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Funny Birthday Quotes for Best Friend

Humorous Happy Birthday Wishes

A best friend is someone who can always be relied on to be around through good times and bad. With their birthday coming up, you have the perfect opportunity to bring joy to their face with a bit of birthday humor. Funny birthday wishes can help to lighten up those milestone birthdays while reminding your best friend of why they are valued in your relationship. They can also highlight those special moments with an inside joke that is understood just by you two. Whether you have known your best friend since childhood or recently formed a lasting friendship, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your birthday wishes.

Explore Funny Birthday Themes

Funny birthday wishes come in a variety of themes that can be chosen according to how they fit the special occasion. Is your best friend hitting a milestone birthday such as turning 30? Then, throw in a joke about growing older and getting a few gray hairs. Have you two been inseparable since childhood? If so, then an inside joke about a favorite memory from your early years may be just what your friend wants to hear. Choose a theme that fits your best friend’s personality and interests, and you will be certain to find a winning message.

Consider Their Sense of Humor

If anyone knows your best friend’s sense of humor, it is you. So, be sure to choose the right type of humor for your funny message. Keep the jokes clean if your best friend is religious or conservative. This is also a good rule to follow if they will be reading your message in front of a large crowd filled with others who may be offended by vulgar jokes. Additionally, be sensitive with age jokes if your friend is struggling with reaching yet another year. If your friend is the type to poke fun at just about anything, then feel free to go over the top with your funny message. Sarcasm, wittiness and gentle teasing are all fair play if your friend has a wide open sense of humor.

Perfect Your Delivery

Funny birthday wishes are best when they can be shared with your best friend in a way that they can revisit them again and again. If you deliver your funny message as a toast at their birthday, make sure the moment is recorded for posterity. Printing or handwriting your message on a card is a classic way to provide your friend with a silly keepsake of their special day. Emails and social media posts are a modern way to enable as many people as possible to read your best friend’s birthday wishes. A short birthday wish could also be included on their cake or engraved upon a champagne glass for them to use at their celebratory toast. With the right mix of humor and sentiment, you can use your funny birthday message anywhere so that your best friend has a truly personal reminder of why your friendship is the best on their special day.

You may sometimes be a jerk,
You may sometimes be a punk,
But for many years you’ve been,
A great friend, who’d of thunk!

It’s your birthday, buddy, and you know what that means?
Russian roulette and the winner must clean!

On such a big day I just want you to know,
I’m still mad at you for recording over my show!

Happy birthday to a pal that is second to none,
Could there be a better friend under the sun?
Sure, there are plenty, I see them every day,
But I’m too lazy for new friends, I guess you can stay!

On this special day full of presents and joy,
I just want you to know this is just an elaborate ploy!

Happy, happy birthday, to a friend so unique,
That I couldn’t find another, trust me…I seek!

To a friend who is always there for me in a pinch,
If I had five other friends you’d be coming off the bench!

You’re a swell type of person and a great type of guy,
And I can’t seem to get rid of you no matter how hard I try!

On such a big day for a gal who loves to shop,
Let’s hope you pay for the items this time and don’t run into a cop!

While we both have many friends, this friendship is unique,
And I know it’ll last forever, I already peeked,
So on your special birthday, let me share with you, my friend,
A spoiler alert, we both die in the end!

You’re the best pal in the world and I just have to say,
If I had any better plans I’d have missed your birthday!

No matter where you go in life and no matter what you do
Just know that our friendship will always stay true
On your birthday, dear friend, I hope you remember,
I celebrated yours, remember mine’s in December!

There are so many memories of which I could share
Of poor outfit choices and terribly styled hair
But on your big day know that none of that matters
You can act more crazy than 10,000 mad hatters!

Happy birthday to a pal that I call my best friend
A buddy who sticks around through thick and through thin
On such a special day, as we prepare to cut the cake
I think it’s time I share with you to start watching your weight!

You’re the best friend I could ask for as part of my life
You cook, you clean, you’re practically my wife
So on your big day, allow me to return the favor
Though I’m terrible at cleaning and my cooking has no flavor!

Everything that you do for me brightens my day
You’re the type of friend I hope will always stay
And if you stick close and stay by my side
You’ll learn all my super awesome places to hide!

To a friend who is dearer to me than all others
You’re better than any sisters or brothers
Enjoy your day, please party hard
And enjoy this gift, a cheap, flimsy card!

Best friend, you make me laugh. At jokes, I am not as skilled.
For your birthday, I signed you up for a comedy open mic.
I promise to tell everyone, “Hey! On the mic, my best friend just killed!”

You make be happy beyond words.
We make a great pair of nerds.
I hope you have an outstanding birthday!
That’s it! I ran out of things I wanted to say.

Friend, you are the best.
That’s why I tell people you’re my best friend.
Why else would I do it?
Anyway, happy birthday!

We have been best friends since we were little.
We have gotten into all kinds of trouble.
Happy birthday, and to our deal, always be true!
If you tell anyone my secrets, I will have to kill you!

You are my best friend and much more.
You do many things I adore.
I hope your birthday makes you happy.
That’s it! I’m done being sappy!

If I could pick a new best friend, I would still pick you.
I love the many great things you do.
I hope your birthday party is a great affair.
Thank you for that time you combed puke out of my hair!

As best friends, we vowed to keep each other’s secrets.
I hope you remember that vow.
On the other hand, I hope you have forgotten the things I told you.
Anyway, have a happy birthday somehow!
I’m just kidding! You know I love you!

I hope we are always best friends.
The alternative gives me chills.
Anyway, will you lone me a few bucks?
I want to buy you something nice for your birthday.

I want to be best friends until the world ends.
I also want to stop having morbid thoughts!
I hope I didn’t ruin your birthday!

Best friend, you know me better than anyone else.
It’s probably because of that time we went skinny dipping!
Don’t worry! I still haven’t told anyone!
Happy birthday! Have fun!

Best friend, I hope you have a great birthday!
I know there is no other person like you.
I hope you have a fine year.
I hope you don’t step in poo!

We pledged to keep each other’s secrets.
I held up my end of the deal.
If you did not hold up yours, you’re the next person I’ll kill!
Until then, have a “killer” birthday!
Did you see what I did there? I’m funny!

You are the friend I always wanted when I was little.
Where were you then?
Thanks for showing up before I got too old to enjoy our friendship!
Happy birthday, I guess.

I hope the time never comes when we have to not be friends.
If it does, I’m sure I’ll get over it.
We’ll see. Until then, happy birthday!

If the convenience store down the street closed, that would be sad.
Sure, there is another one on the next block, but I’d hate it.
If we stopped being buddies, I suppose that would also be bad.
Best friend, I’m just kidding. Today is your birthday, and I hope you love it!