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Cute Birthday Quotes for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Messages for your lovely Girlfriend

Do you have a girlfriend who is so amazing that she takes your breath away? Is she smart, cute, funny and totally unique? Why would you ever think about giving your one-of-a-kind girlfriend a generic birthday greeting written by someone who does not even know her when you can write her a personalized birthday message straight from your heart to hers?

It may seem intimidating when you first consider coming up with your own birthday wishes to for your girlfriend. But your girlfriend will be so impressed if you make an effort to show your love for her in a thoughtful, original way. After all, any boyfriend could go to the card shop and get her a card for a few dollars. But it takes a boyfriend with sensitivity and creativity to express his unique thoughts for her special day. And with these simple steps you can write a birthday greeting that your girlfriend is sure to absolutely love!

The first step is to think about all that you love most about her. Does she have an incredible smile? Does she have captivating eyes? What is it about her that you find most lovable and attractive? Be careful not to focus exclusively on her looks. Point out things you appreciate about her personality too. Does she have that contagious charm that just lights up a room? Does she have a kind, compassionate heart? Is she determined to get what she wants out of life? What first drew you to this unbelievable woman? This is the perfect time to let her know about it!

Next, explain how those special qualities you love about her have made an important impact on your life. Does her encouragement help you to be the best that you can possibly be? Does she always put a smile on your face when you’re down? Does just looking at her fill you with love and admiration? Go into as much detail as possible telling her how much you love these qualities and how important they are in your relationship.

Next, talk about the most special memories that the two of you share. You can talk about how you first met and what she looked like on your first date. You can talk about when you first knew she was the one you were looking for in a serious relationship. You can talk about the activities you enjoy together. She will be blown away at your thoughtfulness when you bring up these memorable times.

Lastly, you can come up with your own way of saying thank you for all that she means to you and wishing her a happy birthday. This is the time to really let your emotions show. If you follow these simple steps the result will be a message that will be unlike anything else she has ever received for her birthday. She will cherish this message from your heart and it will remind her why the two of you are just perfect for each other.

My life has been so special
Since the day I met you
So I hope your birthday is just as special
With lots of love and laughter, too

Having you in my life has been such a blessing
Your beautiful heart warms my soul
May your birthday be as happy
As my heart is that you stole

A birthday wish for my sweetheart
For someone who means the world to me
I hope your day is filled with joy
And that the year ahead is as beautiful as can be

You are a song with perfect rhythm
A poem with perfect words
The amount of love contained in this birthday wish
Could soar higher than the birds

I never thought I’d be so lucky
To find a girlfriend as wonderful as you
So on your birthday I just want you to know
My heart is filled with a love that’s true

You are the girl of my dreams
The one that sets my heart on fire
On your birthday and always, I hope you know
That you’re the only one I desire

Never in my wildest thoughts
Could I have imagined a girlfriend as perfect as you
The time we’ve shared so far has been amazing
And I hope that your birthday is, too

Your birthday is a chance to celebrate you
To show you how much you are appreciated and admired
A girlfriend as precious as you
Is also adored, treasured, and desired

From the moment I met you, I knew you were special
That you were the woman I had been waiting for
So on your birthday I hope you know
How much you are loved, coveted, and so much more

There are not enough words to describe
How much you mean to me
This birthday wish is packed with enough love
To stretch from sea to shining sea

I’m honored to be your boyfriend
To have the privilege of loving you every day
I hope your birthday is filled with joy and laughter
And perfect in every single way

We’ve been there for each other through ups and downs
Through all of the twists and turns of life
So on your birthday please know
That I will always be there for you, no matter the strife

Our love story is so beautiful
It’s one that’s written about in fairy tales
This birthday wish comes straight from my heart
Always know that you’re the wind beneath my sails

There’s never been another woman
That has captured my heart the way you have been able to
I’m looking forward to showing you how much I care
And to spending the day together, just me and you

We are the perfect pair
A flawless dream come true
My hope is for your birthday to be so special
And that you always know how much I love you

Happy Birthday to a girlfriend so amazing and real
You have taught me to love and taught me to feel
I never thought I’d have more than just a crush
But everyday with you is such an incredible rush

Your spirit is genuine and your heart is so true
There’s no way in the world I could not love you
Everyday is a blessing when you hold me so close
I like the way your eyes sparkle when you smile the most

Your gift to me is just being here and close to me
I was happy being alone but happier now being we
As a couple it’s perfect and I must often admit
I was wrong I’d never find someone so exquisite

My tastes have changed because in you I have found
Someone I always hope to have my arms wrapped around
Your soothing voice is always gentle and so kind
It gives me strength and such peace of mind

Your lips are soft and you kiss me with care
Your style is impeccable with everything you wear
You know the arts and you’re well read, too
I just can’t ever imagine life without you

I know I’m not perfect but I hope I can be
Everything you dream of and most of what you need
I pledge to always try my best to work hard
To forget my ego and always drop down my guard

I’ll open up and show you who is the real me
And if you ever sadly ask I’ll always set you free
Because love takes no hostages and I’m not the kind
To keep you here if it’s not what’s on your mind

You’re the perfect girlfriend and I apologize
If I often complain about you giving me butterflies
I still get goosebumps and chills from your kiss
When you’re away I always reminisce

Here’s wishing happy birthday to you my dear
If you need someone to snuggle you know I’m right here
The moments I love most are when I’m with you
I don’t mind if we fight or even argue

At the end of the day I get to call you mine
And I know we’ll be together on down the line
Because you’re one in a million and everything that’s great
Maybe it’s meant to be or maybe it’s fate

I know I’m just lucky for being your beau
I’m the fortunate soul who gets to see you glow
On a goodnight kiss or in mornings when we wake
My love for you is something I could never fake

So happy birthday to you from me on this day
I never dreamed I’d have this much to say
About someone so special that entered my world
I’m just amazed everyday that you are my girl