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Birthday Messages and Quotes for Customers

Happy Birthday Wishes for Customers

As a business owner, you know that customer appreciation can pay off by creating long-lasting relationships that can build your company. When you honor your customers’ birthdays, you will be letting them know that you value their patronage and establish a personal bond that will deepen your rapport. Yet, it is important to keep in mind that a professional birthday wish will differ slightly from one that you would give to your family and friends. Here is how to develop the right birthday wish that will avoid coming off as an advertisement while impressing your customers with your commitment to building a connection.

Keep it Simple

Although your birthday wish should be personal, you will want to avoid flowery language that may confuse your customer or come off too strong. Instead, choose a short quote or statement that will sound sincere. Ideally, your birthday wish should be applicable to people of all ages and personalities so that you can tap into what makes them prefer your company and demonstrate your appreciation for their loyalty.

Make It Personal

When you create your birthday wish, strive to ensure that there is a place to put your customer’s name. Although you may be generating a mass list of birthday recipients, you can always use technology to customize your individual messages. This will enable your birthday wishes to have the strongest impact by making each customer feel as though their birthday message is truly unique. It can also be advantageous to vary the messages you send to your customers so that they do not receive the same one every year.

Choose a Professional Tone

Birthday wishes for a customer should always leave them smiling. However, it is important to avoid vulgar humor. If you choose to use a joke or play on words in your message, then keep it family-friendly so that everyone will find it enjoyable. Wishes for good health, happiness and enjoyment in the upcoming year are always well-received. Additionally, be sure to add your name at the end of the message as the sender so that it is more sincere.

Select the Best Delivery Method

Once you have found the right words to send to your customers, it is important to make sure that it is delivered as close to their birthday as possible. A customer who receives their birthday message three weeks after their special day may come to believe that your company is not punctual. Therefore, plan to send your messages at least a week before their birthday arrives. Customers love to receive cards, emails and promotional items with your birthday message inscribed. If you are close enough to your customer to see them on a regular basis, then hand delivery of your birthday message will promote intimacy and drive home the idea that your company truly values their continued patronage.

Remembering your customers on their birthday is an effective way to make a personal connection that will enhance your business. So go on and get started discovering the best birthday wishes to send that will fit your brand’s image.

Happy Birthday wishes to the best customer ever
Your repeat business despite any stormy weather
The customer is always right but you’re more right that most
I could only beg that I’ll continue to be your host

Your questions are pertinent, you’re inquisitive for good reason
You’ve managed to stop by during every single season
My business is greater because you’ve stopped in
I appreciate your kindness more than every now and then

It’s fun when you meet someone who is true
Who loves your business and enjoys what you do
But understands that your heart is sincere
And comes back again with no hesitation or fear

A good customer is someone who offers advice
Yet understands the business model and accepts the price
They shop for local and buy from those close
So the people they live near benefit the most

You’re value to me is simply more than a sell
It’s a friend and a companion who wishes you well
That you’ll succeed in your business as you wish them, too
So that whatever you’re planting, it sprouts up anew

A business is harder than anything to grow
So it takes valued customers as you may know
It’s with much affection that I wish you the best
Because without you my saint, I’d be so much less

It’s the simple things in life that make it all clear
That you have such great friends to cherish right here
But with that said, I know that you’ll always be
Honest and truthful with all that you need.

The value of a great customer is in the honesty
Because the lessons we don’t learn are tragedy
You’re the best customer an owner could find
To walk in the door and be just so kind

Happy birthday to my customer, you are the best
You deserve much more than all of the rest
You’ve been with me so long and your loyalty’s true
Which makes me even more appreciative of you

We’ve spent hours upon hours, talking at length
About not much if anything but it’s time well spent
Because your opinions are worthy, your thoughts are so true
Without your weekly presence, I’d certainly be blue

You never know whose grace will inhabit your shop
And make the days better, even hard to top
But your stop bys are priceless, I really mean to say
That without you as a customer I’d dread the day

So happy birthday customer, I hope it’s great
You made our business and life better at any rate
We can only say thank you from deep down inside
You’re the best we could ask for to be along on this ride

When it comes to customers
You really take the cake!
I just wanted you to know
What a difference you make!
Happy Birthday!

Customer, I appreciate
The way you’ve treated me,
You’re an example of the way
Every customer should be!
Happy Birthday!

I appreciate your business
And the kindness that you show;
You are wished a happy birthday–
I just wanted you to know!

A customer like you
I don’t find every day
So I’m taking time to wish you
A wonderful birthday!

Why can’t every customer
Be as kind as you?
It’s my pleasure and my joy
To thank you for all you do!
Happy Birthday!

Customer, I really do
Appreciate your thoughtfulness;
And when it comes to customers
You outshine all the rest!
Happy Birthday!

I thank you for your patronage and cheerful disposition
Which is why I’m making this honest admission:
When it comes to customers you are one of my best
Simply knowing you makes me feel so blessed!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Customer!

Customers as nice as you are really hard to find;
That’s why on your birthday I want to share what’s on my mind
And tell you just how very thankful I am that you keep shopping here
And to wish you a great beginning to another wonderful year!
Happy Birthday!

In all the years I have known you
You’ve been a joy to serve;
So I hope you’re birthday’s special,
‘Cause that’s what you deserve!
Happy Birthday to a Great Customer!

When I think of my customers
You often come to mind
Because customers as nice as you
Are so very hard to find!
Happy Birthday!

You are one of my best customers
The reason why is plain to see–
It’s because of all the kindness
You have always shown to me!
Happy Birthday to an Amazing Customer!

You inspire me to work my hardest ’cause I know without a doubt
That when I do my best you always go all out
To show how very thankful you are for the way in which I serve,
So I wish you the kind of birthday someone sweet like you deserves!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Customer! I Appreciate your Business!

I am so very thankful
For you shopping at our store
You’ve been a joy to get to know;
And we can’ wait to serve you more!
Happy Birthday to a Valued Customer!

A great customer is someone whose kindness and loyalty
Makes us feel exactly as if we were royalty!
Happy Birthday and Thanks for being a Valued Customer!

Today on your birthday
I want you to be aware
That you’re a customer
That we consider rare!
Happy Birthday and Thank You for being such a Great Customer!

You’re one terrific customer
And that’s why on this day
We hope you will be happy
And blessed in every way!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Customer!