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Do you have a birthday coming up on the calendar for that special nephew? The selection of birthday greetings for nephews at card stores is usually extremely limited. Even if you find a decent card, it just is not as personal and meaningful as a message you would write yourself. So why not let that one-of-a-kind nephew in your life know how much he means to you by crafting your own birthday message for him this year?

Perhaps you have never thought about writing your own original birthday wishes. It’s really not as daunting of a task as it seems. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

First, think about all the character qualities that make your nephew unique. Does he have a great sense of humor? Is he considerate and thoughtful? Does he put other’s needs before his own? Maybe he is creative, fun-loving or athletic. Think about all the ways that your nephew is a blessing to have in your life. We may not realize it, but nephews often look up to their aunts and uncles. Sometimes we can have a tremendous influence on their feelings of self worth and confidence. Give your nephew the encouragement he needs by pointing out his positive characteristics.

Next, take a look at that list of positive character qualities. Think about how these qualities have positively impacted you and the other people in your nephew’s life. Has your nephew encouraged you or your children during a difficult time? Has he taken the time to mentor younger cousins or relatives? Has he been a good role model? If your nephew is still young you could point out qualities like sharing, creativity, or some specific area where he has talent. Your nephew may be surprised at how much you have noticed the positive qualities in his life. It could greatly encourage him to know he has been able to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Another great idea for a personalized card is to share some of your favorite memories of of your nephew. Have you spent some memorable holiday gatherings or outings together? Or how about a sporting event or concert that you attended with him? Perhaps you could mention how proud you were to witness his award ceremony or graduation. Or perhaps you could share some kind of funny childhood memory you have of something he did when he was very young? Your nephew will likely be impressed and touched that you still remember some of his achievements and the happy memories that you share together.

Lastly, you can come up with your own special way of thanking him and wishing him a wonderful birthday. So this year, rather than searching through the small selection of birthday wishes for nephews at your local card shop, why not craft a personalized birthday message just right for that special nephew in your life? He will likely cherish this original birthday greeting for years to come.

You are an excellent nephew.
I hope you have a happy birthday!
May life always bless you!

You are my favorite nephew.
I hope you know that’s true.
You have great potential!
Happy birthday to you!

Nephew, I see much potential in you.
I believe you will know success, no matter what you do.
I think you are the best. Happy birthday to you!

If I could build a perfect nephew,
I would still build you.
I see something special in you.
Happy birthday, little dude!

I love you, little guy.
You are a special nephew.
I know you will go far.
Happy birthday to you!

Nephew, I see in you the potential for great success!
You are a special person. May this birthday be your best!

You are the perfect nephew.
I do not tell a lie.
May you have a wonderful birthday!
May you grow up to be a special guy!

Nephew, your life is ahead of you.
I wish you success in whatever you do.
I hope you know happiness in every way.
I hope today is the perfect birthday!

Nephew, you have the ability to be anything you want.
I see many talents in you.
When the temptation to quit arises, I hope you don’t!
I wish many happy birthdays upon you!

My nephew, thank you!
You make life complete.
I hope you love your birthday!
I hope that it is “neat”!

Never change! You are an excellent nephew.
You have many special qualities.
I wish a happy birthday upon you!
May it give you many great memories!

You are the nephew other people wish they knew.
You possess great kindness and potential.
We hope you have a very happy birthday!
We are very proud to be your aunt and uncle!

Nephew, we love you.
We know that you are special.
We hope you know you make us proud!
Happy birthday from your aunt and uncle!

Nephew, you are this family’s glue.
You hold us all together.
We wish a happy birthday upon you!
We will love you forever!

Nephew, we think you are on the cusp of great success.
No matter the path you choose, we know you’ll do your best.
We hope your birthday is amazing and better than the rest!

Nephew, bless you!
We know you did not sneeze.
Seriously, we love you!
Have a happy birthday, please!

Nephew, there is something about you that cannot be bottled or duplicated.
We hope that your birthday brings you happiness.
We hope it’s more than you might have anticipated!

Nephew, may you know more happiness than we can imagine for you.
You have made us proud to be your aunt and uncle. We will always adore you!

My nephew, you amaze me!
I am very proud of you!
Happy birthday to thee!
You are special, and I love you!

Nephew, you’re a blessing,
And it’s plain to see,
You’re the greatest nephew
There could ever be!
Happy Birthday!

Nephews are special;
They fill our hearts with pride,
You’ll always reach your goals
If you reach deep inside!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Nephew!

Nephew, you’re awesome;
You always amaze!
That’s why you’re wished
The best of birthdays!
Happy Birthday, Nephew!

Nephew, your achievements are truly amazing,
That’s why on your birthday right now I am raising
A toast, to a nephew who outshines the rest,
I’m proud of you nephew! You’re simply the best!
Happy Birthday!

Nephew, have I told you how much you’re admired?
I look at your life and I feel so inspired!
Happy Birthday to a One-of-a-kind Nephew!

Your birthday is here, and the time has arrived
To let you know all of the reasons why I’ve
Decided that you are the best nephew ever,
And the ties between us will never be severed!
Happy Birthday, Nephew! I am so Proud of You!

Nephew, you’re the one that has filled us with joy,
From the day your parents called and said, “It’s a boy!”
You’ve always been special, so it’s quite plain to see
We are so proud of you, and we always will be!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Nephew!

From the time you were born, you filled us with laughter;
And you’ve never been one who’s afraid to go after
Challenging goals that would baffle the rest,
Which is why, nephew, you are simply the best!
Happy Birthday, Nephew! We’re so Thankful for You!

Nephew, knowing you is always such a treat,
You’re a blessing from the top of your head down to your feet!
Happy Birthday, Nephew! God Bless You!

When we observe the kind of man you have turned out to be
We couldn’t be prouder of all that we see!
You’re generous, kind, courageous and strong–
Just the kind of man we knew you would be all along!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Nephew! We’re Proud of You!

Nephew, how did you grow up so fast?
I can’t believe how quickly your childhood passed!
Although I miss those days that so swiftly have sped
I am excited for you to see what lies ahead!
Happy Birthday, Nephew!

Nephew, your dreams are within your grasp
As to your roots you stay firmly clasped;
There’s almost nothing you cannot do
We just want you to know we believe in you!
Happy Birthday, Nephew! We’re Proud of You!

Nephew, you’re great!
We just want you to know
That your actions and words
Have told us so!
Happy Birthday!

A nephew like you is very rare,
You have that certain savoir-faire;
You’re dashing, kind, and debonaire,
And we want you to know how much we care!
Happy Birthday to our Classy Nephew!

Nephew, we love you
for so many reasons;
You’re truly unique,
And a man for all seasons!
Happy Birthday!