For Twins

How to say Happy Birthday to Twins

Best Wishes and Quotes for Twins

If you seek a great birthday wish for a pair of twins, you are on the right page. We want you to feel free to use the wishes on this page. You can copy our wishes for your personal use, or use them for inspiration.

Now, let’s “talk twins”!

What Makes Twins Special?

Some people are fascinated by twins. Even nonidentical twins seem to have a special bond. Some pairs can complete each other’s sentences.

Think about what makes twins different from all other people, and you will start to realize what you want your birthday wish for the twins in your life to say.

What Makes the Specific Twins in Your Life Unique?

Of course, one pair of twins is different from the next. As you think more specifically about the particular twins you want to address, weigh their:

Interest in sports, science or the arts
Ability to put others’ needs before their own
Individual talents and those they share with each other
Secret interests, like cooking or needlepoint

As you consider what is special about the twins for whom you intend your birthday wish, that wish will gain more potential to strike a chord with its recipients.

Can You Make These Twins Laugh?

For some, a funny chord is the correct one to strike. Do the twins in your life like to deliver jokes, and do they also like to laugh at words others write and say? If so, we have plenty of funny wishes we hope you will feel free to use.

Would You Rather Keep Your Wish Serious?

Your relationship with the twins whom you know may call for a serious wish. As not all twins are identical, you might also choose a serious wish for one and a joke for the other. Explore our content, and you will soon arrive upon the wish or wishes you want to use.

How Will You Deliver Your Wish?

We believe a birthday wish’s delivery method is as important as the words it contains. On that note:

Ask yourself if you want to deliver your message in an unusual way
Think about whether hiring a dance troupe to incorporate your birthday wish into a routine is a good idea.

Consider how open your recipients would be to getting your message from the hands of a courier played by their favorite actor

You can always send your birthday wish in a greeting card. You can also use one card for each twin, but no law says you have to choose a traditional method to deliver your wish.

No matter the way you want to deliver your birthday wish to the twins whom you know, do not allow yourself to struggle to choose your message. Pick one, and move to the next item on your day’s agenda. Birthday wishes are not meant to consume us!

You two are inseparable.
You are a special pair of people.
I could not think of two folks whom I more-greatly adore.
Happy birthday, twins. May you both see many more!

Twins are special. You have a unique bond, and that is a fact you should not ever forget.
On this birthday, seek a happy time. Make the most of it, and allow no regrets!

This birthday wish goes to my favorite pair of twins.
My wonder at your amazing qualities seems it will never end.
You are doubly special, and I hope you know my wish is true.
I wish an incredibly happy birthday to both of you!

No set of twins is as cool as you two.
You are a unique pair.
I hope you always have happy birthdays.
I hope you never have a care.

You twins are something special.
You are amazing people.
I have but one wish.
May you know birthday bliss!

Twins possess a unique bond.
Of you both, I am fond.
I am very glad it is your birthday.
May you both be happy in every way!

I am fond of both of you.
I hope you realize that is true.
You are a wonderful pair of twins.
Happy birthday to you!

This birthday is a day you two share.
You have always been loving twins.
May you never know a serious care.
May all your birthdays “win”!

You were born together, and you made the world better.
I am forever thankful to know you.
May you both have a happy birthday.
May you each know success in every good thing you do!

On the occasion of a great pair’s birthday,
I simply wanted to tell you,
I wish you both a great birthday!
You are fine twins, and I wish you happiness in everything you do!

You are a pair that deserves great attention.
You are a wonderful “double take”!
I am very glad there are two of you.
I hope your birthday is great!

Thank you, you two, for being so cool.
Each of you is a great friend!
I hope you both know unmatched birthday happiness!
I hope that it never ends!

I love you both, for different reasons.
I know you were born as a pair.
Each of you is a fine individual.
This birthday, I wanted you to know that I see you each for who you are.
For you twins, I will always care.

Twins belong together.
You have a bond that could weather
Earth’s meanest storm.
This birthday, may you know only goodness!
May you always be each other’s lucky charm!

Happy birthday to my favorite twins!
I am thankful to know each of you.
If you ever asked my advice, I would tell you just one thing.
Always seek to love whatever you do!

You are a special pair.
Few people can compare.
I wish for you many happy birthdays.
For each other, please always be there!

I love you both for different reasons.
I see you as individuals.
I know you share this birthday.
I hope you will always be unique people!

Special people are very rare.
You twins are “special times two”!
I wish for you an amazing future.
I wish a happy birthday to both of you!

You are two unique souls
You look alike, but you’re very different people.
I hope you have a happy birthday!
I hope the world sees you as individuals!

I see you each as individuals, though I know you come as a pair.
I hope you both have a special birthday to which no other day can compare!

You are two of a kind and individuals at the same time.
You each make your own special mark.
May you both have an incredible birthday!
May each of you always be true to your heart!

I want you to know I think you are both grand. You are exceptional friends.
I would be remiss if I did not wish a happy birthday to the world’s greatest twins!

My favorite twins, you have changed my life.
Happy birthday! I hope it is extremely nice!

I wish to see you both smile all day.
I hope that is not too much to ask.
I hope you twins have an incredible birthday.
I hope it gives you good memories that last!

I hope this birthday gives you each extraordinary memories.
I hope you are always happy to be twins.
You came into this world together.
May you always be great friends!

You came into life together.
You share many qualities.
I hope you have a grand birthday.
I hope it’s everything you think it ought to be!

I want you both to have an amazing birthday.
I hope it blows each of your minds.
Please always be there for each other.
Please never leave the other behind.

I hope you share an incredible day.
You are a great pair of twins.
I hope you love sharing your birthday.
I hope your sibling bond never ends!

May this birthday give you happiness like you’ve never known.
May each of you twins have special memories that are truly your own!

You two are amazing people.
You each have your own special style.
I hope you adore this birthday!
I hope it makes you both smile!

As twins, people notice you more.
I see you each for who you are.
I hope this birthday gives you memories you adore.
I hope you both truly go far!