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Best Birthday Rhymes and Wishes for Brother

All Quotes you need for Brothers Birthday

Siblings share a unique bond that lasts a lifetime. Brothers, especially, play a special role in their sibling’s life by adding lighthearted fun to family relationships. Despite early childhood rivalries and good-natured competition as you create your path into adulthood, you know that your brother will always have your back. Whether your brother is older or younger, you can always count on them to be there for all of your life’s major moments. Therefore, you want to make sure to give him a birthday wish that demonstrates his importance in your life. Yet, just like brothers, birthday wishes range from strong to sweet. So, here’s the best ways to find the right words for your brother on his birthday, whether he’s turning 18 or 80.

Consider His Age

At every age, a person has certain milestones that are common among others in their life stage. As a general rule, you can expect for men to get more sentimental as they get older. While your brother may have balked at a sappy card when he was younger, he may appreciate knowing how you truly feel now that he is older. In fact, lots of brothers may play it tough when they are around their siblings, but really there is a sweet spot deep down who appreciates a heartfelt sentiment. You can also tie his birthday wish into a special life event such as a new marriage, birthday or career success. Mentioning these types of milestones in your birthday wish can make it more personal.

Go for the Gusto

With a brother, you can get away with being more honest or silly than you would with a colleague. Go ahead and plan for an over-the-top birthday wish that is truly unique. Along with sentimental messages, humor is always appreciated. Consider incorporating an inside joke into your message, or go for a quote from a favorite movie you watched together during childhood. Sing-song rhymes and risky jokes may just work if it fits your relationship. If your loved one is hitting an older age, siblings are typically the ones who can get away with a well-written message that jokes about their advancing senior status.

Make It Special

No matter what your brother may say, he is likely looking forward to hearing from his family and friends on his birthday. Since you two have the closest bond, make sure your message is special enough to stand out from the rest. If your brother loves to read, then slip your birthday wish into a book, or choose a message that is based upon his author’s best quote. Did your big brother just buy a brand new sports car? Then, use washable window paint to display your message to the world as he travels to his birthday venue. The rule of the game when it comes to brothers and their birthdays is to just have fun. So, let loose and get creative while exploring the best birthday messages to let your brother know how valuable he is to you on his special day.

Having a brother like you has been such a blessing
I don’t know what I’d do without you
Sending enough love with this birthday wish
To last the whole year through

A brother is a best friend for life
Someone to confide in and to love
The day you were placed on this earth
Was truly a blessing from above

There will never be another person
Whom I cherish as much as you
So on your birthday I want you to know
How much you are valued and looked up to

No amount of distance between us could ever break our bond
We’ve been through so much together
Know that I will always be here for you
On your birthday and through any kind of weather

Knowing that I have you as a brother brings a smile to my face
The memories between us could never be replaced
The day you were born the whole world was blessed
Wishing you a Happy Birthday, I hope it is the best

You’re the glue that holds our family together
The strength when we are weak
This birthday wish is filled with love
For a brother who is truly unique

As the years go by we only grow closer
You know me better than anyone
I hope your birthday is filled with joy and laughter
For a brother who is so much fun

There have been many times when I’ve needed you
And no matter what, you’ve always been there
May your birthday and the year ahead be blessed
For a brother that’s truly rare

Having you as my brother has been such a dream
You’ve been there for me through everything
Happy birthday to my biggest supporter
Thanks for always being on my team

Through the good times and the bad; The happy and the sad
From the day you arrived, You’ve been the reason I’ve survived
Happy birthday my dear brother, there will never be another

A brother as special as you deserves so much happiness in life
I wish nothing but the best for you
May this birthday be the most amazing one yet
And the same for the year ahead, too

I’ve always been proud to call you my brother
Watching you grow has made me so happy
Wishing you a birthday greater than any other
I love you so much, Now enough with being sappy

I hope your birthday is magical
A brother as kind as you deserves it
May the day be enjoyable from beginning to end
And the year ahead as well, every little bit

Today is full of memories
Of a brother who’s the best
Wishing your birthday is full of fun
And even better than all the rest

You are the one who made my childhood special
And to this day I look up to you
This birthday wish is bursting with love
And hope for a happy year, too

We’ve had a lot of laughs, and there were times we fought-
We’d get into some mischief, and then always get caught.
But we learned lots of values in the years we spent together-
Happy Birthday to you, brother – I’ll love you forever.

Some people think a brother is nothing but a pain-
They snoop around your room, and then drive you insane.
You might have done those things, just a time or two-
But it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll always love you!
Happy Birthday, Brother

I’m happy it’s your birthday, and I want you to see-
How much I love and care for you, you’re the best brother to me.

Sometimes we got in trouble, sometimes we got along-
Sometimes we didn’t know what to do, so we irritated mom.
But you’re not just my brother; you’re also my best friend-
So I hope your day is filled with joy from beginning to end.

You’ve been my source of strength, and given great advice-
When asked who I care about, I don’t have to think twice.
Because you, brother, are not just my family but my friend-
So Happy Birthday wishes are what I have to send.

Whether we are with each other, or talking just by phone-
You are always there for me, I’m never alone.
You’re such an awesome person, to me there is no other-
Happy Birthday to my friend, who’s also called my brother.

Today is not just any day; it’s special because of this-
It’s your birthday, brother, so make a special wish.
I hope that it comes true and you’re filled with happiness-
To have a brother just like you makes me feel very blessed.

Happy Birthday, you’re the best, and I should thank my mother-
For giving me the greatest gift – a special, awesome brother.

You’re not just one more year older, you’re another year more wise-
Happy birthday, brother, hope your day is extra nice!

You might not get a gift from me, you might not get a card-
But finding the right things to say to you is never hard.
So here’s a birthday wish that comes straight from my heart-
I’ll always love you, brother, whether we’re near or far apart.

Happy birthday, not just this year, but one after another-
You deserve a special day because you are my brother.

What is a brother, anyway? It’s someone who’s unique-
And I am blessed to have one, so wonderful and sweet.

Happy Birthday!

I’m not trying to remind you that you’ve aged again-
Because you’re just as young at heart as you have always been.
Happy Birthday to my brother

Through the years we’ve seen it all-we helped each other when we’d fall.
We’ve laughed and cried and been so scared-we’ve been happy and we’ve shared-
Memories that were meant to last-time it seems to go so fast-
So Birthday wishes I will send – to my brother, and my friend.

I’m pretty sure there was a time when you thought all I did was get in your way, but you never showed it. You always cared about me and loved me, and were always so patient. Thank you for being the best brother anyone could ask for. Hope you have an amazing Birthday!

Happy birthday to my brother;
We’ve got a connection like no other!
From earliest childhood we’ve been best friends
And I don’t see the future bringing that to an end.

Today is your birthday, and I want you to know
That no matter the ways in which we both grow
As we take on the coming year
You can count on me; I’ll always be right here.

Even back when we were young
You didn’t know how to hold you tongue.
Your words always got us into trouble
So let’s spend your birthday making it double.

I want you to enjoy your special day
So when your favorite sibling comes your way
We’re gonna paint this whole town red
And tonight we’re not gonna make it to bed.

Happy birthday to a special guy
With whom I’ve never had to be shy
Because we get each other, we really do.
It’s why I’m so glad my brother is you.

Happy birthday to the man in my life
Whom I’ve been there for in joy and strife
And I will continue to be there for you
Because we’re brothers – it’s what we do.

Happy birthday to a certain dude
Whose birth we celebrate today with food
And gifts that reflect his personal taste
Because anything less would be a waste.

I want your birthday to be special for you
So I tried to think of something that would imbue
Our time together with a special twist
And make people who couldn’t come wish they hadn’t missed.

Happy birthday to the brother who made
My whole childhood seem like a walk in the shade.
Since you’re so important to me
I hope your special day is as nice as can be.

We’ve been together since the very beginning
For every homerun in every inning
And as this new game starts for you
I’ll be in the stands, cheering you through.

Today is a really big day for you, bro,
So I wanted to tell you something before I have to go:
No matter how far on the road of life you make it,
I’ll always be around to make sure you don’t fake it.

It’s your birthday today so I got you a gift
That I hope will give your spirit a lift
But of course no present could ever come near
The glorious favor of having me here.

Keep in mind during your birthday party
While you’re young and strong and hardy
All these blessings that I’ve listed here
And you’re sure to have a wonderful year.

I hope you have a great birthday
And everything you do goes your way.
May you prosper in all your endeavors -
You deserve it, for being the best brother ever.

You deserve the best on your birthday this year
So let’s kick this party into gear
And make sure this night is one for the books
Even if it gets us some funny looks.

Yes, big brother
Another Birthday is here
It’s hard to believe
But it really is true
The best thing about it?
I’m still younger than you!

Happy Birthday dear brother
I hope you have fun and then a good rest
I really don’t care
That Mom likes you best!

We’ve been brothers for all of these years
Through fights and fusses and adventures galore
As far as siblings go
I couldn’t ask for much more

Back in the day
We had our fights
Our parent’s patience
Put to the test
But, as brothers go
You’re just the best

It’s days like these, when thoughts expand
I think about the times we’ve had
Though thick and thin, and good and bad
I have my brother
For that I’m glad

Just because
Another birthday has come
Doesn’t mean
You’re just about done
Think about it, my brother dear
There’s really not
That much to fear

Remember all those times we had?
Some were good, some were bad
In retrospect, I have to say
You’re the best brother
I ever had

I used to think
How great it would be
If I had no brother to hinder me
As time went by, I came to see
Without my brother
I wouldn’t be me!

Birthdays and brothers go hand in hand
Time to celebrate and strike up the band
It’s nice to think, as time passes by
I’m your brother, and you are mine

Remember those days, when we fought and fought?
We scraped and we scuffled, with barely a thought
Then time passed by, and it really went fast
But you’re still my brother, long may we last

Remember those days, when we fought each other?
I thought
How great it would be without my spoiled brother
It’s funny how time, can change how you feel
Without my brother, life wouldn’t be real

Friends may come and friends may go
But brothers are in it
For the long haul
It’s great to have someone
Pick us up when we fall

I used to envy my best friend at school
He had no brother, always acting the fool
But now as I look at the passage of time
Nothing can beat a brother like mine

Getting older doesn’t have to be bad
Just think back
On the good times we had
And give some thought
To the days yet to be
We’ll greet them together
My brother and me

Time passes by, and that can be cold
With time comes wisdom
That’s what I’m told
No matter the fuss, no matter the troubles
You and I will always be brothers

Birthdays are great, birthdays are grand
Celebrate this one as hard as you can
I guess it’s really a roll of the dice
But I couldn’t have picked a brother so nice

Sometimes our siblings can drive us just mad
It makes us think, why is life so bad?
But given the steady passage of time
I’m glad you’re the brother
I call mine