For Friends

Funny Birthday Quotes for Friends

Humorous Happy Birthday Wishes

A friend’s birthday is the perfect time to let them know how much they are appreciated. Friends are the people that share our experiences, know us at our best and at our worst, lend a shoulder to cry on, and offer advice when needed. They deserve a special, and possibly humorous, message to commemorate their unique, everyday importance in our lives. A personalized gift, friendly card or individualized message are all ways to show that special friend how truly amazing he or she is. All friends enjoy hearing about their many positive traits and reflecting on past adventures with loved ones. They also love to hear humorous wishes and stories on their big day. Humor gives a birthday message that extra boost of fun and amusement while still showing the important connection at the root of the friendship. Many friends may like to reminisce on experiences that were embarrassing or awkward at the time but that hold a special place in their heart as they look back on the event. Cards and stories that poke fun at these memories will tickle a friend’s funny bone while touching his or her heart. Similarly, messages referring to aging or to key events in life, such as milestone birthdays, will bring the person to an emotional and happy place. Friends who have been around for years should be given a more personal message that demonstrates the depth of the relationship while remaining lighthearted and playful.

New acquaintances and friends will enjoy a less personal and more generic type of message. Young friends will enjoy cartoon and animal cards that offer simple birthday wishes; the young-at-heart will appreciate cards that make light of aging and the physical changes that take place as a result. Some more sentimental female friends especially love gentle humor, and will delight in seeing birthday wishes with cute and cuddly animals or cartoon characters with funny messages. Other female friends will appreciate sarcastic cards, such as those that feature 1950′s style women with contradictory phrases, and prank gifts of many varieties. Many male friends will like to receive cards and gifts that display humorous images of superheroes, cartoons, or television and movie characters and references. Other males will enjoy messages that playfully poke at their weaknesses but still offer an entertaining birthday wish, such as ones that feature scantily-clad models or sexual innuendos on the front and a ridiculous or comical message on the inside. The best way to determine what a friend will appreciate is by reflecting on the individual’s unique personality. When a friend thinks about the qualities that make their friendship most comforting and important, it is easier to choose the perfect message to make the friend’s birthday an amazing event.

Friend, you don’t need plastic surgery,
Or a Botox injection,
You’re not getting old,
You’re just aged to perfeciton!
Happy Birthday!

Friend, you were there for me when I felt deserted,
You were there to bind my wounds every time they hurted,
So, because you’ve always shown such love and loyalty,
I hope you know you’re never, ever getting rid of me!
Happy Birthday!

You’re the kind of friend I could never do without,
Who else would have the guts to tell me off when I pout?
Even though you’re sometimes blunt, you have my best in mind,
Which is why when it comes to friends, you’re truly a rare find!
Happy Birthday!

Friend, you are one in a million!
Make that one in seven billion!
The reason is plain to see;
You’re the only one weird enough
To be best friends with me!
Happy Birthday!

Friend, you’ve been with me through thick and thin,
In spite of wind and weather;
Since you’ve put up with me this long
I guess we’ll be friends forever!
Happy Birthday!

Friends like you don’t come along every day
So on your birthday I’m happy to say
I’m so glad I found you, ’cause I never thought I’d see
Someone as wacky and crazy as me!
Happy Birthday!

A friend is someone to laugh with,
Someone to cry with too,
So as you cry counting your birthday candles,
I’ll be right there to laugh at you!
Just kidding…Happy Birthday!

I value your friendship, and the reason’s plain to see,
‘Cause as long as we’re together there’ll be someone older than me!
Happy Birthday to my Wonderful OLD Friend!

Friend, don’t count the candles on your birthday cake…
After all, think about how long that would take!
Instead count the ways you fill my life with laughter;
I think that’s the kind of birthday memories you’re after!
Happy Birthday to a Great Friend!

You’re the kind of friend that always makes me feel youthful;
It’s because you’re older than I am, if you want me to be truthful!
Happy Birthday to a Great OLD friend!

Friend, when we’re together,
I forget we’re getting old,
Of course, I’m forgetting a lot of things,
At least that’s what I’ve been told!
Happy Birthday to my Unforgettable Friend!

Our friendship is so unique,
And I’m so glad it’s true
That although I’m such a geek
It doesn’t seem to bother you!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a friend
Whose great taste is plain to see,
I know you’ve got good judgment,
After all, you’ve chosen me!
Happy Birthday and thanks for picking me to be your friend!

You’re cool as a cucumber, quick as a wink,
You’ve got everything but the kitchen sink!
Your personality keeps life from being a bore,
So Happy Birthday my friend; you’re all all that and more!

There once was a friend with a cake,
That soon became one big mistake;
She blew and she blew,
‘Til a forest fire grew,
And she had to go jump in the lake!
Happy Birthday! Be careful blowing out ALL those candles!