For a Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes For a Friend

Rhyming Birthday Quotes and Messages

Do you have a friend with a birthday coming up soon? Rather than just going to the local card shop and getting another generic birthday card, why not try something a little different this year? Let your friend know how very important he or she is by writing your very own personalized birthday message? It’s not as difficult as you might think!

Though writing a birthday greeting from off the top of your head may sound intimidating it does not have to be! You can write a meaningful, original birthday message quickly and easily no matter how experienced you are at creative writing. The key is to follow these simple steps.

First, list the character qualities you appreciate about this friend. Does she have a contagious laugh? Does he always know the right words to say? Is she dedicated and dependable in supporting the causes she believes are important? Often we don’t think to express our appreciation for our friends through direct compliments. What better place could you find to let your friend know how wonderful they are than on a personalized birthday message?

The next step is to look at your list of your friend’s character qualities and apply it to your personal interactions with this friend. Has this friend been there to help pick up the pieces at a time that you felt your life was falling apart? Did this friend motivate you when you felt like giving up? Did this friend give you wise advice that helped you choose the right path? Reflect on how this dear friend has been a positive influence on you. Birthdays are a time when people often wonder if their lives are having any impact on the world. This is the perfect opportunity for you to let your friend know that he or she has made a difference in your life!

Next, write about some of the special memories you have shared with this friend. Have you ever been to a concert or sporting event together? Have you gone on a vacation together? Maybe the two of you like shop together. Maybe the two of you enjoy fishing, hiking, or other outdoor activities together. Whatever common interests you share, let your friend know how much you have enjoyed the quality time the two of you have spent together. This section is also a great place to express appreciation for any time that this friend has been of help to you during a time of need. Your friend will likely be very touched that you remember these experiences that the two of you have shared over the years.

Lastly, think of your own creative way to thank your friend for their quality friendship and wish them a wonderful birthday. What better way to show your friend that you really care than to take the time to personally express how important they are to you? This heart-felt, original birthday message will quite likely become a keepsake that your friend will cherish for a lifetime.

Today is not just any day, it’s one that’s made for you-
To celebrate your birthday with friends and loved ones too.
I wish you lots of happiness today and every day.
Our friendship is so special, may it always stay that way.

Friends are not easy to find, it takes a special touch –
To find someone who is so kind, and cares so very much.
You are that friend that I can trust, and share my dreams and fears-
You’ve been there through my happiness, and held my hand through tears.
So here’s a special birthday wish especially for you-
Thank you for being my friend today, and every day year through.

Friends are like flowers – you pick each other to grow with, share the sun with, weather storms with. And the relationship grows stronger and turns into something beautiful.
You are that special friend, and I’m glad I picked you.
Have a wonderful Birthday!

You thought I might remember, you hoped I would forget –
To remind you that you’re older, but I’m not finished yet-
I’d also like to tell you that every single year,
I’m more and more thankful for our friendship that’s so dear.

I’m so glad it’s your birthday, because now I can say –
I’m blessed to have you as my friend today and every day.
Let’s celebrate with laughter, and maybe a little fun –
We’ll reminisce about old times, and more good things to come.

When I think about the people I care about, I think about you.
Friendships like ours don’t just happen overnight.
I appreciate everything you do, everything you are, and everything you will be.
Happy Birthday to my Dearest Friend.

I love thinking of the memories that you and I have made –
The laughter and the heartaches, that I would never trade –
Because those are the things that make you and I best friends-
We have a bond that will not break, and will not ever end.
Have a Wonderful Birthday!

I may have many friends, but there’s none quite like you-
When storms creep up on me, you always help me through.
You’ve shared with me the best of days, you’ve never left my side-
So I hope your birthday is filled with joy, and happiness inside.

Where has all the time gone? It’s already another year –
It doesn’t really matter, I’m just glad you’re here.
So here’s to another birthday, and another year as friends-
This birthday wish is filled with as much love as I can send.

You are an amazing friend who’s never let me down.
You are beautiful inside and out, and I am thankful to have you as part of my life.
Let’s celebrate another birthday, and another year of our friendship.

Thank you for the laughter, thank you for the years –
That you and I have been best friends, even through the tears.
Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Friend!

You were my friend yesterday; you will also be today-
And for many more years to come – have a marvelous birthday!

Thank you for your kindness, your patience and your smile-
You always make things brighter and everyday worthwhile.
Happy Birthday to a Sweet Friend.

Birthdays are for celebrating, and for having fun –
So my dear friend, I hope you have a very pleasant one!

Each year that goes by, we’re friends even longer –
We become closer, our bond even stronger.
Happy birthday today, and never forget –
I knew we’d be friends from the day that we met.

We’ve been through the ups and the downs
Shared laughter, smiles, and frowns
This wish is for you, if I may
I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Up on a mountain or in valleys below
For a friend like you I would go,
We’ve shared so much laughter and fun
So today hoping your birthday’s a good one!

We’ve been through more than most other folks
Know each other’s fears, laugh at inside jokes
So on your birthday I hope you know that it’s true
I’m not sure where I’d be without a friend like you.

We’ve known each other for such a long while
You always know just how to make me smile
I’m so blessed to have you as my friend
Hope your day is great from beginning to end.

Not many understand me quite like you do
I can drop the pretense, just be honest and true
I want you to know it’s so clear to see
A friend like you means so much to me!

Happy birthday to a friend who is great
Who listens and takes time to just wait
Who is patient, loyal, trustworthy and true
I’m glad everyday that I have you.

We met by chance, became friends by choice
Sometimes our hearts speak with the same voice
On your birthday today and every day too
Know that I am grateful to be friends with you.

Even when we’re apart, we’re in step together
Like fish in a school, like birds of a feather
You’re the best friend anyone could ask for
So happy birthday today and many more!

My wish for you on your special day
Is that the whole world would shout one big hooray
For a friend who deserves to be recognized
For all that you are, you get first prize.

Around the whole globe, you would never find
A friend quite so faithful, honest, and kind
So I hope you celebrate in your own fun way
And have a fantastically happy birthday.

As far as friends go, you are top-notch
My partner in crime, my avid night watch
We’ve had our adventures, just plenty for two
Today let’s celebrate – Happy Birthday to you!

No matter where I go, near or far
I’m reminded what a precious friend you are
You’re there for me so that nothing I’ll lack
Happy Birthday to someone who has my back.

We’ve stuck together through thick and thin
In any adventure, I know that you’re in
Always ready for whatever’s in store
Happy birthday today and here’s to many more!

We may not have known each other that long
But I feel like our friendship is already strong
I hope that your birthday celebrates something new
That I’m so glad to have a friend like you.

You’re funny, caring, and generous, too
You bring joy to everything that you do
You’re there for me at all hours of the day
I hope this birthday is special in every way

Your smile brightens every crowd
Your personality sings without being too loud
I’m so grateful to have a friend like you
May all your birthday wishes come true

Friends like you are a rare breed
You’re there to help me when I’m in need
Your outlook on life is always half full
Wishing you a birthday that is really special

Strong, fierce, and an inspiration to all
You care about others’ problems, big or small
I’m so happy to have met a person as generous as you
Happy birthday to a true friend through and through

We haven’t known each other for long
But already our friendship is strong
You’re so kind, and you have a big heart
I hope your birthday is great from the start

Your compassion for others is an inspiration
On your birthday, you deserve a big celebration
Sing, dance, laugh, and enjoy your big day
Don’t let anything get in your way

Your contagious laugh makes everyone feel great
And your kindness leaves everyone in a happy state
Every minute I spend with you is always so fun
Have a great birthday, and celebrate with everyone

It’s your birthday, and you deserve the royal treatment
So have a grand celebration, and make a big statement
You are a loyal, kind, and loving person
And everyone should know that for certain

You’re my buddy, my pal, my partner in crime
When we’re together, we have a good time
You help me out in so many ways
Have a great birthday; let those candles blaze

You’re a beautiful person inside and out
You know what being a friend is all about
I’m sending birthday wishes your way
I hope you have a beautiful day

Your smile makes everything better
And you’re always there to say something clever
You’re a great friend, and it’s your big day
So celebrate and dance the night away

You’re there for me when I need you most
On your birthday, I raise my glass in a toast
I wish you happiness and good health in the coming year
All the best to you, my dear

A friend to the end, you’re one of the best
Faithful and true, you’re ahead of the rest
When good news arrives, it’s you that I call
May your birthday wishes come true, one and all

We’ve been friends for quite a while
And you always know how to make me smile
Your special day is drawing near
I hope your birthday is full of cheer

You are my friend through all kinds of weather
When I think of you, it’s always with pleasure
I can’t wait to celebrate this birthday with you
Blow out the candles, and make a wish or two

To a friend I have known for awhile
This is your fiftieth birthday, so smile
A landmark occasion, celebrate life
Among loved ones, cutting cake with the knife

A great friend deserves a great birthday
Sadly our lives will end one day
Keep celebrating and having fun
Live every day like the last one

With you as my friend, life is better
You are a hard working go getter
Enjoy life, because you deserve it
Don’t regret it one bit.

Smoke a cigar on this your birthday
Hope you finally get things right one day
I admire you and know you tried
Thanks for being a guide.

It’s important to have friends to see
I appreciate struggles you had because of me
Sometimes I get into bad moods
Thanks for not being rude

Image one day we had to face responsibilities.
Moving out on my own gives me the willies.
Many things I can say, but Happy seventieth birthday.

Thanks for inviting me to party
I always see friends drinking Bacardi
Don’t thing that’s the reason I’m here
May your birthday be happy this year

A birthday wish with moments of magic
To not be your friend will be tragic
Live long and be merry
And don’t become an old faerie

Happy Birthday from one that you know
You get one fiftieth so drink fast and walk slow
Tonight is the night to less loose and go wild

Happy Birthday from the wildside
Come over and don’t try to hide
Get drunk and don’t forget water
No DUI, you promised father

Your birthday again, every year you are lame
Beginning to think DUI(pronounced dewey) is your middle name
Don’t drive like a bastard and go to jail

May you celebrate with style,
Hasn’t been your birthday in a while
Sit down, stay, and be gay
No I meant gay the other way

Time to have a fiesta Amigo
A friend that I really know
Life’s a piñata go for the candy
Don’t get smacked in the head by Sandy.

Happy Birthday, is good to say
Saw you at the beach Sunday
Now it’s your birthday and I am here
Life seems better when you are near

Happy Birthday to my best friend
I’m the Quarterback, you’re the tight end
Day to remember, cherish the moments
Love your friends, beat your opponent

On your fortieth birthday don’t hold back
Be a lion, jump on life and attack
Do everything you want to do
Don’t feel like an old shoe

You will always be my friend
Up until the very end
I wished you happy birthday
Now it’s time to go away

Happy Birthday time to celebrate
A non drinking driver you must designate
Don’t crash into a pole
Give back the beer that you stole

Happy ninetieth, Don’t party too hard
Don’t pull a muscle and look like a retard
Birthdays are for fun and cake
Please act normal for heaven’s sake

My dear friend, I hope you’re so happy today that you can’t even speak
And that you’ll celebrate this new age of yours for an entire week
I hope it will be full of laughter, fun and all the things you’ve ever wanted
And that you show up to visit me with the finest things you’ve ever flaunted

To someone I adore more with each passing year
It is always a blessing having you near
We are friends with the familiarity of family
And on this birthday, you deserve the greatest of all parties

Happy birthday to a pal I have known for many years
Through childhood laughter, marriages and changing careers
We have even had a couple of spoken brawls
But I wouldn’t change a thing about our friendship at all

Today is my buddy’s birthday
The one with a smile as bright as the sun’s rays
The one I can talk to about absolutely anything
I hope that buddy enjoys all that this year brings

We did not start out this way, but we became such good friends
When people prove their loyalty, the pettiness quickly ends
You are by my side whether I am mad, glad or sad
And I sincerely hope this birthday is the best you’ve ever had

This goes out to someone I am blessed to call a pal
You have always had a way of lifting the morale
I’m not sure about how you do it; you have this impeccable style
But on your birthday, I hope my message makes you smile

Here’s to someone who’s gorgeous, smart and nice
A friend I’ve even thought about kissing once or twice
But don’t worry; you ruined my crush by burping
I hope your birthday is extraordinarily amazing

My friend, we have been a part of each other’s lives for so long
We even enjoy the same foods, movies and songs
Even though we don’t talk as much as we used to anymore,
On your birthday, know that you are in my thoughts just like before

Happy birthday to a fascinating person I met a few years ago,
Spending time with you has brought a happiness that I didn’t previously know
You are a master of so many great skills
The thought of ever having to compete with you for anything actually makes me ill

Happy birthday to the most exciting person I know
No matter what we plan to do, you’re privy on where to go
I hope you continue to take on every dare, and never allow your laughter to stop
And that when you recall your fun-filled birthdays, this one makes it to the top

Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends
You possess a collection of positive qualities that never seems to end
You’re charming, caring, honest, fun, brilliant and so much more
I could go on forever, but I don’t want to be a bore

Happy birthday, my distant friend
I am happy to offer all the good wishes I can send
May this year be inspiring, refreshing and fruitful
And may a new someone come into your life to show you that you’re special

To a friend I’ve known since childhood
Here’s hoping you have a birthday that’s filled with everything good
You are someone I’ve never seen have one full day’s rest
You are appreciated by more people than you’ve probably ever guessed

Today we celebrate someone who’s all big and buff
But once you get to know him, he’s more of a cream puff
You’ll always be thankful to be his friend, because he’s got a heart of gold
Just don’t mention to him that he might be getting old

Happy birthday to a friend who boosts the mood in any room
To one of rainbows or beautiful shooting stars; even if it had been one of gloom
I hope your day is just as wonderful as everyone in your presence feels
And that when you go to bed at night, you smile because it was so unreal