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Funny Quotes for Little Brothers Birthday

Free Birthday Messages for your Little Brother

We are glad you have arrived on our page of birthday wishes for little brothers. You can use the wishes on this page to help you craft your personal birthday message to your brother.

To aid you in your hunt for the right wish, we offer a few questions and thoughts.

What Makes Little Brothers Special?

Younger brothers deserve appreciation. In many little brothers, you will find:

Loyalty to family and friends
Comradeship against life’s challenges
Joy and laughter

The qualities on the above list can help your message to your brother start to formulate. Now, we should consider your specific brother.

What Makes Your Little Brother Different from the Rest?

Your brother may have all the qualities mentioned earlier, but he also has unique attributes. As you develop your birthday wish for your little brother, think about what would make him stand out in a crowd.

How “Little” Is He?

As much as you love your little brother, you do not want to make him feel like he is “less”. If your brother is still a child, he might take pride in being called your “little brother”. If he is middle-aged or older, you may score points with your brother by dropping that “little” word.

Does Your Brother Like a Good Joke?

If your brother is always “up for” a laugh, then say whatever you think is funny! We have funny birthday wishes to help you develop a good joke to write on your brother’s card, cake or rooftop! Of course, that last one is riskier than the rest!

Do You Want to Say Something Heartfelt to Your Little Brother?

Some years or with some people, serious birthday wishes are the right thing to choose. As much as you may want to say something funny, humor depends upon its audience’s willingness to laugh. Comedians always have to “know the audience” and how its members will receive material. Similarly, you should think of your brother’s tastes as you choose the type of birthday wish you want to share.

Have You Thought of a Unique Way to Deliver Your Message?

No matter the type of birthday message you pick for your little brother, you do not have to deliver it in a traditional, boring manner. Alternatively, you could:

Pay your brother’s favorite race car driver to deliver your message
Hire someone unusual to jump out of a cake and transmit your wish
Invite a community leader to appear at your little brother’s party and share your words
Paint your message on a horse

There is nothing wrong with a standard birthday card, but doing something unique is a lot more fun!

Go for It!

No matter the message you choose and the method by which you will deliver it, do not fret about it. It is a birthday wish, and if your brother loves you, he will love anything you want to say!

I am glad to have a little brother who is as special as you.
You make your mark in everything you do.
I fondly wish a happy birthday to you!

My little brother, enjoy your youth!
It skates away before you would like.
I hope you have a happy birthday.
I hope it lasts all day and night!

My little brother, you are a fine, young man.
You will succeed. I know you can!
Birthdays come but once a year.
Embrace life. Have no fear!

Let’s enjoy this birthday, little brother!
We can never bank on another!

You are the little brother I would choose, if life gave me a choice.
When I say, “Happy birthday to you,” I do it with a full voice!

You are a fun person and a great little brother.
I would not trade you in for any other.
You have a light in you that I hope you will let the whole world see.
I am so glad to get to say, “Happy birthday to thee!”

When I think of you, I think of a cool, young man.
If you ever need my help, I will do whatever I can.
You deserve success in everything you do.
Little brother, please accept my wish of a very happy birthday for you!

You are one of a kind, my little brother.
Growing up, you were never a bother.
I would never choose another.
Have an outstanding birthday, my dearest brother!

You make everybody laugh!
They’ll mention that on your epitaph.
I hope that day is centuries away.
Today, let’s celebrate! Happy birthday!

You change the atmosphere of any room you enter.
May you never let adversity throw you off your center.
I hope you know I mean it when I say,
“Younger brother, may you have the happiest birthday!”

I hope you smile when you read this.
You may be my little brother, but you are not small.
I hope you appreciate my wish.
May this birthday be the best of all!

I hope you know I would never change a thing about you!
As a younger brother, you are the best!
I hope you enjoy this birthday.
I hope it is better than all the rest!

Dear brother, you make each day grand!
You may be younger, but you are a man!
Calling you “little” is just silly.
Please accept this wish for a happy birthday from me?

Let’s enjoy your birthday. You deserve it!
I would not want to spend today with anyone else.
Little brother, you are amazing!
I love you more than I love myself!

I am glad we grew up together, “little” brother.
Knowing you has always been a pleasure.
I would not trade you for another.
Happy birthday! I will stand by you in any sort of weather!

You may be younger, but you are not “little” to me.
Brother, happy birthday to thee!

To probably the most interesting little brother in all of history
Who seems to get his greatest thrills in life by pranking me
Surprisingly, it has been a pleasure sharing parents with you
May all of your birthday wishes come true

To someone I love more than I love myself
Who grew up adoring me more than anyone else
Do you want to know how I know?
Because, birthday boy, you were once my shadow

Ever since you were born, you have been my best friend
I have reason to believe that will never end;
Mainly because we already know too much about each other
So happy birthday, my baby brother

There’s no love like the kind between siblings
We can remain silent and still know exactly what one another means
Younger brother, on your birthday, I am wishing you success at everything
And I know you’ll make it happen because you’ve got those great genes

Happy anniversary of birth, to someone who amazes us all every day
With his talent, intellect and whatever he has the nerve to say
You are a little brother I can truly look up to
And not just because I’m now so much shorter than you

If I had to speak honestly,
I’d say that you are probably the coolest member of our family
But, of course, I will say no such thing
Instead, I’ll just wish you all the joy that this birthday brings

Today feels like a national holiday to your loved ones
We get to celebrate the birth of a guy so smart, handsome and fun
We’re all so excited that we don’t even know what to do
So we’ll leave all the festivity decisions up to you

This is for my little brother
Who is, without a doubt, greater than all the others
Even though you start laughing at me when I trip, before asking if I’m okay
I know that deep down inside, there’s a sweet guy who deserves a wonderful birthday

To my loving kid brother, who always knows exactly what to say
You work so hard at what you do each day
To those of us who know you, no one tops your worth
I hope you really enjoy this anniversary of your birth

To my little brother, who’s always looking out for me like he’s the oldest
You have never settled for anything but the best
And that’s why I celebrate you, on your birthday and every day
I hope you feel special in every way

You prove each day that true gentlemen still exist
And each time you go away, your presence is surely missed
It is truly a blessing to be your older sibling
I hope your special day is absolutely amazing

I had the privilege of watching you grow
You’ve turned into the type of man I am honored to know
A man of both kind words and great deeds
I can only hope that this birthday is up to your speed

Happy birthday to the wonderful young man who helped make me “Auntie”
I am finally getting over all those times you’d taunt me
Because, little brother, from what I can tell,
You have grown up to be quite swell

To the one guy who has always had my back
Who copied me, even though he possessed so many natural talents that I lacked
It has a been a treat to watch you come into your own
Happy birthday to my baby brother, who’s actually grown

To my younger brother, who shares many of my childhood memories
Aren’t you glad that we’re now grown and free?
Being grounded and having assigned chores are no more
And on your birthdays, like today, you can party like never before

To the caring little brother I helped raise
Who was the most adorable little pest in his younger days
I appreciate each lesson that being your older sibling has taught me
Here’s hoping that this birthday of yours is insanely happy