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Rhyming Birthday Verses for Employees

Birthday Quotes for Employees

Do you have a special employee at your workplace who is getting ready to celebrate their birthday? This is the kind of employee that goes above and beyond to faithfully and consistently put forth their best effort. Such an employee is getting harder and harder to come by these days. Often the best employees are the ones who underestimate themselves and do not realize what an asset they are to their employers or their places of employment. You can play a crucial role in letting this employee know just how much they mean to you and the other people at your workplace by giving them a personalized birthday message this year on their birthday. Cards from the store are often generic and predictable. Instead of getting another boring, impersonal store bought card, try writing your own personalized birthday wishes to let your star employee know that they are valued and appreciated. Your employee will likely be touched and impressed by your thoughtfulness.

It may seem a bit intimidating to try and write your own original birthday message for an employee, but it’s really not that difficult. If you are looking for a little help, here is an easy pattern you can use. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to craft a perfect birthday wish for your employee in no time.

First, think about all of this employee’s amazing character qualities that make them an asset to have at your workplace. Is he helpful? Is she upbeat? Is he a team player? Next, think of ways that you can illustrate how these character qualities have been helpful to yourself and others. Was there a time when this employee went out of her way to help and welcome a new employee? Was there a time when this employee went beyond the call of duty to demonstrate a commitment to excellence in his job performance? Bring up those specific past achievements and let your valuable employee know that their efforts and positive attitudes have not gone unnoticed. Then you can mention some of your favorite memories of this employee. Was there a company picnic where he came out of his shell and ended up being the life of the party? Was there a time when you remember that this employee helped you or the company through a difficult time? Finally, you can come up with your very own unique words of gratitude, praise and affirmation for this employee and then wish them a very happy birthday.

It may seem like a small thing to write a personalized greeting, but in this world of impersonal, automated communication a heartfelt, original birthday greeting could be the very emotional boost that your valued employee needs to stay motivated and keep doing their best. The more you accentuate and appreciate your employee’s positive qualities the more those qualities will be encouraged to grow and continue to be an asset to the workplace. Your employee will very likely cherish your considerate and thoughtful sentiments.

Happy birthday, employee, to you!
You’ve still got plenty of work to do.
Don’t stop now to eat your cake.
You’ll have to eat it on your regular break.

Happy birthday wishes
Are coming now your way
From your boss,
And here’s a bonus
To celebrate the day!

Other bosses let workers off
On their birthday-
Now, that’s sure funny.
But I’m the kind of boss
Who lets you work
And make more money!

This office could not survive
Without your diligent work,
So we bought you some cake and ice cream-
Think of it as a perk.

You’re a rolling stone
That gathers no moss,
So happy birthday
From your boss!

I know it’s your birthday,
But that was just wrong
To have all your clients
Sing you a happy birthday song.

Would you believe you get time and a half
For working on your birthday?
No, you’re too smart to believe a thing like that,
Which is why it’s a thing I would never say.

Workers like you
Are far too few,
And simply cannot be spared.
Feel needed, my friend,
For your workday won’t end
Just because you have added a year.

We’d like to thank you,
On your birthday,
For your hard work
And tireless toil.
The last piece of your cake,
The rest of which we ate,
Is in the fridge
In aluminum foil.
Happy birthday!

No cake, for your birthday,
Nor ice cream I give,
But don’t think that
I’m such a great jerk.
After all, for your birthday,
I’ve given you this-
The opportunity to stay here
And work!

On your birthday, worker,
I’d like to express
My genuine appreciation
For all your hard labor
That you’ve rendered this business
Without raising complaint
Or agitation.

You’ve served this restaurant
For many years
And kept my customers well fed.
That’s why I’m giving you
This birthday bonus,
But don’t let it go to your head.
Happy birthday, cook!

You’ve brought all my customers
Their food real quick
And attended to their every little need,
So I got you this gift card
So that you can take a trip
To a place where yourself you can feed.
Happy birthday, wait staff member!

You’ve always been here right on time
To faithfully wash the dishes,
So I’d like to give you, O worker of mine,
Some happy birthday wishes!

For many years, you’ve served this store
And kept it running smooth.
We hope that the fact it’s your birthday
Doesn’t throw you out of your groove.

You’ve never called in sick,
And you’ve never waltzed in late.
So we’re putting rib eye steak upon
Your happy birthday plate.
We got you some chocolate ice cream
And a tasty chocolate cake.
And we’ll sing off-key all around you
While embarrassed faces you make.
Happy birthday, worker!

For many long hours,
You’ve toiled and slaved.
I’ve noticed,
And finally,
I’ve decided to cave.
Since today is your birthday,
Just stay home and relax.
Don’t worry, when it’s over,
I’ll even let you come back.

Happy birthday, from your boss!
Hiring you was not a loss.
That other guy, I had to toss.
If I recall, his name was “Ross.”
What’s that? That Ross was
A friend most dear?
Well, it looks like Ross
Gave you a present this year!

I’m so impressed
With the work that you do,
Which is why I am wishing
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Employee

Employees like you are a rare find indeed,
Your work ethic and skill are just what we need.
So today on your birthday and all the year through
We’re wishing you happiness for all that you do!
Happy Birthday to a Very Special Employee

You’re an employee I know I can count on
To faithfully do your best,
Which is why on your birthday and always
I hope you will be blessed.
Happy Birthday!

You are like a ray of sunshine,
And you make the workplace a pleasure;
So today on your birthday I want you
To know that you’re a treasure!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Employee

Employees like you are special,
With skills so rare and unique;
You are a joy to work with
Every day of the work week!
Happy Birthday!

Employee, I’m so very thankful
You came to work with us;
Your presence is reassuring
And you’re someone we know we can trust.
Happy Birthday!

You are such a faithful employee,
You always do your best;
Which is one of the many reasons
You stand out from the rest!
Happy Birthday to an Exceptional Employee

You’ve been with us through ups and downs,
You’ve always been loyal and true;
So this year on your birthday
We’re wishing the best for you!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Employee

Do you know how much we value
The many ways you serve?
We wish you a wonderful birthday,
Because that’s what you deserve!
Happy Birthday to a Great Employee

Employee, your attitude sets the tone
For an office that’s pleasant and fun,
So today we’re wishing your birthday
Will be a spectacular one!
Happy Birthday to a Great Employee

Employee, you stand out as a worker who can always be trusted
To do your best and make sure that others around you are well adjusted
Your concern and attention to detail are truly second to none,
Which is why I hope your birthday is an extra special one!
Happy Birthday to an Excellent Employee

Our office runs like clockwork whenever you’re on the job;
You always keep things organized and no one could call you a slob!
Thanks in part to your efforts our business has prospered and grown;
And so I sincerely thank you for the diligence you’ve always shown.
Happy Birthday to a Very Special Employee

You’re diligent and professional;
Your customer service is stellar!
Which explains the many reasons
You’re always such a top seller!
Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Employee

You always know just how to help
In any situation,
Which is why I want you to know
You have my appreciation!
Happy Birthday to a Very Special Employee

Employee, you’re great
At all that you do,
Which is why I’m wishing
Happy Birthday to you!