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Do you have a one-of-a-kind coworker who really brightens up the environment at your workplace? Working with people whose company we enjoy can make the day go so much more smoothly and quickly. How could you demonstrate your appreciation for this special coworker on their birthday? Have you ever thought about writing a personalized birthday message for your coworker? Nothing shows how much you care more than writing an original, heartfelt message instead of just getting another generic birthday card from the store.

It may seem a bit intimidating at first to think of coming up with your own personalized birthday wishes for that coworker you admire so much. But if you will simply follow a few easy steps you will be able to write a message your coworker will absolutely love in no time. Are you ready to get started?

First, consider all of the character qualities that you love most about your coworker. Does she put others before herself in the workplace? Is he good at helping to resolve workplace conflicts? Is she a positive example of hard work and diligence for others to follow? Next, explain how your coworker’s positive characteristics have benefited you personally and your workplace in general. Has she gone out of your way to help you or other employees with a difficult project? Has he helped mediate when you and another coworker were not seeing eye to eye? Has she shown you the ropes of how to get the job done quickly and efficiently without complaining? Then relate some of the best memories that you have of working together with this coworker. Has she always made you laugh with her clever jokes during coffee breaks? Has he been the life of the party at company picnics or holiday parties? Has she been a source of encouragement when you were going through a difficult time in your personal life? Finally, tie it all together with a heartfelt expression of thanks and wishes for your coworker to have a wonderful birthday.

You may not realize just how powerful your words of affirmation and praise can be in boosting your coworker’s spirits. Birthdays are not always easy to face, especially as people are growing older. Often they are a time when we reflect on our lives and wonder if we are really making a difference in the world around us, especially in our families and places of employment. Let your coworker know that they truly are having a tremendous influence for good on your life and the workplace environment as a whole. Giving your coworker the much deserved appreciation and encouragement they need can give them the strength to keep on keeping on at their job. So this year on their birthday, let that special coworker in your life know you’re glad they are there helping to make your workplace a better place to work. They will likely be so touched at your thoughtfulness that they will cherish your personalized birthday message for years to come!

This birthday greeting goes out to a person who knows how to handle a balance sheet!
To celebrate your special day, let’s get something to eat! It’s the company’s treat!

We work together.
We share credit.
We share “a bunch”.
Do not forget it!
Let’s grab a birthday lunch!
Don’t worry! I’ll get it!

You are my coworker and my friend.
It’s true!
That’s why I say with a grin,
“Happy birthday to you!”

Today is a day I cannot let pass
without telling you that you have a lot of class!
You are there when we need you,
and that goes for work and for play.
You are more than just our coworker.
Have a very happy birthday!

When I think of the perfect coworker,
I always think of you.
When I think of the perfect friend,
those thoughts go to you, too!
You are there for me at all times,
and that’s why I cannot forget
to say, “Happy birthday to you!”
On us, I know you will never quit!

You have something special.
No one else could cross the threshold
to the room that you dominate
with your experience and patience.
There is no other person
who could do the job you do.
That’s why, on your birthday,
we wish a very happy one to you!

We had a meeting and realized we must disseminate
that this is a day we just have to commemorate!
It is nowhere near five, but we simply could not wait
to say, “Happy birthday to you!” Now, let’s celebrate!

You make every workday better.
You have skills no one can match!
You will get many birthday wishes.
This is one is surely early in the batch!
Something special rests within you,
and you share it with all of us.
That is why we see celebrating your birthday
as not a “maybe”. It is a “must”!

Our business would be less successful without you in our company.
Let us not ever forget you.
We wish you a happy birthday, humbly.

You have a way
of making every workday
a better day.
That’s why we say,
“Happy birthday!”

Everyday that we work with you is better simply because of you.
As we commemorate today, our words are true when we say, “Happy birthday to you!”

As you spend your birthday at work, do not consider yourself “stuck”.
We are thankful for everyday we work with you, and we know that you bring all of us good luck!

You are the highlight of each workday.
You really have no equal.
We wish for you that happiest birthday,
at least until the sequel!

When we think of you, we think of someone more than a coworker.
You always deserve a happy birthday, now and in the future!

Today is your birthday, and may you be happy!
You are a great coworker, but let’s not get too sappy!

Coworker, you’re fabulous,
Sensational, and smart!
That’s why you’re wished a birthday
That’s great right from the start!
Happy Birthday to a Great Coworker and Friend!

Here’s to a special coworker
As pleasant as can be;
I’m so very thankful
You came to work with me!
Happy Birthday to a Great Coworker and Friend!

Coworker, I love the way
You always see things through;
With your hard work and diligence
There’s not much you can’t do!
Happy Birthday to an Amazing Coworker!

Coworker, you put a smile on everybody’s face;
I think we all agree we’re glad you’re working at this place!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Coworker!

Without you here our workplace just wouldn’t be the same;
Ever since your first day I’m so very glad you came!
Happy Birthday to a Coworker and Friend!

Coworker, you always seem to brighten up my day
And so I hope your birthday is the best in every way!
Happy Birthday to a Great Coworker and Friend!

You are a ray of sunshine to everyone you know,
I’m so glad I get to see your gifts and talents show!
Happy Birthday to a Talented Coworker and Friend!

Since you have come to work with me I’ve been so very blessed;
You are a friend whose kindness stands out from all the rest!
Happy Birthday to a Great Coworker!

You are such a blessing to the customers you serve
I hope your birthday’s special, ’cause that’s what you deserve!
Happy Birthday to a Great Coworker!

You’re a real team player,
You stand out from the rest;
So I hope this year your birthday
Turns out to be the best!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Coworker!

You help to fill my work days
With laughter, fun and pleasure;
On your Birthday I want you
To know that you’re a treasure!
Happy Birthday to a Great Coworker!

Coworker, you do your work with diligence and care
On your birthday I want you to know that I’m so glad you’re there!
Happy Birthday to a Great Coworker!

Coworker, you’re a special friend that makes the workday fun,
And so I hope your birthday is an extra special one!
Happy Birthday to a Fantastic Coworker!

When I see that the schedule says we’ll be at work together,
It brightens up my day no matter what the weather!
Happy Birthday to a Coworker who is like a Ray of Sunshine!

Thanks, Coworker, for being such a friend!
I hope you’re birthday’s wonderful from beginning to end!
Happy Birthday to a Great Coworker!

C is for Creative,
O is for One-of-a-kind,
W is for Witty–you always speak your mind!
O is for Organized,
R is for Reassuring,
K is for Kind, no matter what you’re enduring.
E is for Excellent in every single way,
R is for Responsive to the customers each day.
Happy Birthday to a Coworker who Constantly Exceeds our Highest Expectations!