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They say that today’s 60 is the new 40, which means that birthdays at this age are always a cause for celebration. Although a person of this age has quite a few birthdays behind them, they are still likely to get enjoyment out of reading and hearing their loved ones’ well wishes on this special day. While a plain and simple “happy birthday” is likely to be met with joy, there are better ways to truly honor a person with a heartfelt sentiment that says so much more. If you are searching for the right words to let your favorite 60-year-old know how much they are adored, then take into account the following moments that set turning 60 apart from every other birthday.

Moments that Define Turning 60

The majority of 60-year-olds are at a moment in their lives where they are free from the burdens of childrearing and beginning to create a life of their own. At this age, retirement may be nearing, which also leaves time wide open for a person to begin exploring new and long-forgotten interests such as traveling and home decorating. If their children have left the nest, many people downsize to a smaller home at 60, and begin to be more active in their community through volunteering and church activities. For many, it is a time of freedom when they are still feeling healthy enough to be active with less time constraints from family and work. A person turning 60 may also be relishing the joys of becoming a new grandparent, which is an exciting aspect of this life stage.

Take Personality and Interests into Consideration

By the age of 60, a person will have likely developed a wide range of interests that can be used as inspiration for finding the right birthday wishes. Gardening, travel destinations and religion can all serve as a starting point for knowing exactly what to say to your loved one on their birthday. For example, your birthday wishes could include a favorite Bible verse or a quote from a respected member of their career field. If your loved one is struggling with the concept of turning 60, then a reassuring sentiment about their treasured place in the family could also be ideal.

Select the Right Tone

Birthday wishes can range from serious and highly personal to downright silly. To find the right tone for your sentiments, take into account the setting in which you will be giving them to your loved one. A huge company party might be the best for a serious quote, but a sappy, sentimental card might be best reserved for a one-on-one celebration. Humorous cards can be a great way to diffuse any nervousness about reaching this milestone age; however, use discretion with anyone who you may not know well. When choosing a funny card, you will always want to make sure it matches the recipient’s sense of humor to achieve the desired effect.

Find the Perfect Presentation

For a 60th birthday, there are many ways to share your birthday wishes. Sentimental cards are always a classic way to offer a tangible reminder of how much a person means to you on their special day. Those who are planning a large party, may put the birthday wishes on a banner that can be signed by everyone in attendance. Mothers and grandmothers will love having their birthday wishes presented through an engraving on a necklace or bracelet. Plaques are another way to preserve a birthday wish that can later be displayed at work or home. By taking the time to find the right sentiments for your loved one’s 60th birthday, you will be sure to make their celebration one they will always remember.

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60th Birthday Wishes for Mother
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60th Birthday Wishes for Friend
Funny 60th Birthday Wishes

60th Birthday Wishes for Mother

Do you have a mom who is getting ready to turn 60? When our parents reach this age it can be a bit scary for them. They are often facing a lot of transitions. The last thing you want mom to be is discouraged on her birthday. So encourage her by reminding her what an important a role she has played in your life and how rich and full of good memories her life has been so far. Rather than giving your mom another generic birthday card, why don’t you craft your very own personalized greetings to let her know how much you love her?

It may seem intimidating to write your own birthday wishes for your mom, but it doesn’t need to be. Just follow these simple steps to craft a meaningful birthday greeting that your mom will absolutely love. First, write what you love most about your mom. Is she compassionate and understanding? Is she wise and witty? Next, apply those characteristics you love about your mom to the relationship you share with her. Has she always supported you? Does she cheer you up? Then write some of the special memories you share together. Perhaps you have special childhood memories of her taking you to the park or the ice cream shop. Maybe you have some wonderful holiday memories. Last, let her know in your own words how thankful you are for her and wish her a very happy birthday. Your mom will cherish your heartfelt wishes forever!

At times, we’ve had a rocky road,
but my dreams were always yours to goad.
You believed in me right from the start
even if that passion was held in your heart.
As you begin your 60th year,
now that I’ve held your inspirations right here.

Happy birthday to a woman whose life has made me reflect
on what are the definitions of the worst, the middle and the best.
A simple poem cannot express the ways in which you’ve left an impression on me,
but I hope that my desire for you to have a happy birthday will help you start to see.

Life is a series of progression and steps.
Life is a series of triumph and mess.
No matter what direction our paths have stumbled or danced down,
you are the mom I want to wish a happy birthday to from the tops of the town.

As you turn 60 on this fine day,
I hope that you will also turn my way.
Understand that the hopes I have for you are true:
Another 60 years full of prosperity, health, love and, for me, you.

Finding the words to say puts me at a loss.
You’ve been my mentor, my coach, my friend and my boss.
As I look at these different roles that you’ve served in my life,
I realize at times they must have filled you with strive.
I’d take back all of the words I said that were crude,
but in a way that would be a task quite rude.
Our lives are made of moments and times.
Our lives are made of tales and rhymes.
As I look back on all that we share,
Happy birthday to you my mother dear.

A birthday wish is almost impossible to craft
when I consider the delicate inner-workings of our past.
A life that so filled with memories
For you to accept this poem, I say please.
My wish for your birthday is a day for a cheer,
and while we’re at it, let’s toast with a beer.

Since the moment I was small
you have been it all.
Since the moment I first small
you have made life a ball.
Since the moment I was small
you encouraged me to reach tall.
Since the moment I was small
you reminded me I was your all.
All of these moments lead me to say
have a very blessed and happy birthday.

You are my mother, my mom, my heart.
From you, I never wish to be apart.
However, distance has separated us in many ways,
and I want to make sure I connect with you on this day of all days.
No matter how far away we are
Whether by bus, train, boat or car
I will always make time for you in a special way,
so today, I wish you a very happy birthday.

On this day ever year,
your family gathers from far and near.
Know that we are here for the same reason,
and we will continue to arrive each and every season
to wish you the best from the bottom of our hearts
and to let you know we’ll never truly be apart.

60th Birthday Wishes for Dad

At 60, many people are nearing retirement and about to begin a new chapter in their lives. With an empty nest and financial security, many people upon reaching 60 spend more time and money on themselves; they check things off of their bucket list and making purchases they’ve always wanted. Your father watched you grow, and he has probably helped shape you into the person you are today. Love and patience define this relationship.

Your dad has probably been through a lot as he watched you grow and helped you along the way; it’s important to make mention of the relationship you two have when selecting birthday greetings, particularly if your relationship has strengthened over the years. An age-appropriate wish will mention the new chapter he will be starting in life or make mention of grandchildren if there are any. More humorous birthday wishes and quotes might discuss the fact that he has seen you at your worst, or make mention of all the embarrassing things that come along with old age.

A birthday card for your father’s 60th birthday will make him feel special, but thinking outside of the box can make that birthday all the more special. Luggage tags inscribed with 60th birthday wishes are ideal for a dad who travels while humorous gifts like whoopee cushion and over-the-hill survival kits (stamped with old age quotes) are fun for dads with a good sense of humor.

Whether you send a funny or serious birthday wish, be sure to personalize it with your own memories of this man who has shaped your life. A funny card is appropriate for a more outgoing dad, while something more serious is appropriate if there is a big life change approaching.

You’ve taught a lot and given so much
Bringing us joy with your firm and graceful touch
On your special day I hope you know
You are the one who helped us all grow

Happy sixtieth to someone who’s helped us learn and appreciate life
Guiding us through the joy and the strife
We’ve leaned on you when it seemed things couldn’t be harder
You’ve devoted your years to the job of great father

Birthday wishes to the greatest dad
A 60th celebration with joy to be had
We open our hearts and display our devotion
Our expression of love will give you the notion

I want you to know there’s a spot in my heart
Where you’ll always be held even when we’re apart
And on this special day I want you to know
My love for you will continue to grow

A 60th birthday – what a cause for commotion
You’ve filled my heart with love and devotion
So I say to you in a meaningful way
Have all of my love on your own special day!

When you were born the world was quite different
The time it flies and you may question how it was spent
But know as a father I could not want for more
Birthday wishes to you for now and the many in store

Superlatives abound and there’s much I can say
To you a great father on this most special a day
But a simple thank you for all that you’ve done
And know that the best is the title you’ve won

Common is the birthday wish
For compliments we often do fish
But know that this holds the truest of meanings
The love I have for you – is the most genuine of feelings

Happy sixtieth to the best dad of all
From high on your pedestal, you never will fall
We wish you a day so special its true
And express our love and devotion to you

I’ve grown up right and I’ve grown up strong
With my own children it didn’t take long
For me to emulate your parenting and your style
I’ll appreciate your help for a good long while
Happy birthday for now and well beyond
For all the lessons I’ve learned, I’ll forever be fond
With love in my heart and joy in my soul
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to a dad who made me whole

Sixty’s not very old when you stop to think
Like the half full glass from which we all drink
It’s there in the lessons you so eloquently taught
To appreciate life with regrets for naught
Have the happiest birthday and then many more

I don’t know how you could have done better
Your love wrapped us tight like the warmth of a sweater
On your birthday day we wish you happiness and love
To our own special dad sent to us from above

Birthday wishes to you on the start of your sixtieth year
Here’s hoping it’s a day filled with fun and with cheer
You’ve worked so hard, you deserve a nice break
So enjoy your special day with some love and some cake!

Happy birthday dad with all the love in my heart
Your sixtieth year is about to start
Remember throughout that you’re loved and adored
And remember us as kids if you ever get bored

You are someone I’ve always looked up to
I greatly appreciate all the little things you do
Thanks for being the best father anyone could ask for
I wish you an exciting sixtieth birthday, and many more

Dad, you have taught me so much about life
From simple things like changing a tire, to important qualities to look for in a wife
Every bit of advice you’ve given me has always been sound
Happy sixtieth birthday to the smartest guy around

Dad, you have shown me exactly what a man should be
I can only hope that someday I can make you just as proud of me
You are always ready to help, even before someone asks
I’d love for your sixtieth birthday to only involve pleasurable tasks

Here’s to a father who’s loving, caring and bold
And whose advice and support are more valuable than gold
No one is perfect, but it is clear that you always strive to be
I hope your sixtieth birthday is immensely happy

Happy birthday to my amazing old man
I hope you’re celebrating like only you can
With some of the finest whiskey and the most joyful dancing
I wish you all the laughter and delight that turning sixty brings

Dear Daddy, forget what you’ve heard; you are not getting old at all
But watch your steps; make sure you don’t fall
And write things down, so that you don’t forget
Are you chuckling about the age sixty sarcasm yet?

So, our father has now reached the big six-zero
Well, I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you that you’re my hero
In fact, you’re quite the icon to your other children, too
Dad, you’re amazing, and I am so grateful for you

You’re the guy who used to tuck me in at night
Who taught me that if I needed to, I should put up a fight
I owe so much of what I’ve accomplished to you
I am glad to be able to make one of your sixtieth birthday wishes come true

Here’s to the greatest man I’ve ever known
Someone who stubbornly likes to do everything on his own
Today we will celebrate your sixtieth birthday, Dad
And you won’t fight it; in fact, we hope you’ll be glad

Daddy, I wish you an amazing sixtieth birthday
The kind where everything totally goes your way,
And if any games are played, you easily win
But if someone makes a mistake and beats you, they offer to play again

There’s no one with more charisma, intelligence, and humor than my dad
I’ve watched you in amazement since I was a lad
You’ve been my teacher, confidant and greatest advocate
Happy sixtieth birthday to a greater friend than anyone I’ve ever met

To a gentleman who soars through life with style
Who starts each conversation flashing a smile
From the child of yours who didn’t always obey
I am wishing you an unforgettable sixtieth birthday

Father, I remember many stories you told
And I reflect on so much that you taught me, as I run my own household
I now understand what my siblings and I must have put you and our mother through
Thanks for loving us anyway; and happy sixtieth birthday to you

To the first man to tell me that I was beautiful and he loved me
And that I could be anything in the world that I wanted to be
Daddy, I want you to know that whenever you need me, I will always be right here
For age sixty, and for many more fabulous years

To the most awesome dad in the entire galaxy
Thank you for all these years of putting up with me
Today is your sixtieth birthday, and I hope you enjoy every moment of it
You should be too busy getting down on the dance floor to sit

60th Birthday Wishes for Boss

Your boss knows you on a different level than most people because they work with you and supervise you in the workplace. If you have a good boss, they can also act as a mentor and motivator in addition to having a powerful position at your place of employment. At 60, your boss is probably nearing retirement and looking ahead to a future in which he or she can focus on his or her personal goals and desires.

Birthday wishes about retiring soon, reaching an age of maturity or looking forward to the future are all relatively generic ways to wish your boss a happy 60th birthday. If you prefer a more humorous birthday wish, jokes about taking over your boss’s current position when they retire are funny without being inappropriate. Wishes for future success are also appropriate for any type of boss.

A birthday card signed by your workplace offers a personalized birthday wish without overstepping any boundaries. If you are closer with your boss, look for office related gifts (stationary or mugs) that express 60th birthday wishes. Something funny but not insulting would be best for these gifts.

More serious and thoughtful wishes are best for your boss since you know this person in a professional manner. Unless you are friends, stay away from birthday wishes that are too personal or too sentimental. A funny birthday wish would be best saved for a boss who is also a good friend, with the exception of lighthearted jokes about a nearing retirement.

Sixty is the perfect number
According to ancient lore,
And my boss, you have just turned 60-
Does that mean you weren’t perfect before?

I would say that 60 is pretty old
And begin to call you “Bob,”
But instead, Mr. Smith, I’ll say
Sixty’s young
Since I want to keep my job.
Happy birthday, boss!

My boss, you’re cut from
Quite rare cloth,
And you’re perfect
In all of your ways.
On your 60th birthday,
You look so young.
By the way,
What about that raise?

What’s that?
You were expecting presents, boss,
For your 60th birthday, you say?
That’s fine.
We’ll all go and buy them right now,
And we’ll try not to be out all day!

We linger to sing happy birthday
To our boss who’s been with us so long.
We’ll stand here and sing, “Happy 60th!,”
‘Till his face tells us something is wrong.
When we hear him say, “Get back to work now!,”
Then we’ll all make a hasty retreat.
‘Till then, though, we’ll just keep on singing
And make sure we get plenty to eat.

O boss, on your 60th birthday,
We’d all like to thank you and say
That we can’t find another boss quite like you
And we hope you won’t send us away.
Happy birthday to a wonderful employer!

Your wisdom has made us all wealthy,
If by wealthy, one just means
Your leadership has often inspired us.
May your 60th year be enjoyed!

O boss, may your 60th year
Be filled with love, peace,
And good cheer.
We all wish you the best
And we hope you are blessed
With the blessings your heart
Holds most dear.

Those 60 candles on your cake
A mighty carbon footprint make.

O boss, this will make it seem quite strange
The next time you talk of climate change.

To be more efficient, let’s turn off the lights!
Those candles will surely keep everything bright.

We wish you the best on your birthday, O employer,
But your cake is killing the planet.
You might want to get a lawyer.
Happy birthday!

Turning 60 is a milestone,
But there aren’t many more left, I fear.
Life does not start till you’re 60-
So what have you been doing all these years?
Happy 60th birthday, our beloved boss!

At some jobs, the staff all fear the boss.
They cower when they see him on the way.
They suddenly act busy then,
But we work the same pace all day.

Some bosses don’t give bonuses
And don’t know how to joke around,
But our boss is gen’rous as Santa Claus
And as funny as a clown.

We never laugh at him, just with him,
Even when he’s only laughing inside.
At 60, he still has good humor,
And when it leaves him,
We all run and hide.

Happy 60th, our boss!

The best bosses in life
Pay attention
To their workers
And help them succeed.
We all know you fit well
That category,
And we thank you
For taking the lead.
Happy 60th birthday!

You win boss of the year,
Every year,
From your crew.
Now you’re 60,
So we decided to do something new-
We vote you best boss of the century too!

60th Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Your best friend is a person with whom you have a unique bond that transcends other friendships. You spend time with this person, have many wonderful memories with this person, and are able to trust and share with them unlike most other people in your life. At 60, you have either known this person for a long time or you came into their life more recently and filled a gap. Because 60 is a time when retirement is quickly approaching, it’s a time when many people are able to spend more time with friends and loved ones outside of their career.

Birthday quotes and wishes should make note of the special bond you share with your best friend, especially if you have known each other for a long time. For something more personal, quotes and wishes that pick out a specific quality you love (or tolerate) in that person might be appropriate. If you are younger than your best friend, quotes about them getting older might be funny. A more heartfelt wish might discuss the future of your friendship together.

Birthday cards and balloons are ideal for displaying birthday quotes and wishes if you plan on having a party. If the two of you like to travel, luggage tags with birthday wishes offer a promise of future adventures in retirement and friendship. An engraved watch or bracelet with 60th birthday wishes might also commemorate your friendship.

Both funny and serious wishes are appropriate, depending on your best friend’s preference. Keep it lighthearted if you think laughter is the best medicine; if you’re getting over an argument or a rough patch, something sincere will properly express your feelings for this important person.

To a young lady in spirit, who lives life to the fullest
On your sixtieth birthday, you deserve nothing but the best
Spending time with you is always such a pleasure
Your honesty, care and advice are my life’s greatest treasures

To a 60-year-old I love with all of my might
Who, in our youth, would chat with me all night
Know that you cross my mind every day
When I’m wondering which of us has gotten more gray

My dearest friend, you have taught me so much
And every day that we’re apart, I miss the warm of your touch
And nothing else seems to glow quite like your smile
I hope you’ll bask in the beauty of age 60 for awhile

Sixty years seems like such a short time
For all that you have managed to accomplish
And I am convinced that you are still in your prime
Because you, my friend, are still a dish

To my best friend on his sixtieth birthday
You have never cared what anyone else had to say
You don’t budge, and always want things your way,
Well, as usual, that’s okay; Happy Birthday

To my best friend, one of my greatest loves
We have too many memories to speak of
For many years, you have been like a sibling to me
Here’s wishing you a wonderful age sixty

To a person who has taught us all how to truly live
Who’s so extraordinarily selfless, offering all there is to give
Today you have reached the wonderful milestone of your sixtieth year
I wish you serenity, amusement and birthday cheer

To the only person I can make fun of my family with
Who taught me that friends who always agree with you are a myth
We have shared both happy and sad tears
May you have sixty more amazing years

To the most loving person I know
Someone I had the great fortune of meeting ages ago
Remember that today isn’t about your children, grandchildren, or even me
Today is just for you, because you’ve been blessed to reach age sixty

My dear best friend, welcome to age sixty
I love you for your brilliance, humor and generosity
With each passing year, our friendship feels more like a lucky pot of gold
Which is our silver lining, because we are getting pretty old

It is mighty difficult to find a friend like you
As youngsters, we stuck together like glue
As the years passed, we became family
My brother, I am honored to know you at age sixty

When someone is in trouble, offer a helping hand
Even when it’s a difficult decision, never fail to take a stand
And that barely touches on the many things you’ve taught by example
Happy sixtieth birthday; I know your future lessons will be ample

Happy sixtieth birthday to someone who’s always got a huge smile on her face
Someone in possession of so much beauty, wit and grace
That sometimes I think it’s not even fair to the rest of us
But today is your day, gorgeous, so I won’t put up a fuss

Here’s to my best friend, who turned sixty today
I guess this is that moment when someone is so incredible, you’re not sure what to say
When I think of our friendship, I’m always on the verge of tears
Because having you in my corner has made feel invincible for all these years

Seems like it’s been forever
That we’ve been taking on the world together
At sixty years old, I still believe we shouldn’t give in
Can’t let society win; let’s keep up the good fight, my friend

60th Birthday Wishes for Friend

As many people look back upon turning 60, they take note of the many things they have accomplished and acknowledge that a shift in lifestyle is approaching. Whether children are moving out of the house or retirement is approaching, 60 is a time when people can focus on what they want to do beyond work and family. As a friend, you have probably been there through many life events, supporting and encouraging along the way while sharing great memories.

Birthday wishes that express excitement for a new chapter in life are ideal for a 60th birthday. Personalized quotes and greetings that show how well you know your friend after all these years make your birthday wishes more thoughtful.

Start with a birthday card expressing wishes for your friend’s 60th birthday and go further with any number of personalized gifts. If your friend is retiring soon and the two of you love to travel, luggage tags with 60th birthday wishes make for a thoughtful, personalized gift. You can also find small totes with birthday quotes – or have one personalized – to encourage a weekend getaway.

Serious cards are a good choice if a life event is approaching at this age about which your friend is hesitant. Many people don’t know how to feel when children move out of the house, so encouraging birthday wishes make a nice reminder of friendship. However, humorous birthday wishes discussing the new freedom of being child-free at home work well with a friend whom you know is excited for the opportunity to travel and find new hobbies.

I cherish all the years we’ve shared together
We pledged our friendship would last forever
Best wishes for a fabulous day
And remember even after 60, you’re not too old to play
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday as you turn 60 years old
You’re a great friend with a heart of gold
Enjoy your celebration with joy and fun
After all on this day you’re number one

You’re so sweet, you’re so kind
It’s wonderful how our lives have intertwined.
Remember how we were partners in crime?
On your 60th birthday let’s have a rockin time

Sending joy and happiness your way
On this your 60th birthday
Sit back, relax and be of good cheer
And don’t forget to have a cold beer

60 candles on a birthday cake
60 wishes you can make
They’ll surely all come true
We wish you happiness and good luck too

Your 60th birthday is just one stepping stone
To more life experiences as yet unknown
Face the challenges that come your way
Life is precious, enjoy each day

Three cheers to the best of the best
You stand out from all the rest
Take time to celebrate your birthday to the max
After 60 years you deserve to relax

Sweet 60 – best wishes to you
Good years are waiting with so much to do
Enjoy every moment with laughter and fun
The best part of life has just begun

Although you and I are miles apart
I’m sending glad wishes straight from my heart
We’ve shared so many memories you and I
Happy 60th birthday to the apple of my eye

I hope this 60th birthday will be your happiest ever
Celebrate the way you’ll remember forever
Play golf, laugh with friends, or relax in a rocking chair
Maybe dream about becoming a billionaire

Birthdays are times for reflection
Times of sadness, confusion and elation
Think most about when you were content
Your 60 years have been time well spent

Hugs and love from your longtime friend
To you my best wishes I do send
We supported each other through thick and thin
Happy birthday to you with a great big grin

On your 60th birthday, be a little wild
Think of the birthdays you had as a child
But be careful to not eat too much cake
Or you might end up with a bellyache!

Wishing you health, happiness and peace
Look at your life as a masterpiece
In your sixty years you’ve accomplished so much
Enjoy your special day with the Midas touch

Hurray for the birthday girl
Stand up, look proud and take a twirl
Realized dreams have come your way
Celebrate 60 years on this special day

Through all the ups and downs as life goes on
Keep trekking on like you’re running a marathon
Hope your future gets better and better
Happy 60th – you’re a real go-getter!

Reaching 60 is one of life’s turning points
You may feel old and have aching joints
But don’t despair, stay young at heart
Every so often, take a running start

Funny 60th Birthday Wishes

At the age of 60, a person has seen a great deal in their lifetime and has likely had their share of disappointments and achievements which means they are growing wise and experienced. This is also a time when many people are nearing retirement and experiencing an empty nest as children have grown up. They may also be grandparents by now, or nearing that life event in the future.

A funny birthday wish for a 60 year old will revolve mostly around the idea of getting older. Bodies are changing, hair is growing in funny places, it might be more difficult to see or hear without hearing aids or bifocals; even if these things aren’t happening, birthday wishes including references to these future events might be humorous. Quotes about partying like a young person may also be appropriate if the person is resisting aging, while jokes about empty nest syndrome or ironically finding a new career are appropriate for this age.

Funny birthday wishes for a 60 year old might be found on birthday cards and balloons, while items like stationary or napkins might need to be customized. Gag gifts like whoopee cushions, birthday party hats or “survival kits” for getting older may also be fun.

Funny birthday wishes for a 60 year old are most appropriate when you know the sixty year old well since some people may be sensitive about growing older. Sex jokes and crude humor are best left to close friends and partners, while jokes about empty nest syndrome might be funny from children.

Is it true? Is it true?
This awful rumor I heard about you
You’re now past fifty, and starting on sixty
And the worst part is
I’m all in a fizz
Cause I’m almost there too!

Have you noticed these folks
Who say aging ain’t bad?
And that the golden years
Shouldn’t be sad.
You should be leery
Cause they’re speaking in theory
Their thirtieth birthday
Is the latest they’ve had!

Don’t be surprised
If I’m a bit flirty
You know what they say
Sixty’s the new thirty!

It’s true, you’re not twenty-one anymore
But really, you shouldn’t be sore
So much to see, so much to do
You know, there’s always much more!

It seems so easy for time to pass by
Sometimes we stop
And ask ourselves why
Wasn’t it just yesterday
We were just twenty-nine?

It’s such a drag
Time passes so fast
Things should slow down
So the good times can last

You’re really that old?
For goodness sake
Are there really sixty candles
On your birthday cake?

Remember, walk slow and save your breath
Don’t do anything you can’t handle
Save all your wind
To blow out those candles

Can it really be
You’re six decades old
I guess time passes by
But gee, that seems cold

The first time I saw you I said
“You’re the one”
And sixty years on
I still love you Hon!

It’s finally here
The big six-oh
Should you slow down?
Or get up and go!

When you were a kid
Didn’t sixty seem old
Does it feel that way now
If the truth should be told

May all happiness come your way
On this special birthday
Sixty years old
That’s not so bad
It’s just more proof
You’re not a fad

Think of this
When you feel blue
The Beatles have songs
Almost old as you

Did you ever think sixty
Could come on so fast?
I guess it’s true
Good things really do last!

I saw your name
When I looked in the paper
But really
How could it be
It’s been sixty years
Since you came to be

Did you really ride dinosaurs
To school every day?
Did you walk twenty miles
Uphill both ways?
Well maybe it’s true
All these things that you say
Since you’re sixty years old
This very day!

If anyone tells you
“You’re not what you were”
Remind them at once
To address you as sir!

Sixty years
They can pass in a whirl
Just remember this
You’re still my girl!

You’ve been around for six decades
And you’re thinking of trying
A few hearing aids
Sometimes your joints
Hurt night and day
With those happy thoughts
Have a super birthday!

Remember those days
When you played so much ball?
And chased pretty girls
All over the mall
Well maybe those days
Are really long gone
But, just think of life
As one long sweet song!

I know you’re sixty
But, just to be kind
You don’t look a day
Above fifty-nine!

All those days
All those years
All the joy
All the tears
They pass away
Like fleeting light
It’s your birthday
And it’s really all right