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Reaching the age of 70 is a major life achievement that should be celebrated with one’s closest family and friends. For many people of this age, however, a 70th birthday can be a mixture of conflicting feelings. On one hand, a person may be looking back at their past with nostalgia, or they could be looking forward to the future with pride and excitement to discover what their future holds. Therefore, it is best to approach birthday wishes with a combination of joy and sensitivity for the emotional responses that a person of 70 may be experiencing as their special day nears.

Different Responses to Turning 70

By the time a person turns 70, they have had several milestone birthdays behind them. Some people will view the beginning of a new decade as an opportunity to celebrate good health and a bright future. Others may not even want to think about the prospect of growing older, or they could be struggling with a mixed range of emotions. For this reason, birthday wishes should be tailored to fit the birthday recipient’s personality and comfort level with their age. When in doubt, a sincere and simple message will still recognize the specialness of the day in a way that will make your loved one happy.

Tailoring a Birthday Wish to Fit the Occasion

Try to always start by analyzing a person’s reaction to their advancing birthday before selecting the right wish to convey. Optimistic 70-year-olds will appreciate a bright and cheery sentiment that offers encouragement for the upcoming years. Pessimistic birthday boys and girls may prefer a sentimental birthday wish that offers a classic “happy birthday” message. Those who are in a celebratory mood will love a humorous birthday wish, or you could give them a message to ponder for weeks to come such as an inspirational quote.

Incorporating Personal Interests into the Message

Once you have decided upon the right tone to use, you will be ready to begin looking for quotes and messages that provide a personal touch. For example, you could touch upon the wisdom that your loved one has handed down to the family if they have always prized knowledge throughout their life. Loved ones with a funny streak will appreciate a card with a message that is aligned with their sense of humor. Religious scriptures and quotes also work well for those who value spirituality. If your loved one still enjoys a favorite hobby, such as reading or listening to music, then consider using a quote from their favorite artist or author in their birthday wishes. While this might require a little detective work on your part, keep in mind that the more personalized the message is then the more heartfelt it will be to the recipient.

Finding the Perfect Way to Present Birthday Wishes

There are many ways to present your birthday wishes to a loved one on their 70th birthday. Customized cards are one way to include your preferred message with a cheerful picture that represents your sentiment. If your loved one struggles with their vision, be sure to go with large print that they can see. Additionally, you could record your birthday wishes as a family, and play it for them to hear at their party. Large banners and posters can be printed with your birthday wishes and a family photo that everyone in attendance can sign. Whichever type of presentation you choose, you can be certain that finding the right birthday wish will be taken as a thoughtful gesture and keepsake that honors your loved one as they entire their 70th year.

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70th Birthday Wishes for Dad
70th Birthday Wishes for Aunt
70th Birthday Wishes for Husband
70th Birthday Wishes for Grandma
Funny 70th Birthday Wishes
70th Birthday Wishes for Brother
70th Birthday Wishes for Grandpa

70th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Do you have a father who is getting ready to turn 70? Sometimes it can be difficult both for us and our parents to see them getting older. They feel a loss of some of their strength and vitality. Yet they are still as precious to us as ever. This milestone birthday is the perfect time for you to let your dad know that he is still an incredibly important part of your life. Why not consider writing your dad a personalized birthday greeting to show how much you care?

Writing your own original birthday greeting can be fun and simple if you follow these easy steps. First, write some of the characteristics that you love most about your dad. Is he charming and witty? Is he kind and wise? Next, apply those characteristics to the relationship you and your dad share together. Does he have the ability to always make you smile? Does he give you the best advice? Then write about some of the happy memories the two of you share. As people age their memories become especially important to them. Write about special holidays, vacations, or sporting events you have enjoyed with your dad. Last, write a heartfelt expression of your gratitude for all your dad means to you as well as wishes for a wonderful 70th birthday. You may not realize the power that your written words can have to encourage your dad and make him feel loved and appreciated as he reaches this milestone birthday.

Dad, I’m glad for all the good times we’ve had.
Today, you are 70, and that’s not your age. It’s your life’s score.
If I know you, you’ll be around to enjoy good times for at least 70 years more!

We have done so many things, Dad.
“70″ has a nice ring, Dad.
It is but a number, and not a reason to be sad.
Celebrate! You are great, and you are the best dad, Dad!

Dads of all stripes reach 70.
You have done so much more.
What others merely reach, you have now achieved.
That is why you are the dad that I adore!

Today, you are 70, and I think it’s heavenly.
You have shown me the way to live quite gracefully.
With love in my heart, I wish you, “Happy birthday!”
Thank you, Dad, for always being there for me!

Dad, now that you are 70, I just wanted to say
that you are a great example of the proper way to live,
and I hope you have an extraordinary birthday!

On your 70th birthday,
remember that I love you, Dad.
If I become half the person you are,
I will be more than glad!

I have learned a lot from you.
I hope you know that it is true
when I say you are amazing, Dad!
Happy 70th to you!

You shape me by the way you live.
You change me with the love you give.
You are the parent I hope I will be.
Happy 70th birthday, Dad!
Thank you for turning “me” into me!

When I think of you, Dad,
I smile because you make me glad.
I hope you feel the same is true
when I say, “Happy 70th birthday, to you!”

I am sorry for my role in creating your white hairs.
I know that you are someone who absolutely cares.
You make the world a better place, and I hope it makes you glad
when I tell you, “Happy 70th birthday, and thank you for everything, Dad!”

Life may be short, but you make the most of it.
When collars get hot, you do not roast one bit.
Dad, you have lived 70 exemplary years,
and I hope this birthday wish creates only happy tears.

Today, you are 70, Dad.
May this birthday wish make your heart sing!
Anytime I am sad,
you always know just the thing
to make my drooping spirits soar,
and now that you have known 70 years,
I hope you know 70 more!

When you think of me, Dad,
I hope I make you proud.
I strive to live by your example,
and that is why I cannot possibly be too loud
when I exclaim, “Happy 70th birthday!”
I hope you like the way that “sounds”!

People come in many stripes,
and I like your stripes, Dad!
People often have their gripes,
but you never let those make you sad.
You are a very special person,
and I hope you know it’s true
that you deserve 70 more great years.
Dad, happy birthday to you!

You are the dad I hope to be.
Happy 70th to you, from me!

70th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Turning 70 is a big milestone, and most people at this age can look back at many fond memories and achievements. By 70, people are typically retired and without children at home, though most have grandchildren by this age. If they are still active, they may use this time to travel and pursue hobbies in their free time. Your aunt is a relative who may have been close to you, whether in a motherly way or in the way of an older confidante with whom you could share secrets.

At 70, your aunt has achieved a lot, so birthday wishes that celebrate the wisdom and experience that come with this age will likely be appreciated. Quotes and wishes about getting older can be funny for an aunt with a good sense of humor. If your aunt has been close to you and played a big part in your life, quotes highlighting your relationship and the role she has played in shaping you make for good birthday wishes.

You can find birthday wishes for your aunt on a variety of party items including birthday cards, balloons and party favors. A number of gag gifts that poke fun at being over the hill (hats, “bras,” t-shirts) are also on the market, often with humorous birthday quotes. You could also engrave a bracelet or ornament as a sentimental gift for your aunt.

Humorous wishes at this age are best if you have always been close with your aunt and you are certain she comfortable with getting older. If you two are close, but she is not one to laugh at aging jokes, a more sentimental birthday wish focusing on your relationship is more appropriate. If you’re not particularly close, wishes highlighting her wisdom and bright future are best.

My dear aunt,
what more could I want
than to see you with a birthday smile?
I hope your happiness about turning 70 lasts a good, long while!

To my aunt who today turns 70,
I hope your birthday is heavenly!

You have always been a wonderful aunt.
I hope for your 70th birthday you get everything you want!

I think it would be heavenly
to see you smile at turning 70!
On this day, I want
you to know that I love you, my dear aunt.

My dearest aunt,
may your 70th best the rest
until the next!

You are more than an average aunt,
and I hope your 70th birthday
brings you more joy than you could ever want.

To commemorate today,
I hasten to say
that I hope to be half as amazing
as you, my aunt,
are on your 70th birthday!

Birthdays come and go,
but I want you to know
that no other aunt could show
me how to live, I know.
Today, think of 70 as your score.
I hope this is a happy birthday,
and I wish you 70 more!

Your nieces and nephews love you.
They hold no other aunt above you.
To be with you on your 70th birthday was our wish.
This day is one that none of us could miss!

My aunt, I will not hesitate
to tell you I cannot overestimate
the impression you have made upon my life.
I hope that your 70th birthday is beyond nice!

When I wish on your behalf, my aunt,
the best for you is all I ever want.
Today marks your 70th year.
I wish for 70 more to hold you near!

You are outstanding
and not too demanding.
You are impeccable
and very respectful.
You are a wonder,
and you rarely blunder.
You are the aunt
any niece or nephew would want.
Happy 70th birthday!

As you enter your 70s,
may you know many smiles.
I love you like a mother.
You treated me like your own child.
Officially, you are an aunt,
but I celebrate your birthday knowing
you were the best parent a kid could want!

Today, you may be 70, dear aunt,
but the “score” on the cake does not matter.
You are as wonderful as you have ever been,
and I know that’s because of the goodness in your batter.

My aunt, you are lovely.
You have done nothing but love me.
I hope we will always be chummy.
Today, on your 70th, I love thee!

You are the aunt I most adore,
and today, on your 70th,
I wish for you 70 more!

Not all aunts are the same.
You would still be awesome by any other name!
May your 70th be your happiest so far,
and may you outlast your next 70 cars!

Thank you, my dear aunt,
for being there to nurture
anyone who needed it
and for treating us all
like we have a future.
Happy 70th birthday!

Today is your 70th,
and I would be remiss to not say,
“I hope you have an ‘aunt-standing’ birthday!”

70th Birthday Wishes for Husband

We can help you find the right wish to give your husband for his 70th birthday. Let this page be your birthday-wish resource, and feel free to copy or adapt any wish you see on this page for your personal use.

What Makes 70 a Big Deal?

People commemorate a person’s 70th year because it is the beginning of that person’s chance to relax a little and enjoy life. Reaching 70 can also be a source of pride. As you develop your wish for your man, think about how proud you are of him at this age.

How Is Your Husband Different?

You love your husband because of who and what he is. What makes your husband an individual? Does he like to ride horses? Does he own a motorcycle. Does he own a horse that he trained to ride motorcycles? If that last one is true for your husband, he is truly unique!

As you think of details that define your husband, the right birthday wish can become clear.

How Will You Give Your Hubby Your Wish?

Greeting cards are thoughtful and fine, but we encourage you to consider other wish-delivery methods for your husband’s 70th birthday. You could submit your wish to be posted on the scoreboard of your husband’s favorite sports team, or you could ask a famous opera singer to perform your wish via Skype.

No matter how you deliver it, your husband will surely appreciate your loving wish.

For so many years you’ve been by my side;
I remember the day you made me your bride.
I’m so happy to share this birthday with you;
70 years and you’re still strong and true.

After all these years you’re still my main man.
Through thick and thin I’m still your best fan.
Happy birthday to you, my love and my life.
I’m so blessed to be your forever wife.

Your hearing is less, your eyesight not great.
At 70 I must say “spring chick” you just ain’t.
But come what may I promise I’ll stay
Your number 1 fan on this, your birthday.

It’s been a long trek through hills and byways,
But I’m happy to wish you the best of birthdays.
Through 70 years you’ve seen quite a lot
And I’m happy you chose me to finish this plot.

My hubby, my main man, the love of my life
I cherish the day you made me your wife.
And now let us celebrate your special day.
70 and counting, Happy Happy birthday!

You can’t be 70 years old yet.
You look just the same as the day we first met.
Happy birthday, my love, may you always remain
The husband who keeps his wife half way sane!

They said it couldn’t happen, that we’d never last
But look at us now, all these years past.
Happy 70th, my husband, my pal.
I think you done good picking me as your gal!

We’ve weathered the good and the bad through our love
And found many blessings that came from above.
Happy Birthday! Could 70 be your best year?
Well, no matter, you’ll always be my dearest dear.

You’re only as old as you feel, so they say,
And today we celebrate your latest birthday.
You’re 70 years young with me by your side
Forever together, come hell or high tide.

You may have slowed down, you may not be spry
But together through everything we’ll always get by.
Happy Birthday, old man, from your old lady wife
May we both live a long and prosperous life.

Roses are thorny and you might be too
But together we make the truest of true.
Your 70 years make you who you are now
Happy Birthday, my hubby, I can only say “wow”!

At 70 years you’re alive and kicking.
Thank God your heart just keeps on ticking.
Let’s grow old together – you and me,
At least ’til we reach the big 93!

I wish you much love on this your big day.
At 70 years you still know the way
Through the ups and downs of staying together.
Keep mowing the lawn and I’ll be yours forever.

My hubby, you’re smart, sweet and kind-hearted.
You love all mankind and bless the departed.
Today is your day at 70 years young
To be wild and reckless, let’s go have some fun!

70 years crept up way too fast.
But never mind, that’s all in the past.
Happy Birthday from your most devoted wife.
Now let’s party hard for the rest of your life.

At 70 you’re still the most handsome man.
I’m proud to be seen with you hand in hand.
Let’s do something crazy to make your year
The happiest ever – sky diving, my dear?

70th Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Grandmothers at the milestone 70th birthday deserve a special celebration that respects their hard work and achievements over the years. Turning seventy is an important time to gather with friends and family, and many grandparents enjoy being surrounded by loved ones as a part of their birthday celebrations. Grandmothers at this age are reflecting on the relaxing years of retirement as well as their contribution to society through their family, volunteer work and careers. Grandmas celebrating seventy years would appreciate getting a touching card, planning an event with children and grandchildren, or receiving a gift commemorating their accomplishments and important life experiences. Gifts that showcase key moments and landmarks of a grandmother’s life, such as memory boxes, photo albums, homemade videos and collages will also have a special meaning. Most grandmothers like to be acknowledged for their hard work and care over the years, and a kind word of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Some grandmothers celebrating their 70th birthday will enjoy humor, particularly those who maintain a positive lifestyle and social life, who have always delighted in humorous wishes and who have found a purpose and motivation after retirement. Other grandmothers may prefer a serious or thoughtful sentiment, especially those who are more reflective on their past, who have recently lost a loved one or who are having difficulty in finding fulfillment and purpose through their retirement.

Grandma, ever since I’ve known you, you have lived and let live.
You have unconditionally given, and yet you continue to give.
So, on this your glorious seventieth birthday, it gives me the greatest pleasure
To shower you with precious gifts and all of my love without measure.

Wow, is it really that time again?
Grandma, you have really shown us how life should begin;
And even at this stage of your game, you are showing us how to win;
For all through your life’s struggles, you continue, like a top, to spin.
And, so, for this your seventieth-year celebration,
I wish for you nothing but good health and strength for every situation.

The sixty-ninth has come and gone;
Now, here comes seventy with gladness and song.
Grandma, you are such a wonderful treat,
I know that you will stay sassy, sexy and sweet.

Seventy, seventy, say it out loud,
Happy birthday to my Grandma, the best in the crowd!

My dear grandma, you are so loveable!
It was your love that kept me out of trouble.
You always seem to have my back,
May your seventieth and beyond have no lack.

Seventy years came by so quickly;
Grandma, you don’t look a day over fifty;
With your witty and wise-up mind
I pray you stick around for a very long time.

One for all, and all for one;
Grandma knows how to have some fun.
Seventy, seventy here she comes,
I wish you joy for all you’ve done.

When seventy comes, there is no doubt
That one has lived, so from the top of their voice they can shout,
That seventy years is a blessing indeed;
Happy birthday, Grandma, I wish you good speed!

Grandma, you have exemplified much through the years;
You have been there for me through pain and tears;
So, on this special day I celebrate with you,
Your seventieth milestone, without you I don’t know what I’d do.

Time brings with it many uncertainties and wonderments,
But one thing always had me convinced,
That you, Grandma, are the sweetest thing
That has ever happened to my family and me.
Because of that I take this time
To say Happy Birthday, on your one plus sixty-nine!

Shout it from the roof top; shout it from the plains,
Grandma, your seventieth birthday, to me, is like pleasant rain.
For it is mainly because of you
That I always find strength to do what I do!

When I need help, there is always one
That I can call on, and she always responds.
I speak of you, Grandma, because you demonstrate
What real love is with no mistake.
That is why on this your seventieth celebration
I raise my glass and toast to your love and admiration.

The time has come to celebrate
With you, Grandma, for the way you’ve paved.
Happy seventieth birthday from me to you;
May blessings follow you your whole life through!

In showing me what life should be by sharing,
You have never thought twice about caring.
So, today, I join wholeheartedly in wishing you
A happy seventieth birthday; may all your dreams come true.

To the best Grandma in the whole universe;
May your seventieth birthday be just like sugar and spice!

Funny 70th Birthday Wishes

A 70th birthday is a milestone that deserves attention and appreciation by friends and family alike; it is truly an accomplishment. In today’s society, many 70-year-olds are relatively active and involved in careers, athletics, volunteer work, and other activities. Others are enjoying the relaxation of retirement or travel opportunities. A 70th birthday marks the entrance into the sunset years of life; this can often be a very peaceful time in which many are finally able to participate in favorite hobbies or to take up new past times. Despite the excitement and glow of this era in life, most retirees find that they are also concerned with leaving behind a legacy for their children and future generations. As a result, a 70th birthday is a special event and the celebrant deserves a unique celebration dedicated especially to him or her. Many people at this age are grandparents and would appreciate a visit with grandchildren, a heartfelt card, or a personalized object symbolizing their accomplishments or important life experiences. Some individuals celebrating a 70th birthday will appreciate humor, such as those who have always had a sense of humor, maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and still find a strong life purpose after retirement. Others may prefer serious or sentimental birthday wishes, particularly those who are struggling to find a true purpose in retirement or who have recently received difficult news, such as the passing of a loved one or the diagnosis of a terminal illness.

There’s nothing funny
About turning 70.
It’s not a cause
Of legitimate levity.
When I think of those jokes,
I will try hard to hide
The fact that I’m laughing
Like a maniac inside.
Happy 70th birthday!

A full week of decades
Have now passed you by.
Would you like to eat cake now
Or just sit down and cry?

But don’t waste those tears
Nor let them make a mess!
You can use them to put out your candles
And to save your breath.
Happy 70th birthday!

After 70 years,
You have had enough cake,
So we got you pie instead
To give you a break.
Happy birthday!

Your 70th birthday ritual
Has officially begun,
But we popped your 70 balloons
Because we couldn’t resist the fun.
Sorry about that.
Happy birthday!

We’ve gathered to sing you a song
That’s 70 stanzas long.
Each stanza is the same-
A happy birthday refrain.
No, don’t get up to leave now!
You have to remain.

Our singing is a tad bit off-key,
But we make up for that with our glee.
We’re a big, rowdy crowd
That belts it out loud
Wishing you a happy 70!

May your 70th year
Be filled with good cheer.
But you’re getting pretty old,
So don’t drink any beer.

If you run into trouble,
Let us know on the double.
We will run to you quick
And pop it like a bubble!

We think you’re really great,
But you’re getting old of late.
So let us have your food
If you can’t finish what’s on your plate.

We promise not to whisper
Anything bad
Into your bad ear,
But if we did,
We wouldn’t tell you
And thus interfere
With your cheer.

Happy birthday, old friend!

Your birthday sun is rising
Up into a cheery, blue sky.
The birds seem to tweet, “Happy Birthday,”
While, in a 70 formation, they fly.

Now that you’ve turned 70,
We’ll be seeking a lot of advice.
We’ve got a long list of questions,
And a 69-year-old will not suffice.
Happy birthday, O wise one!

You’re 70 now.
Yes, I’ve heard the news,
And I see on your face
Signs of “the birthday blues.”

You’re year count is long,
But don’t be depressed.
This makes you a leader-
Far ahead of all the rest!

Seventy is not so old.
You are not in old age.
Compared to the years of eternity,
We’re all in the infant stage.

Seventy years are really quite few.
There’s many a tree that is older than you.
Mountains and rivers and dirt
All are too.
Happy birthday, young one!

The head that’s gray or white or skin
Is filled with wisdom deep within.
Turning 70 is a cause
For great celebration,
And the media will turn out
From all across the nation.

You’re 39 today, you say,
Though, “He’s 70!,” I heard your wife holler.
A buck for a year I will give you.
Here’s two twenties,
So where is my dollar?

We brought you 70 presents
To commemorate this day.
We bring you 70 smiles
To make you feel gay.
You know we mean “happy,”
Not the other thing.
You really don’t have
To be told.
We knew that you’d know
That definition
Since today you are 70 years old!

70th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Do you have a brother who is getting ready to celebrate his 70th birthday? It may be hard to believe that your brother has reached this milestone. Aging is not always easy, and your brother may not be overly enthusiastic about reaching this time in his life. People at this age sometimes start to wonder if their lives are still meaningful because they are having to slow down and they cannot do all the things that they used to do when they were younger. Why not take some time to honor and encourage your brother on this special occasion by writing him a personalized birthday greeting?

Writing an original birthday message is fun and easy if you follow these simple steps. First, write the things that you love most about your one-of-a-kind brother. Does he have a witty sense of humor? Is he intelligent? Is he kind and compassionate? Next, apply those beloved characteristics of your brother to the relationship you share with him. Does he make you laugh when you are discouraged? Has he been there to help you in times of adversity? Then share some of the special memories that you share with your brother. You can go all the way back to childhood and teen years recalling the special moments that have made the two of you so close. Finally, share a few words of gratitude for your brother and wish him a wonderful 70th birthday. Your brother will be so encouraged by your heartfelt birthday wishes.

It’s hard to believe that seven decades have passed,
Though they each had great memories, let’s make this one a blast!

What a remarkable mark this birthday will be,
Let’s toast to the great things this year you will see!

Happy 70th birthday to my brother and friend,
Well wishes and joy I’m so happy to send!

70 years of memories and 70 years of fun,
70 years with the best brother, you son of a gun!

I can’t believe you’re celebrating 70 years,
Happy Birthday, my brother! All joy and no tears!

50 years is a lot, 60 years sure is great,
But 70 years, my brother, that surely takes the cake!

We’ve seen a lot together though the time in our lives
We’ve shared it all, the triumphs and dives
But on your 70th birthday, I find it easy to say
You’re my best friend and brother, now let’s celebrate!

Tremendous, remarkable, amazing and great…
Are words I never use for you, brother, cut the cake!

When thinking of all we’ve shared over the decades long passed,
Finding a better brother than you would be an impossible task,
On such a great day I can’t wait to celebrate,
A brother so loving, so caring and great!

On a momentous occasion such as 70 years,
I’m eternally grateful, I’m filled with cheers…
For a brother who has been there to help and assist,
Even when those helping hands were occasionally a fist! Haha!

Happiest of birthdays to my brother and friend,
I hope that your celebration never comes to an end!

The big 7-0 is quite a moment to note,
I’ve wondered and pondered on what I have wrote,
But at the end of the day it’s easy to see,
The best brotherly memories are just you with me!

What an exciting accomplishment!
What a momentous day!
I’m so glad I can celebrate with you,
With 70 different ways to say,
That I love you and appreciate,
All that you’ve done,
You’re the best brother I could hope for,
Second to none!

It’s your 70th birthday,
And brother, we’re ready to party!
So unlike so many times in school,
Now’s not the time to be tardy!

After 70 years of a life so well spent,
I think back on those times and want to give you a glimpse,
Of just how grateful I am for a brother like you,
So celebrate hardy, brother, it’s what you should do!

Seven decades of life that are worth a celebration
A brother who always helped with no hesitation
On such an occasion, my brother, I can honestly say
You’re the best man I know, Happy Birthday!

No matter the reason, no matter the day,
You’ve always been there for me along the way,
To a brother who always showed me what is best,
Let’s celebrate 70 and anticipate the rest!

There aren’t words enough out there,
That I could pen,
To tell of how important you are,
As a brother and friend,
On your 70th birthday,
I raise you this toast,
Of the noble men out there,
You are the most!

70th Birthday Wishes for Grandpa

Do you have a special grandfather who is getting ready to turn 70? Aging can be challenging for our loved ones. They are sometimes losing some of the strength and stamina they once had. Sometimes they begin to wonder if they are still making a difference in the world around them. A milestone birthday is the perfect time to let your grandpa know just how important he is in your life and how much you love him. Rather than just buying your one-of-a-kind grandpa a generic birthday card, why don’t you craft your own original birthday message to him to let him know how much he means to you?

Writing a personalized birthday wish for grandpa is easy if you just follow these simple steps. First, write the things that you love most about your grandpa. Is he kind and gentle? Is he hilariously funny? Next, apply those unique character qualities to the special relationship you share with your grandpa. Is he always able to help you feel better when you are discouraged? Does he make you laugh so hard that you cry when he tells those corny jokes? Then you can describe some of the special memories that you and your grandpa have made together. Last, you can write your very own words of thankfulness and love and end with a wish for your grandpa to have a wonderful 70th birthday celebration. This year, give your grandfather a message from your heart to his that he will cherish forever.

Here’s to the greatest grandpa of all
I look forward to our visit and every single call
You’ve provided me with laughs every single day
And I hope I’ve shown you much love along the way

Your eyes are full of wisdom and your words are kind
Even when you get angry I seem to never mind
Because you bring such joy with everything you do
You know the art of being happy and you’ve taught me that, too

Happy 70th birthday grandpa, I appreciate you more
Than words could ever say or a poem could explore
You’ve been the gentle soul that has always been there
When I needed to talk and my soul to bare

You’ve aged so gracefully and you’re still so young at heart
And you’ve made completely sure that we’re never far apart
You’ve visited quite often and it never could grow old
I’d take a few more visits these days if truth be told

You’re kind beyond comparison and strong as they get
Yet genuine and easy going as anyone I’ve met
You’ve taught me so many little things I’d never thought I’d learn
Shown me great things for free but some you have to earn

So happy birthday Grandpa, I love you more and more
The lessons you teach everyday are nothing to ignore
I’ve come to realize that you’re wiser than the rest
And things you said years ago make sense now I confess

I hope we get to spend as much time together
Talking, playing board games and fishing come good weather
You never probably realized how much it means to me
To have your love, support and great chemistry

I know you’d love me unconditionally even if we fought
But our relationship is the kind that never could be bought
It’s strong yet fun and all that’s good in a parental way
You’re everything I’d hope for and I’m often in dismay

Because without you I’d be a mess and incomplete
I’d never understand how to handle pain and defeat
Your advice has always kept me on the correct track
Courage and empathy are traits you never lack

Happy 70th birthday to the grandfather I need
You’ve made my life more special by the way you lead
It’s not just the gifts you spoiled me that’s true
But the quality time together makes me appreciate you

From the moment I first realized you were here for me
It gave me such warm feelings and security
Knowing someone as great as you could show love
To me was a gift from somewhere high above

I hope that your 70th is full of happy tears
And we celebrate what has been 69 great years
I know that your cake could never symbolize
The amount of experience that comes from your eyes

Or the wisdom you’ve gained and now share with me
I am fortunate to have your advice for free
And your stories from the past are a lesson to be heard
I never doubt a single line or disbelieve a single word

Because I know your past made you into who you are
The amazing man before me who is my shining star
I don’t mind you on a pedestal because that’s where you belong
Anywhere less would be completely wrong

You’re the greatest grandpa I’d ever wished for
My wish and hope for you is for what is in store
In your 70′s I am sure you will continue to impress
Because I know in my heart you are the absolute best.