For Mom

Birthday Messages and Quotes for Moom

Rhymes and Verses for Mothers Birthday

The relationship between a mother and a child is often one of the strongest bonds imaginable. Good moms sacrifice their time, talents, and resources to guide us from infancy right through to adulthood. If anyone attacks us, they are often the first ones to come to our defense. They take care of us when we are sick, give us wise advice, and comfort us in sorrow. Those with this kind of mother often do not realize how valuable that relationship is until years later.

Because mothers are so special they deserve a birthday greeting as extraordinary as they are! Why settle for a boring birthday greeting for the woman who dried your tears, chased the monsters out of your closet, and always believed in your dreams? Doesn’t she deserve a message straight from your heart? You need not be intimidated at the thought of crafting a personalized message for Mom. All you need to do is reflect on what you love about her and the ways that she has helped you. If you take the time to brainstorm those specific topics you will probably find that rather than not knowing where to start, you will not know where to stop!

First of all, what do you love about your mom? Does she have a zany sense of humor? Does she have a contagious laugh? Does she always look for the silver lining? Is she hard working? Is she sensitive, caring and generous? Focus on her positive qualities. Aging is often difficult. Though she may not complain, it may be hard for your mom to face another birthday. So why not help to take her focus off her age and put it onto the amazing person that she is in your eyes? Nothing will brighten her day more than reading the unique, positive qualities that you see in her character.

After writing about what you love about your mom, shift your focus to how she has used those qualities to encourage others, especially you personally. Think of specific instances in your life when your mom was really in your corner. It could be a time when she helped you through a difficult loss. It could be a time when she encouraged you to keep trying when you wanted to quit. It could be a time when she taught you a valuable lesson you have never forgotten. It could be just the steady, dependable care for your daily needs that she exemplified during your growing up years. This is the part of your message where you will be moving from her general positive characteristics to the specific ways in which those qualities have made a difference in your life.

Last of all, you can end your message by telling her how much she means to you. Then write a brief, heart-felt sentiment of thanks and wishes for a wonderful birthday. Following these steps can help you craft the perfect birthday wish to put a smile on the face of your special mom.

Mom, you know I would not be who I am without you.
You are the perfect mother.
I would never choose another.
I wish a sweet and happy birthday for you!

Thank you, Mom. You are my life’s charm.
You have seen me through many troubles.
On your birthday, please know that every year my love for you doubles!

I would tell anyone you are the best mom.
I think it should be broadcast.
May you have a happy birthday, and may it be far from your last!

I am amazed everyday by you, Mom.
I hope to be half the person you are.
If I can just add up to that much, I know I will still go far!
Happy birthday, Mother! I love you!

You are the perfect mom.
I do not write that lightly.
I wish you the happiest birthday!
You are so strong and mighty!

You are the mom I hope to be, if I can ever “get it together”.
I know that even if I don’t, you will stand by me in any weather.
You are a special person, Mom. You are the dependable sort.
Happy birthday! You are the best, and that’s a fact I will always report!

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, Mom.
I know I was a “chore”.
On your birthday, I wish you happiness, now and evermore!

You are the mother I adore.
You never stopped loving me.
It’s party time! Come with me!
You won’t believe what your birthday has in store!

Mom, you made me who I am, and I am proud of me.
Happy birthday, Mother!
Whatever I have, I owe it all to thee!

Mom, there is something special about you.
That is a fact nobody can deny.
I will help you have an outstanding birthday.
On that, you can rely!

Mom, you always gave your love without making me pass some test.
I hope this birthday is your best until the next!

Mom, I adore you!
From life, I only ask for “more you”!
Happy birthday! Let’s not wait!
Let’s go out! Let’s celebrate!

Mom, you told me I could be anything.
I am so glad you gave me that gift.
Today, on your birthday, it’s your heart I wish to lift!
Happy birthday! You are special, Mother!

If I had a choice of mothers, I would still pick you.
You are graceful in everything you do.
I cannot get enough of you.
I would not even try.
I wish you a splendid birthday, Mom!
I cannot tell a lie!

Mom, you make life perfect.
You make everyone smile.
Let’s enjoy your birthday!
Let’s celebrate for a good, long while!

Mom, I am proud of everything you do.
I hope to measure up to you.
I know I can trust anything you say.
I hope you will remember today as an outstanding birthday!

You have made me laugh, you have also dried my tears.
You have been right by my side for many, many years.
I’m thankful for this day, so we can celebrate –
All you’ve done and all you are – there’s no one else as great!

Your kisses and your hugs, your kindness and your touch –
Will always be remembered, because they mean so much.
Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Mother

You are recognized today, but please know this –
You are thought of every day, every hug and every kiss.
The memories we’ve made, and the new ones yet to come –
Are just examples of how you are the world’s greatest Mom.
Happy Birthday!

You are like a diamond, shining very bright –
Even on the darkest days, you always find the light.
You’ve shared your warmth and loving heart to those you hold so dear –
May your birthday be filled with happiness, Mother, and every day this year.

Thank you for all you’ve taught me, Mother. Because of you, I am a caring, loving person like you. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

You are like a flower garden, blooming with such beauty. You took the time to raise me well, and for that I appreciate you even more. Today is your special day, relax and take some time for yourself. Have a wonderful birthday, Mother.

When God made you a mother, He did something more –
He made a special angel, for us to adore.
We’ve been blessed to have you, so this is what we pray-
That you will be filled with joy, on your special day.

You have always been the strength that held me through the storm-
You’ve also been my shelter that kept me safe and warm.
Thank you, Mom, for all you’ve done, and all the things you do-
To show your love and kindness, and just for being you. Happy birthday.

If I fell, you helped me up; if I cried, you wiped my tears-
You have never given up, you’re the best from year to year.
Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom

You’re my hero and my strength, my Mother and my friend-
This journey that’s called life will one day come to end.
But until then I treasure all the time I have with you-
So thank you for travelling with me, and always seeing me through.
Happy Birthday, Mom

You were there when I took my first step, and you’re still here today-
You’ve never left my side; you’ve been there all the way.
Happy Birthday to my devoted Mother

When I see the sun shine bright, it makes me think of you-
You’re radiant personality, your eyes a sparkling blue.
You aren’t just beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too-
Happy Birthday to my Mother, there is no one like you.

I love how you remind me that I can do anything-
I love how your kindness makes my heart want to sing.
I love that you still give hugs, even though I’m grown-
I love you for everything, and all the love you’ve shown.
Happy Birthday, Mom

Being my Mother probably wasn’t always easy, and it wasn’t always fun-
But you persevered and showed me love, until the day was done.
Wishes for a Happy Birthday!

This birthday wish is from my heart, and I mean every word-
There is no other Mom like you, and I have never heard-
Such sweet words come from you to me; you’ve always shown me love-
It’s obvious someone like you was sent from Heaven above.

Mom, you are amazing;
You know just what to say.
So on your birthday and all year through
May God bless you in every way!

How can I express how much you mean to me?
You were always there
to comfort and care
And to mold me into what I should be.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom!

If there was a prize for the mom of the year
No one else would even compare!
You’ve nurtured me, loved me, dried all my tears,
And spoken with wisdom and care.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

What is a mother?
A guide and a friend;
And one like no other,
Who’s true to the end.
Thank you, Mom, for all that you mean to me. Happy Birthday!

I’m hoping your birthday will bring you the blessings
Of precious moments with those you love.
A mom as wonderful as you
Is a gift straight from Heaven above!
May God bless your birthday, Mom!

Mom you are a shining example
Of pure, unselfish living.
Now, for today I hope you receive
as much joy as you’re always giving!
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mother, I owe so much of my success in life to you,
So on your birthday may your heart’s desires all come true!

You’ve left a stamp of love on me that cannot be erased;
You are like a precious jewel that could never be replaced.
Happy Birthday to my priceless Mom!

Mom, what can I ever say to tell how I feel about you?
You are the one I know I can pour my heart out to.
I know you’ll always love me no matter what I do or say,
And that is why I wish you love and joy on your birthday!

Perhaps it has been too long, Mom, since I told you just how I feel
About the way you have cared for me and how you’ve proven your love is real.
I don’t know what I would have done without your loving care,
And I just want you to know I’m so very thankful to have you there.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

A mom is someone who gives of herself; her time, her talents her treasure.
She cares for her children like no one else, and loves them in pain and in pleasure.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom, did I ever tell you just how special you are to me?
Your love and wisdom have guided me to be all that I can be.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

A mom is a forever friend
Who gives her hugs and smiles,
And never will forget to send
Her prayers across the miles.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom, you’re such a blessing
Through the constant care you show
I love you and I always will–
I just wanted you to know!
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom, on your Birthday I hope you will see
That you are so dear and precious to me!

No one knows me like you do
You’ve given so much, it’s true
So today on your birthday, take a rest
For all that you do, Mom, you’re the best!

Even more than a sister or brother
No one loves quite like a mother
I appreciate all that you do
Today your birthday is all about you!

You’ve loved me since I was small
You’ve cheered me on through it all
On your birthday I hope you can see
How much you really mean to me.

You pack lunches, fold laundry, match socks
You stop me from throwing handfuls of rocks
I might not say it often but it’s true
Happy birthday, Mom, I really love you!

I am blessed to have you as my mother
You do more for me than any other
I know you’ll be there for me always
And today I wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Your birthday is a time to take a rest
From doing everything that makes you the best
I know how hard you work, but on your birthday
Mom, know that you’re loved in every way!

Moms must be sent from above
Full of wisdom, patience and love
And on your birthday, and all of the rest,
Know that of all the moms, you are the best!

I wish I could tell you, make you see
How much you really mean to me
You’ve always been there through and through
So on your birthday, take time to celebrate you!

Whenever I’m lonely or scared
I know, Mom, that you will be there
You pick me up when I feel down
Happy birthday to the best mom around!

You’ve loved me since the first day I was born
You’ve weathered with me through every storm
And on your birthday I wish I could give back to you
The love you’ve given me in everything that you do.

You’ve known me every day of my life
And Lord knows I’ve caused you some strife
But today Mom, for all that you do,
Happy Birthday – I love you!

You know just how to make my face smile
You always take time to listen awhile
Mom, thank you for being by my side
Happy Birthday with love deep and wide!

Every morning and evening you’ve shown
Over all the years that I’ve grown
A love that is patient and kind
Happy Birthday to a mom so fine.

Somehow no words have ever expressed
Exactly how much I am blessed
To have a mother as dear as you are
Happy birthday to the best, near and far!

Mom, I want you to know in my heart
I know you’ve loved me from the start
You inspire me with joy day by day
So I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Mom, you are special.
That’s what Dad always said.
I think he meant it in a good way.
I don’t think he meant you’d been dropped on your head!
I know I’m weird! Anyway, happy birthday!

You always made me feel special, Mom.
You always made me feel unique.
I got out in the real world and found out I wasn’t “all that”.
Maybe you should have sent me to trade school?
Happy birthday?

You always treated us with respect.
You always taught us the right way.
Mom, I can’t think of a rhyme for this line.
I hope you still enjoy your birthday!

You are a special person, Mom.
You treat all people like they matter.
Have I told you that I like fish?
I especially like to eat it battered.
I feel like this message took a weird turn.
Happy birthday?

Mother, you gave me very much.
Do you remember that time you sent me on a trip around the world?
I don’t remember it either.
It didn’t happen.
I would like to rethink the first line.
I hope I didn’t just ruin your birthday!

Mom, you are responsible for everything I am and do.
That’s why I told the police to call you.
When they ask about the “incident” that happened last night,
I want you to confess, all right?
Until then, try to make the most of your birthday!

I hope you have an outstanding birthday, Mother.
I hope everyone is nice, too!
By the way, can I have twenty bucks?
I still need to buy a gift for you!

I am very glad that you are my mom.
I have met others, and many are not stellar.
I am happy you fell in love with Dad.
It’s a good thing for me that he was your type of “feller”!
Happy birthday! I love you!

Mom, this birthday, please have a blast!
At your age, you never know which birthday might be your last!

Mom, remember that time you swung from a chandelier? No?
Well, don’t worry. I’ve got the pictures to prove it!
Try not to embarrass yourself on your birthday!

I looked for a T-shirt that said,
“World’s Greatest Mom!”
Alas, they did not sell one with an asterisk.
Have a happy birthday anyway!

I want you to remember this birthday as your best, Mom.
I hope you recall it for a long while.
I know memory loss runs in our family.
I forgot the rest.

Mom, everything I have comes from you.
I really hope you start working harder!
I’m just kidding! Happy birthday!

Mom, you always had time for me.
You were even there when I didn’t want you to be.
I promise to always be there for you.
Of course, I mean other than tonight.
I’ve got something more important to do.
I’m kidding! Happy birthday!

Mom, you are superb.
I don’t know what rhymes with “superb”.
They kept telling you to get me a tutor.
Happy birthday! I hope I spelled that correctly!