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Happy Birthday Quotes for Clients

Serious Birthday Sayings for Clients

Do you have a particular client whose patronage you greatly enjoy? This is the kind of person who just seems to go above and beyond to make the times that you supply them with goods or services a a truly rewarding and pleasant experience. Wouldn’t you like to be able to have an opportunity to do something special in return to let this wonderful client know how thankful you are for their loyalty and kindness? Why not consider writing this one-of-a-kind client a heartfelt, personalized birthday message on their next birthday? Your client will likely be so appreciative of your thoughtfulness that they will be even more enthusiastic about working with you again in the future. Who knows? This one simple, kind gesture on your part may even lead to your client recommending your services to other quality patrons!

The thought of writing your own personalized birthday greetings may seem a bit daunting at first if you are not accustomed to doing so. But don’t let yourself be intimidated. It’s really easier than you think! If you follow these simple steps you can write a beautiful, personalized birthday message that comes from your heart quickly and easily. Your client will be deeply moved and impressed by your efforts.

First, write down some of the amazing character qualities that endear this particular client to you. Is he especially thoughtful and generous? Does she always have a thankful and positive attitude toward you? Is he reasonable and fair in his expectations? Next, apply these positive characteristics to your personal interactions with you client. Has he always given you generous tips for your services? Has she remembered to treat you with kindness and appreciation for a job well done? Has he been patient any time there was a delay or complication related to the services that you provided him? Then, share any special memories that you may have of the times you have spent with this client. Has she made you laugh while you were working on her projects? Has he given you great advice and support when you were going through a difficult time in your personal life? Any memories that you can share of happy, positive experiences you have had with your client will be sure to let them know how important they are to you personally. Finally, spend time crafting your won words of genuine appreciation for them as a client, and end with wishes for a wonderful birthday.

Finding loyal clients who are a joy to work with is no easy task these days. You want to make sure that your faithful client knows that you appreciate their business and their positive character qualities. What better time to do so then on their birthday? Your client may not even realize what an important difference they have made in your life. So rather then looking for a boring, generic card at the store, this year write your client a personalized, original birthday message that they will cherish for a lifetime!

Hip, hip, hooray
Today is your birthday
May it bring lots of presents
From all your descendants
More than that, we want you to know
Because of your wisdom, we’ve been able to grow
You’re loving and caring
And especially good at sharing
Enjoy the laughs and fun
Before the day is done

For my love of many years
One who’s shared lots of tears
We know each other’s fears
In my life, you’re the one who steers
But on this special day, we celebrate many cheers

Today is your birthday
It’s time to party
We’re celebrating you
For all that you do
With hugs and kisses
Only today, we’ll do the dishes

Where did you come from
You’re a different kind of fun
I always anticipate what’s to come
With you, I know the fun is never done
Seeing you when I rise, you’re as brilliant as the sun
Happy Birthday to the love of my life, the only one

Your fiftieth birthday, it’s finally here
Everyone’s excited to let out a big cheer
There’s cake, music and dancing
“Happy Birthday” we’ll soon sing
There are plenty more birthdays ahead
Getting older is nothing to dread
We’ll celebrate each and every one
Until all the cake in the world is done!

Like a lion in a cage
Your life is a stage
You roar with energy
So young, wild and free
Now that you’re a teen
There’s much to be seen
Let’s explore life together
Any storm that comes, we can weather

At fifty, you’re stronger than ever
Not to mention, all the more clever
With you’re strength and your might
You shine like the brightest light
Lessons from you are always welcome
I hope that they never become seldom
You still have so much to teach
And I have a lot to reach
I’d be nowhere without you
Despite getting older, your smile is always brand new

You’re the the cure to my pain
The blood to my vein
You’re the peanut to my jelly
The food to my belly
I guess what I’m trying to say
Is that I wish you a very happy birthday!

Another day older
Another day bolder
Another hair turned grey
Another wise adage to say
Another wrinkle earned
Another lesson learned
Another great birthday
Another reason to cheer “Hooray!”

It only happens once a year
When I get the chance to cheer
To you being in my life
And relieving all of my strife
I love you to the moon and back
With you in my life, there’s never a lack

You glisten and sparkle wherever you go
Whenever I need answers to questions, you always know
Your bright smile lights up any day
Let’s celebrate, because today is your birthday!

You are always jovial and gay
Never a lack of something to say
This birthday marks another year together
May your spirit always be as light as a feather

May you always glow bright
With tons of joy and delight
You’re smart and you’re funny
You’re always as sweet as honey
This birthday marks a special date
Here’s to the good times you always create

If you’re not ready for another year
I’m here to tell you not to fear
You’re wiser and stronger
And meant to live much longer
Happy ninetieth birthday Grandma
I sure do love ya!

Dancing, singing and laughing
Are the joys in life you bring
From when we were small until now
We can’t help but say, “wow”
You’re the best mom in the galaxy
Here’s to turning fifty!

With warmest regards
For all that you do,
We send our good wishes—
Happy Birthday to you!

Time and again you impress with your grace,
With your wit and your brains, you’re always first place.
So here’s to you on the day of your birth,
From all of us who know your true worth.

You add something special to all that you do,
In every last way, your intentions are true.
In honor of you, and all that you’ve done,
Here’s to another year circling the sun!

For the one who surpasses
Our highest expectations,
We all raise our glasses
In birthday celebration!

A remarkable person, through and through,
A leader in business and friendship, too,
We send our regards and appreciation,
And wish you a joyful birthday celebration.

I never knew someone so kind and so smart,
With not only brains but also such heart,
There isn’t a card in the birthday section
To fully explain you in all your perfection!

Maybe we haven’t said it enough,
But someone so special deserves admiration,
For someone who’s made of all the best stuff,
Here’s a round of applause and a standing ovation!

Blow out the candles and have some cake,
Enjoy your day and take a break—
You deserve it, for all that you do,
With a Happy Birthday from us to you.

Wishing you joy on today of all days,
With a helping of warmth and a heaping of praise,
May your birthday be filled with jubilation,
You are certainly worthy of celebration!

A birthday comes just once a year,
So make the most and have some cheer.
Pour a glass and put up your feet,
And have yourself a birthday treat!

You have always inspired, always been admired,
On account of your sweetness, in all its completeness,
You’re always a treasure, and now it’s my pleasure,
Without further adieu, to say Happy Birthday to you!

Happiest Birthday to a wonderful friend,
From the day’s beginning right up to its end,
With warmest of wishes and brightest of cheer,
Have a fantastic birthday and a marvelous year!

For someone who always does the right thing,
I wish all the joy that a year could bring,
For someone who’s special in every way,
I wish a marvelous, Happy Birthday!

A wish on your birthday for a wonderful year,
For joy in your home, success in your career,
You deserve only the best,
And I hope that you will be so blessed!

Here’s hoping your birthday meets expectations,
That it’s filled with parties and celebrations,
For you deserve all that and more,
And I can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

Birthdays are special, especially for you,
You’ve done so much, and been so true,
You inspire us all with your dedication,
You deserve a spectacular celebration!