, then a sentimental birthday wish regarding the beauty of friendship will be well-received. Women, especially, enjoy hearing about how their friend is appreciative of them being there through thick and thin.

Birthday wishes can be included on cards, banners and even invitations to a birthday celebration. Consider inscribing a shorter message on a photo frame, or record the message for your friend to listen to again and again. Since turning 50 is a major achievement, your friend deserves the best birthday wishes on the day of their celebration.

Congratulations, you’re now 50 years young!
So, put down that remote and go some fun
You are the one who I’ve always looked up to
Now here’s the part where I say, Happy Birthday to you

Today you are 50, but you’re still young as can be.
Through the years our friendship has meant the world to me
I’m sending birthday wishes from the bottom of my heart
Our bond will only grow deeper, though we are miles apart

Happy 50th to my oldest and dearest friend
You’ll have me by your side until the very end
You’ve given so much love and support
Throughout all the years of giving, you’ve never come up short

Here’s to 50 years of laughter, kindness, and tears
The voice that spoke reason and carried me through fears
The smile that brought out the best there is to see
The person we all grew up wanting to be
This is a celebration of your life
The special thing being—
You’re one of a kind

It’s the wish of a moment, the path that will be
It’s the tracing of our most special memories
It’s the wisdom of words, the cherished time that we spend
Here’s to 50 years past and loving life till the end

You’ve reached another milestone with such dignity and grace
May smiles and sunshine light up that lovely face
You’ve had 50 years to live, love and share
Of how you’ve touched others, you may not be aware
So I’m here to tell you just how valuable you are
Happy Birthday my friend, you shine brightly like a star

Age is just a number for someone as unique as you.
Of all the people I have known, there is no friend more true
Wishing you all of life’s happiness on this special day
May the kindness you’ve shown to others keep the clouds away

Your kindness and sincerity have been such an inspiration to me
You’ve shown me how to live and a new way to see
So, here is a little birthday wish from me to you
You’re a wonderful person, whose friendship is so true

Age is just a number, so don’t you dare feel blue
Here’s to your fiftieth birthday, may all your wishes come true

Wishing you all of life’s sweet blessings
And a Happy Birthday too.
You stand out among the rest
There’s no one quite like you

For all the love and kindness you’ve shown along the way
May heaven shower you with blessings each and every day
Please accept these birthday wishes, for they come from the heart
Happy 50th birthday my friend
You are creation’s work of art

Happy 50 years
You deserve this celebration
After all, you’ve earned this wonderful occasion
Loved ones will surround you,
With kind wishes to share
For all of the caring you’ve given
Happiness will fill the air

May life’s blessings have no limits
And all your heart’s desires come true
May you have the best of birthdays
Happy 50th Birthday to you

Today you’ll be surrounded by those who cherish you
Those who appreciate each and everything you do
To the one person we all would love to be
Happy 50th Birthday from us, your extended family

50th Birthday Wishes for Mom

A mother turning 50 may feel a certain melancholy. It takes more time and effort to stay vibrant and look healthy. Children are often grown and out of the house, sparking an empty nest feeling. On the other hand, a mom may feel she failed because her child is jobless and living at home. All kinds of messages come from a youth-obsessed culture telling her that she is old. At the same time, so much more information on maintaining health and vitality is available than when she was born. She lives in an information age only imagined in her childhood. If she plays her cards right, she can leverage her years of experience with her willingness to learn. The wisdom of age meets the energy of youth.

Consider what a 50-year old woman can recall: the first lunar landing; the resignation of an American president; rotary telephones; and playing in the street late at night with complete assurance of safety. Over the years she easily adapted to new technologies at home and a changing culture outside. Hers was the first generation that grew up with both parents working and the term “latchkey children” became common when she was a child herself. She knew that—if and when she went to college—she would train for a career and not just find a husband. The woman’s movement came to full flower in her lifetime. A mom at age 50 can rightly call herself a pioneer in economics, politics and culture.

Through smiles and tears,
hopes and fears,
you were always there, with cheers

Happy 50th Birthday, Mom!

A toast to the old lady who sits here before us,
who cooked us breakfast with nary a fuss,
Rumor has it that she’s still one rugged cuss!

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

Dear Mother, there are tears in my eye this day,
as I use this greeting to express what I want to say,
which is that, in your own unforgettable way,
you are amazing and I love you

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

At 20, you were bold, at 30, you thought you were old,
at 40, somehow you lost a decade, and now you’ve made
it to 50, with candles and cake, and a body that begins to ache,
we can only wonder what tricks you’ll get up to at 60!

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

A girl, a wife, a daughter, sister and a mother,
so many challenging roles, and yet over the years,
with love and generosity through the laughter and tears,
out of all the women in the world, I’d choose no other!

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

What is a mother’s love for her children?
Your eyes sparkle when you look at the photos,
your heart shimmering with pride and joy,
as you poured out your soul to nourish us.

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

They say don’t age like cheese, but like wine,
and you, mother, look so beautiful and fine,
and I am so thankful for how you raised me,
I would be lost in this world without you.

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

No matter where I wander in this world, wide and deep,
there is one secret that I will always keep.
I may look like I am doing it all on my own,
but it is you who will always be my true home.

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

When a birthday comes, some people laugh, and some people cry,
and some people just shake their fist at the sky,
but I know, dear mother, that your beauty, poise and passion,
prove that being a classy woman shall never go out of fashion

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

If I were a flower, then you were the sun,
you watched over every step when I was young,
and now I am older, and you are my friend,
our relationship may evolve, but never end

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

Only you could do what you do, mother
you raised me to stand straight and stay true,
to all of the values that you imbue, mother
I could never be who I am without you

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

Only half a century in, and the best is about to begin,
we know you’re ready for adventure and fun,
and traveling to see all the marvels under the sun,
now nothing can stop you from making life an epic win.

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

Ever since the day I was born,
I know you’ve weathered quite a storm,
but your love for me has always shone through
and I couldn’t have made it without you

I shall stand proudly in front of flag unfurled,
as I solemnly swear an oath with fingers curled,
that you are simply the best mother in the world!

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

It is clear that you did something right,
as you raised me to be strong so that I might
have the courage to always fight my own fight,
you have always been my guiding light

Happy 50th Birthday, Mother!

50th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Some birthdays are a big deal, and the 50th is one of them. With half a century of living under her belt, your sister deserves a card or even just an email with a wish that will touch her heart or make her smile — or both!

Your sister is an important person in your life, and figuring out a good way to wish her a happy birthday can be tricky. The best 50th birthday wishes for your sister will take into account her personality. Does she like to laugh and joke? Send her birthday wishes that are humorous. If she’s more serious or if you’d prefer to be a little more sentimental, send her wishes that will make her think or remind her of the good times you’ve shared.

Also consider your own personality and what you’d like to say. Is there a specific message you’d like to send or theme you’d like to touch on? Do you want to inspire her or commiserate about the past? Then send her a wish that sets the right mood. If it comes from your heart, it will touch hers.

At the end of the day, your sister’s 50th birthday will only come once, so have fun with it and make her birthday wishes count.

Here’s to a sister who has sailed the seven seas
Climbed many mountains and enjoyed the ocean breeze
Fifty years of great adventure, travels near and far
Keep exploring this wide world – you’re a shining star!

You’ve done so much for those you know
Admired by friends wherever you go
You have a kind spirit and laughing ways
Hope fifty brings you many great days!

Now that you’re fifty, the good times are here
Surrounded by gifts and birthday cheer
You’ve followed your dreams and led the way
So celebrate! It’s your special day.

This day calls for a celebration
You deserve a tropical vacation
This is the part of your life they call prime
Family and friends help to make it sublime!

You’re caring and funny with a mischievous smile
The time we spend together is always worthwhile
This day is quite amazing; let’s lead the band with cheers
We’ll celebrate the gift of YOU we’ve had for fifty years!

Though I missed your special day, you’re my sister and my friend
I hope that you receive the thoughts of happiness I send
We’ve been through thick and thin together; you always make me smile
Fifty years is nothing! Let’s enjoy the rest in style!

What can I say to the gal who has it all?
You inspire me to follow my dreams and always stand up tall
You find success in every quest: family, friends, career
Fifty years of life – now that’s a miracle to cheer!

Happy birthday to a sister who is lovely and wise
You have guided me through life’s lows and its highs
You’ll always be my inspiration-
You’re fifty today! It’s a celebration!

As sisters and friends, we’ve had lots of fun
We’ve supported each other; you’re my number one!
Through life’s ups and downs, we’ve laughed and we’ve cried
For fifty years you’ve been there by my side

We could be separated by thousands of miles
With me in the tropics and you on an isle
But sisters are joined by a bond that’s so dear
We’ll be even closer for the next fifty years!

You’ve always succeeded with your eye on the goal
Each year brings adventure – you’re young of soul!
You’re a stylish lady who loves to socialize
May the next fifty years be full of surprise!

It’s your special day and you should be proud
Wise and unique, you stand out in a crowd
You’re always so modest and don’t like to boast
You’ve enjoyed fifty years! Let’s raise a toast!

You’re such a lovely sister, I gladly raise three cheers
You’ve been a true companion through the months and through the years
Who can say what the next fifty will foretell
I know they’ll be spectacular – at life you do excel!

The simple things in life will always be the best
With family and friends, on your birthday you are blessed
Life’s a journey and you’ve shown us just how great you really are
Happy fiftieth birthday to my sister the superstar!

There’s nothing better than enjoying all the success that you’ve earned
You’ve had some great adventures as fifty years have turned
Look around you, sister – we wish you lots of cheer
Enjoy the gifts of friends and family as we welcome your next year!

50th Birthday Wishes Daughter

It’s easy to find age-related birthday cards for young children and teenagers. When your daughter turns fifty, however, it is harder to find an appropriate card. Yet fifty is a milestone in one’s life; after all, it is half a century! At fifty, one has lived through many different personal, familial, and historical occasions. It is a time to celebrate a life well-lived with good wishes for still more meaningful years to come.

Someone whose daughter is turning fifty has had many shared experiences with her. There are memories of when she was an infant, a toddler, a young child, a teenager, and on to adulthood. Some memories are sad, some are happy, but all are part of what have made your daughter the person she is today. Relate some of those memories and how much they mean to you. Tell her how proud you are of the person she has become.

What has occupied her for half a century? Has she raised a family, had a career, or both?
Is she a musician, an artist, an engineer, or a doctor? Is she a cashier, a baker, a saleswoman, a teacher? A humorous birthday wish can combine something funny about what she does with an appreciation for who she is.

Whether your daughter would enjoy humor or seriousness, it is important to share personal wishes with her, that come from your heart. A special quote or a favorite picture will make your birthday wishes something she will love and treasure.

The angels sent you from heaven above-
You’ve filled our lives with laughter and love.
You’re our beautiful daughter, so kind and so smart-
Here’s a birthday wish that comes straight from the heart.
Happy 50th Birthday!

Just because you are 50 does not mean you’re old-
It means you are wiser, and brighter and bold.
You’ve conquered a lot, and there’s so much more in store-
Happy Birthday, Daughter, it’s you that we adore.

Another year older, you’ve reached a milestone-
Turning 50 just means the wiser you’ve grown.
You’re still young and vibrant, even if at heart-
My love for you, daughter, will never depart.

God blessed us with you, 50 years ago-
Our love for you was strong then, and will continue to grow.
As we celebrate your birthday, we all come together-
To wish you the best, today and forever.

A birthday wish I’d like to send-
I’m proud to call you my daughter and friend.
My love for you I hold so dear-
Here’s to a wonderful 50th year!

Today is a day for gifts and fun-
I was given a gift, and a special one.
You, daughter, are the best gift anyone could ask for-
Happy 50th birthday and I wish you many more.

No matter how many years come to pass-
You’ll always have style and you’ll always have class –
You, daughter, are perfect in every way-
I wish you a Happy 50th Birthday!

Age is just a number, that never can describe-
How beautiful you have remained outward and inside.
So as you start another year, your 50th this time-
Just know, daughter, that you are loved; I’m happy that you’re mine.

Flowers grow and blowers bloom, and some may fade away-
But you are one that grows lovelier each and every day.
You’ve reached half a century, and that is quite a feat-
You, daughter, are my favorite flower – beautiful and sweet.

My daughter, you’re amazing and have accomplished so much-
You’ve filled my life with happiness, with every single touch.
Today we get together, and celebrate the years-
50 of them, to be exact – so to you – many cheers!

I look outside and see the sun; I think it’s a beautiful sight. But nothing compares to you, your heart and beauty shines and paints the sky with magnificent colors. I am proud to call you my daughter, and I’m thankful I am here to help celebrate your 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday today, daughter, and many years to come-
You’ve made it such a long way; it’s time to have some fun!
Turning 50 can be great if we make it that way –
So we’ll celebrate and share some laughs on your special day!

Some say turning 50 will make you feel so old-
I say turning 50 is as beautiful as gold.
It’s the start of new adventures, and journeys yet to come-
I’ll share this magical day with you, tomorrow, and then some.

I’m so glad you’re my daughter; I’ve loved you from the start-
And now you’re turning 50, and you still have my heart.

You came into my life 50 years ago, it’s true-
There are still no words to express the love that I still have for you.
Happy Birthday, Daughter.

50th Birthday Wishes for Dad

The age 50 marks a new era for a Dad. He’s become a person of experience, someone who’s seen and been through just about everything. Often our fathers are there for us, always offering advice in situations we might not be comfortable with. And naturally, they’re always there to let us know when we’re goofing something up. It’s the nature of a Dad, and it doesn’t stop at 50 any more than it did at 40, 30 or even 20.

At 50, a lot of changes begin to happen. This usually leads to humorous cards depicting old men, barely able to get around. But aside from the physical changes, 50 also notes a lifetime of support and dedication. That person who rooted you on in little league? That was Dad. Ride a bike? Dad. Helped you learn how to drive a car? Dad. It’s easy to forget all the things a father has done, until a person reaches back to the past for all the lessons they’ve learned. And Dad is in a fair share of those memories.

Depending on the relationship, different ways of saying “Happy Birthday” can be expressed. A son might send a funny card with a simple “Thanks for everything Dad, Happy Birthday!” note inside. A daughter might set aside humor for a more sentimental feeling, and a longer note to the most important man in her life. Dads are special because they support us and teach us. They spent a lifetime caring for and protecting us, and no matter what message is sent to a Dad, he’ll always appreciate it.

I thought I heard someone say
That you’re turning fifty today
Celebrate, party, go mad!
Have a great birthday, Dad!

When I look back on my years as a kid
Sometimes I wonder at all that you did
Picked me up, made me smile, took the time
Happy birthday, Dad – still in your prime!

I know you’ve always been there for me
And I have not always made it easy
But on your fiftieth, everyone knows
I’m lucky to have you. It shows!

Everyone sees it with ease
We have a new reason to tease
On your birthday, don’t feel encumbered
It’s just that fifty is a pretty big number!

Happy birthday, Dad, it’s true
There is no other father like you
You’re the best I know, fun and nifty,
So have a great time turning fifty!

Inspirational, wonderful, fun-loving and true,
Are just some words that describe someone who
Has watched me grow up and be on my way
So Dad, happy fiftieth birthday.

Whether you’re at work or on a beach vacation
Your laughter is heard as fun inspiration
To a dad who makes me glad at my core
Happy fiftieth, and here’s to fifty more!

To be honest, your jokes are not always funny
And as a teen, I’ve asked you for too much money,
It was for a good reason – but I digress…
Happy Birthday! You’re the best, I confess!

We raise our glasses today to one fantastic father
Who has loved us whether we’re a joy or a bother
He has watched us grow strong and lifted us high
So we’ll sing his birthday praises up to the sky!

You can climb a mountain or look deep in the ground
Rent a plane to search the whole world around
Explore the furthest corners to be had
But you won’t find a more wonderful dad.

For someone who has known me every day of my life
Whom I’ve made proud and also given some strife
On your fiftieth birthday I know I’ve been blessed
Through it all, Dad, you’re truly the best!

Anyone here can see that it’s true
There is no dad around quite like you
You understand, teach and inspire
Happy birthday, you lift me higher.

On your fiftieth birthday today
You’ve guided me every step of the way
Through the ups and downs that we’ve had
I hope you know that I love you, Dad!

To a father who has always inspired me,
Led, taught, laughed with, and cried with me,
On your fiftieth birthday you should know
I’m so glad to have you watch me grow.

On your birthday I hope you know that it’s true
All my life I have looked up to and admired you
You’re my anchor, my flashlight, my launch pad
Through everything I have the most wonderful dad.

Happy fiftieth birthday to a man I admire
Because you guide, teach, and inspire
Through joys and trials I’ve had
You’re the one I love most, my Dad.

50th Birthday Wishes for Son

To most people, turning 50 is a big deal! If it’s a big deal to your son, we can help you craft a meaningful and memorable birthday wish to him.

What Is Different about 50?

50 is a landmark age. People use this age as a guide to whether they are on the right path to reach their biggest goals.

Some people say 50 is just another year. Even if your son is the type of person to say such a thing, you can use our resources to create the perfect birthday wish for him.

What Is Different about Your Son?

As you develop what you want to say, consider what makes your son unique. Is he a philanthropist? Does he fish better than anybody you know? Would he give the shirt off his back to a needy stranger?

Include any special quality about your son in your wish to him, and your wish will be a winner!

Will a Joke Be a Hit?

If your son likes a hearty laugh, consider one of our funny wishes. Of course, if you would rather go the serious route, we understand. We have plenty of eloquent, “normal” birthday wishes you can give your son on this special birthday.

What Will Be Different about the Way You Deliver Your Birthday Wish?

We encourage you to choose an “abnormal” way to give your wish to your son on his 50th birthday. Some people hire skywriters. Others get songs written.

Be different! He’ll love it!

Here’s to my dearest and greatest creation
I knew from the start without any hesitation
Your tiny eyes told the story of a son with no fear
Who’d always hold the ones you love so dear.

From the day I first found you were to be
I knew in an instant, you’d mean everything
Even the bad times were still the best
Even when you put this dad to the test

The cries soon turned to giggles you see
Taking baby steps as we grew our family
You blessed us with your laugh and your helpful ways
It made me always wish for longer days

You grew and matured with such heart and joy
Into a young man from such a cute boy
The laughter we shared can not be replaced
The memories we’ve made never erased.

The times went too fast, I wish they were slow
When you’re a parent, there’s no way to know.
That it goes by so quick, it leaves little doubt
That your little baby will be a man now.

You prepared for the worst, but planned for the best
You aced every practice and passed every test
Off to school you went, you chose a career
Then you met a good wife, now your own kids are near

You’ve always climbed the ladder so high
To reach every single pie in the sky
Even after you hit the lowest of lows
And you found out that’s just the way life sometimes goes

You’ve always managed to choose very wise
Even when those difficult situations often arise
Your judgment is sound, your logic is straight
Your will is relentless yet your apology never late

You surprise even me with your noble ways
Your compassion for others was never just a phase
The fact you always stood up when others were in need
Wasn’t merely coincidental or a one time good deed

Even though life is not always a prize
You seem to always find just the right size
You’ve found a way to find happy in an oft troubled time,
That’s tough at age 30 or age 49

Happiest of 50th birthdays to my amazing son
I could never dream of a better one
We are bound by images of what we hope for
But never could I wish or imagine for anything more

You have grown into a man much stronger than me
And better than that, you are just so happy
50 isn’t easy, five decades are tough
But you’ve handled it well, easily enough

A gentleman with a ton of grace
The subtle charm of what is an ace
A gentle giant with an abundance of poise
Who could never be just one of the boys

As you continue to age with constant class
Just never forget the amazing past
My wish is that love often surrounds you
And recall your 50th as a point of pride and virtue.

50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Fifty years marks half of a century, and definitely a milestone in terms of age. A 50th birthday should be celebrated as a time when a person has reached an age of wisdom and understanding of oneself. At 50, a person is also most likely financially stable and may have an empty nest. A brother is a family member with whom you have a special bond; you know each other and have grown together as people. An older brother may have looked out for you as a child; conversely, you may have felt a responsibility to a younger brother.

For a brother’s 50th birthday, quotes and wishes might highlight the relationship that the two of you have built over time, particularly if it transitioned from one of forced familial bonding to true friendship. If one of you played the protector role, reminding them that that relationship will continue on in the future offers reassurance for the future.

Greeting cards can express birthday wishes for your brother as he turns 50, but if you want to give him something he will keep, there are a number of gift items that can be inscribed with birthday wishes for this monumental occasion. A watch with a birthday inscription on the back or a leather wallet with a birthday wish branded into the material will be treasured for years.

Your relationship with your brother should help determine the type of birthday wish to send. If he appreciates humor, humorous wishes about age and fighting as brothers are appropriate. A more heartfelt birthday quote can be uplifting if he’s going through a difficult time.

The road that you’ve traveled is long and it’s curved
But for the last fifty years you’ve held onto your nerves
Still hold on tightly, it isn’t over quite yet
You have at least fifty more till the sun sets.

We grew up together ; played games in the park
We stayed out all day and came home after dark
It’s been fifty years since you got your start
You are forever embedded within my heart.

Fifty years is an awful long time
Through schoolyards and bullies and standing in line
You’ve made it this far, I congratulate you heartily
Fill your next fifty years with a lifetime of parties!

A man with a smile ; a heart made of gold
Your presence uplifting, you’ll never grow old
You sat there beside me, even in bitter cold
Happy birthday, dear brother, stay just as bold.

My brother, my friend, my ally, my pal
It’s been fifty years and you’ve lived them well
My hope for you is that on regrets you won’t dwell
May your next fifty years be doubly as swell!

Your first fifty years went by in a flash
A long happy trail of memories past
May the next fifty years be as good as the last
Happy birthday dear brother, hope you have a blast!

Even though birthdays get tiring,
A fiftieth is worth admiring!
My brother, I love you, I hope you can tell
As for birthday wishes, I hope all is well!

A toast to my brother ; a great man in my life
Hard working yet kind, and sharp as a knife
Here’s to fifty more years of wonderful life!

Happy birthday, my brother, it’s been fifty years past
Yet I remember the day you were born like the last
I watched you grow up, through bad times and good
So celebrate your birthday as grand as you should

Thanks for being my brother, my mentor, my friend
Though its been fifty years it isn’t nearly the end
Happy birthday to a wonderful brother!

You are a wonderful man, with a smile and a joke
A brother of mine and a wonderful bloke,
Happy fiftieth, may you have many more to come!

I wish you a wonderful fiftieth, it’s what you deserve
There is a place in my heart for you I reserve
Have a great birthday, you will always be my brother.

It’s hard to find people who will do what they say
But in my life you were one of few to stay
Happy birthday my brother, you are a wonderful man

It’s been a great fifty years
With smiles and a few tears
I wish you the best on your special day
And as your brother I will always stay

Here’s to an inspiring life ; one that I quite admire
The brother of mine, to be like whom I aspire
Happy fiftieth, you are a great inspiration to me