For Best Friend

Birthday Quotes and Messages for Best Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend

Finding a best friend is one of the most incredible discoveries a person can make. This is the one friend that stands out above all others. You laugh together, cry together and stick together through thick and thin no matter what. They are the one at the top of your list to call when you have exciting news, like an engagement or baby announcement. They are also the one you run to first when your life is suddenly turned upside down by tragedy. They are the one friend you know you can always count on.

So doesn’t that one-of-a-kind friend deserve an extraordinary birthday greeting? Because of the importance of this friendship you want to make sure that your words rise to the occasion. Do not settle for just a generic message that you would send to an acquaintance. Instead, make that birthday wish as memorable as possible to honor the one friendship that you care about most of all. When you are wishing your best friend a happy birthday it is important to find just the right words that will get to the heart of what makes your friendship so amazing.

In order to find the perfect words to describe your best friend, you need to stop and think about what unique character qualities this person has that drew you to him or her in the first place. Is he hilariously funny? Is she extremely empathetic? Does his intelligence blow you away? Do you admire her courage? These are the kind of qualities that can inspire you to write a message that really captures the essence of your best friend’s personality.

Next, take a look at how his or her unique qualities relate with your own. Does he always know how to make you laugh when you’re down? Does she always keep your deepest secrets? Do the two of you have similar interests, goals, and passions? Does she inspire you to be your very best? Does he have the courage to take a stand, and does that courage rub off on you? Express how your friendship with this person has enhanced your life and improved your own character.

Lastly, look back at the special memories the two of you have shared during the course of your friendship. Have you known one another since childhood? Did he help you through a difficult time? After long absences are you are able to pick your friendship up right where you left off when you finally see each other again? Draw upon these rich memories when you express gratitude for this enduring friendship in the form of a heart-felt birthday wish.

A best friend’s birthday is a time to reflect on how important that friendship is to you. You can express our feelings through meaningful messages. Consider what makes that friend unique, what draws you to that person, and the special memories the two of you share in order to craft an endearing birthday wish that your friend will cherish for a lifetime.

Through hard times and relationships, you always have been there
You stood by me and helped me through, and showed me that you care.
So on this day, my dear, dear friend, there’s something I should say,
I celebrate you in my life….every, single day.

What a wonderful day to celebrate
How much you mean to me.
For you have given me so much,
Both love and loyalty.

Both beautiful inside and out,
You’ve shown me what friendship is all about.
So on your birthday, my wish for you,
Is happiness, joy and laughter too!

You make rainy days seem sunny, and sad times not that bad,
And never have you abandoned me, like some outdated fad.
For these reasons and many more, I’m proud to call you friend,
And wish you birthday blessings and much joy that never ends!

On this day when you came into the world, so many years ago,
You blessed us with your giving heart, the best friend that I know.
So happy birthday, thank you friend, I wish you many more,
Days like today with those you love and cake and gifts galore!

Why celebrate another year?
To me the reason is very clear.
You’re amazing, kind and from the start,
You made me laugh and touched my heart.
Happy Birthday to my very best friend in the world.

To gossip and commiserate,
What else are best friends for?
To laugh out loud and have some wine,
We’ve made it one year more!

I cannot quite think where I’d be right now, without you in my life.
It would have been much lonelier and filled with lots more strife.
So on this day, I celebrate the friend you’ve been to me,
And hope our friendship stays this strong until eternity.

Time may pass and life speeds by, and birthdays come and go.
And even though we’re far apart, I just want you to know,
I think of you and wish you well and thank the stars above,
for you have been my dearest friend, whom I adore and love.

Through birthdays, anniversaries, new births and losses too,
Never would I have survived it all without the likes of you.
So on this day when you were born, I’m grateful and so blessed,
For friends like you are very rare, and you’re the very best.

Today you’re one year older,
And maybe wiser, too.
One thing I know is that for sure,
I’m still younger than you.
Happy Birthday Old Friend!

Words cannot do justice, for what I want to say.
I’m grateful for your friendship, in every single way.
You’ve stood by me, good times and bad, over so many years,
We laughed and hugged each other close and shared our deepest fears.
So thank you to my best of friends, I wish you all the best.
To celebrate your special day for which we are so blessed!

We have so many memories together
We’ve held strong through all kinds of weather
On your birthday, just pause and take a while
To know how much you make me smile!

Not many friends come along
Who are so loyal and strong
You know what I’m going to say
That I hope you have a great birthday!

Through back roads and valleys I’d wind
But another friend like you is hard to find
You know all my secrets, it’s true
And today, Happy Birthday to you!

Whenever I see you my heart is glad
Remembering all of the good times we’ve had
You’re my best friend and my faithful guide
Happy Birthday to the one by my side.

It might not always be easy to see
How much our friendship means to me
You make me smile whenever I’m down
Happy birthday to the best friend in town!

You understand me like no one else does
And wherever we go we make such a buzz
We’re like peas in a pod, my best friend,
So Happy Birthday – you’re true to the end!

I can call you up out of the blue
And know you’ll listen and laugh with me too
Best friends like you are so rare
On your birthday, hope you’re walking on air!

If I’m in trouble I know
There’s no limit to how far you’d go
To stay with me through to the end
Happy birthday to my very best friend!

We may not be geographically close
But your friendship still means the most
So I hope on this your birthday
You still celebrate our old way!

Friends like us can speak with our eyes
We help each other through lows and highs
A best friend like you can easily see
It’s time for birthday fun – let’s party!

Anytime I’m down I can call
And you’ll listen to it all
You’re my best friend in all the earth
Happy birthday! Know how much you’re worth!

As best friends walk the long road of life
It’s sure to have potholes and strife
But our joy is shared more than most
Happy birthday, let’s raise a toast!

We share hobbies and favorite films too
You always know just what I’d like to do
My best friend, I love when we hang out
Happy birthday to the greatest, without doubt!

The secrets we share are a lot
Without you I know I’d be caught
To a best friend so honest and true
Here’s wishing happy birthday to you!

Whenever I feel alone
You won’t leave me on my own
You’re my best bud, you boost my morale
Happy birthday to a real pal!

What would this world be
Without you by my side
To call you my best friend
Leaves me beaming with pride
So it’s with the greatest of joy
To my best friend I say
I am so grateful for you
Have the happiest birthday!

I can’t believe another year has passed
I hope this next one is as great as the last!

Happy, happy birthday to the best friend in the world,
Even though it’s your birthday, you’re a gift to this girl!

If asked to name a better friend, I couldn’t even try,
What has two thumbs and a best bud? This guy!
Happy birthday, buddy, I hope that it’s great,
Now let’s get to singing and cutting the cake!

I can’t put into words how important you are,
So I decided just to write these words in your card,
Thank you for being my very best pal,
You’re a wonderful friend and a pretty great gal!

Here’s to a guy who is worth of a toast
Honor and nobility, you have the most
I appreciate you more with each passing year
Now let’s get on with the party before I start to tear!

Happy birthday to a best friend that I don’t deserve
You’re always smiling and kind with each word
On your special day just know you’re so special to me
And let’s celebrate how fun this next year will be!

Happy birthday to a buddy that I can’t do without
You’re the best friend I could have, I have no doubt!

Enjoy the singing,
Enjoy the cake,
But know that our friendship,
Is what makes this day so great!

On your special day, I just want to say thanks,
At the top of my list is where our friendship ranks,
Without you in my life, I would feel such a hole,
You’re a beautiful person with a beautiful soul!

It’s your big birthday party and we’re so thrilled to be
With a friend whose kindness is a rare specialty!

Happy birthday to the best friend I could ever hope for
You’re a very special person, right down to your core!

With a friend so amazing, presents don’t do you justice,
You’re so good to us all, you’ll just have to trust us,
On your big day we hope that you know in your heart,
That of all the pieces that make us, you’re the biggest part!

Thank you for being my very best friend
You’ve stuck with me through the thick and the thin
I can’t imagine my life without you being a part
If there’s one place you’re always, it’s right in my heart!

It’s your big day and there will be lots of singing and laughter,
And cake and drinks, but I hope you know after,
All the streamers are down and the party is done,
The next 364 days you’re still number one!

Remember when we both were young?
We wanted to get older?
Then as we aged each birthday stung
Your joints and my poor shoulder.

We’ve seen so many happy years
Since we became such sidekicks;
It makes these sad, arthritic tears
Dry up to think: We’re classics!

At times I’ve been up, you’ve made me act sillier
At times I’ve been down, your patience has grown
When I’ve been uncertain, you’ve become somehow bossier
When I’ve been a whiner, you’ve left me alone.

Happy birthday to someone who’s an expert at friendship;
Who loves me because – just because.
I love you.

Love you like a sister
Because that’s what you are
Although we’re not related
You’re the sister of my heart

Happy Birthday!

If chocolate’s from cacao,
And cacao is a bean,
Then hot fudge is a health food.
So, here’s to getting lean!

Happy birthday to a great friend who gets my leaps of logic.

Our birthdays have grown up as we’ve grown up too;
Remember sleepovers – we stayed up ’til two?
And then high school crushes and secrets and tears;
Our friendship kept trucking right on through the years.
Then college and jobs and engagements and weddings;
Our memories combined keep us both from forgetting.
To a friend who’s not family, yet couldn’t be dearer,
Happy birthday! Your vision makes mine so much clearer.

“If you want a friend, then be a friend,”
My mama used to say.
You’re the friend I always wanted -
God bless you on your birthday.

Happy birthday to a friend who’s close
Although we’re miles away.
You’ve had my back more times than most
So have an awesome day!

Happy birthday to a special friend who’s there for those in need;
Who never waits to lend a hand or do a thoughtful deed.
Don’t ever think that all you do is ever missed or wasted;
The seeds you’ve sown yield fruits of joy, the best I’ve ever tasted.

A true blue friend’s the rarest gem that anyone could wish for;
Some people go a lifetime without understanding why.
Because of you I know the value friendship has to offer;
Happy birthday to my friend, a gift whose worth is to the sky.

Happy birthday, bud
You arrogant stud
I’ll make you eat dirt
Then I’ll give you my shirt
We’ve got some great stories
Some fails and some glories
At the end of the day
You’re my bud, come what may.

A true friend loves at all times,
Sticks closer than a brother.
Happy birthday to my best friend -
May this year top every other.

From the first time we met I knew something was different
Like a twin I’d forgotten, you could read me so well.
Happy birthday to someone who knows all my secrets,
All my bloopers and failures, yet you’re too kind to tell.

Happy birthday to you!
Shall I play the kazoo?
Or sing like it’s opera,
You’re my friend through and through!

Happy birthday to my best friend who knows all my jokes and stories
Yet you laugh like each one’s brilliant even when they’re dumb and boring.

There once was a duo named Us
Who would laugh, talk, connive, fume and fuss;
Every year we get closer.
As we greet at the grocer
We get stuck; there’s so much to discuss!

Happy birthday to a friend who’s quick to listen.