For Son

Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Son

Your Son deserves nice Birthday Wishes

Your relationship with your son is such a special bond that is unlike any other relationship. From the moment he was born you loved him more than you could have imagined. When your son’s birthday comes around what better time to let him know how much he means to you? You could try to find a card at the store that expresses how you feel, but no generic card could ever quite capture the feelings in your heart. So why not consider crafting your own, personalized birthday wishes to show him just how much you care?

It may seem a challenging to put your feelings for your son into words. But if you follow a few simple steps you can write a heart-felt birthday sentiment that will be totally unique and meaningful. Are you ready to get started?

First, you need to think about what specific qualities you love about your son. Does he have the integrity to stand up for what he believes? Does he have an off beat sense of humor that can liven up any social gathering? Is he athletically talented or intellectually gifted? Sons are often more sensitive than we realize. How their parents feel about them and whether or not they express those feelings can be one of the determining factors in a son’s feeling of self worth and overall success in life. Never underestimate the power you have in impacting your son by praising his positive qualities. Listing some of those positive characteristics is a great way to begin your personalized birthday wishes.

Next, you can look at your list and begin to write how some of those positive qualities have personally impacted you and others. Has your son’s joyful spirit encouraged you when you were discouraged? Has his intelligence helped you and others gain a greater understanding in certain areas of life? Has his unselfish character been a good example to other members of your family? This part of the message will let him know not only how special you think he is as a person, but how his unique gifts and achievements have made a positive difference in the world.

Next, you may want to include some of the special memories that you have of your son. You can point out times you went fishing or camping together. You could bring up memories of holidays, sporting events or concerts. Any funny or happy memories you can bring up can touch your son’s heart and remind him that he is very important to you.

Lastly, you can close by writing just how thankful you are for your son along with your own personalized birthday wishes. So rather than going to the card aisle and simply buying another generic, boring store bought card this year, why not take the time to write that special son an original greeting that comes right from your heart? He will be amazed at your thoughtfulness. Your one-of-a-kind birthday message to your son will be cherished for a lifetime.

S is for sensational!
O is for one-of-a-kind!
N is for noble!
And you’re the son we had in mind!
Happy Birthday, Son! We’re Proud of You!

Son, we are so proud of you
You’ve lived what you believed,
You’ve reached for the stars;
Look how much you have achieved!
Happy Birthday!

You’re one great son, and no one else could ever take your place;
You’ve left a mark upon our hearts that nothing can erase!
Happy Birthday, Son! We Love You!

Son, we believe if you try your best you will always reach your goal,
We’re proud of you and love you with heart and mind and soul!
Happy Birthday, Son!

From the time you were born we knew your future would be bright,
It’s been so amazing watching as all your dreams take flight!
Happy Birthday, Son! We Love You!

Son, we so admire the fine young man you have become,
Courageously you march to the beat of your own drum.
On your birthday we want to tell you how very proud we are,
for when it comes to sons we think that you’re the best by far!
Happy Birthday, Son! We Love You!

We are so proud to have a son as wonderful as you,
We thank the Lord above that you are faithful, kind and true!
Happy Birthday, Son! God Bless You!

Son, have I told you lately just how proud I am of you?
When you put forth the effort there’s almost nothing you can’t do!
Happy Birthday, Son! We Love You!

A son like you is rare indeed;
You always help a friend in need.
You give of your time each and every day,
So we’re proud of you in every way!
Happy Birthday, Son! We Love You!

Son, on your birthday we just want you to know,
We’re so thankful we got to watch you grow
And become the man that you are today,
We are proud of you in every way!
Happy Birthday, Son! We Love You!

A son is a buddy that loves to have fun,
And of all the son’s out there, you’re number one!
We Love You, Buddy! Happy Birthday!

Son, you are such a special part of my life,
You fill it with joy and never with strife,
You are a constant blessing, which is why I can say,
I thank God for you today and every day!
Happy Birthday, Son! God Bless You!

Son, you are a blessing sent down from God above;
You fill our days with laughter and fill our hearts with love.
Happy Birthday, Son! We Love You!

Son, we love you very much
And we just want you to know,
We’ll love you ’til forever,
No matter how big you grow!
Happy Birthday, Son!

Son, you are terrific,
Sensational, and bright!
That’s why we hope your birthday
Turns out to be just right!
Happy Birthday, Son! We Love You!

Happy birthday, dear son, you’re the apple of my eye
All the things you’ve accomplished fill me with pride!

It’s your birthday, my son, and I am so proud to say
You bring joy to my life in so many ways
On your special day, I hope you have lots of laughter and fun
I’m so glad I can call you my wonderful son!

Happy birthday, my son, sorry this card is tardy
You’d think since I birthed you I’d not be the last one to the party!

Dear son, you’re a treasure and the best part of my life
On your birthday I wish you well and hope for no strife!

Happy birthday, my son, this is a very big day
It’s the only thing you’ve accomplished I’m sad to say
So here’s to the coming year, I wish you the best
Now’s the time to get a job and leave us all extremely impressed

Dance and sing and party and laugh
I hope you have a time and a half
To a special son on a special day
I hope it is perfect in every way!

My dearest son, you’re one of a kind
When I think of upstanding men, you’re first to my mind
On your big day, hope you have it all
And don’t forget, occasionally, to call!

You’re an incredible son and I’m such a big fan
You’ve grown into such an amazing, kind man
Best wishes to you as you celebrate
And others get to appreciate that you’re pretty great!

You’re an amazing young man I’m proud to call son
The things that you do deserve love and adoration
On your birthday, may you know you are mine
You’re top of my mind and top of the line!

Happy birthday, dear son, I hope it is great
When it comes to the best son, there’s just no debate!

My special son I hope you know that you’re such a treat
Having you as a son just cannot be beat!

Happiest birthday to the greatest kid
Son, you’re the type we never want to rid
Thank you for all that you give to our lives
You’ve made such impressive progress and strides

Happy birthday, dear son, make it a blast
Just make sure you don’t end up wearing a cast!

Hope it’s a great day, my most precious son
Fill it with smiles and loved ones and lots of good fun

Have a magnificent birthday celebrating with friends
I hope your partying never ceases to end!

Happy birthday to a son who I hold deep in my heart
The love I have for you goes way off the chart!

Happy birthday, my lovely son, make it the best one to date
Share it with others who know that you’re great
Time spent with loved ones is the very best spent
It’s better than money and it’s worth every cent!