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Top rated Birthday Messages for Little Sister

Do you have a little sister who means the world to you? Is she a special friend that you know you can always always count on, no matter what? Doesn’t that one-of-a-kind little sister deserve a one-of-a-kind birthday greeting that will let her know just how much she means to you? It’s practically impossible to find a generic card that will express exactly how much you value your relationship with your sister. So why not write your own personalized birthday message that will let her know exactly how much you care about her?

It seem overwhelming to try to put into words all that your little sister means to you. After all, no one else in the world could really fill her shoes, could they? So here are a few easy steps you can follow that will help you to craft the perfect birthday message for your little sister.

First of all, think about what characteristics you love about your little sister. Does she have a spunky sense of humor? Or a positive attitude? Is she kind and compassionate? Try to think of the good qualities in her life and character that you are most thankful for and list them.

Next, think about how those characteristics have played a role in your relationship with your little sister. Was she your biggest fan when you were in sports and activities growing up? Did her smile and encouraging words cheer you up when you were down? Did her loyalty to you give you the assurance that you would always have a friend for life? Even during your most difficult times, was she there for you when others were not? Take a few moments to write about how her positive qualities have made an important difference in your life.

Another great way to personalize your birthday wishes for you little sister is to write about some of your favorite memories growing up with her. You could mention something cute that she used to do when she was really little. You could bring up fun childhood experiences like building blanket forts together, camping together, or any of the favorite activities you did together. You could mention how you remember her helping you through a difficult time. The fact that you still cherish these special memories enough to mention them on her birthday message can really speak volumes about how much you value your relationship with your little sister.

Lastly, you can end with your own personalized words of thanks and wishes for a wonderful birthday. Getting this kind of a birthday greeting from the older sibling she has always looked up to will probably be the highlight of your little sister’s birthday. She will know, without a doubt, that she is one of the very most important people in your life. That is a priceless gift that you can give to your special sister. So why not try to write your own heart-felt birthday message to that important little sister in your life today?

When I think of the perfect sibling,
I always think of you.
Happy birthday, my little sister!
Thank you for everything you do!

You are my little sister, but you always live life “large”.
There’s something unique about you, and I think you know it.
Happy birthday! I love you, and I will always show it!

My dear sister, you may be younger, but you are not “little”.
You have taught me how to live a great life.
You treat every person like your equal.
I hope this is your best birthday. I hope it’s only bested by its sequel.

Sister, you are younger than me, but you are hardly “little”.
You have a uniqueness about you everyone can see.
I hope you know you can always rely on my loyalty.
I hope you know it’s from the heart when I say, “Happy birthday to thee!”

As little sisters go, you are the best.
No one could ever claim you don’t pass “the sister test”.
You possess “a special something” that I will always adore.
May you have a happy birthday, and may you know many more!

Something about you makes my heart swell.
I love you, my little sister, and I hope you can tell!
You deserve all of life’s goodness, and I just want to say,
“You are an amazing person. I wish you the happiest birthday!”

I am so proud that you are my sister, little or not!
Nobody else has the combination of qualities you have clearly got.
You are one great sibling! You are special all the way!
I hope life grants you the happiest birthday!

As a little sibling, you were okay.
As a grown-up, you are way better!
I wish you a great birthday, sister!
I forgive you for that time you ruined my sweater.

Thank you, “little” sister, for the many special memories.
You make life better. You are full of charity.
If I could imagine a perfect sibling, I would imagine you.
May you know happiness this birthday and in everything you do!

I love you, little sister.
Mom and Dad wouldn’t have it any other way.
I hope you never change.
I hope you have an amazing birthday!

Sister, I wish you a very happy birthday!
I hope it gives you memories you will always adore!
Now that you are grown, I won’t call you “little” anymore!

You are a unique person, little sister. No one would deny it!
I hope you get what you want on this birthday, but I’m not going to buy it!
Happy birthday! Thank you for being a wonderful sibling!

Sister, you are great and hardly “little”, and you make the most of life.
Thank you for all you do. May your birthday be extremely nice!

You may be my younger sister, but you have shown me how to live.
You deserve a happy birthday because of all the love you give!

To my little sister on her birthday
You mean so much to me in your own way
You make me smile through all kinds of weather
I’m so glad that we live life together.

Not many siblings get the chance
To have a sister with whom to dance
You’re carefree and full of joy too
Here’s wishing a great birthday to you!

No one understands me like you do
My little sister, you’re there through and through
Today birthday wishes I send
To my sister who is also my friend.

I’ve watched you grow since we were small
You have a smile for one and all
Though back then you caused me some strife
Happy birthday, you bring joy to my life!

You’re the best sister anyone could wish for
No one else can ever make me laugh more
Happy birthday to a girl who is so sweet
Hope you celebrate with your favorite treat.

You’re amazing to be around
Your laughter is my favorite sound
Little sister, you know I love you
And I hope your birthday is great too.

We picked on each other when we were young
Made our parents a little high-strung
But I hope you know it’s always true
Happy birthday, sis – I really love you.

Whenever you walk down the street
You can charm everyone that you meet
To say you’re my sister makes me proud
So Happy Birthday – I’ll shout it out loud!

I remember the day you were born
Little did I know what was in store
That my little sister would be sweet and true
So today, Happy Birthday to you!

Sometimes you’re sweet as a daisy
Other days you drive me crazy
But today and all of the rest
Have a good one, sister – you’re the best!

At times our personalities clash
Like a red dress with a green striped sash
But inside our hearts do beat as one
Happy Birthday, my sister can’t be outdone!

On your birthday I give you this wish
That you really know how much I cherish
Your laughter, your mischievous guile,
My little sister always makes me smile!

I love you more than words can say
Though I might not show it every day
My little sister is one of the best
Enjoy your birthday and all of the rest.

Many times you were the reason I smiled
Other days I wished I was an only child
But I know that through good times and bad
You’re the best little sister I ever had!

Today is your birthday I know
I’ve watched you shine bright and glow
You make me so proud, it’s true
I’m blessed to have a sister like you.