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Free Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Verses and Rhyming Birthday-Words for your Boyfriend

When your boyfriend has a birthday that is rushing up, you likely have all sorts of plans set up. Perhaps you are going to take him out for his favorite dinner, or maybe you have a trip planned for just the two of you. Maybe you are going to celebrate it with all of your friends or maybe you want to keep him all to yourself! No matter what your plans are, however, you will find that getting the perfect birthday wishes for the occasion can give you something truly special. Consider some of these guiding points to help you along your way.

Look Back

When you are thinking about wishing your boyfriend a wonderful birthday, remember that you should look back over the birthdays that you shared in the past. Bring up stories that you have heard from when he was a kid, and look back over the stories that you have shared together. A birthday is a great time to look back over everything that has made him into a person that you love and care about.

Look Forward

Where do you see yourself with your boyfriend over the next year? There are many answers to that question. Do you see yourself bringing your relationship to new heights? Do you see yourself in a place where you want to travel, or do you have some nesting in mind? Look forward to the birthdays that he is going to share with you in the future. Take a moment to think about what the future might bring and share those wishes with him.

Be Honest

When you give your boyfriend your birthday wishes, you will find that it is quite important to be honest. What is in your heart? Sometimes, the best wishes that someone can give is the gift of honesty. Look closely at your relationship and see what is in your heart for your boyfriend. Say what you feel, and make a present of your feelings. These can all go into your birthday wishes for one of the most important people in your life.

Fun Times Ahead!

When you are giving your boyfriend his birthday wishes, remember to concentrate on the fun times ahead. If your boyfriend is in the middle of something difficult, whether it is a degree, a training program or something similar, it might be hard for him to really see how much fun is in store for the both of you. Make sure that you are someone who is showing him all of the fun that he will be having soon. Focus on the positive!

Considering the tone

When you are writing down birthday wishes for your boyfriend, there’s nothing wrong with something simple and heartfelt, but don’t be afraid to make it funny too! A boyfriend is someone that you want to have fun with, someone that you care about. Make sure that the birthday wishes reflect your relationship!

Are you ready to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday? If so, consider these tips to guide you!

You are a special boyfriend, and I love you in every way.
I cannot wait to celebrate your very happy birthday!

Boyfriend, I love you, and you know that our love is true.
My fondest wish is for the happiest birthday for you!

Ours is a love no other couple knows.
Each day, our special love grows.
Boyfriend, you have shown me love’s way.
I sincerely wish for you the happiest birthday!

You have a certain way about you, boyfriend.
You are one of a kind.
I love everything you do.
I wish an amazing birthday to you!

I love having you for my boyfriend.
I can imagine no grander man.
Today, for your birthday,
I will love you the best that I can!

Boyfriend, please do not change.
You are already the perfect man for me!
That is why I wish a happy birthday to thee!

You have shown me many new things, boyfriend.
You have taught me more than I think you know.
I see a manly gracefulness in everything you do.
Dear boyfriend, I truly wish a happy birthday to you!

This love we have could not be matched, boyfriend.
Of that, I am sure!
Happy birthday! I love you and
I will love you evermore!

You are the perfect boyfriend.
Let there be no doubt.
“Happy birthday” is not just my wish.
It’s something I want to shout!

Boyfriend, now that it is your birthday,
I must thank you for who and what you are.
As we get to know each other,
I hope our love goes far!

You always “take it to 11″, boyfriend.
You always have your hand on the dial.
I wish you a happy birthday, boyfriend.
I hope your memories of today always make you smile.

You are different, and I love it, boyfriend.
You have changed my life.
Happy birthday, my true love!
I hope to one day be your wife!

Boyfriend, you are special, and I hope you know it!
You know how to love me, and you know how to show it!
If I could have but one wish in my life that would come true,
I would wish for a stunningly happy birthday for you!

I promise you everlasting love, boyfriend.
I love to see you smile.
I hope this happy birthday’s moments stay with you a long while.

Our relationship is the best, boyfriend.
You always treat me nice.
I not only wish for you a happy birthday.
I wish it for you twice!

You have always treated me wonderfully, boyfriend.
You make me feel very special.
I hope our love will know no end.
May your birthday be wonderful!

I remember the days when we were young and unsure of what we wanted to be
The only thing I knew is that no one in my life made me feel better about me being me
Your friendship was one that was more genuine and kind than any I’d ever had before
And, although we enjoyed having a platonic relationship, I think I always wanted more

I’d come to you for boy advice and you’d come to ask me about girls you saw
You wondered if there would be a time when it didn’t hurt so much to fall
No matter how many bad experiences or breakups, you always gave me a hug or a shoulder
I watched those feelings of friendship evolve into something more special as we got older

When you first asked me to go on a date I told you “no” because I was scared
I knew if things took a turn and our relationship ended, I could never be prepared
You asked me a second time, third, until I could no longer keep count
I finally said “yes,” took a leap and prayed that things would work out.

I remember being a confection of nerves, excitement and fear
When I waited at my doorstep, seeing your car coming near
You brought me flowers and kissed me on the cheek
Our first “official” date hadn’t even begun, and already I couldn’t speak

As the night went on, my anxiety began to ebb and was replaced by joy
I knew that the way I felt with you was different than with any other boy
When you took me home and said goodbye, kissed me good night
I knew that was the first day of the rest of my life

I thought going from being your friend to being a partner would be difficult and strange
I thought that everything would be confusing and there would be too much to rearrange
The most surprising part was how easy and effortless it was, how nothing went wrong
It was then that I realized this was where I was meant to be all along

You never stopped being my best friend when you became the apple of my eye
For the first time a relationship wasn’t destined to lead to a final “goodbye”
I got to keep you as a best friend and also as someone I have the privilege to date
I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be like when you find your soulmate

I want to say happy birthday to a person who changed my life
A person who took me to a place of happiness through all of my strife
Happy birthday to the kindest, most wonderful person I know
Happy birthday, boyfriend, I’ve always loved you so

You are special to me indeed
Always present in my heart
I hope your birthday is magical
Right from the very start

I don’t know whom I’d be
If you weren’t here for me
As another year goes by with love
You’ve become everything I dreamed of


I may not be able to buy you the world
I certainly can’t write you a song
For your birthday I can only give you
My love stretching far and long

You aren’t very fond of birthdays
Even though they can be loads of fun
I love yours even more than my mine
Probably because you’re the older one

I wanted to give you the best gift I could
I searched all over
You knew that I would
The problem is I couldn’t settle on one thing
Don’t let that stop you from getting my ring

You are my closest friend
You are the light of my life
May your special day be joyous
May you shine your light

After being together all this time
You become more like me each year
I want to grow with you today
and every day drawing near

Your birthday’s today!
There’s so much to do!
Gifts, parties and a giant cake too
I wish you the best
in all that you do
A wish that I certainly
hope will come true
Because instead of your gift
I went and bought shoes

I wanted to give you a homemade treat
Something we’d all enjoy as we gathered to eat
It looks as though we’re ordering cake
Because I somehow forgot that I really can’t bake

Sharing another birthday with you
I look forward to sharing a hundred more
You impress me in everything that you do
I know you only have great things in store

For every candle you blow
I hope your wishes come true
No cake could be as sweet
Or no gift as lovely as you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Another year passes
I’m still younger than you

I bought everything you wanted
Right down to the letter
When my birthday comes
Make my gifts even better

I can never wait to feel your embrace
My love for you is written all over my face
I’ll always be here to fight for our team
May your birthday be one that fulfills all your dreams

I’m proud to go another year together
Your birthday has been on my mind for a while
I hope you love the gifts that I give you
The only thing I want in return is your smile

I love you more every day
A love so true and dear
May our bond pave the way
As we cherish another year

Every year brings new seeds to sow
Such beauty in watching our love grow
You inspire me with your constant glow
I love you more than you could ever know

I knew from the first day we met,
It was as good as life would get.
Your eyes, your smile, they say so much-
Your love, your laugh, your gentle touch.
So happy birthday to my dear-
I love you today, and through the year.

We haven’t been together long,
But you brought to my life a song.
One I hope turns into more,
Can’t wait to see what is in store!
Happy Birthday to my sweet boyfriend

You are handsome, you are fine-
I’m so proud to call you mine!
Happy Birthday once again-
To my sweet and dear boyfriend.

As candles get blown out today, please remember this-
I’m sending you all of my love, in this birthday wish!
Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend.

We’re the perfect couple, or so it seems-
You are the man of all my dreams.
A hope, a wish, a blessing sent-
Another great year we have spent.
Happy Birthday today and I look forward to spending many more with you!

We’ve been together for many years-
You’ve given me laughter, you’ve caused me tears.
But you’re still the best boyfriend ever-
I’m so glad we are together.
Happy birthday

A simple rhyme, a birthday wish is what I have today-
My gift of love, a hug, a kiss, for you on your birthday!
Happy Birthday to my boyfriend

I love that you’re not just my boyfriend, but my best friend too-
So here’s a special birthday wish, that’s brought from me to you!

Happy Birthday! Let’s go out – have fun and celebrate!
Because on this day you deserve a treat,a special date!

I look at you and see the stars, shining bright above-
They remind me of us, because they won’t fade – just like our sweet love.
Happy birthday to an amazing boyfriend

Sunny skies and perfect rainbows – all in a perfect world-
But you, boyfriend, are perfect for me-
I’m so glad I’m your girl.
Happy Birthday

What brought us together?
An angel from heaven, of this much I am sure-
Because no one else has been so amazing and perfect as you are.
Happy Birthday to a one of a kind boyfriend.

I know you said no gifts or cake-
No parties, no surprise-
So here’s a simple birthday wish-
To a wonderful man that’s mine.

God has blessed me in many ways, but one thing that I know-
You are the biggest blessing yet, that He could bestow.
I’m thankful you’re my boyfriend, and you have my heart-
So Happy Birthday, I know our love will never grow apart.

Thank you for your patience when you didn’t understand-
You never once get angry, instead you hold my hand.
You are so appreciated, more than words can say-
Happy birthday to my boyfriend, on this special day.