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Funny Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Do you have an uncle who stands out as a special friend, a mentor, and someone you’ve always admired? If you have been blessed to have this kind of an uncle in your life, why not consider writing him your own personalized birthday wishes? The selection of meaningful birthday cards for uncles is quite limited. Many of these cards sound generic, trite, or lacking in the kind of heart-felt message an uncle as fantastic as your uncle deserves. So why not consider crafting a unique birthday message straight from your heart for your one-of-a-kind uncle?

Writing a personalized birthday message may seem intimidating, but it is actually easier than you may think. If you simply follow these basic steps you will probably find that the only difficulty you have is having too much to write rather than not enough! So are you ready to get started?

First of all, you need to stop and think about what character qualities you most admire about your special uncle. Is he fun-loving? Is he a daredevil? Is he amazingly clever? Is he kind and caring? Is he someone who goes out of his way to do the right thing? Your uncle may not realize just exactly how rare and amazing he really is. So it’s your job to list those characteristics that draw you to him and make him an important part of your life.

Next, you can look at the character qualities you have listed and think about how those character qualities have impacted your life personally. Did he help you to come outside of your shell? Did he influence you to be the best that you can be? Did he help you to learn certain skills that have helped you become successful in your life? How has he made a positive difference in your life?

Next, you can list some of your favorite memories you have had over the years involving this uncle. Did he take you to the park or the movies when you were little? Did he always remember your birthday? Did he give you the most amazing birthday presents? Was he always the life of the party that would liven up your family holiday gatherings? This is the time to pull out all the stops and write about the most hilarious, fun, or heartwarming memories that you have of your uncle. He will likely be extremely touched that you were paying such close attention and that you still remember all of those happy times that the two of you shared.

Lastly, you can come up with your very own way of thanking him for the important role that he has played in your life. You can close your card by wishing him a wonderful birthday in your own words. No doubt your uncle will be completely blown away that you took the time to write him such a thoughtful, personal and endearing birthday greeting. He is likely to cherish this birthday message for the rest of his life.

Dear uncle, you are a great man.
I emulate you where I can.
It is my privilege to be your nephew.
I wish a very happy birthday to you!

You are my favorite uncle!
I am glad to know you!
I wish you a happy birthday!
It is a pleasure to be your nephew!

Uncle, on your birthday, I hope that you are happy.
I’d tell you how much I love you, but let’s not get too sappy!

You may be my uncle, but you are also my friend.
I hope your joy from this birthday never sees its end!

You are an exceptional person, dear uncle.
I am lucky to be your nephew.
I hope today brings you many smiles.
Happy birthday to you!

Uncle, thank you for the example you set for all of us.
Happy birthday, and always remember that we love you very much!

You taught me how to live. Uncle, I adore you.
Happy birthday! The world needs “more you”.

Uncle, you mean the world to me.
Without you, I would be adrift.
I wish you every happiness.
I hope you like my gift!
I’m just kidding. Happy birthday!

I am glad to have an uncle like you. Being related to you is a pleasure.
I hope this birthday brings you memories that you will always treasure!

My uncle, you have shown me the right way to live.
Thank you for all the attention you give.
I hope this message finds you happy in every way.
I hope you experience an excellent birthday!

You have always made the right impression. You have always shown me the right way.
Uncle, that’s why it was an easy decision to wish you a truly happy birthday!

You have always shown me the right way to live.
You have a heart that knows how to forgive.
You deserve success in everything you do.
Uncle, I wish a very happy birthday for you!

Uncle, you are exceptional.
Thank you for your example.
I would be remiss not to say,
“I hope you have an outstanding birthday!”

You are one unique uncle!
You set a fine example.
My cousins and I love you!
You have always made us feel special.
You deserve much joy, and that is why I say,
“Uncle, I hope you have a quite special birthday!”

Uncle, birthdays come and go. Most are just like all the rest.
I sincerely hope you will remember this one as your best.

If I had the chance to design the perfect uncle, I would not do it. You are already here!
I hope that this birthday’s memories always fill your heart with good cheer!

You’re great, Uncle.
You know it’s true.
You truly deserve a happy birthday, too!

Uncle, you always lift my heart.
Thank you for all you do.
I hope you know I mean it when I say,
“Happy birthday to you!”

Here’s to a man who has cheered me through
The sidelines of life through the days of gloom
You’ve always meant way more than just my kin
You’re much more than my uncle much more than a friend

Happy birthday to my uncle the best of all
Through the peaks and valleys you always stand tall
Your are quick to love and you never judge
And when I need a shoulder you never budge

You’ve amazed me with your acts so kind
The ties of our bond we could never unwind
You’ve been there for me when nobody else would
You listen way more often than I ever could

Patience is great but you are way more
You’re a wonderful relative down to the core
So much like my dad but even better in a respect
Because the person I am is because of you direct

I want you to know how important you’ve been
Even when I lost or when I did win
You were there for my battles as I grew up tall
You never let me suffer nor let me fall

Your words of encouragement have endeared me to you
I couldn’t imagine more that an uncle could do
You’ve spent many hours when time you had none
Just to make sure that I matured like your own son

There are things that I owe which I could never express
I could thank you for days for all that you bless
My life is on track because you were here
If nothing else I’d say it’s worth a huge cheer

Happy Birthday dear Uncle I hope you enjoy
The candles on your cake like you’re still a boy
With your youthful enthusiasm that is so rare
That always makes me giggle without a single care

I hope you’re aware I truly am blessed
To have an uncle that is simply the best
The things I can’t count that you’ve done for me
Without asking in return, who says best things aren’t free

If I had a birthday wish for you in return
It would be a lesson for every uncle to learn
To follow your example of how to be kind
To keep all your relatives on the tip of your mind

You’ve made it so easy for our friendship to bloom
You made me understand I could never assume
That the best friends aren’t born out of necessity
They’re made with hard work and because you believe

Happy Birthday dear Uncle I hope you can see
Our conversations make the world go around thankfully
Without your advice I’d certainly have missed out
But with you here, I am forever better no doubt.