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Celebrating the 80th birthday is an inspiring event. Today’s octogenarian grew up during the great depression and World War II. Most of them were called upon to serve their country during the Korean War or the conflict in Vietnam. Women of that era had to be independent and self- sufficient in the absence of husbands, fathers and brothers. The economic climate forced many women into the workplace. These struggles created a generation of people who are known for their strength, ambition, and productivity.

80 years on earth is a long time. People celebrating their 80th birthday have so many stories to share and so much wisdom to pass along to their younger friends and family members. Wide-eyed grandchildren can listen to Grandma and Grandpa sharing stories about talking on telephones with rotary dials and party lines. They will love to hear about record players, console TV’s and Frank Sinatra. It’s hard to believe when the 80 year old birthday boy was a child, he could go to the movies and enjoy a bag of popcorn and a soft drink all for a quarter!

The person turning 80 has a work ethic like no other generation. Most 80 year olds worked hard, and were loyal to their jobs. Vacations were rare, and calling in sick was unheard of. They were penny-pinchers out of necessity. Meals were eaten at home. Dining out was a luxury saved for a very special occasion. There were no fast food restaurants or grab and go convenience foods at the grocery store. Birthday cakes were made from scratch, unlike today’s gourmet confections that can be found in the bakery case at your local supermarket.

The 80th birthday is a milestone, and should be celebrated in style! Whether the guest of honor chooses to celebrate with an intimate group of family and friends, or decides to have an all-out blowout, the 80th birthday should be focused on the guest of honor’s wishes.

Knowing a little bit about the way life was 80 years ago should be helpful when deciding what to do for this wondrous birthday celebration. A little thought goes a long way when choosing the perfect card or gift for the honored guest.

Birthday greetings, cards, letters, and messages are appreciated at any age, but for the person celebrating 80 years, the greeting you choose is particularly important. Your 80 year old friend or family member will cherish the memory of his or her 80th birthday and will probably enjoy reading the good wishes he receives over and over again.

Personalized cards and greetings are a great way to honor the celebrant. You can choose hilarious cards with quotes and sayings about getting older, or the good old days. Knowing the recipient of the card will be your guide. Some 80 year olds have a delightful sense of humor, and will chortle when they receive a card that talks about gray hair, false teeth and farts! Others enjoy the sentimental narrative, with a sweet poignant message.

Whatever you choose, be sure to keep the recipient in mind. Listen to his stories, ask family members and friends about his life and how he lived it. Birthday quotes, cards, sayings and stories can be fine-tuned and personalized for your special birthday greeting. The most important thing to remember when helping the octogenarian celebrate this joyful day is to remind him of a life well-lived.

Make the celebration a happy one, light the candles, and join in the chorus of “Happy Birthday to You!” Why not contact everyone he knows and try to get 80 cards delivered to his mailbox? Oh Happy Day!

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80th Birthday Wishes For a Friend
80th Birthday Wishes for Dad
Funny 80th Birthday Wishes
80th Birthday Wishes for Grandfathers
80th Birthday Wishes for Grandma
80th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

80th Birthday Wishes For a Friend

An 80th birthday marks a person who has lived a long and fulfilling life, and he or she has likely seen many changes and historical events throughout his or her life. As this person’s friend, you have likely either known the person for a very long time or you entered his or her life at a later chapter, becoming an important confidant who understands different challenges than a family member might.

Eighty years is a long time, so birthday wishes and quotes should celebrate the fulfilling life the person has led and all the knowledge and experience that comes along with it. Quotes or wishes that recall long-gone events or once-popular items with which “youngsters” are not familiar might be a fun way to bond as friends. If you’ve been friends for a long time, saying how much you appreciate a lifetime of friendship is heartwarming.

Make your friend’s 80th birthday as special as you can with greeting cards expressing birthday wishes, balloons celebrating his or her age, and any number of gifts that she might use. Mugs are great if she drinks coffee in the morning or tea at night, personalized shirts can be a funny gift for both of you to wear, while something more thoughtful like a pillow or bookmark can show how well you know your friend.

If you and your friend are near the same age, a humorous card poking fun at your ages will show that you two are in this together. If you know your friend is particularly sensitive about age, or if you are much younger, stick with something celebrating his or her achievements and future.

When you were just a little child
On your birthdays you went wild
So now that you have just turned 80
Once again, let’s go crazy

Happy Birthday after 80 years
You’ve lived through sunshine, rain and tears
It’s hard to believe so much time has gone by
Here’s to more from your friend by your side

You make 80 years seem young
There isn’t much you haven’t done
I’m proud to call myself your friend
Let’s hope these good times never end

They say “old” is just a word
At least that is what I’ve heard
But you prove that this is true
Because you’re upbeat and rarely blue
Here’s to you on your special day
And may you always stay this way

On your 80th birthday
I’d like to take the time to say
That I think you’re beyond great
So now let’s get to the cake

You’ve always been there for me
Through happiness and misery
So today I’m here for you
To tell you that there’s more to do
So happy birthday to someone
Who always gets the job done
Who always is lots of fun
And always is number one

80 years young today
I hope you always stay this way
So full of laughter, joy and light
When you’re here things seem alright
I’m happy when you’re around
You pick me up when I’m down
So know that I’m here for you
Because we’ve got so much more to do

80 years old I can’t believe
You’ve always got something up your sleeve
You bring fun when there’s gloom
Your smile just lights up the room

I am just happy today
That you’re here with us in every way
80 years old just now
And all I can say is wow

You’ve wished me happy birthday for years
So today let’s give you the cheers
And thank you for being the best
In the north, east, south and west

Birthdays are for surprise
Whether your 80 years old or nine
So here’s a present and a treat
To let you know you can’t be beat

When you’re with me I feel the joy
When you’re with me I say “Oh boy!”
So today let’s celebrate
Someone who is just super great

You don’t same 80 years old at all
In my mind you’re young and tall
You’ve spent your life being kind
And you’re such a special find

Know today that we’re here
To wish you some birthday cheer
And let you know you’re someone
Who brings laughter, joy and fun

It’s really hard for me to say
What you mean to us today
For 80 years you’ve been a champ
I’m glad to be in your camp

Through the years you’ve been my friend
Down life’s road and all its bends
So blow out these candles on your cake
And let’s really celebrate

Let’s have this birthday party start
To let you know you’re in our hearts
80 years have gone past
So let this party be a blast

80th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Reaching the age of 80 is quite an accomplishment and the sign of a long and fulfilling life. The age is beyond the average life expectancy for men and women, and so it is an age that should be celebrated. As a son or daughter to this person, you probably viewed this person as a role model and have many fond memories of growing up with him. You have seen each other at your best and worst, and he knows more about you than most because he’s been there since day one.

Quotes that express your lifelong gratitude to this man and the pride you feel for the man who has been in your life since day one make great birthday quotes for your father turning 80. Acknowledging the role he has played in making you who you are makes for great birthday wishes as does expressing your hopes for his long future of achievements and happiness.

At this age, a card is only a good place to start. For the man who brought you into this world, anything and everything that can be printed with 80th birthday wishes to celebrate his lifelong achievements and your bond as father and child should be used. Balloons for a party can announce this prestigious age as well as his achievement of being a great dad. Any items he would like that can be personalized would also be a great option.

Some people can be sensitive about growing older, so be careful about the humor you choose in your greeting. Something more serious is a nice way to express gratitude for everything your father has done, although a humorous card for the right father can reinforce how well you know him.

Dear Dad, we wish to thank you
For the example of your life:
For many years of service
To your children and your wife.
You showed us
That being a “family man”
Is the best things life can offer,
And we learned that lesson well, Dear Dad,
And birthday blessings to you we proffer.

O Dad, we give you 80 cheers
To celebrate your 80 years!
For 80 rounds, “Happy Birthday” we’ll sing,
And 80 presents we will bring.
Your offspring, three generations down,
Will come and gather all around
To wish you 80 more long years
And give you 80 hard-earned cheers!

I’m sorry to say this.
It doesn’t sound nice.
But, O Father, you’ve gone
O’er the hill now twice.

I know you will tell me
That it was “uphill both ways,”
Over snow-covered mountains,
And past frost-bitten bays.

Through toil and turmoil,
You always persevered,
And that’s why you made it
Through these 80 long years.

Happy Birthday, dear Father,
Happy Birthday to you!
Should I say it 80 times?
Or, perhaps, will that do?

Eight decades now of wisdom
You’ve amassed in your days,
And we’ve learned from that wisdom
As we’ve gone along our ways.
So we’ve listed 80 lessons
That you’ve taught us through the years.
Some of them bring laughter
While others force out tears.
All of them remind us
Those grey hairs were not in vain,
And we wish you a wonderful birthday
On this “80th refrain.”

Dad, as I’ve watched you travel through life,
Facing its challenge and strife,
I’ve learned how a stiff upper lip
And the knowledge that life is “blip”
Can make tribulation seem light
And let me rest easy at night.

Dad, on the 80th year since your birth,
I’d like to remind you
Of your long life’s great worth.
So I came here to celebrate
And to give you a hug,
And I really do apologize
For spilling coffee on your rug.

I know that you’ve heard this
Seventy-nine times before,
But, Dad, I’d like to wish you
“Happy Birthday” once more!

May your 80th birthday
Be the best you’ve ever had.
May your 80th year
Be truly happy, my Dad.

Many Heaven-sent blessings
Fill your 80th year,
And may you ever find reason
To be of good cheer.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

May health and good spirits
Attend you each day
As you walk through your 80th year.
May the Lord grant your wishes
And send blessings your way
And confirm to you that He is near.

It’s your 80th birthday,
But, father, I fear
That the candles won’t fit on your cake.
By the time you blow them out,
You will be out of breath,
But the rest of us will patiently wait.

You’ve reached a milestone, O Dad.
Eight decades now you’ve known.
And we who’ve known you as our Dad
Would choose no other one.

May birthday blessings fall on you
As you enter your 80th year.
Our heartfelt wishes go out to you
And fall upon your ear.

The goodness of the Lord you’ve known
For 80 years and running.
Your life has been an example, Dad,
And we’ve found it rather stunning.

Funny 80th Birthday Wishes

An 80th birthday is a proud milestone and an impressive achievement. It is also a fun and social time for many in today’s society. People who have reached this age know what they like and are not afraid to speak their minds. After eighty years of life, they are focused on leaving a legacy behind- through their work, families, charity, or other experiences. This is the age of appreciating what life has already offered and making the most of the time one has left. While some 80-year-olds may be more in tune with the memories that have already passed, many are still energetic and enjoying life with children, grandchildren, and a variety of hobbies and activities. A birthday card, special visit, or documentation of the person’s achievements and life experiences via a book, video or other visual or media format lets this person know how much you care. Some folks celebrating an 80th birthday will appreciate humor, particularly those who have always had a sense of humor, who continue to maintain a lively, active social life, and who feel satisfied with the legacy they know they are leaving behind in the future. More serious birthday wishes will be appreciated by those who have always had a serious disposition or who have received a recent heartache, such as the passing of a loved one, a diagnosis of a terminal illness, or the loss of mobility due to age.

On birthdays we celebrate blessings, and today, you’ve got plenty:
So here’s to having quadruple the fun, that you had the day you turned twenty!

Today, you’re turning eighty, but don’t feel old and mean,
Just think, if you were a dog, you’d only be sixteen!

You know that God opens windows; whenever He bolts a few doors,
That the grass on the other side of the fence, is just as weedy as yours,
You know what to do if the shoe fits, or a horse bucks you off of his hide,
What NOT to do over spilled milk, or with books ’till you’ve read them inside.
And you know that if it glitters; it doesn’t mean its gold,
And that’s why life is better, when you are eighty years old.

Thanks to you your grandkids know, how good they have things now,
When they’re chilly they don’t gather kindling, when they’re thirsty they don’t milk a cow,
They have heard how you walked to school, through heat or rain or snow,
How a boy in his spare time would whittle, and his sister could help Mama sew.
It’s okay to stretch the truth some, just so they’ll get your drift,
Because finding your memory hazy, is an eighty-year-old’s birthday gift.

You don’t have to hide your wrinkles, with ointment or face work or cream,
Those lines are signs that you might be, much wiser than you seem.
And hair dye is too much trouble; you earned every stand of that gray,
Sit back. Relax, and proudly boast, I’m eighty years today!

Thirty brought a mortgage, and fifty a crisis or two;
Eighty seems like a good time, to do what you want to do.

Eighty years of living, may seem like quite a lot,
But if Noah should come to your birthday; he’ll think you’re just a tot.

Today your birthday should be, exciting, awesome and more,
After all, you’ve only rehearsed it, eighty times before.

Today is a special birthday, and that’s why I want to say:
You must have a lot of gumption, turning forty, two times in one day!

You remember when bands were big, and the Deal was still pretty new,
So I hope that your eightieth birthday, is classic and notable too.

Come see the extravaganza: magical, grand and earth-shaking:
It’s a birthday spectacular, eighty years in the making!

You’ve witnessed some public scandals, and the world taken over by screens,
The babies you rock now are “great” ones, church goers wear blue jeans.
You’ve outlived most of your autos, and a daytime drama or two,
Fashions have entered then vanished, but at eighty you’re still being you.

If you think you should lounge around, or take a nice little slumber,
Remember to get up and party, ’cause eighty is only a number.

Your eightieth birthday’s a time, to think up cunning ways,
Of reminding all of the young folks, how things were in the good old days.

As free time and grandkids and hobbies, and senior discounts unfold,
It’s the best of times to remember: life starts when you’re eighty years old.

80th Birthday Wishes for Grandfather

A grandfather is an important man who sometimes steps in to fulfill fatherly roles when a father is absent or working long hours. Your grandfather likely doted on you as a young child and provided a good example as you grew older since you only ever knew him as a wizened adult. On his 80th birthday, your grandfather is celebrating a long life filled with children and grandchildren and a number of successes about which you may have never known. This birthday is a special one signifying that he has lived longer than average and continues to live a life filled with people who care.

Because you have always known your grandfather as an older adult, birthday wishes at this age should express his knowledge and experience while acknowledging any positive influence he has had on your life. Quotes about any personality quirks or memories between the two of you can help personalize an 80th birthday wish for your grandfather.

Giving your grandfather a card wishing him a happy 80th birthday is a good start; you can also give more personalized items if you can afford them. An embroidered leather wallet or notebook if he appreciates quality goods can be thoughtful gifts memorializing his 80th birthday.

A funny birthday wish noting your great age difference while still showing your respect and admiration for your grandfather will make for a humorous birthday greeting. Serious wishes might be best coming from a grandchild who is so much younger unless you are certain your grandfather will appreciate a good laugh.

“You say you are 80 years old today,
and your birthdays no longer matter,
But to me they are extra precious days,
When I stop and honor my Grandfather.”

“Grandfather, today you are 80 years old,
A mighty accomplishment all on its own,
But when I list all your wonderful deeds,
I wonder how you found the time,
to get each one of them done.”

“Today is your 80th birthday Grandpa,
And you’re still as chipper as ever,
Wise and robust and telling your tales,
Stories of excitement and adventure,
Thank you for sharing them all with me,
They are a gift that I’ll always remember.”

“Grandad, you claim that you’re old,
Now that you are 80,
But you have no evidence to show it,
You look the same as when you were 60,
I’ve known you my whole life,
I think that I should know it.”

“Today you turn 80 years old,
And there’s something you should know,
You’re the best Grandfather that’s ever
Been born in this world,
And I’m sure, in any other.”

“It is your 80th birthday today,
Yet I don’t see how that’s changed you,
You’re the same as when I was two,
You are still my dear, dear Pappy,
And I still, and will always love you.”

“Now that you’re 80 and I’m all grown up,
I want you to know you did everything
A good grand dad should do,
You taught me all the important things,
About truth and beauty and love,
And there are no lessons in life
I cherish more than the lessons
That you taught me about.”

“You are 80 years old today,
So Birthday wishes are in order,
You’ve been with me every step of the way,
Without ever getting tense or bothered,
If I asked the same question day after day.
You would answer me patiently, Grandfather,
I want you to know I remember you always,
And to me, your kindness still matters.”

“Today is your 80th birthday,
and I’m hoping you will see,
That although this day is special,
All days are treasures to me,
When we’ve spent them being together,
Just my dear Grandfather and me.”

“Today is your 80th birthday,
And I’m still so very proud
To introduce you as my Grandfather.
I’d like to say thank you,
Because unlike so many others,
You have never embarrassed me,
By being obnoxious, rude or loud.”

“Grandpa, I want you to know today,
The day that you turn 80,
It’s because of you that I have grown,
Into a proper young lady.”

“Today is your 80th birthday,
And there is something I want to say,
You are more than just a grandfather,
You’re the best one in every way.”

“Today is your 80th birthday, Grandpa,
Lets spend a day like we used to,
When I was still very small,
We’ll go outside to sing and play,
And then when night time falls,
We’ll find some grass and gently lay
and dream while gazing up at the stars.”

“You’ve always been special to me,
On your birthday and always, Pappy.
This year you are turning 80,
I wish you happiness for every day,
And blessings in every possible way.”

“Grandpa, you deserve the very best,
But today is your 80th birthday,
So today even more than all the rest,
I wish you the most magnificent day.”

80th Birthday Wishes for Grandma

As you reach this milestone birthday I hope that you will see
Just how very special you truly are to me.
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

Grandma, you’re a precious jewel, so radiant and rare;
You show your dedication by the many ways you care.
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

Because you’re loved so very much it is with joy and pleasure
We send these birthday wishes, for you are such a treasure!
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

A grandmother shows her love in so many special ways,
Her words are filled with wisdom and kind deeds fill her days.
Happy 80th Birthday!

How can we ever thank you for how you sacrifice and serve?
We wish you the best this birthday, because that’s what you deserve!
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

Grandma, we will always cherish the kindness you have shown,
We are so proud and thankful to have you as our own!
Happy 80th Birthday to our wonderful Grandma !

Grandma, because of all the love you’re constantly expressing
We want you to know that all of us consider you a blessing.
Happy 80th Birthday!

You’ve always worked so hard to show your tender care
You’ve filled our days with sunshine and covered us with prayer
So Grandma, on your birthday we wanted you to know
Just how thankful we are for the love you always show.
Happy 80th Birthday!

Your life is such a legacy for all that you’ve achieved;
You’ve been a great example as you’ve lived what you believe.
Grandma, you inspire us. Happy 80th Birthday! We love you!

From the time that we were children and right down through the years
You’ve always been there for us, both in times of joy and tears.
Because you’ve tried so faithfully to teach us how to live
We never can repay you for all the love you give.
Thank you, Grandma for your loving example. Happy 80th Birthday! We love you so much!

A grandma holds a special place that no one else can fill;
She always loves, always supports, and we know she always will.
Thank you, Grandma, for being such a special part of our lives. Happy 80th Birthday!

When God created Grandmas He gave them a special love
We know that you are a precious gift sent down from Heaven above.
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma. You are such a tremendous blessing to us!

Grandma, we are so thankful to have you in our lives;
You bring such joy and sunshine whenever you arrive.
We hope that your birthday brings you as much happiness as you bring to others.
Happy 80th Birthday!

Grandma, you are like glue that holds our family together.
You’ve been a rock to lean on through all the storms we’ve weathered.
On this your special birthday we want you to understand
How thankful we are for the ways you’ve shown your love with heart and hand.
Happy 80th Birthday to a wonderful grandmother!

I will always love you, grandma, both now and until forever
The strong bond of love between us time and space can never sever.
Thank you so much for always being there for me. Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

80th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

An 80th birthday marks a long life filled with ups and downs as well as the personal knowledge and experience gained from living through many decades of change. An uncle turning 80 has likely played an important role in your life as an adult who provided some form of support, be it more serious or more playful. At 80, your uncle has been in your life for a long time and may even know things about you your parents don’t.

Eighty years of life can be filled with a variety of life experiences that leave a person more knowledgeable and fulfilled; birthday wishes and quotes should express that knowledge as well as celebrate the years ahead of this man. Birthday wishes for your uncle should celebrate his long life and describe how his life and experiences have made an impact on you. If you have a more playful relationship, 80th birthday greetings can reflect that by poking fun at his age as well as your closeness.

An 80th birthday card for your uncle will celebrate his long life and your relationship, whether you two are close or not. Quality items like leather goods that denote his 80th birthday are thoughtful, personalized gifts for an uncle with whom you are close.

If your uncle has always been the cool uncle, go with it and send him a funny birthday wish for his 80th birthday. It will reassure him that no matter how old he gets, your relationship is still the same. Conversely, if you aren’t as close, a serious birthday wish commemorating his age and achievements is better.

The day you think yourself a hunk’ll
be the day we call a shrink.
Happy birthday dearest Uncle,
You’re only as old as you think.

You provide for us in every way,
you’ve raised us as your own,
Dear Uncle, it’s your birthday,
You deserve to sit on a throne.

Uncle, you’re turning eighty,
your belly might be weighty,
but you’re still as sharp as a tack
and you’re always one to give back.

Uncle, it’s time for birthday cake,
although perhaps you’d like steak.
Whether or not we have some meat,
our love’s in this birthday treat.

Uncle, in this birthday note,
your ego we hope to bloat,
although our words may get your goat,
as an uncle, we can only gloat.

It’s your birthday, don’t feel blue,
even if we had no clue.
For all you’ve already been through,
in the end, we still love you.

You’ve come far along the years.
Uncle, you’re now among dear friends.
Though events have brought you tears,
We’ll always make amends.

Here’s to an wise old sage
who’s always full of smarts.
We turn another of your life’s page
so we can appreciate your arts.

For he’s a jolly good fellow,
though his teeth are banana yellow,
he’s still a really swell guy,
a truth that no one can deny.

Eighty years of your life have passed,
Years of happiness and sorrow,
Human life was never meant to last,
but continue to strive to tomorrow.

You came to this world eighty years ago
and now we mark that anniversary.
We thought that you would like to know
thanks for the memory.

The modern world is on the move,
with cell phones and internet,
but Uncle, you still have your groove;
this birthday will be the best yet.

Uncle, if you were a tree,
you would still be young,
but you should always feel free
to have praises to you sung.

What did your parents ponder
when they first held you in their arms?
Uncle, your birthday is a thing of wonder,
a magical day of charms.

The oldest person alive on the Earth
has forty more years than you,
Uncle, we hope to celebrate your birth
for forty more years too!

There has never been a person greater
at avuncular deeds than you,
It’s time for birthday theater,
where the whole family acts like a zoo.

What do you call a person
who we all love and cherish?
You call him Uncle, second to none
the birthday boy that shouldn’t perish.

An important part of any family
is an uncle who cares for all,
This birthday, Uncle, you will be
given a portrait on the wall.

Uncle, you are a shooting star
who is always willing to go far.
We couldn’t get a birthday car;
we hope our present isn’t bizarre.

Birthday wishes are in order,
The day’s events are a blur,
Uncle, you’re eighty years old now,
To get this old, we ask ‘How?’

To wrap up our birthday wishes,
we offer to wash your dishes
and care for you in your twilight years;
Uncle, let out some cheers!.