For Dad

Funny Birthday Quotes for Dad

Humorous Happy Birthday Wishes

Do you have the kind of dad who loves to laugh and loves to make other people laugh along too? With all his puns, slapstick humor, and one-liners, perhaps your dad is usually the life of the party. How about at his next birthday party you surprise your dad by being a chip off the old block and writing him a totally unique, hilarious birthday message?

You may be a bit intimidated at the notion of crafting a funny personalized birthday message for your dad, but you don’t need to be. Just start brainstorming and you will probably be able to come up with a treasure trove of amusing ideas. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to devise a cute, clever, and funny birthday wish your dad will absolutely love.

First, think to yourself, what is it about your dad that always makes you want to laugh? Does he have any quirky habits that can drive you nuts but also crack you up? Does he always refuse to ask for directions when he’s driving the car, even if it means going three extra hours out of the way? Does he pass gas in public and then act like it was someone else? Does he tell you you’re wrong but then come up with the same idea you had later–only then it’s “right” because “he thought of it”? Is there some silly phrase that he always says that is the trademark phrase that he is most known for? Try to think of a way to incorporate these all of these funny idiosyncracies into your dad’s birthday greeting. Remind your dad of all the things you love about him that are so hilarious.

Second, you can always play up the idea that your dad isn’t as young as he used to be. Knowing your dad as well as you probably do, you can decide how much ribbing about his age your dad will tolerate. And if your dad is the kind who loves to tease others, he can probably take it as well as he dishes it out! Now is the time to break out the jokes about prune juice, depends, bifocals, dentures and hearing aids, whether your dad is really old enough to be using them for real or not. These kind of funny sentiments are especially appropriate if your dad is facing a milestone birthday, such as his 50th, 60th, or 70th.

Last of all, you might want to throw in a few kind and considerate sentiments along with your humor just to remind dad that, all joking aside, he really is the best dad you could ever ask for. But if your dad just isn’t the sentimental type you can just end with a one liner, pun or another joke that rivals those your dad loves to tell at family reunions! Give dad a reason to laugh on his next birthday by writing him a hysterically funny birthday wish that he will cherish for a lifetime!

Here’s to a dad who always said the right thing
Who sat in his PJ’s and ate like a king
While lounging on the sofa and watching the big game
Then losing the remote and having me to blame

You’re the dad who could always cook a mean dinner
If you call burnt pizza and breadsticks a winner
But I must admit you taught me how to change oil
And to fix the TV antennae with aluminum foil

Happy birthday dad even though we kid you’re the best
Despite all your lectures I couldn’t love you less
You were the guy that defended me when mom was irate
And the man who just laughed when I was a little late

You took me to games instead of to shows
And you taught me about football and how the game goes
You taught me to drive even though I was a mess
Then you told me it’s okay if I even fail my test

You’re the calming influence and my sturdy rock
Some take it for granted and simply never take stock
Of the little things dads do to help you grow
In a world gone mad I do appreciate you so

You showed me the tools I need to apply
When my car breaks down I feel I can get by
You may have burned the toast every once in a while
But your effort made up for that by a mile

You never wanted a present for Christmas
So it drove me mad to construct your gift list
I bet you received a watch or a wallet almost every year
But you never complained and seemed so sincere

You worked so hard during the day
But still had time to come home and play
You’d brag about playing sports in school
But I never needed that to know you were cool

I was lucky to have a dad so smart
You made it look like a work of art
I grew to respect you even though sometimes I disagreed
I knew I was always more than just a mouth to feed

But you’d still get stubborn from time to time
And threaten my tail end if I didn’t stay in line
So I’d buckle down and get everything right
Because I knew it wasn’t worth the fight

You always wanted the best for me
Even though at times I didn’t see
That your main goal was to raise me to be good
And I know you always did the absolute best you could

Your funny faces when you got so darn mad
Would have scared most kids straight out of being bad
It worked so well because I realized you cared
And not just because I was ever scared

So happy birthday to the best dad of all
If I need my car fixed I still know who to call
That is, if I can’t fix it without your aid
I never was much of a good listener I’m afraid

If I need a small loan I have you on speed dial
You’ll ask why I’m calling since it’s been a while
I’ll ask how you’re doing, you’ll talk about the weather
And I’ll just say Happy Birthday to the best dad ever.

Happy Birthday, Dad, I hope it’s a classic like you
In that you don’t work so well any more and you let off fumes!

Dad, you taught me all I know about being a man
Which is to stay in a recliner with a beer in my hand

Happy birthday, dad, I hope today is a treat
Let’s play HORSE in the driveway and this time I won’t cheat
Or we can play checkers and I’ll let you win
And you can tell boring stories about way back when

Happy birthday to a father who puts up with my mom
That in and of itself should mean a birthday twice as long
You’re a swell human being and a heck of a guy
Even if Mom wears the pants, I still know that you try!

Dad, it’s your birthday, are you as excited as me?
With that new expensive medication, you sure better be!

Dad, happy birthday, it’s another one still
Enclosed is my present, I want it back in your will!

Happy Birthday to a man who has shaped who I am
I don’t like change and I don’t pay taxes to Uncle Sam
But one great gift to me that you did, still, impart
Is that even through sarcasm it’s good to have heart!

Happy birthday, dad, I hope it’s something you treasure
Enjoy cake and family and other such pleasures
And when that’s finished and everyone has gone away
You can go back to having fun your own way!

Today’s a big day and I think you know why
Today we celebrate the increased likelihood you’ll die
Sooner than you would have a year ago today
So take it in, dad, and enjoy another happy birthday!

You’re an impressive man who taught me right from wrong
So I know I messed up when I sent this along
Because I mailed it out at least two weeks late
But I know that I’m wrong, and that makes it okay!

Dad, you’re one of a kind and I know that I’m lucky
To have a father so optimistic and plucky
So grin even bigger on your special day
But not too big or they’ll take you away!

Happy birthday dad, I hope this year’s party is great
Since this year we actually remembered to bring you a cake!

Happy, happy birthday, father, dad, padre of mine
This was the cheapest card in the store I could find

To a father who taught me all that I know
You nurtured and cared for me and watched me grow
Into the man that I am now today
The man who forgot your birthday and is now celebrating it late!

Dad, I hope you know that I blame you for it all
My respect for authority, my ability to hang drywall
My understanding nature and tendency to work hard
And the need to celebrate your birthday with a card!

Happy birthday to a dad who never thought twice
About caring for me, no matter the sacrifice
On a day like today, I hope you can see
All your hard work pay off when you look at me!