For Sister

Funny and emotional Birthday Messages and Quotes for Sister

Best Sister Birthday Wishes

Whether your relationship with your sister is deeply intense or light and playful, there is one thing that you know for sure. There are few people who will have the life-long connection to you that your sister will, and that means that whenever her birthday rolls around, you know that there is a lot of ground to cover. You might know exactly what she wants, but do you know what kind of birthday wishes are going to suit her? Take a moment to learn more!

Serious Wishes

What’s been going on in your sister’s life over the past year? Sometimes, no matter how positive or lucky someone is, their life can have some sadness in it. Maybe she is recovering from an illness, or someone close to her is. Maybe she has simply had a difficult year; this is something that happens to even the best people. When you want to give her serious birthday wishes, you will find that you should speak openly and honestly. Touch on the bad times, but do not dwell on them. Instead, move forward and give her all of the best wishes for the year to come.

Funny Wishes

What is the silliest and most embarrassing thing that you can think of your sister doing? No one gets through life without making a complete idiot out of themselves at one point or another, and simply by virtue of having been with her for so long, you will be witness to some of the best moments. Think about something that is sure to make her blush and reference them. Mention that she’s probably glad she’s moved on past that phase, or innocently ask if she wants to revisit those days. A little humor is always welcome in private birthday wishes, so make sure that you keep any real embarrassing moments for when it is just the two of you.

Memory-Related Birthday Wishes

You and your sister have shared a lot together throughout the years, and whether you remember good times or times that were more difficult, it is something special. If you want to spend some time consider how important your sister has been, write wishes that relate to the previous birthdays that the two of you have shared together. Think about previous gifts you have bought each other, think about the way that the two of you have cared for one another. This can make for a very touching birthday wish for someone who is very important to you.

Honesty Is Best

A birthday is a fine time for you to really let your sister know how you feel. When you are close with someone, it is easy to start taking things for granted or to forget how to communicate clearly. Take a moment, think about what your sister means to you, and let her know.

When your sister’s birthday is coming up, take a moment to be joyful about how far she has come and how far she is going to go with you by her side!

We share more than family, we have a special bond.
You’re the person of whom I’ve grown very fond.
Happy Birthday, dear sister, you’re funny and smart,
I love you dearly with all of my heart.

When we were little, you held my hand.
Beside me is always where you would stand.
You’ve always been there, and I for you,
So Happy Birthday, sister, I love you, too.

Sisters share so many things,
Encouraging each other to spread their wings.
I hope this day brings happiness, health,
Joy, peace and comfort and wealth.

When God made sisters, He made them for life,
Sharing and growing and overcoming strife.
You may be getting older, but you’re wiser, too.
I’m glad you’re my sister; Happiest Birthday to you.

You kept all my secrets and I kept yours,
You helped me through the rough times and more.
Through boyfriends and breakups, you stood by my side.
Happy Birthday, sister, it’s been a great ride.

Even though we may be miles apart,
You’re on my mind and in my heart.
I wish you happiness on this day,
You deserve it in every way.

You were brought into this world on this day long ago,
And since then you’ve touched many lives high and low.
I hope that this day brings you laughter and smiles,
And peace and love that travels over the miles.

My sister, my lifelong friend,
I wish you happiness without end,
On this day and every one,
Joy that cannot be undone.

Sisters share memories, and family, and more.
Together for good times, through rich and through poor.
I’m happy to call you my sister and friend,
And to you much happiness I do send.

Don’t count the candles, or calories or years,
Don’t count the wrinkles, or frown lines or fears.
Count all the smiles and the joys and the days,
And all of the happiness in all of your ways.
Happy Birthday to you, sister, special and true,
And thank you for all the great things that you do.

I count all my blessings and want you to know
You’re at the top of my list, sister, no lower you’ll go.
I thankful to be a part of your family and core
And wish you many Happy Birthdays forever more.

You may be getting older but I am too.
It’s something that sisters often will do.
Don’t fret or worry, there’s no need to fear.
You’re graceful and loved with every added year.

Words and pictures can’t convey
The happiness I send this day.
I wish you love and peace and smiles
Happy Birthday, sister, across the miles.

My sister, my friend until the end,
This day we celebrate you.
You’re sweet and kind, your love isn’t blind,
Happy Birthday and love you too.

Having a sister like you is truly a blessing
You’ve been there for me from the start
So I hope you have a wonderful birthday
This wish comes straight from my heart

You’re more than just a sister
You’re also my best friend
May your special day be beautiful
Right up until the end

A sister as special as you
Deserves to be cherished on her birthday
So this greeting comes filled with love
And hope that you feel treasured every day

The older we grow, the closer we become
I can’t imagine my life without you
May your birthday be blessed and exceptional
I’m looking forward to watching our journey as sisters continue

You know me better than anyone
Our bond is unbreakable
The day you were born was the luckiest day of my life
For I was blessed with my sister, my angel

The love between sisters is one that can’t measured
We’ve been through so much together
Your birthday is a chance for me to thank you
For always being there for me through any kind of weather

Sisters share their deepest secrets
Their greatest joys and their saddest days
On your birthday I hope you know
How thankful I am for you in so many ways

The years go by but one thing remains
Our bond as sisters will never end
You deserve a birthday that is as special as you
Happy birthday to my best friend

The moment you were born my life changed
Our childhood memories will always be treasured
This birthday wish is filled with deep affection
For a sister whose worth can never be measured

Through the good times and the bad
You’ve always been there to support me
So on your birthday, sister, I hope you know
How much you are appreciated and loved so dearly

If I had to choose a sister, I would pick you again and again
For you are not only my sister, but also my best friend
This birthday greeting comes with lots of love
Thank you for being such a godsend

A sister as special as you deserves all that life has to offer
So I hope your birthday is everything you hope for and more
I couldn’t imagine my life without you
You truly are loved and adored

The best thing about having you as a sister
Is that I also have a forever friend
May your birthday be blessed and delightful
And know that I will always be here for you until the end

Through thick and thin, we’ve been through it all
This journey as sisters has been amazing
I wish you joy and laughter on your special day
And all of the other wonderful things life can bring

I am so lucky to have such a special sister
My heart is filled with appreciation
May your birthday be bursting with love
And everything else that is fun

Sisters are like roses, beautiful when in bloom-
Their lovely, cheerful presence lights up any room.
Sisters are like rainbows, so colorful divine-
I have a sister like this, and I’m so glad she’s mine.
Happy Birthday, Sister

We have been together from the very start-
Sisters by our birth, but true best friends at heart.
Happy Birthday!

You were my playmate, you’re now my friend-
These birthday wishes I do send-
To a sister who has been so dear-
I wish you lots of birthday cheer!

You deserve the best today, I brought a simple treat-
A birthday wish made just for you, because you are so sweet!
Happy Birthday to the Best Sister!

Thank you, Sis, for all you do and for all that you share-
It’s little things that make you great, and shows how much you care.
Words can’t begin to describe how wonderful you are-
Happy Birthday, and don’t forget to wish upon a star.

Once again we all will sing the “Happy Birthday” chorus-
To remind you of how great you are, and all you have done for us.
Happy Birthday to our amazing sister!

Roses are not always red, some violets are not blue-
But you, my sister, are more colorful than any shade or hue.
Your personality can make a gloomy day seem bright-
Happy Birthday, you’re the best, and a joyful delight.

Rain or shine, you’re always there, you’re certainly a part-
Of everything that’s in my life, you are my world, my heart.
Happy Birthday, Sister

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with a sister that’s so dear-
I’m glad that we can celebrate this day year after year.
Happy Birthday!

I hope God blesses you as much as He has blessed me-
Because I couldn’t ask for a better sister, one like you so sweet.
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

I know you will get lots of cards and gifts from everyone, but nothing material can describe how special you are. No words could ever be enough. You are an amazing sister, and I’m glad God brought us together.

You have not just been my Sis, but my friend and mother too-
I would not have made it in this world, if it wasn’t for you.
You’ve shown me strength and picked me up whenever I would fall-
You’ve been my loving angel, in fact, you’ve been it all.
Happy Birthday

To my perfect sister on her birthday:
I’ve tried to think of what I’d change about you – not a thing!
So I wish you the best Birthday and the happiness it brings.

One more year, you’ve made it through! So I would like to say-
I wish you all the best in life, and a marvelous birthday!
Have a great day, Sister!

I think God made us sisters, so that He could prove-
A bond like ours will never break, our love we’ll never lose.
Let’s celebrate another year, you’re still young at heart-
I love you so much today, and have right from the start!

A sister is that one who is always around,
And it does not matter if she is out of town.
She comes to your aid whenever you are in need;
With all of her might, she will help you succeed,
And with that in mind, I pause now to say
To my precious, lovely sister: Happy Birthday!

Sister, you are more than just an ordinary person;
You are actually my best friend for all seasons.
May your birthday blessings be as precious as you!
May you have happiness and good health your whole life through!

There have been times when I didn’t know what to do,
But I was able to turn to you, Sister, in truth.
And now as you celebrate another year,
I wish you Happy Birthday with lots of good cheer!

Many persons have come and gone,
But with you, my sister, I was never alone.
Because you are always never far from my side,
To say Happy Birthday really fills me with pride.

Happy Birthday, Sister!
Know that you are my hero!
I cherish you as no other,
For your sweet, smiley glow.

Because you are my sister,
It means so much to me
To send you birthday greetings
And wish you all good things.

Not everyone can inspire another the way you inspire me!
With that being said, I lift my head and smile at you with glee!
Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister, for showing me love is key.

Only a sister can scold you whenever
Then turn right around and show love without measure.
So on this your Special Day,
I am happy to say,
Happy Birthday, with pleasure!

Without you there would be a hole in my heart
Because of the bond we’ve shared from the start.
Because no one can ever replace your presence
May this Birthday be all that you ever imagine!

Today marks a very special time
In the life of you, Sister, who helped keep me in line.
Thank you so much for your awesome way!
Enjoy this very, Happy Birthday!

As a sister you know the ins and outs
Of my entire life and whereabouts;
For this reason you and I are so very close
That makes it easy to say Happy Birthday to the uttermost.

Your birthday means much to me
Because of the times we share;
So on this very happy day,
I wish you well, Sister, with much love and care.

Sister, you are one who demonstrates
The magnitude of your kindness!
I now hope that this birthday wish
In return, the same, to you illustrates.

No matter where you’ve been in life,
It is really not hard to not see strife.
But as my sister, you are the best for all times;
And, so, may your birthday be one with bells and chimes.

Not long ago you were but little;
We played outdoors with shells and whistles;
But look at you here on this very special today
Celebrating with exuberance your Happy Birthday!