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Humorous Happy Birthday Wishes

The employer-employee relationship can be described in many ways. On the one hand, it can be said to be quite serious since your livelihood and your boss’s business success are involved. It can also be a relationship that entails a large degree of respect and thankfulness. You can respect your employer for his/her entrepreneurial spirit and be thankful for the employment opportunity. Your boss may respect you for working diligently and be thankful to have a good worker like you on the team. However, there are undoubtedly funny moments that arise in connection with the experience of working for a boss.

These more humorous aspects of the relationship can sometimes lighten up an otherwise drab or tense workplace. If you are aware of when your boss’s birthday will fall, you may wish to drop him/her a funny birthday card. First of all, though, you will need to be sure that your boss has a sense of humor. After all, you don’t need to jeopardize your career for the sake of a laugh. Secondly, you should not use a card with comical birthday lines if your boss is going through a rough time at the moment. This is especially true if you are the cause of that rough time. For example, if you are not in the habit of showing up for work on time or doing the job correctly, you might want to exercise more caution here. If you are a valued employee, however, you can use that status to “get away with” a little boss-themed humor.

Another thing to consider is getting the whole work crew involved. It may be more appropriate, in many cases, to make the humorous birthday card a joint effort. Including a small gift as a token of your collective appreciation would enhance the impact. You can both show thoughtfulness to your boss and give him/her a good, healthy laugh in one swift motion. Putting your boss in good spirits also has obvious benefits for you, so don’t “cut off your nose despite your face.” Be appreciative, generous, and funny about the boss-worker relationship.

Here is a short list of basic types of boss-themed, humorous birthday lines that may lead you to think of something more specific:
As with other birthday lines, you can play off of the “old age” theme.
The boss’s status as a decision-making leader allows you to play off of the “wisdom” theme.
The boss’s role as a people-manager opens up endless, comical possibilities.
The boss’s power of hiring and firing is an easy target for humorous statements..
If your boss is working on his/her birthday, this fact can often be mentioned in a humorous manner.
Feigned subtlety in regard to getting a raise or a bonus can be used effectively.

There is, of course, a line you do not want to cross. If your birthday lines seem rude instead of funny, you will not get the result you were aiming for. Use poetic arrangement of lines and rhyming to make sure your boss knows it is humor, not seriousness.

To the boss who is so awesome and never a wreck,
I just want to say thank you for signing my checks,
And on your big day I hope it sure happens to go great,
And, by the way, in the morning I’m going to be late!

Sure, other coworkers mock you and you have to be mean
But I understand that’s part of leading a team
So the next time you catch us imitating your voice
Just think how we bought you this card (having no choice!)

You put in long hours, from day until night
You deal with lost profits and settle workplace fights
But on your big day I hope that you know that I see
You deserve a special day for having to deal with me!

Being a boss is hard and comes with plenty of issues
Handing out pink slips and occasionally tissues
But today is different, I hope you anticipate
The only thing getting handed out…is slices of cake!

You’re a wonderful boss and a perfect supervisor
You’re a perfect mentor and magnificent advisor
You make this company work with your plans and your vision
You’re a jerk, we’re out of white-out and I can’t make that revision!

To a boss who makes me stay late and miss dinner with my wife
You’re ruining my sleep patterns and wrecking my life
But on your birthday I have to act like you’re such a swell guy
So thanks for being a great boss! And making me lie!

To a boss with impeccable vision and class
You always find success with any given task
On your birthday I hope that you find equal results
And can’t overhear our meaner insults!

Happy birthday, boss, hope that it’s swell
Unless I’m getting laid off, in which case you go to hell!

Happiest of birthdays to a boss who is great
Just like our paychecks, we’re celebrating it late!

On your big day, forget about running reports
And ignore our insults and mean retorts
On this, your big day, we hope all goes so well
And if you let us out early, we promise not to tell!

Happy birthday to a champion who leads our team
Hope your day is better than our quarterly earnings seem

Have a magnificent birthday with lots of cool stuff
And for your birthday, here’s my time, you can’t seem to get enough!

Boss, it’s your birthday and it sure will be fun
That is if we can leave, our workload seems to never be done!

To a supervisor who makes me better each day
Hopefully your birthday is better than the golf that you play!

You’re a wonderful leader and a hard worker, as well
So slack off just today, we promise not to tell

On your big birthday I hope the cake is so soft
And it makes you forget about enforcing all those layoffs!

It’s your birthday, boss, and it could be a winner
Especially if you actually let us off in time to eat dinner!

Boss, happy birthday!
By the way, how you chew gum has been annoying me.
I’m glad I finally said it, and I hope you continue employing me!

You are a fine boss, and I don’t mean “fine” in a “we need to contact Human Resources” way.
I’m going to stop before this gets weirder. Happy birthday!

I hope you have a goal-busting birthday!
I hope it exceeds expectations.
You are a great boss.
Can I have a raise?

Boss, may your birthday make you smile more than you make your staff cry.
On second thought, let’s not set any unattainable goals!

I hope your birthday meets the goals you set for it at the last quarterly meeting.
I am sure you set those goals. You are kind of an obsessive goal setter.
That fact probably explains your great success. Boss, you are a true go-getter!

You are “something else”, boss!
I hope your birthday is more than fine!
With that said, will you please stop stealing my lunch from the break room?
Take what is yours, but leave what is mine!

Boss, I like working here, and that is why I am wishing you a nice birthday!
Was that too transparent? I’ll try to work on that!
Anyway, happy birthday!

You are a wonderful mentor and much more than an average boss.
Have fun on your birthday. This company needs you, so please do not get lost!

Boss, I hope you have the birthday of your dreams!
By the way, at the last board meeting, what was with all the screams?
Happy birthday! I hope everything is okay.

You make me laugh, and though I’m just saying that because you’re my boss, please don’t hold it against me?
I suppose this is the part where I should wish you a happy birthday.

Boss, I hope you have a special birthday.
I hope nobody disappoints you.
By the way, I need to take a few months off.
I hope that is cool.

Boss, you have a knack for knowing how to run companies, and I don’t mean right into the ground.
Now, if layoffs happen soon, I’ll take that back.
Happy birthday! I’m watching you!

Boss, you have a way with words.
Your favorite words seem to be crude ones.
I hope you have a happy birthday.
I hope you can talk about it without offending anyone!

Boss, thank you for your commitment to treat your employees like family.
You must really hate your family!
Happy birthday! We love you!

Boss, I have worked a lot of places, and this place is one of those.
I’ll work here until you tell me I can’t, and I think this is where I should stop before I make things worse.
Happy birthday?

Boss, you are exceptional, and you make me feel the same.
I’ve noticed I’m the only employee whom you don’t call by name.
Nonetheless, happy birthday!

Boss, I wish you many happy birthdays.
After all, I need this job, so please don’t die soon!