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Funny Birthday Quotes for Boyfriend

Humorous Happy Birthday Wishes

When it comes to wishing your boyfriend a happy birthday, there are a few routes you can take. The obvious route (hopefully!) is romantic, but you can also go with a funny birthday wish. This humor can take form in a number of different ways, but we recommend either silly/cute humor or sarcastic/dark humor depending on the type of jokes your boyfriend appreciates.

When using humor in this regard, you definitely want to take advantage of the opportunity to emphasize the aspects which make your relationship unique. If humor isn’t your strong point, you can always divert to tried-and-true methods such as “commitment phobia” or other stereotypical issues that boyfriends are accustomed to deal with in relationships. However, if you have confidence in your ability to form a good quality joke, you should focus in on something that is so specific to your relationship that your boyfriend knows you wrote it and that it is not a generic item.

This can take form from a cute/silly joke by poking fun at yourself, maybe dropping in a reference to a particular date you two enjoyed, a crazy situation you two found yourselves in, or an item that he knows is specific to you: a favorite food, a quirk of yours, etc. This can also take form from a sarcastic/dark joke by pointing out a flaw of your boyfriend’s (though we advise you choose a small, insignificant one, not something you two have fought about) such as a quirk or a bad choice (keep it minor) that he made such as a restaurant that ended up being a bad choice or a date he planned that went awry.

The most important thing you should emphasize when creating a funny birthday wish for your boyfriend is that you know and love him for who he is, even if there is something odd, silly, or quirky about you, him, or both of you.

How you choose to provide this is also up to you, though we encourage you to do something that either has unique significance to your boyfriend (or your relationship), especially sticking to things you’re good at. If you enjoy writing poetry, making a silly, rhyming poem for your boyfriend that incorporates jokes and references moments within your relationship might be the route to go. If you aren’t the “creative” type, you may want to stick to just a message in a card. If you’re technical and/or have media experience, you may choose to put together video clips or images into a short little “jokey” experience for him.

Taking the time to make something authentic to your relationship and that references items unique to you and your boyfriend for his birthday wish will not only be a nice, funny surprise for him, but it will also highlight that you remember and love those shared memories. Be sure to have fun with this project and, with anything you’re making for someone else, keep in mind what your boyfriend likes.

To a boyfriend sweeter than pumpkin pie
I couldn’t find a better guy, trust me I’ve tried!

You’re a great kind of dude
A real upstanding man
So why you can’t put the toilet seat down
I’ll never understand

Though we’ve only been together
For just a short while
I feel as though we’re destined
To walk down the aisle
So before I wish you
A birthday so happy
Just know that our marriage
Won’t be too crappy

On the most special of days
For the man in my life
I won’t celebrate any more
Unless you make me your wife!

Thanks to a man like you, my dear
My dreams are full of joy and my fridge full of beer
So on your big day, I wish you much love
To my perfect fit, as snug as a glove!

Happy birthday, my boo, you’re the very best
And I’m only two days late, I hope you’re impressed!

To a man who I call my lover and friend
Here is a tip that I’d love to lend
When you take off your shoes, just carry them up
You’re harder to train than a newly born pup!

Happy birthday to you, you’re quite the great catch
If only I’d have known what three shots would’ve fetched!
And though I don’t recall much of our very first meeting
It’s one of my favorite memories, though it is, admittedly, fleeting…

Happy birthday, boyfriend, your day should be a blast
And here’s to hoping it won’t be our last!

To a man who has made my life brighter each day
This is the one year your buffoonery is okay to display!

You’re an adequate lover and a mediocre friend
But keep those checks rolling in and this relationship won’t end!

Though we’ve celebrated before, I hope this birthday is tops
May it be the happiest yet and the first without cops!

Dance your heart out, honey, this day is for you
Don’t fixate on how your dancing makes you look like a cartoon!

Laugh and smile and shout and play
In other words act like it’s just another day

Happy birthday to a guy who I never expected
Would still be with me this long, I’ve inspected
The nature of our relationship and you’ve paid your dues
Not to mention you keep me supplied with plenty of booze

Honey, I hope you know that I cherish you so
Only half of the time I find myself wishing I’d go
And the other half the time that I’m okay with staying
Is when you’re at work, get what I’m contemplating?

Baby you make my life feel so much more complete
Even if you’re uncouth and cannot be discreet,
When the day one day comes when wedding bells chime
I’ll take you for every single last one of your dimes!

What a great day to celebrate the birth of a man
With whom no one but me long-term can stand
On this day we cheer for you entering the world
So that there was one person who could understand this girl!

Another birthday means you’re getting older,
But it also means you could be getting bolder.
And if you don’t want our love to grow colder,
Darling, I suggest I remain your holder!

From the time I met you, my sweetheart,
I knew right there from the start
That you would be one on whom I depend
Even if the only gift I send
Is this Happy Birthday greeting, saying, will you love me ’til the end?

Enjoy your Happy Birthday, Baby!
Why? Because I still love you like crazy!

They say that love is a many splendid thing.
To show you how much I agree with that,
For your birthday today,
I’ll cuddle you like a cat.

My love for you is all-year round
So for this birthday, Baby,
I want to show you a night on the town.
Come with me, and you will see
What your birthday really means to me.

Happy Birthday to the best lover in the world!
Believe you me, that is no small stir!
Because I love you almost as much as I love me!
Did I say that? Oh, you know what I mean.
I love you, dear; celebrate with good cheer.

You are funny and you are daring,
But most of all you are very caring.
That is why for your birthday,
I want to sweep you up and take you far away.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Teddy Bear!
May this day ring out with good cheer!
For neither you or even me
Could replace you, my precious cuddly thing!

Sometimes when you are just being yourself,
You make me laugh from here to hell.
So, on this very special day,
May your Birthday be nothing but swell!

To the most wonderful guy on earth:
I do love you with all my might;
And even if you do take flight,
I’ll follow my Baby all through the night.
Even if it’s simply to say,
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

My very wonderful charming man,
Who has certainly made me the woman I am;
It gives me joy to bring your way
What only you deserve:
Me – I’m your best ever birthday!

Darling, you are such a good sport;
I must do for you as I ought;
Happy Birthday from me to you,
Even if your true age shines through.

That the one I love to celebrate
Is now celebrating his Happy Birthday.
To even make sure it continues this way,
I may decide all night with you to stay.

Having fun means being with you,
So for your birthday, Darling, true,
What more should I do?
Oh, now I know how to make it more fun;
For your birthday, let’s just sip some rum.

When no other one in your life will do,
Baby, I am so glad I am here for you.
And, now, for your birthday celebration,
You’d better choose me to ensure continuation.

Who says true love is hard to find?
Whoever did is out of their mind.
Because on the day that you found me,
Only you know the joy I did bring.
That is why for your birthday,
I say come on, Baby, and take me away.