For Grandpa

Birthday Messages and Quotes for Grandpa

Rhyming Birthday Wishes for Grandfather

Do you have an incredible, one-of-a-kind grandpa? Is he the kind of man you can’t help but love and admire? Has he always been there for you? Rather than giving your special grandpa another generic birthday card this year, why not let him know how much he really means to you by writing him your own personalized birthday wishes?

But what if you’re not a natural born creative writer? It really is not that difficult to write a personalized birthday message for your grandpa if you just follow a few simple steps. In fact, once you learn this method you are probably going to find that you have too much to write rather than not enough!

The first step is to consider exactly what you love most about your grandpa. Is it his witty sense of humor? Is it his strong, dependable character? Is it his calm, quiet dignity? Or perhaps your grandpa is the outgoing, friendly type? Make a list containing the qualities about your grandpa that make him so unique and lovable.

Next, you will need to look back at that list and start writing specific ways that those special qualities have impacted your life for the better. Write about how much it meant to you that he was always there to cheer you up when you were down. Write about how his encouragement has been a blessing in your life. Write about how his example of hard work and diligence have inspired you to always strive to be the best that you can be. Older people can sometimes tend to struggle with feeling like they are no longer important. Let grandpa know that even though he is not as young as he once was he still plays a vital and significant role in your life and in your family.

Another great way to honor your grandpa on his birthday is to share some of the precious memories that you have of him. Older people often spend a lot of time looking back into the past. Think about the happy times that you shared with your grandpa. Did he come to cheer you on at your sporting events? Did you gather at his home for holidays and special events? Did he take you fishing or to the playground? What special happy times both in your childhood and adult years do you have of this wonderful man? He will be so touched that you still remember all of the little ways that he showed his love to you throughout the years.

Lastly, think of your own personal way of saying thank you to this man you so admire and wishing him the happiest of birthdays. You may not realize just how important your words will be to him. So rather than getting him yet another store bought, generic card, consider going out of your way for grandpa this year. By crafting him a personalized, heart-felt birthday wish you are giving him a gift he will cherish for a lifetime.

When I cried, Grandpa, you were always there to listen.
And though my words would falter, and my eyes would glisten,
You would make me feel better, and throughout the day,
I was comforted to know that life would be okay.

While the years have passed, and much has changed,
And the world seems to have been slightly rearranged,
That happiness you’ve shared still shines through the gray,
And it’s my turn to bring joy on this happy day.

If love was a sky of cobalt blue,
Yours would fill the heavens through and through.

When I was young, and I sat on your knee,
I always knew that you would be here for me.
Now that I’m older, I see it was true.
Please know, Grandfather, that I am here for you too.

You carried us on your back and wiped away our tears,
And you showed us the world from a much greater height.
And while you made the burden seem so very light,
You were an example of strength in difficult years.

Like the mountain’s strength, or the breeze that flies,
Your presence was stable and light, Grandpa.
To bring up a family healthy and wise,
You gave us our own will to do what is right.

To a Grandfather, wise, patient and sincere,
From a dedicated family who holds him so dear,
You’ve given so much, and meant so much more,
Like an ocean of love never far from the shore.

A child needs guidance, patience and love,
in order to find their own way. Grandfather,
Your kindness is as light as a snow-white dove,
As clear as the sun and as bright as the day.

It’s easy in life to feel lost in the crowd,
To feel let out to sea or stranded on a shore,
Yet you always made problems feel as light as a cloud.
You made me prepared for life, and ready for more.

If you could know the effect that you’ve had on us all,
Teaching us to stand upright when all we could do was crawl,
How you taught us about morals, and left such big shoes to fill,
And gave every hour your enduring goodwill.

Although much time has passed, Grandfather, what a joy
It is to have you by my side. It’s your day today — enjoy!

What a blessing it’s been to have your words and deeds in my life,
That always ring true when I’m humbled by strife.

Ah, Grandfather, if you could only see
The many things you’ve been to me.
Confidant, example, guide and ground,
A treasure of words and deeds to be found.

How meaningful it is to know that you
Help us learn with all you do.
To offer us kindness through and through
And a figure to always look up to.

Grandfather, my life would be incomplete
Without your presence kind and sweet.

What a gift you’ve given, what a future you’ve sown,
With examples to follow and deeds of our own.
Though in the journey of life the headwinds may beat down,
Even in hard times you’ve never worn a frown.