For Grandma

Verses and Messages for Grandmothers Birthday

Top Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Your grandma is special to you, and you want to show her. With her birthday near, a great way to show your grandma that you appreciate her is with a thoughtful birthday wish.

Use this page as your resource for developing the perfect birthday message to give your grandma.

Think about What Makes Grandmas Great

Grandmothers go by many sweet nicknames. No matter what we call them, they do great things in our world. Grandmas can:

Wipe tears from little ones’ eyes
Teach values
Help stressed-out parents
Be there for us

As you consider the above ideas, your wish to your grandmother may already be taking shape.

What Makes Your Grandma Great?

Above, we looked at general qualities that may be true of most grandmothers. Now, you want to think specifically about your grandma.

What sets her apart from every other person on this planet? What makes her special to you? Answer those two questions, and you will have a better idea of what you really want to say to your dear grandma on her birthday.

Does Your Grandma Make You Laugh?

If your grandma is a funny person, she may also appreciate a good laugh on her birthday. Life is nothing without laughter! We have funny wishes you can use that will give your granny a chuckle!

Would Your Grandma Appreciate a Heartfelt Birthday Wish?

We also have serious wishes that might make your grandmother weep. Whether you want to go with a funny message or a serious one, we can help you find the right words to say on your grandma’s birthday.

This Is No Big Deal

Sometimes, some of us place a lot of pressure on ourselves around birthday wishes. There is no need for such pressure. Ultimately, your grandma will appreciate anything you write, as long it is clear you wrote or chose a meaningful birthday wish.

Deliver Your Message in a Special Way

Birthday wishes are usually given via greeting cards or similar emails. If you want to choose something different, think about:

Big cards, unusually-shaped cards or musical cards
Paying a local celebrity to call your grandmother and deliver your message over the phone or Skype
An improvisational-comedy team doing a scene that contains your message on a poster
Writing your grandma a song that includes your birthday wish in the lyrics

When we deliver birthday wishes in unique ways, we show the recipient we really care.

Do It!

With birthday wishes, it is okay to take chances. You can use any wish you see on this page to show your grandmother how special she is to you. Feel free to use any message here as a starting point and to edit it a bit. Make your message your own, and you will make your grandma smile!

Grandma, you’ve been there for me ever since I was small,
Good times, bad times, you helped me through it all.
Celebrating birthdays is something you taught me to do,
So let’s celebrate yours with a big hullabaloo!

Happy birthday to the coolest Grandma around,
I’ve met a lot of people, and you’re the best to be found!
I love coming to your house, it’s a time I hold dear,
But your birthday? That’s the best day of the year!

Well, Grandma, it’s your birthday again!
What a year this one has been!
Every year is great as long as I see you,
No one can make me smile like you do!

My Grandma is the best Grandma anyone has ever had,
She makes me smile, even when I feel sad.
Happy birthday Grandma, I hope I can make you smile too,
It should be easy, just think of all of the fun things we can do!
We can hop, we can skip, we can see who jumps higher,
We will laugh all day until the fun has expired.
When it’s time for bed, we’ll be all giggled out,
Just before our heads hit our pillows, we’ll give one more big birthday shout!

All year long you take care of me.
You love me and hug me and kissed my scraped knees.
Now that it’s your birthday, I’ll take care of you!
I’ll make you lunch and rub your feet too!

Grandma, you are beautiful, smart and wise,
It seems like the time we spend together just flies.
I have learned so much, sitting at your feet,
I hope that your birthday is a great treat.

Happy birthday Grandmother,
I love you more than I love any other,
You are my inspiration for how I hope to be,
Hopefully someday I will be as smart as thee.

Grandmothers are a gift to us all
But my grandmother has been the best since I was small.
You are the most wonderful teacher around,
Happy birthday to the best Grandma that could be found!

Other people think their families are the best,
But I know that my grandmother is better than the rest.
Happy birthday to a lady who helped me grow,
I love you so much more than you could possibly know!

Happy birthday to a lady that knows everything!
Grandma you’ve taught me how to whistle, cook, and sing.
I hope that your birthday is a special as you make mine
It’s your day to glitter, sparkle, and shine!

Happy birthday Grandma, I hope it’s great!
Eat all of the birthday cake, there’s no need to wait!
Calories don’t count when it’s your special day,
No matter what the scale says the next day!

Grandmothers are angels who walk the earth
They make sure that our lives are filled with mirth.
So on their birthdays we have to make sure,
We make their days special like they do yours.

Grandpa, you are a joy to know.
Your love is the only thing you ever show.
I know to our family you will always be true.
Grandpa, happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, Grandpa!
You deserve an amazing day!
You are an exemplary person.
I hope this day is outstanding in every way!

You are an excellent grandpa.
Nobody can take that from you.
I hope you have a super-happy birthday.
I hope you know I love you!

Grandpa, you have done many great things for me.
I am truly blessed to know you.
I wish you a very special birthday.
Thank you for everything you do!

Grandpa, I hope you know you are one of a kind!
I know that’s how I see it!
I know I will find success in life.
After all, you taught me how to “be it”!
Happy birthday, Grandpa!

You are the best grandpa.
You pass each “test”, Grandpa.
Daily, you make me smile.
I hope your birthday cheer lasts a long while!

You always made me feel blessed, Grandpa.
I hope you know you are the best grandpa.
You are honest about everything you say.
I wish you a very happy birthday!

Grandpa, you are excellent.
I hope you know that’s true.
You deserve every compliment.
Grandpa, happy birthday to you!

I love you, Grandpa.
I always shall!
Happy birthday,
Grandpa and pal!

I want this to be your best birthday, Grandpa.
I want to see you grin.
Let’s celebrate an amazing day, Grandpa.
Next year, let’s do it again!

Grandpa, let’s celebrate!
You deserve birthday bliss.
Happy birthday, Grandpa!
This is a day I could not miss!

I hope you have an extraordinary birthday, Grandpa.
I hope it makes you happy.
Let’s celebrate this special day, and let’s not get too sappy!

Grandpa, you are an exemplary man.
I model my life after yours.
I wish you the happiest birthday.
I wish you great joy and much more!

Grandpa, thank you for your outstanding example.
You have taught me how to be human.
Today, I wish to celebrate with you.
Next year, I would love to do it again!

Grandpa, you have shown me much love.
Your heart’s too big to measure.
I hope you have an outstanding birthday.
I hope it brings you much pleasure.

You gave me the best start in life, Grandpa.
Thank you for all you did and do.
I pledge to you my undying loyalty.
Grandpa, happy birthday to you!

Grandpa, you are the coolest person I have ever met.
Your heart is in all you do and say.
I hope you know no regrets.
I love you. Happy birthday!

Grandpa, you are “the tops”.
I hope you have a happy birthday.
I hope your joy from today never stops!

Grandpa, I send you this message because I can’t be there.
Happy birthday, Sir! For you, I’ll always care!

Not everyone can be perfect, but Grandma seems to be,
My Grandma is special because she loves me!
I like to draw her pictures and make her cake,
Especially on her birthday when she should do anything but bake!

Happy birthday to one of the most important ladies in my life,
You have been there through me through every celebration and strife.
Without you here, I don’t know where I would be.
I am so lucky to have a Grandmother that loves me.

Grandma you taught me how to be the best person I could be,
On your birthday, I hope that you can see how important you are to me.
If you want to celebrate with cake, I will bake you the treat,
If it’s wine you prefer, just grab a seat.
I’ll bring a bottle and we can reminisce about all of the lessons you’ve taught,
From how to put together puzzles to how to shop (and not).
Without you, Grandma, I don’t know who I would be.
What I do know is that I would not have grown into the best version of me.
Thank you Grandma and Happy Birthday.

You have many special qualities, Grandma.
I hope I have half as many as you.
I wish you an outstanding birthday!
I wish you many more, too!

You are the perfect grandmother!
You have done many things for me.
You deserve a sweet birthday!
I will always love thee!

You are a wonderful grandma!
I have learned many things from you.
I wish you a happy birthday!
I wish you fulfillment in everything you do!

Grandma, thank you for all you gave me!
I would be a lesser person without it.
You might think I’d still be decent.
Honestly, I highly doubt it!
Have a great birthday!

You taught me how to live.
You taught me what was right.
Grandma, for those and other reasons,
I hope you have a delightful birthday party tonight!

Grandma, you showed me life’s correct decisions.
You showed me the right path to follow.
I hope you have a lot of fun for your birthday!
I hope you need to sleep late tomorrow!

My grandmother, you are a significant force in my life.
You always show me the right way to act.
I hope you have a magnificent birthday!
Thank you for always “getting my back”!

Grandma, you are our family’s treasure.
You make our lives complete.
May we all enjoy decades more together.
May your birthday party be neat!

I hope you experience the perfect day.
If anyone deserves one, it’s you.
Grandma, I wish you an amazing birthday.
Have fun, whatever you do!

You are distinctive.
You are like a fine vintage.
Grandma, happy birthday!
May you enjoy this age!

Grandma, you taught me manners and how to pursue my happiness.
I hope you have a special birthday. I hope it fills you with bliss!

You have set a wonderful example.
I hope you know that’s true.
I sincerely thank you for all you’ve done for me.
Grandma, happy birthday to you!

I appreciate all you have done for me.
I’m sure it was no small task.
I hope you have a great birthday!
I hope it brings you good memories that last!

I hope we have many long talks ahead of us.
Grandma, I treasure each moment with you.
I hope you have an exceptional birthday.
I hope your mornings still feel new!

Grandma, you make me smile.
You have always been good to me.
I hope my wish makes you feel great!
Happy birthday to thee!

You make me happy, even when my face doesn’t show it.
You are a wonderful grandma, and I’ll let the world know it!
Today is your birthday, and I hope it makes you happy.
It’s time to end this message, or it will get too sappy!