For Cousin

Cute and funny Birthday Messages for Cousin

We publish Birthday Wishes for your Cousin

Cousins can be as close to us as siblings. Most people have one or two special cousins. If you have arrived at this page seeking help to write a meaningful birthday message to your cousin, we are here to help!

Feel free to use everything on this page to help you construct a great birthday wish to your cousin. As you write, ask yourself some questions.

What Does Your Cousin Mean to You?

Think about whether your cousin is important to your everyday life. Have you experienced good times together? How do memories of those good times make you feel, and how might those same memories make your cousin feel?

Does Your Cousin Make You Laugh?

You and your cousin have a family bond. Do you laugh together? Does your cousin generate the laughs? Perhaps, you ought to repay your cousin’s laugh-generating behavior with a birthday wish that creates guffaws.

Do You Want to Make Your Cousin Laugh?

Only use a funny wish if a comedic message is in tune with what you want to say. Even if your cousin is a funny person, you may have something deeply heartfelt that you want to share with him or her. If that is the case, we have many serious, meaningful wishes to cousins prepared on our site. Use those to help you craft your unique birthday wish to your cousin.

How Will You Deliver Your Birthday Message to Your Cousin?

Traditionally, birthday wishes are conveyed through greeting cards or similar emails. No law says you have to confine yourself to those. A short, sweet and meaningful message would fit on top of a birthday cake, but you could also pay a skilled biplane pilot to write it across a blue sky.

If you want to deliver your special wish to your cousin in a unique way, consider:

Skydivers spelling out a short message with their bodies
A team of cheerleaders delivering your message with a bit of practiced tumbling
A local stand-up comedian delivering balloons and a funny message
Programmable LED arrays mounted on the wall at your cousin’s birthday party

The medium you choose for your birthday wish is up to you, but you should never feel confined to the standard, greeting card method.

Take a Chance!

You never really know what will strike a person as meaningful “in the moment”. Do not let that fact make you hesitate. Sometimes, we all have to take chances in life. As long as your message is heartfelt and avoids meanness, you can deliver it to your cousin without worry.

Now, write your wish, and whether it is funny, serious or a hybrid of both, get ready to celebrate with your cousin!

You’re part of my family but also my friend
When I need advice or someone to lend a hand
I know that my cousin will always be there
Happy birthday to someone who cares!

Whenever you’re down or feeling blue
You know I’m here to listen to you
Cousins have a bond that no one can touch
Happy birthday and I love you so much!

You’re like the sibling I never had
Always there to make me smile and feel glad
You may be my cousin but I call you my friend
I know we’ll stick together until the very end.
Happy birthday!

Your courage and perseverance inspires us all
To push through life’s struggles and stand tall
Now it’s your special day and I’m here to say
Cousin, I appreciate you, so happy birthday!

Presents and cake surround you today
But it’s in my heart where you’ll always stay
You’ve been my confidante through all these years
And the one who helps me face my fears.
Happy birthday to an amazing cousin.

I know that cousins share a special bond
There’s family and friendship but we go beyond
You share with me my laughter and tears
And I look forward to many more years
Happy birthday.

Put on your party hat and bring out that smile
It’s your birthday so let’s dance for a while
Thank you, cousin, for being so great
And giving us a reason to celebrate!

On this special day I’m thinking of you
If you don’t know why, I’ll give you a clue
You’re growing older but you’ll still get your way
Because today, dear cousin, it’s your birthday!

For all the years we grew up together
I feel as if I’ve known you forever
Sunshine or rain, no matter the weather
Our friendship only gets better and better!
Happy birthday, cousin.

I’m grateful and blessed to have you in my life
A cousin that supports me through struggles and strife
It’s you I come to when I need advice,
So I hope your birthday is extra nice!

Inside jokes and laughter galore
When I spend time with you I always want more
But even when life’s paths take us far away
I love you, cousin, so happy birthday!

The world is like a birthday cake,
You’ll always want more no matter how much you take
But today you get cake and sprinkles too
I love you, cousin, and happy birthday to you!

I think of my cousin and the years that have passed
With all our fun times, they went by so fast
We’re always so close whether we’re near or far
And this birthday wish will reach you wherever you are!

When we were kids we would laugh and play
When you had to go home I wished you could stay
And now that we’re grown, I feel the same way
So cousin, let’s celebrate your birthday!

Happy birthday to a very special cousin
One that brings me giggles by the dozen
A person who supports me in all that I do
I hope you know how much I love you!

You are a great cousin.
I appreciate how well you treat our family.
I hope you have a happy birthday.
Anything less would be a calamity!

Cousin, you are like a sibling to me.
We have always been there for each other.
May this be your happiest birthday until you have another!

Cousin, I hope we are always as close as we are now.
I cannot imagine my life arranged any other way.
I hope you are always fulfilled in life.
I hope you have a happy birthday!

We have been close since we were kids.
When I was small, you used to “take up” for me.
Now that we are adults, I thank you for all you did.
Cousin, I hope this birthday is everything you want it to be!

Cousin, thank you for everything you do.
You deserve great birthday cheer!
I hope you’ll find today’s party a happy occasion.
I hope it will give you wonderful feelings throughout the year!

I could not imagine a better cousin than you.
You have a wonderful way with people.
I hope you have the happiest birthday!
I hope it makes you feel special!

Cousin, we are relatives and friends.
I am very happy that I can rely on you.
May you have many outstanding birthdays!
May you know success in everything you do!

Cousin, thank you for keeping all my secrets from childhood.
You did keep them, right?
I’m just kidding. I know you did!
Happy birthday! I know you’ll sleep with a clear conscience tonight!

I am very proud that you are my cousin.
You are my guiding light.
Happy birthday! You are a great person!
Thank you for always doing what’s right!

Cousin, I prefer you to a dozen doughnuts.
For me, you know that’s saying a lot!
Happy birthday to you!
I hope I someday have half the character you’ve got!

Cousin, thank you for all the times you came to my aid when we were kids.
I shall never forget all the brave things you did.
If I can have only one wish come true,
I hope it’s my wish of a happy birthday to you!

You are a top-notch cousin.
People should emulate you!
I hope you have an exceptional birthday!
I hope you are fulfilled in everything you do!

Cousin, I have known many people.
Some are better than others!
If it were my decision,
I’d choose you over my brothers!
I’m mostly kidding.
Please don’t tell them!
Happy birthday!

Cousin, you are a fun person. You make life a blast.
I sincerely hope this coming year is better than those in your past!

Cousin, you enrich my life.
I don’t know what I’d do without you.
Thank you for “having my back”!
For your birthday, let’s do whatever you choose!