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Do you have a roommate who is not just someone to help pay the bills, but who is an extra special friend you greatly appreciate having in your life? Why not honor your one-of-a-kind roommate by writing them a unique, personalized birthday greeiting this year on their birthday? Your roommate will be so surprised, touched, and impressed by your thoughtfulness in crafting your own birthday greeting rather than settling for a generic card from the store. After all, there is such a limited selection for roomate birthday cards at most stores, and the ones that are on the shelves tend to sound corny, sappy or trite. Your roommate deserves better!

It may seem a bit intimidating at first to come up with a personlized birthday message for your roommate, but it does not have to be complicated at all. You have all the material you need to come up with thoughtful birthday wishes based on your relationship with this amazing roommate. If you follow these simple steps you will be able to come up with a heartfelt, original birthday message in no time that your roommate will be sure to absolutely love.

First, write about all the character qualities you love most about your roommate. Is he reliable? Is she considerate? Is he amiable, easy going and fun loving? Next, describe how these positive characteristics have impacted your life for the better since you and your roommate have been living together. Can you always count on your reliable roommate to pay their fair share of the rent? Can you always count on her to help out with household responsibilities and chores? Is your roommate constantly making you laugh and enjoy the time the two of you spend at your place together? Let them know how much you appreciate these qualities! Then you can share some of the great experiences you have shared together with your roommate. Was there a funny time when something went wrong and the two of you made memories trying to fix it together? Do you have some unforgettable memories of your eccentric neighbors? Write about the most enjoyable or notable times the two of you have spent together as roommates. Finally, let your terrific roommate know just how thankful you are to have them as a roommate, and wish them a wonderful birthday.

If you’ve had other roommates before who were inconsiderate, unreliable, or unpleasant to live with then you know just how extremely blessed you are if you have been able to find a good roommate. Yet so often after a while we can tend to take our great roommates for granted and forget to tell them on a regular basis just how thankfu we are for them. What better time then on your roommate’s birthday to remind them just how much they mean to you? Your roommate will likely be encouraged and blown away by your thoughtfulness at writing a personalized birthday wish. Your roommate will cherish this birthday message for years to come.

You’re here for me when I come home
You make me feel less alone
This birthday wish is just an attempt
To say thanks for much more than the rent

Because you are my roommate
I know for sure you’re really great
So let’s get the dishes done
And then have some birthday fun!

You clean the sink and mop the floor
You cheer me up when I’m bored
As a roommate you’re the best
Let’s make this birthday a success!

You do more than help with the rent
Sometimes I think you’re heaven sent
A roommate who is beyond compare
So let’s party now without a care!

Since we’ve lived here together
You’ve been fun in every weather
So now on your special day
Let’s eat some cake without delay!

A roommate who is nice like you
Picks me up when I’m blue
So on your birthday I feel proud
That we run in the same crowd

A bad roommate is not much fun
A good one like you is number one
So let’s have a birthday toast
To the roommate I like the most!

Since I know where you live
I know you’re someone who always gives
Since we share this living space
I want your birthday to be great!

Another roommate would not do
Because there is no one like you
Your birthday is here today
And you’re wonderful in every way

A good roommate is beyond price
A good roommate is always nice
A good roommate is just like you
So happy birthday… this greeting’s through!

If you noticed the decorations
They’re for your birthday celebration
I might not notice all you do
But there’s no other roommate like you!

You put up with all my junk
You put up with all my funks
So this birthday wish is to let you know
Please be my roommate until we’re old!

Roommates may come and go
But on your birthday you should know
I appreciate your being here
And I’m glad that you live near!

If I forget to turn off the lights
You turn them off and still stay nice
So happy birthday to a roommate
Who worries when I stay out late!

I know I can be hard to be around
I know I can make too much sound
I know it’s hard to live with me
And about that you will agree
But somehow we still get along
So now I’ll lead a birthday song!

You sweep the floor and take out the trash
You’re always nice and pick up the slack
A roommate who is always tops
And who wrings out the kitchen mop
Happy birthday, it’s your time
Let’s have some fun, roommate of mine!

Living with you can be crazy but fun,
Even if you don’t always get all the laundry done,
You’re a great roommate and we’re a great team,
I hope you celebrate out to keep our place clean!

To a roommate who manages to keep the fridge somewhat clean,
I hope your birthday is the most amazing of dreams!

You are a fun roommate, and a pretty swell guy,
Even if where we live often looks like a sty,
On your big day let’s be sure to celebrate big,
And for every year of your life, we’ll take another swig!

Living with you is full of surprises,
With every new time that the sun rises,
I never know what to expect when I enter a room,
May this surprise birthday party carry the same doom!

Happy birthday to a roomy that makes my life great,
Let’s celebrate your big day with a store-bought cake!

Roomy, it’s your birthday and we’re going to party hard,
So let’s get started already, stop reading this card!

You’re the best roommate that I could ever imagine finding,
Because of your loud music-playing and my not minding!
Happiest of birthdays, I hope it’s swell,
And come back safe to the place where we dwell!

You forget to do dishes and forget to sort clothes
But I love you as my roomy, why? No one knows
It may be because of your huge, loving heart
And that I know you’re always willing to do your fair part!

You’re a great roommate and I’m lucky to have you,
Enjoy your birthday, shop it up like 5th Avenue!

You’re the best roomy in the whole wide, wide world,
I know I’m the happiest, luckiest girl,
On your big day I hope you are the happiest, too,
Because I’m so lucky to have someone special like you!

Happy birthday to a roommate that never cleans out their cup,
If you party too hard it’s your job to clean-up,
All jokes aside, thanks for being my friend,
You’re a great roommate, I don’t have to pretend!

Happy birthday, roomy, today is your day!
In honor of your birth, I’ll put the dishes away!

You’re a wonderful person to coexist with in this place,
Living with you brings a smile to my face,
I hope you enjoy your special, special day,
Where everyone’s love for you is on display!

To the best roommate that a guy/gal could hope
Is there a better person out there to live with? Nope.
You make our little home so pleasant and bright
So enjoy your big day…and party all night!

You’re a great person to live with, that’s no lie
Blow out those candles and enjoy this pie!

You’re one of a kind, no one else is like you,
You’re unique to your core, it’s so very true,
On this occasion, just let me say,
You’re the best, Happy Birthday!