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Funny Birthday Quotes for Mom

Humorous Happy Birthday Wishes

Every mother deserves the best on her birthday. Moms have that unique ability to spread their love and warmth throughout their family while also using firm guidance to keep everyone in line. Throughout the years, moms definitely hone their sense of humor as they deal with all those awkward situations that children create. From walking in on their toddler covered in markers to reacting to their teenager’s awkward experiences in junior high, there is always just a hint of a smile behind even the most serious of your mother’s expressions. If you are looking for the perfect birthday wish for your mom’s special day, then check out the following ideas for creating a funny wish that will honor her sense of humor.

Touch Upon Her Interests

At the top of every mother’s favorite things is her children, so go ahead and feel comfortable including an inside joke that touches on family humor. You could also include a quote from her favorite comedian or go the classic “getting older” route when choosing a joke. Mothers love to hear silly jokes that reflect the childlike humor that her children still enjoy. Alternatively, you could toss in some sarcasm that takes her back to your teenage years.

Keep it Light

When choosing a funny birthday wish for your mother, you will always want to respect her sense of humor. Try to stick to the tone of a happy birthday by keeping your humor light. Dark humor or vulgar jokes are likely to fall flat on your mother’s birthday. This is especially true if you will be giving her a birthday wish at a celebration with others who may not understand that type of humor. When in doubt, go with a classic funny birthday wish that is sure to be well-received.

Find the Perfect Presentation

As with any type of joke, your delivery will play a role in how effective your birthday wish is at making your mother laugh. Mothers love handmade gifts such as cards, posters and banners, and a birthday wish can always be included in one of these presents. Funny birthday wishes can also be printed and placed in boxes of chocolate, jewelry boxes and other gifts that your mother will open on her special day. If a joke is sure to be enjoyed forever and includes a truly personal sentiment, then engraving it on a piece of jewelry could also be enjoyed. Finally, never overlook the daily necessities. Your mom could love reading her funny birthday wish on a cup of coffee each morning or on a plaque she keeps on her desk.

A mother’s birthday is the perfect time to make sure she knows she holds a special place in your heart. Finding a creative and humorous birthday wish should be at the top of your list when you are planning her birthday surprise. With a little ingenuity and a touch of humor, you can be sure that your funny birthday wish will tickle your mother’s funny bone while sharing your personal sentiments on her special day.

Moms are supposed to be sweet
Moms are supposed to be kind
But I guess that means other moms
Are nothing like mine!

Happy birthday, mother, I hope that it’s amazing
I’ll pay attention to your stories today, no eye glazing!

To the woman who brought me into the world
Today we celebrate when you were brought in as a little baby girl
On a day so special, just allow me to say
As your child I’m a disaster and you made me this way!

Mom, you raised me from childhood to be the kind of man
Who is honest and respectful and easy to understand
But if I have to choose between honesty and respect
I choose honesty and want you to know you made me a wreck!

Happy birthday, momma, please enjoy some cake
It’s store bought, like all those you gave me you “pretended” to bake!

Mom, you’re the greatest, I really mean that for sure
When I was sick your neglect really sure was the cure!

Happy birthday, mother, I hope it’s the best one yet
And I hope it leaves you with any regret
So don’t think about marrying dad or how I turned out
In fact just forget what this was already about!

To a mother who is full of love and hope and song
Oh, this is supposed to be to you, I guess I got the mother wrong

You’re the best, momma dearest, and I’m happy to say
I only tell you this, not dad even on his birthday!

What a great day to celebrate such a wonderful mom
Now I have to go, we’ve been at this nursing home for too long

Love to you, mom, this is your big day!
So you can stop trying so hard and put that fake happiness away!

Mom, you’re a star in every one of our eyes
And thank you for teaching your kids how to tell such good lies!

Mother, this day is special because it brought you
Into the world and all the things that you do
Make our world a better place, with you I wouldn’t exist
But please stop calling every day, really, I insist!

Mother, you’re a special woman and I must say I’m proud
To call you my mother, today you’re allowed
To tell us exactly what you want to do today
As long as you’re ready to hear us continually complain!

What a spectacular mother was brought onto this earth
On this special day…just know that your worth
Cannot be measured in meals or bedtime stories you read
Because you never did either, you just drank a lot instead

Mom, it sure is true that you’re one of a kind
You burn everything you cook and drive like you’re blind
Another mother like you sure would be hard to find,
The kind of mother you are is simple, you’re mine!

Happy birthday, mom, I hope today is quite the treat
I hope you sing and dance and stomp your feet
Then after water aerobics is done
We can get on to having some actual fun!