For Brother

Funny Birthday Quotes for Brother

Humorous Happy Birthday Wishes

Do you have a brother who loves to tickle your funny bone? Perhaps he is the kind of guy who is always cracking clever jokes and one-liners. Now with your brother’s birthday coming up why not display some comedic talent of your own and surprise him by letting the joke be on him for a change? Rather than getting another corny birthday card from the store, get creative and craft an original, funny birthday wish that your brother will love?

It may seem intimidating at first to come up with your own funny birthday wishes for your brother, but it may actually be easier than you think. You already have the punch line figured out–your brother himself! Now you just need to come up with the jokes, and those will come easily enough when you follow these simple steps.

First, think about all the eccentric, amusing qualities that you love most about your brother. Has he made an art out of procrastination? Has he learned how to sweet talk his way out of any sticky situation? Are there some inside jokes within the family that only you and your brother will really ever be able to fully understand? All of these kinds of personal habits and memories are the perfect material you can use in coming up with a hysterically funny birthday message for your brother.

Next, you can joke about your brother’s age relative to your own. If he is an older brother, depending on how old he is getting, you can joke about those extra pounds, that receding hairline, or those grays that seem to be accumulating on his head. As a word of caution, if your brother is the sensitive type and he is really self conscious about one of these areas you may want to steer clear of that topic so as not to offend your brother on his special day. But if your brother can take a joke, then no holds barred and anything goes! Conversely, if you are older than your brother you can tease him about still being a kid while you are now the mature, sophisticated one in the family.

Finally you may want to close your birthday message to your brother with some real words of affection or appreciation, just to let him know that, all kidding aside, you really are thankful to have a brother like him in your life. He will likely be touched that even though you like to tease him, deep down you really care about and admire him. But if sentimentality makes your brother uncomfortable you can skip that idea and just continue with the joking and memories of his most amusing activities or character traits throughout the whole birthday message. Somewhere in there it is, obviously, appropriate to incorporate wishes for him to have a happy birthday. So this year on his birthday, give your brother the gift of laughter by writing a unique, comical birthday greeting that he will cherish for years to come.

My brother, it’s your birthday,
And I’m speechless as can be.
You used to be “little brother,”
But now you’ve grown bigger than me!

May boat loads of birthday bliss
And unending birthday cheer
Fall upon you today, O brother,
And stay with through the whole year!

You’re a friend and a brother,
Whom I always can trust.
Getting you a birthday present
Was a definite “must.”

What’s that?
You don’t like fishing?
You don’t like your present
At all?
That’s fine. I don’t mind
Taking home with me
That brand new fishing pole.

Next year,
I’ll get you a nice, new tackle box.
Happy birthday!

O brother,
There’s no one else like you,
Even though we happen to be twins.
O, it looks like
We got the same present
For each other
From the same
Clearance bin!

That’s o.k., though,
Because we both liked it.
Mother’s right.
We think just the same.
Every birthday that comes
Seems to find us
Doing an “identical present exchange.”
Happy birthday, twin brother!

Little brother, it’s your 20th birthday,
And you look just as clueless as before.
I thought less advice would be needed
As you aged,
But now, I think you need more.

Call on me, little brother, for wisdom.
As for money, do not bother to ask.
See, I gave you five dollars for your birthday,
And somehow,
You’ll have to make it last.
Happy Birthday!

Big brother, it’s your birthday,
And you’re old now.
You are 40, and the hilltop you’ve scaled.
Old age has been chasing you
For a while now,
But I think it has finally prevailed.

Older brother, you always have been there
To laugh at me when I fell down.
I won’t laugh at you, though, for turning 50.
I’ll just sit and make faces like a clown.

I bought you a cake, older brother,
And it surely did cost me a lot.
That’s because it had to be a really big one
To fit all the candles on top!
Happy birthday, big brother!

When we were young and foolish,
We would play “birthday pranks”
On each other.
But now, you’ve matured far beyond that.
You’re too old for that stuff,
Older brother.

As for me, I’m a few years behind you.
A few pranks might pop up this glad day,
But since your are too old to do them,
I guess they will all move one way.

You’re the only brother I’ve ever known
And the best one I could have had.
As for “best son,” though-
I’m sorry,
But I beat you.
You can even ask Dad.
Happy birthday, brother!

Some friends stick closer than brothers,
But you’re a brother
Who’s stuck closer than my friends.
All my friends got upset
And then left me,
But you’ve always
Willingly made amends.
Happy birthday, to a brother and a friend!

In our childhood years,
You seemed crazy,
Of your “mental stability”
I wasn’t quite sure.
Perhaps, that explains why
I never went to sleep
Without locking my door.

In adulthood,
You seem much more stable,
And I hope
That you truly are sane.
But I think I will sit near the exit
In case you have a “relapse” again.

Happy birthday, my wild and crazy brother!

On your big day, little brother, I just hope that you know
The only reason you are still around is because I protected your growth!

Happy birthday to a brother who is more like a best friend
Here’s to years more of trouble we’re sure to get into again

Happy birthday, big brother, here’s something not to forget
With every year that passes, the closer to the big one you get
So all that time you spent reminding me that you’re older
Is now working against you, how’s that weight on your shoulders?

Happy birthday to a guy I’m proud to call my brother
In this crazy world, there is absolutely no other
That I’d want to have by my side to call my kin
Now let’s see what kind of mischief we can get ourselves in

Happy, happy birthday, brother, I hope it is grand
Because in your hourglass of life there’s not much more sand!

I’m proud to have a brother who is second to none
And at the first sign of trouble, he’s the first one to run

Happy birthday, my brother, you’re truly one of a kind
And you’re my only brother, a fact you constantly remind
But even if you’re the only brother I’ll ever have
I’m lucky to have you, you’re a heck of a lad

Happy birthday, my brother, I send you well wishes
To laugh so hard that you’re doubled over in stitches
For a magnificent celebration is bound to unfold
Full of stories you’ve told…and told…and told…

My brother is unlike any other man on this earth
Filled with characteristics that lend to self-worth
If there’s one thing I am grateful for about him, it’s this
He never learned how to ball his hand into a fist!

Happy birthday, dear brother, I hope this year is your best
All the past have been underwhelming, here’s your chance to impress!

Brother, I just want to say on your big day
That I’m grateful I’m not like you in any single way!

Though we share ourselves a mother
And we share ourselves a dad
Of the things we have in common
That’s about all we ever had
But on your big day
One thing we both share
Is the knowledge that at the core
We both truly care

Happy birthday to a guy I am happy to call bro
If only your house was the size of your ego!

To a brother I’ve looked out for since we were both kids
I’d have auctioned you off if I could have gotten bids
But these days I’m so grateful to have you in my life
You’re the second greatest person…second only to my wife!

Happy birthday, dearest brother, make it one for the books
Memories may not fade, but you know what does? Looks.

Happy birthday, brother, here’s your chance to live it up
May blessings abound and overflow your cup
And when you’ve got so many blessings that you don’t know what else to do
Give me a jingle, because, trust me, I’ll know exactly what to do!