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Cute Birthday Wishes for your Lovely Wife

Remembering your wife’s birthday is second in importance only to remembering your anniversary. Writing down a few lines on a blank or homemade birthday card will show her your thoughtful and caring nature. It will be an occasion for strengthening and renewing your relationship. It will recall times gone by and assure her of your continued support in the years ahead. It will also serve as a “defense mechanism” against a week-long cold shoulder and unnecessary marital strife.

There are two basic “genres” of birthday wishes you can address to your wife: romantic and humorous. The romantic approach must be genuine and heartfelt. If she suspects that your words are not serious, she may end up more upset with you than if you had forgotten her birthday. The humorous approach must be clever, creative, and genuinely funny. If she takes the humorous lines as serious, you will soon wish she had simply thought your joke was not funny.

Romantic birthday wishes for your wife might involve any of the following ideas:
Recalling the time and circumstances of when you first met
Referencing your wedding day and other memorable occasions you have both experienced together
Noting her positive qualities that make her a wonderful lifelong companion
Noting how blessed your children are to have a mother like her
Emphasizing how bleak life would be without her
Assuring her that you will always still love her
Promising to do some specific thing for her or go some special place with her in the near future

Humorous birthday wishes for your wife might include such things as:
Mentioning what she would have done to you had you forgotten her birthday
Explaining how thankful she should be to have a great husband like you
Jokes involving her shopping and spending money
Jokes about doing dishes, laundry, and other housework
Mentioning that trip to Hawaii you’ve been meaning to take her on for the last 10 years
Saying she is very intelligent but must have had a lapse of reason when she married you
Bringing up that time when she made “soggy” spaghetti or burnt the roast chicken

What sorts of lines you specifically use must vary based on the details of your relationship. You should ask yourself if she will find that line to be romantic or if she will find anything “laughable” about your attempts at humor. The timing of romantic versus humorous birthday wishes can also be important. A humorous card might lighten things up and help you both move on from a rough time you just went through. A romantic card might be especially appropriate on important anniversary years like the first, fifth, 10th, 20th, etc. In the middle of a particularly trying time, a romantic card could be a good choice if it can serve to ground your relationship deeper in the midst of those trials.

Happy birthday, my wife!
You changed my life.
I hope this birthday changes yours.
You are the only person I adore!

If I had to do it all again, I’d do it again with you.
Happy birthday, dear wife! I know your heart will always be true.

You are the wife I imagined you would be.
Thank you for all the love you give me.
For you, I want only smiles.
I hope your happy birthday memories last a long while!

You are amazing, outstanding and the perfect wife.
You give everyone you know a better life.
By your side I will always stay.
I wish for you the happiest birthday!

You are an exemplary wife.
You make me happy.
I hope today is the birthday of your life!
I hope this wish is not too sappy!

Dear wife, you are outstanding.
Nobody would call you demanding.
My sweet, you are exemplary.
May you remember this birthday similarly.

You are the wife for which I wished when I was single.
To this day, you make my skin tingle.
You have changed my life in such a special way!
I wish for you, my wife, a very happy birthday!

You are an excellent wife.
You have given me the perfect life.
In your arms I want to stay.
I wish for you an outstanding birthday!

Wife, you make life nice.
I would marry you twice!
In my world, you hold much sway.
My dear, happy birthday!

Wife, I love our life together.
I will stand with you through all types of weather.
I hope to truly know you always.
May today best all your other birthdays!

When we married, I wished for an amazing life with you.
Now, that wish has come true.
You are the woman I adore.
I wish for you a happy birthday and many more!

My wife, I would do it all again with you.
I know I have a lifetime friend in you.
I have seen the wonders in your smile.
I hope you enjoy your birthday memories for a good, long while.

You are the wife I wanted.
That is why I will always stay.
You’ve got “it”, but you don’t flaunt it.
I wish you an excellent birthday!

You made my life, dear wife!
I hope it lasts centuries more!
Happy birthday, darling!
You are the woman I adore!

My wife, happy birthday!
I hope you have tons more.
Let me never forget to say,
“You are the person I adore!”

Happy birthday, my wife!
Thank you for changing my life!
I have only one question of the woman I adore.
How, my sweet, can I change yours?

Life has its limits, but your love for me seems to know none.
You have been gracious since before we two became one.
My wife, I wish for you a happy day, and I hope our life has just begun!

You’ve been an inspiration from that wonderful day we wed
Your eyes still glow, your nose so cute, your lips so amazing red
I’d never wish for someone new or wish that we shall part
Because when you know you found the best you know it in your heart

Happiest birthday to my wife so amazing and so sweet
Hard to imagine I’d be so lucky that you I happened to meet
You’ve paved the way for us to shine and for our love to grow
Everything we have in our love story is something to behold

I admire you for so much that I could never really say
The things that make you who you are just blow me away
You’ve been here for me through the toughest moments I’ve endured
But with your smile and subtle charm I’ve always been cured

You lift people up and not just me, that’s an amazing trait
We met through random chance but now I’m sure it must be fate
Because you fit me as I do you and we’re a perfect pair
A day without your tenderness would be too much to bare

The way you make others feel so warm is even way more
Than anything I could ever wish or dream at night for
So now I dream of waking up with you every single day
And if that happens I’m a lucky man in every single way

Happy Birthday to my wife, my love is stronger today
Than the day we wed when you looked at me that way
It grows each day because I learn so much I didn’t know
That you’re so rich and full of love and I do love you so

I’d bring you roses every day if I knew that I could
But tell me you’d rather have a kiss I know you would
It’s little things like that which make a marriage stand out
Those little things to me make me love you without doubt

There’s no deception or illusion in the way I feel
After all this time, everything for you is so true and real
It doesn’t surprise me because I know how amazing you are
I know I was the lucky man who captured the lucky star

You’re the best thing to ever happen to this guy
I’d be a mess if you were to ever say goodbye
But I know in my heart you’re my soul mate
And worth every second I had to wait.

I’d never take us for granted because you remind me everyday
Of how much I love you because of your special way
And I only hope our affair lasts for the rest of time
For I am so lucky that I can call you mine