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Birthday Messages and Wishes for Husband

Verses and Quotes for Husband

The relationship between a husband and wife can be one of the most incredible relationships on earth. Whether you are a newlywed or have just celebrated a golden anniversary, nothing can replace the love that you feel for the special man in your life. He is the one with whom you share both laughter and tears, the one who can still make your heart flutter, and he is your very best friend. If you are blessed with this kind of husband why not take a little time on his birthday to put into words exactly how much you love him?

First, focus on writing about your husband’s positive qualities. Is he hard working? Is he handsome? Is he an amazing lover? Does he cheer you up? Is he dependable? Is he considerate to others? Is he unselfish? Believe it or not, men are often more insecure than we realize. They may not express their insecurities openly, but many many get discouraged when they feel that no one recognizes the good things that they do. Your husband will be so encouraged that the special things that he does and his positive character qualities are being appreciated by the most important person in his life. So don’t hold back! Be as positive and specific as you can be in describing what you love about your man. Write like you are his cheerleader and his number one fan wrapped into one. He will be simply blown away by your favorable description of him.

Next, take those positive qualities and dynamically describe how those qualities have impacted your life. If he is hard working, explain how comforting it is for you to know that he is always going to do his best to help provide for you and your family. If he is an amazing lover, describe exactly what it is that you enjoy about the love life you two share together. If he has a great sense of humor, describe the joy that he brings into your life through his off the wall jokes. It’s one thing for him to know that you see positive qualities in his life, but reading about how those positive qualities have made a difference in your life will take his mood from good to great!

Next, share a few of the times that you have spent together that you will always cherish. Maybe it is your honeymoon or a special vacation you took together. Maybe it is one of the difficult times when you did not have much money but your love made up the difference. Mentioning those special memories will let him know that you are thankful for how your relationship has grown and strengthened throughout the years.

Lastly, you can end with a heart-felt expression of your love and gratitude for him along with a wish for a for a wonderful birthday. You will be amazed at just how powerful your words are to the most important man in your life. His birthday is the perfect time to remind him just how thankful you are to have him in your life. Try following these helpful tips to write your knight in shining armor husband a meaningful birthday wish that he will cherish for a lifetime!

Hubby, you may be chubby, but I love you as much as on our wedding day.
I hope you have an amazing birthday, and I hope the next year is wonderful in every way!

Husband, I love you. You make my heart swell.
I wish you a happy birthday!
I think you are amazing, and I hope you can tell!

You are a special spouse.
That’s why I cleaned the house.
You are a dear, sweet husband.
I’m so glad I’m your wife!
I propose a night together.
Let’s make your birthday nice!

The adventures we have known are only outmatched by the love you have shown.
Husband, on this fine day, I promise you more than merely a happy birthday!

Husband, you are a wonderful man.
Today, I want to show you the happiest birthday I can!

Husband, since the day we met, you have been good to me.
Today, on your birthday, I pledge anew my undying love to thee!

You have always known “the way”, my husband.
I know you will always look out for our family in every way.
I love you, and I would “do it all again”.
I want to help you have an outstanding birthday!

“Husband of my dreams” does not begin to say why I think you deserve a very special birthday.
You are a loving man. You put your family first. I’d do it all again. I love you so much that I may soon burst!

Husband, you have shown me love beyond my wildest dreams.
I hope your birthday brings you more happiness than you have foreseen!

You are a unique husband.
That’s a fact I’ll not deny.
Happy birthday, Love!
You are a truly special guy!

Everyday, I am glad we met.
Husband, may this birthday be the happiest you’ve had yet!

Husband, you have shown me true love since the day we met.
Today, let’s celebrate a birthday I hope you will never forget!

When I think of you, I always smile.
Husband, you are an amazing man.
Let’s celebrate your birthday a while.
I want to make you as happy as I can!

Husband, to each other, we are always true.
That is just one of the many reasons I wish a very happy birthday to you!

My husband, when I think of you, I think of a real man.
Today, let’s celebrate your birthday the way only two people in true love can!

My hubby, you are special. That fact I never would deny.
You deserve a perfect birthday because you are the perfect guy!

Husband, your birthday should be perfect.
Such perfection is my goal.
You deserve it, my love, because you make me whole.

Husband, eternity would not be enough time to spend with you.
I hope we celebrate many more birthdays together.
I know to me, you will always be true.

I’m so blessed
To have a husband that I love with all my heart
Wishing you a wonderful birthday
Filled with fun right from the start

Every moment spent with you is amazing
The day I married you was the luckiest day of my life
Happy birthday my sweet husband
I am so proud to be your wife

The life we have together is so special to me
You make my heart smile
I hope today is filled with joy and laughter
And is the best birthday you’ve had in a while

A million kisses or a billion hugs
Wouldn’t be enough to show how much you mean to me
On your birthday and every day
Know that my heart has a lock and only you hold the key

This day is meant to celebrate how special you are
How you make the world better just by being in it
You make every day enjoyable for me
So I hope your birthday is just as wonderful, every little bit

You are my rock, my happy place
You make my life worth living
You deserve a birthday filled with love
Because you are so giving

Each year my love for you grows
My heart is bursting with joy when I’m around you
I hope your birthday is so perfect
That your heart bursts with happiness too

My darling husband, you make my world brighter
My days sweeter, my heart lighter
This day is to celebrate you and all that you are
Happy Birthday my sweetheart, you’re the best husband by far

Today we take the time to celebrate
A very special birth
For on this day was born a man
The greatest husband on earth

You’re the sun to my sky
The moon to my stars
Happy Birthday my love
This next year is ours

I never thought I’d be so lucky
To marry my best friend
But the universe blessed me the day I met you
May your birthday be special straight through the end

Countless birthdays have passed
And we’ve made memories so sweet
But even after so much time
My heart still skips a beat

Your birthday is my favorite day of the year
Because it’s a chance to celebrate only you
To take time to show you how much you are appreciated
And how you make my life better through and through

I’m so thankful to have been blessed
With finding my true love
Happy Birthday my dear husband
You sure are a gift from above

My wish for you this birthday
Is that you know how much you are adored
Every day you prove yourself
Worthy of the best husband award

Here’s to the man who always seems to amaze
You bless my nights and brighten my days
Your steady hands fit every task
There’s nothing more than a woman could ask

You’ve managed to see my point of view
Even when it’s so different from you
It takes so much courage to pick your fights
Even when it’s not about the wrongs or rights

You’ve shown me how I can be so cool
Even when I feel like I’m such a fool
You’ve supported me especially when I cry
You tell me what I need to hear not a lie

You keep me safe in a world gone astray
Your arms wrap around me every single day
The hugs are comforting yet deeply sincere
With you around I have nothing to fear

Happy Birthday my husband and love
I’ll always put you so high above
Any other man that comes along
I could write a poem or a great love song

You’re my dream come true it’s not just a cliché
The start of a great life starts with you each day
Waking up beside you is more than I could believe
One woman should deserve to ever conceive

Happy Birthday you deserve pleasure not pain
And I hope I bring you sunshine never rain
Because you’ve brought me happiness and never tears
With your sense of humor and all of your “yes, dears!”

I couldn’t think of a more model man
To spend my life with hand in hand
We’ll grow together and never apart
Our marriage will always be a work of art

The fact is you still make me giddy
But there’s nothing about our romance that’s little bitty
Your love is strong as I’d always knew
It keeps me warm even when I’m blue

It’s never a labor to say I love you
Because with my husband, it’s simply so true
If I could give you everything, I’d do it now
But you’d find a way just to give it back somehow

That’s just the kind of man you will always be
The kind of man who destined to be evil free
Excuse me if I put you on a pedestal
But there is always is one exception to every rule

For me, that exception has and will always be you
The man I know is so right and always true
I never doubt and I always trust
I’ll go down believing that if I must

Because you are the one worth while
The guy who alone can make me smile
The guy who offers me such warm protection
My constant grace and my amazing perfect

Once a year your birthday comes
For this you know is true
But the one thing that’s always here
Is my unending love for you

If I had to do it all again, if I started over from scratch
Would I find another love, another perfect match?
I don’t think I could, they’d all fall short of halfway
Compared to you, my perfect husband. Happy birthday!

It’s hard choosing what to give you
Just one present or a few
So I’m giving you my whole heart
That’s my birthday gift to you

Another year has passed
Another year gone by
Happy birthday, dear husband,
The perfect man by my side

Cake, presents, balloons, and a song
You’ve been so patient, you’ve waited so long
Come celebrate with us, your birthday is here
Don’t worry, my husband, it only happens once a year!

When we first were married, in the spring so long ago
When we promised to each other, all others we’d forgo
I knew we would last, our love survives year to year
Happy birthday, dear husband, my heart is always near

Wrapped tight with a bow
Red ribbon and string
My love as a present
A queen for my king!

I’ll light the candles
You blow them out
Happy birthday to my husband
The greatest, no doubt!

You’re a year older, though it doesn’t appear so
You look just like the man I married a long time ago
I’ll lean in for a kiss and say “I love you” right on cue
It’s your very special day, happy birthday to you!

We’ve created a family, we’ve created a life
You gave me a ring and made me your wife
I’m forever grateful, there aren’t enough words to say
How much you mean to me on your birthday

Beer, football, tools, and buds
Are the things that make you a guy
Happy birthday, my husband
I love you, I can’t deny

You’re the kind of husband that never lets me down
You’re quick with a joke whenever I need a clown
You’re always there to wipe my tears away
It’s time to repay you, my love: happy birthday!

If I haven’t said it lately, you’re my kind of guy
I would never find another you, no matter how hard I try
Even when times are tough, you rise above the fray
So let’s celebrate you through and through, happy birthday!

It’s your birthday, my husband, did you think I’d forget?
Not a chance I would miss it, on this you can bet
I’d travel the world, from LA to Tibet
To sing our love together, my favorite duet

Another husband could never meet
The bar you’ve set so high
Happy birthday and many more
To my all-time favorite guy