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What comes to mind when you hear the word, “Dad”? Is it someone you can depend on to be there for you through thick and thin, no matter what happens? If you are blessed to have this kind of a father, wouldn’t you love to help him understand just how great of an influence he has truly had in your life? What better time to let your father know how eternally grateful you are for him than on his birthday?

Most of the time when birthdays roll around we head over to the local card shop and browse through the generic birthday cards. It can get pretty overwhelming to try and find a card that perfectly describes the person you want to wish a happy birthday. And when this person is your one-of-a-kind, amazing father, the task becomes even more daunting. Rather than relying on someone who has never even met your dad, why not write your own, personalized, heart-felt message to your dad on his birthday? He will be blown away by your thoughtfulness. Writing your own birthday wishes for your dad can be easier than you think by following these simple steps.

First, think about what you love most about your dad. What qualities set him apart and make him the man that you so admire? Is he faithful, loyal, and dependable? Does he truly care about others more than about himself? Is he a people magnet? Or maybe he displays that quiet, gentle strength that has a calming effect on those around him. No one knows your dad quite like you do. Whatever positive qualities you can think of, write them down in detail.

Next, you can look at your list of your father’s positive character qualities and describe how those qualities have had a profound impact on your life. Since you knew dad was dependable, did it give you a confident, happy childhood? Since he showed that he cared more about you than about himself did he inspire you to pass that same selfless attitude down in your own parenting relationship with your children? Think about how much different your life would be without the positive influence of your father. Now, let him know how grateful you are that he always has been such an important part of your life.

Lastly, remind your father of some of the special memories that you have of him throughout the years. Did your dad spend hours teaching you how to play your favorite sport? Did he come to your ball games, cheer you on when you won, and cheer you up when you lost? Did he take you out for ice cream? Did he give you pointers when you went out on your first date? Did he walk you down the aisle? What happy times do you remember sharing with this incredible man?

Every good dad longs to be his little boy or little girl’s hero. What better time than on his birthday for you to remind him just exactly how much you still look up to him? When you take the time to write him a personalized, unique birthday message, your dad will have a keepsake from your heart to his that he will cherish for a lifetime.

A real Father is very rare, and also hard to find-
I’m thankful, Dad, that I have you – you’re truly one of a kind.
Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Father!

You are one of a kind, a man that I respect.
You’ve shown me love and guidance, my life you did protect.
These are just a few things that I am thankful for,
So Happy Birthday, Dad – each day I love you more.

You are a loving Father; you’re truly God’s design-
There is no other like you, I’m so glad you are mine!
Happy Birthday, Dad

You’ve been the perfect role model; you’ve been the perfect prize-
A special Father like you is perfect in my eyes.
Have a Wonderful Birthday, Dad

There is only one man that makes me proud-
It’s you, Dad, and I’ll shout it out loud!
Happy Birthday!

Fathers are a gift from God, a blessing to hold dear-
I’m thankful you are with us, Dad, to celebrate this year.
Happy Birthday!

When I was scared you held me, you comforted my fears-
You gave me strength, you laughed with me, you wiped away my tears.
We’ve had a lot of good times; we’ve shared a lot of fun-
You are so many wonderful things, all wrapped into one.
Happy Birthday to my amazing Dad

It’s your birthday again, Dad. Today is a time to recognize all of the wonderful things you have done. I cherish you today, and every day all year long. You have been my hero, my Father, my friend. Happy Birthday to the best man in the world.

No one could predict what kind of Father I would get-
I’m so glad I was given to you; I’ve loved you since we met.
From the first time I saw you, and you held my little hand-
We’ve shared a bond and a love; you’re a very special man.
Happy Birthday, Dad

Thank you for always being there in good times and in bad-
Thank you most of all for being the world’s most awesome dad!
Happy Birthday!

You’ve been a great example; you’ve been my hero too-
Happy Birthday Dad, I love you today – and every day year through.

Happy Birthday, Dad, you’ve been with me from the very start-
You’ll always hold a special place, deep inside my heart.

A Father is made up of several things – like wisdom, honor and love-
You are these and so much more, you’re my gift from above.
Have a Blessed Birthday, Dad

It’s not hard to find the words that I want to say-
You are a special Father, Have a Wonderful Birthday!

You picked me up when I fell down, you always held my hand-
You are still always there for me, you’re an amazing man.
So today I want to celebrate all the things you are-
And remind you that you’re the best and greatest Dad by far.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

To a father who has always made me proud
A dad who has earned my love and respect
I’ve one wish for you on this special day
May this birthday be the best one yet

Happy birthday to the world’s greatest dad
You mean more to me than you know
The lessons you’ve taught about life and love
I carry with me wherever I go

May your birthday be filled with laughter and fun
May your spirit soar and your heart feel glad
May love surround you like the warm, bright sun
You deserve the very best, dearest Dad

To my loving father on his birthday
Although it’s hard to express what you mean to me out loud
I hope you know how much I love you, Dad
And how my one wish is to make you proud

Best wishes to you, Dad, on your birthday
Here’s hoping all your dreams come true
No one deserves a day of celebration more
Than a wise and wonderful father like you

You taught me right from wrong without making it feel like a lesson
You helped me learn how to reach my goals while still having fun
Dad, on your birthday, there’s one thing I know is true
I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if not for you

It’s your birthday, Dad, so let’s celebrate
Let’s make a day of it and before we’re done
Maybe I’ll get a chance to let you know
How proud I am to be your son

You were there to catch me when I stumbled or fell
And you’re still here when I need you today
It’s not enough on your birthday just to wish you well
So I’m sending all my best love your way

What makes your birthday so special?
Why do we celebrate the day each year?
Dear Dad, it’s the chance it gives us
To show you just how much we care

Happy birthday, Dad, from the heart
May all your dreams for the day come true
When it comes to having a loving father
No child could ask for a better dad than you

I’m thankful for all you’ve done for me
I appreciate that you’ve always been there
What I’m most grateful for, Dad, on your birthday
Is the chance to tell you how much I care

Happy birthday, Dad
May all your wishes come true
If ever a father deserved all the best
That dad is you

You lifted me up when I needed encouragement
Made me believe in myself when I felt like zero
On your birthday, I want you to know
You’re not just my dad, you’re my hero

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Dad
May the day be bright and full of cheer
Celebrate, have a great time and always remember
You’re in my heart and thoughts every day of the year

Wishing you a joyous birthday celebration
To someone who’s been there for me through good times and bad
You’ve been such a source of strength and inspiration
And I’m so proud and happy to call you my dad

A Dad is a friend you can trust
To always be there for you.
He’s loyal and dependable
And his love is always true.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad, you’ve always been there for me
No matter what I’ve done,
And you’ve always shown your care for me;
That’s why you’re number one!
Happy Birthday to the world’s best Dad!

You always believed in my dreams
And help make those dreams come true,
Which is why I love you, Dad,
And I wish Happy Birthday to you!

Dad, you are the best
You never let me down!
That’s why I’ve always said
I have the greatest Dad in town!
Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad, I love you more than I could ever think to write,
You’ve worked so hard to care for me, often long into the night.
Happy Birthday to my dedicated Dad!

Hardworking, funny, loving,
Strong, wise, and kind.
When I describe you, Dad,
These are the words that come to mind.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad, you are a true friend
You’ve always got my back.
I know that I can trust you
To help me stay on track.
Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you!

Dad, you inspire me
With your steadfast, faithful love,
You are a gift sent down to me
Straight from Heaven above.
Happy Birthday!

I’ll never underestimate
The power of my Dad;
He chases my blues away
And cheer me when I’m sad!
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad, I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are,
And that it’s filled with happy thoughts from friends both near and far!

Give me a “D” for dependable,
An “A” for amazing,
Another “D” for diligent
At any trail he’s blazing!
Thanks for your example, Dad! Happy Birthday!

Dear Dad, I can never tell you just how much you mean to me,
But I have a special place for you inside my memory.
Remember all those times we hiked and biked and fished together?
I’ll always love you, Dad, both now and ’til forever!
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad, you are the man I look up to most of all;
You’ve been a great example from the time that I was small.
Thank you for showing love and teaching me to serve;
On your birthday may you find the joy and peace that you deserve.

Dad, you’ve been a blessing from the day that I was born;
You taught me how to navigate this world of strife and scorn.
You’ve always shown such integrity in all you do and say,
So I just want to wish you now a happy, blessed birthday.

Dad, I want you to know how much I admire your integrity
The way you back your words with actions means so much to me.
So I want to take a moment to thank you for all that you are,
And to wish that this birthday will be your very best by far.

Happy Birthday to dad, you’ve inspired us all
Your words always kind, generosity never small
Teaching valuable instruction until we reach full bloom
If we’re smart the advice we will always consume

From infancy you became the most resourceful guide
Your constant adoration is always implied
Your hard as nails approach helped us become strong
It’s something I’ll carry my entire lifelong

Your amazing laugh when I tried to tell a joke
Is something my harshest critics could never revoke
Your trust in your instincts was always so clear
That it left little doubt you were ever insincere

You’ve stood tall at times when I was so scared
You’ve been my best friend even when I have erred
You’re all that matters and I do hope today
That you’ll enjoy this fabulous birthday

You’ve been a consistent and truthful man
And I realize you’ve done every single thing that you can
To raise a great family putting others always first
Your kindness and unselfishness could never be reversed

Dad I’ve always wanted to just let you know
Through the years, I appreciate you so
You’re a gift in my life I need to commend
Something I didn’t deserve nor can comprehend

You’re the steady shoulder that I often desired
You’ve listened to me rant without ever getting tired
Yet you’ve pulled off a wonderful life of your own
As you reach this incredible birthday milestone

Your charm isn’t something that the average Joe has
It’s obvious to me that you’ve developed your pizazz
From just being naturally and wonderfully kind
In the Dad ‘Hall of Fame’ you should be enshrined

What a wonderful experience growing up with a pop
Who would turn down golf to keep the house tip top
You’ve sacrificed so much to be the dad you are
To work on the roof or to try to fix my car

You’ve spent so many hours working and getting paid
Yet when you come home you never got outplayed
Here’s to a dad who burnt the candle every single day
At both ends just to ensure that we turned out okay

If they awarded medals to the dads who do the best
Years it would take me just to tell the qualities you possess
From handsome to loving to a truly helpful soul
To the one who lends a helping ear always to console

You raise people up with encouragement and support
You’d never allow me to grow up a worrywart
Strength is an attribute that suits you so well
And I’m indebted to you for more than I could ever tell

Happy Birthday Dad I hope you realize
That you’ll always be my present and my birthday prize
Lucky I am to have a father so unique
I look forward to every single second that we speak

You’re one in a million and I hope you see
Fathers can be difficult but you’ve never seemed to be
Not perfect but so close enough in my biased eyes
My unconditional love I hope you always realize