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Friendly Birthday Wishes for Boss

Birthday Verses and Messages for Boss

Once you get beyond your inner circle of friends and family, birthday wishes can get tricky. This is especially true of birthday wishes for a boss. After all, you want to be polite, but you don’t want to offend. There’s always that inner voice that warns you, “This is your job!” Thankfully, there a few guidelines for sending the right kind of birthday wishes to that valued boss.

Pick the Best Method

When deciding on sending a birthday wish, more and more options pop up every year. You can be traditional with a card or be extra traditional and give a verbal birthday wish. If you won’t see someone face-to-face, a phone call, text e-card message, or email ecard will be an option. For job-related birthdays, a card or verbal greeting is the most common option. In fact, chances are the whole office will volunteer to purchase and sign one card. Make sure to ask around before the big day.

Keep It PG

It may be hilarious to get your friend a scandalous card, but it shouldn’t be an option for your boss. Keep everything inoffensive. This leaves out the jokes that are both rude and crude. However, that doesn’t mean boring. Your boss is, presumably, human and will likely appreciate traditional or subtle humor. Use your best judgement. If you have to worry about whether it’ll lead to a misunderstanding, decide against it.

Be Relevant

Generic birthday wishes show that you will feel left out and rude if you don’t give them something. That’s not bad, but it’s probably not the impression you’re intending to make. So, make the birthday wish relevant to them. What does your boss do? Some will get problems handled quickly or give bonuses every holiday. Others are great leaders or hard workers. Use your bosses real qualities to give them heartfelt birthday greetings. It will make a lot of difference in how genuine they find your consideration.

As an aside, this is one reason it’s good to pay attention to your boss before their birthday. It’s hard to think of genuine wishes thirty seconds before you see them.

Be Discreet

Remember that birthday wishes are not given out of a desire to impress so keep it discreet. Group birthday wishes are done in public. Private ones are done in private. Don’t accost them in the hallway, but do it at a time you won’t be interrupting their job or meetings. E-cards go directly to their email or phone. Verbal or physical wishes go to them without grandstanding to coworkers. This type of giving without expecting praise or attention will be appreciated.

Keep to the tips above, and you’ll find that offering birthday wishes to your boss isn’t something to stress over. In fact, the low-key nature of these type of birthday wishes could make them the easiest ones yet.

Boss, you changed the industry.
You left the competition feeling slow.
May you have a happy birthday.
You deserve it more than you know!

Boss, you are the best “leader of the band”.
We hope your birthday celebration has all the awesomeness you’d demand!

Without you, our company would be at a loss, boss.
You are simply the best.
May you have a happy birthday!
May it outshine all the rest!

Boss, we think you are grand!
You keep a cool head in every situation.
We wish you a happy birthday.
May you have an outstanding celebration!

You are a wonderful boss.
Nobody should deny it!
No person could take your place.
Only a fool would try it!
You encourage excellence with everything you do.
We wish a heartfelt and happy birthday to you!

You are one of a kind, boss!
No one can take that from you.
Without you, our company would be at a loss.
We wish a happy birthday to you!

Boss, you are our leader.
You always engender respect.
May this be a happy birthday!
May it bring you more joy than you expect!

You are an excellent boss.
We are very pleased to work for you.
You know the right way to help the company pass each day’s test.
Happy birthday! As a boss, you are the best!

You changed our company’s course, boss.
Without you, we’d be left out in the cold.
May you enjoy a million birthdays!
May you also never feel old!

Boss, you are decent to every person you encounter.
You treat the whole world the same.
May you know an incredible birthday.
May it be far from tame!

You set an amazing example, boss.
You lead us with aplomb.
Without you, we would be lost.
I might even be a bum!
Have lots of laughs on your birthday!

Boss, you do an excellent job.
You lead in the best way.
You keep us all one happy “mob”.
May you have a joyous birthday!

If the world had more bosses like you, it would be a better place.
May this birthday bring you much joy, and may it put a smile on your face!

Boss, thank you for the respect and care you show.
You mean more to all of us than you could know.
You have shown us all how to succeed.
Happy birthday! Thank you for demonstrating the right way to lead!

Boss, you have many gifts and many loyal employees.
You deserve a wonderful birthday.
May it be everything you want it to be!

Boss, you are excellent.
You know all the tricks of the trade.
It is a pleasure working for you.
May you have a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the one who always runs the show
It’s a thankless job that much we already know
From planning ahead and organizing our big day
So everything goes smooth with no dismay

There are challenges in each and every single career
But I’d never considered that I’d have you here
To be the one who blesses us with strength
So we’ll go the extra mile, go to any length

You are talented and clever, that’s so easy to see
It’s never been hard to follow or believe
The ideals you uphold are to be so admired
I thank the great day you told me I was hired

Every day you make coming into work so much fun
I can always know that I’ll get a job well done
You appreciate the effort, you rarely frown when it’s a mess
You gently say work together and we’ll put it all to rest

The attitude is contagious, the harmony it creates
Between workers and colleagues, I simply must reiterate
That the perfect boss is not the guy who often screams
It’s the one who shows encouragement and shares all of our dreams

You’ve helped me on my bad days when I was so low
You’ve stood right beside me when you should have told me no
You’ve trusted my gut instincts and even bought me lunch
Because you got to know me, not because of just a hunch

I often wondered how my life would have played out
Without working at this job with you here about
I know at times it doesn’t seem like we appreciate
The subtle things you do for us that often turn out great

Happy Birthday boss, I consider you a great friend
From now until I leave this job and until the very end
Friendships come and friendships go and it’s tough to differentiate
But you’ve made it clear that all my work you so appreciate

I couldn’t be more thankful for the kind review
Your gestures of fairness always ring so true
The feedback is instrumental in making me who I am today
Your critiques are so sincere, our friendship never in the way

If I were to be a boss of employees down the road
I’d model myself after you and what I do behold
The way you hold yourself among your fellow peers
Is how I’d like to be as I grow throughout the years

Here’s to the greatest boss that I’ve ever met
It’s because of you, I go to work without a fret
Because of your style the days are never too bad
Thanks to you and happy birthday to the best boss I ever had

Happy Birthday, boss, from all of your team,
because no matter how it might sometimes seem,
when we bicker and quarrel and grumble or fuss,
we thank you for keeping us focused like a laser beam.


We are the body, and you are the head,
and together we earn our daily bread,
you wake us early in the morning from our bed,
but we thank you for keeping our families fed.


They say bring home the bacon, but we all prefer cash,
so we’ve volunteered to submit to your lash,
on this special day as we celebrate your age,
we thank you for your leadership, wise and sage


If you think about it, it’s kind of funny,
how we all know we’re here just for the money.
But on this occasion to celebrate your special day,
we take a moment from our labors to enjoy your party.


How could we go wrong, with you as our chief?
During our evaluations, you helped us turn over a new leaf.
With us on your team, and you as our head,
it’s amazing all of the successful projects you’ve led.


Some say colleagues, and others say co-workers,
but we hate most of all to be thought of as shirkers,
with you as our chief, and we as your crew,
there’s just no limits to the things we can do!


Whether temp, part-time or permanent staff,
today we raise a glass to you, and laugh,
at memos, reports, projects and graphs,
instead we say, enjoy your special day!


My spouse said to me, “Why do you leave me every morning, honey?”
To which I replied, “Why do you think? Because we need money.”
But if the truth of the matter simply had to be said,
it’s a real pleasure to work for a team with you as our head.


It is up to us on this special day, for us to somehow find a way,
to say thank you for everything that you do.
Through thick and thin, ups and downs, triumphs and defeats,
you always manage to find a way to inspire your crew.


Together we spend so many hours,
working together to get the job done,
we thank you for never abusing your powers,
and finding the right balance between focus and fun.


When they told us we were getting a new boss,
right away we were at a loss, for words, and not
knowing what to expect, we expected the worst,
but thank goodness it was you, it’s better than we thought


One, two, three and four, you do everything for us, and more,
and now it’s your birthday, but who is keeping score?
No matter what people say, you’re nicer than you seem,
and we sincerely thank you for leading our team!


If we decorated the break room, would it be too arty?
You see, it’s just that we want to have a party,
we heard that today you complete another year,
and we wanted to toast the boss we hold so dear!


Working for you is a dream come true,
Happy birthday, best wishes to you!

You’re the best boss ever, I mean that as truth,
For you there’s no glass ceiling, you burst through the roof,
You’re remarkable and talented, calm and full of praise,
Okay, I wrote it down, now how about that raise?

Working for you is a professional treat,
Finding a boss better than you would be an impossible feat,
You always take time to see how I am,
Happy birthday to a boss that’s my favorite man/woman!

Our company succeeds because of your great insights,
Take that success to your birthday, party hard for three nights!

Thank you for being such a caring boss and mentor,
Your skills and demeanor are impossible to ignore,
With your talents and poise, you’re sure to go far,
Happy Birthday, you’re a workplace all-star!

To a boss who is always doing as much as you can,
Take a moment to celebrate, we’ll all understand!

Happy birthday to a boss that makes work much more fun
Your skills and pleasantness are second to none!

It’s your big day, boss, are you ready to cheer?
Happy birthday to you, hope it’s another great year!

Working for you has taught me such a ton,
But now it’s my turn to teach you to have fun,
It’s your big day and you need to celebrate,
Those TPS reports can surely wait!

To a leader who works hard every day,
There’s just one thing, today, I must say,
Happy Birthday to a boss I adore,
With you at the helm, we always achieve more!

Happy birthday, boss, this day is about you,
So what’s say we call it early, everyone leave at noon?

Being a leader can sometimes be tough,
Supervising others is often quite rough,
But you do it so well that we continue to succeed,
On your birthday, thanks for all you’ve achieved!

It’s a special day for you and we want you to know
Without you our operation would be a no-go,
Enjoy your day knowing you’re essential for us
Happy Birthday to a boss we so happily trust!

Paperwork needs signed and reports need printed
You go home exhausted and your fingers are ink-scented
You give us your all and we want you to know
If our office were a place, you’ve stolen the show!

So often we talk of losses or profits but today we pause to say
In the midst of reports and projections and meetings, Happiest of Birthdays!

We’re over the moon, and oh do we swoon, to have a boss who treats us the way you do
So on your birthday, here us when we say, we want to show that appreciation to you
You treat us so well and our office is swell and we can’t find reason to frown
So on this, your birthday, we hope music will play and you’ll really “get down!”