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Do you have a niece that you are especially close to and would like to honor her for her birthday? The birthday card selection for nieces at many card shops is extremely limited. How can a generic card ever fully express your appreciation for this one-of-a-kind niece? Have you ever considered writing an original birthday message for your special niece instead?

Many of us are not accustomed to doing a lot of creative writing, so the thought of crafting a personalized birthday wish could seem intimidating. But it does not have to be. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to craft a meaningful birthday message for your niece quickly and easily.

First, concentrate on making a list of the character qualities that you love about your niece. Does she have a compassionate heart? Is she creative? Does she have a quick, clever sense of humor? What are the things that make her sparkly and sensational in your eyes? Nieces often look up to their aunts and uncles more than we realize. By letting her know that you appreciate her for who she is you will be giving her an emotional boost that could have a great impact on her life both now and in the future.

Next, look at the list you have compiled of your niece’s positive character qualities. Take this list and describe in detail how those qualities have personally benefited you and others. Has your niece been a good role model to your own children? Has she been a breath of fresh air during family gatherings? Has she shown responsible behavior among other members of the family? Has she made you laugh with her dry humor and quick wit? Your niece may not realize what a positive impact she has had. Reading about how she has made a difference in your life will really brighten her day and put a spring in her step.

Next, you can bring up some of your favorite memories of your niece. Point out some of the adorable, funny things that she did when she was younger. Remind her of your fun times together at family gatherings. Was there a special camping trip or outing that your family had with her years ago? If your niece is still a young girl you can share recent memories. Children often love to know that others are taking the time to notice the cute or clever things that they do. Whatever age your niece may be, she will be touched to know that you remember so many positive experiences that you have enjoyed together.

Lastly, you can tell her in your own words just how thankful you are for her and wish her a wonderful birthday. she will likely be extremely touched by your thoughtfulness. Any aunt or uncle can give a generic, store bought birthday card. This year, take that extra time to let your special niece know much you care by giving her a birthday message straight from your heart!

We love that you are our niece.
You are our life’s greatest treasure.
May this birthday be outstanding!
May it bring you immense pleasure!

Niece, do not change.
That would be a shame.
I hope you have a special birthday!
Next year, I’ll hope the same!

We see in you many special qualities, dear niece.
We think that you are special.
We wish you a happy birthday!
We are proud to be your aunt and uncle!

Niece, you are full of life.
May you always know happiness
May your true love be very nice.
May this birthday be your best!

You are the type of niece for which aunts and uncles wish.
May this birthday fill your heart with continual bliss!

You make life blissful!
I hope you see that is true!
I hope you know I mean it when I say,
“Niece, happy birthday to you!”

We adore you, dear niece.
You are our favorite one.
Have a happy birthday!
Your life’s good times have just begun!

You are a dream, dear niece.
There is nobody quite like you.
We wish you many happy birthdays!
We hope that wish comes true!

Niece, you are our favorite person.
Try not to tell your cousins!
We hope this birthday is very special.
We are proud to be your aunt and uncle!

Niece, you make life better. Do not ever forget that fact.
Happy birthday to a person who would give a stranger the sweater off her back!

I know you will do great things, my niece.
You have the pedigree.
I am proud of you, my dear.
Happy birthday to thee!

Niece, your attributes are many. Your detractors are very few.
Maintain your confidence, and you will know success in all you do.
Yours is a style others copy. You always “keep things new”.
My dear niece, I wish a very happy birthday to you!

I cannot believe how quickly you have grown.
May you know only wonderful company.
May you know only peace when you are alone.
May this day be special in every way.
Niece, may you have the happiest birthday!

Niece, we adore your character.
We see great things in your future.
You have a special graciousness.
You love, think and nurture.
You take care of others, and that is why we say,
“Niece, you deserve a truly happy birthday!”

Niece, you possess extraordinary talents.
You also keep our family balanced.
Thank you for everything you do.
My dear niece, happy birthday to you!

You are a unique person.
You are a special niece.
I hope your birthday is extraordinary.
I hope it is not unhappy in the least!

Niece, you’re amazing, fantastic, and sweet,
You’re the nicest girl we could hope to meet!
That’s why on your birthday and all the year through
We’re wishing you happiness in all that you do!
Happy Birthday!

As rare as a diamond, as sweet as a rose,
Niece, you’re so special from your head to your toes!
Which is why we are taking some time out today
To make sure and wish you a happy birthday!

Nieces like you don’t come around every day,
You’re special and sweet in every way.
I hope on your birthday and all the year through,
You realize how much we appreciate you!
Happy Birthday!

Niece, do you know just how proud we are of you?
You show so much kindness in all that you do.
Because you’re so special we wanted to say,
We hope that you have a terrific birthday!

Niece, you’re the kind of girl who we know will go far,
You can follow your dreams and shoot for the stars!
Happy Birthday!

A niece like you is a blessing indeed,
You always reach out to those in need,
You’re caring and kind in all that you do,
Which is why we are wishing happy birthday to you!

As far as nieces go, you stand out from the rest,
Which is why on your birthday we hope you’ll be blessed!
Happy Birthday, Niece!

A niece like you makes the world a better place;
You light up a room with the smile on your face.
Thank you for being so cheerful and kind;
We hope on your birthday you’ll rest and unwind!
Happy Birthday!

Niece, you’ve always got something clever to say,
And you express yourself in such an insightful way!
So today on your birthday I want you to know
How much you’re admired for the wisdom you show!
Happy Birthday!

Niece, you’re unforgettable;
You’re kind in every way,
So we’re making sure to remember
This very special day!
Happy Birthday!

I cherish the memories I have of you, niece;
In our family you’re such an important piece!
You make family gatherings so much more fun;
When it comes to nieces, you’re second to none!
Happy Birthday to my One-of-a-kind Niece!

Niece, you are very special to me,
I’m so glad you’re a “branch” on our family tree!
You make me smile whenever we meet
Because you’re encouraging, thoughtful, and sweet!
Happy Birthday!

Niece, you’re getting so wise and mature,
We’re really impressed at the way you’re so sure
And so confident about reaching your goals,
With your hard work, talent, and self-control.
Happy Birthday to our Amazing Niece!

Nieces like you are such a delight;
You fill our lives with laughter and light!
Which is why on your birthday we’re hoping that you
Will enjoy yourself in all that you do!
Happy Birthday!

We hope your birthday celebration’s stupendous;
You deserve it, because you’re tremendous!
Happy Birthday, Niece!